A collection of video games that I have played, function as advertised, and have something interesting about them.

Recommended July 12
"Lovely little somewhat roguish fast-paced RPG, with a clever battle system that's flexible and layered, but still simple and accessible."
Recommended July 1
"Bonkers adventure game with a really striking art style, a healthy blend of comedy, social commentary and SPACE."
Recommended July 1
"A proper sidescrolling epic. Almost feels like it's packed with two games worth of stuff. There's a couple of duff levels in there, but it's a hell of a package overall."
Recommended July 1
"90s classic, with probably the overall most consistent level design across the Mega Drive games."
Recommended July 1
"Holds up. Probably the weakest of the original trilogy and a bit, but it's still got some great levels."
Recommended July 1
"Fairly technical sidescrolling combo-centric action game, with lots of cartoony hyperviolence."
Recommended July 1
"Stylish and flashy beat 'em up. Best played in local coop."
Not Recommended February 27
"Butchered version of a classic. Don't give S-E your money for this one."
Recommended February 9
"Excellent arcadey mountain biking game, with tight controls, and procedural generated levels."
Recommended December 22, 2017
"A rocket fuel powered shooter with all of the explosions. You have to shoot lots of giant robots. It makes all the gears of war-derivative third person shooters look and feel primitive and obsolete."
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