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Recommended August 9
"Remember the days where the Nazis stormed your home looking for you? Yes you, a Jewish boy frightened by the outside. This game will bring those memories back in the most wholeseome, blatant way."
Recommended July 27
"What a game. Absolutely took me from behind and opened my rectum. It allowed me to actually connect with Jesus H Christ. The end"
Not Recommended March 30
"I love to have my bubble pop, oh wait actually it was a cherry.. I love anime and this game was perfect for getting into my Japanese culture. Some xxx but who cares? I'd rate it 8/13 Fruitloops"
Recommended March 30
"This is a large scale project, of Darwinism. Do you know what that means? Absolutely nothing. 2/5"
Recommended March 30
"Most exciting and intense game I have ever played. If you love to fish then you will LOVE this game. Like "L-O-V-E, someone help me. it's not healthy". I would rate this a 8/10 fruitloops."
Recommended March 25
"1 Word sums this game nicely: Spacebar As it happened to us, we could not pass level 2 / 13! This game would remove all fear of failing, as you fail every time! Oh, spacebar is the shoot key :)"
Not Recommended February 3
"Reminds you of bastion in overwatch. Super cancerioli"
Recommended February 3
"Ravioli Ravioli, Fetch me it againoli. Easily the best doggo simulator out there."
Recommended January 20
"This game is why Bin Laden took down the towers. If I could describe it in one word, it would be, real nice. If you can help me get it out of my steam library, please call me at 1-800-TI-CARES"
Not Recommended January 20
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