The most interesting games ideal for the South East Asian demographic.

Recommended August 19
"Your strategy and tactics plays an important role in this game."
Recommended August 16
"Interesting story plot. It has come a long way to the final season."
Recommended August 15
"Action packed pixel art sidescroller game. Imperssive animations and effects."
Recommended August 14
"Full of action and excitement. Hide, run and capture. Seek, Hunt and execute!"
Recommended August 13
"Sweet and harmoni game. Now you can have your own planet to play around."
Recommended August 12
"One of the best AAA title. Cool looking monsters with unique weakness for you to find out and overcome. "
Recommended August 8
"Enter the exciting wuxia world. Great clans with each special characteristic and style. Animated dialogue avatar looks polished in the game. Very detailed and colourful world."
Recommended August 7
"A great enhancement of the previous installment."
Recommended August 5
"Abstract style graphics enhanced the mystery feel of this game."
Recommended August 3
"A great adventure to fight the evil. Great detail on the 2d platform art."
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