A collection of video games that I have played, function as advertised, and have something interesting about them.

Not Recommended February 27
"Butchered version of a classic. Don't give S-E your money for this one."
Recommended February 9
"Excellent arcadey mountain biking game, with tight controls, and procedural generated levels."
Recommended December 22, 2017
"A rip roaring rocket fuel powered shooter with all the explosions. You have to shoot lots of giant. It makes all the gears of war derivative third person shooters look and feel primitive and obsolete."
Recommended December 14, 2017
"Pretty simple game about being a giant clumsy robot exploring planets and space. Oodles of charm, although there's not much depth to the design."
Recommended December 11, 2017
"The culmination of everything Housemarque have done with arcade shooters. They did a great job lowering the skill floor but raising the skill ceiling, and lots of stuff explodes all the time."
Recommended December 11, 2017
"A very accurate simulation of getting stuck in a pot and using a big hammer to climb a mountain. I am not man enough to finish this game."
Recommended December 11, 2017
"A shame that outside of the visual style it's a very conventional contra style platformer, but it's good looking enough that it manages to get away with not being so creative with the design."
Recommended December 11, 2017
"Atmospheric metroidvania, with a nice mix of serene and tranquil moments contrasting with the frantic boss fights. Great visual tone."
Recommended March 31, 2017
"Brutal puzzle platformer with unique control scheme and minimalist style."
Recommended March 31, 2017
"Fairly lightweight but amusing riff on the arcade classic. Irritating that it's still using the micro-transaction structure from the mobile game, even though there are no microtransactions."
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