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Recommended February 26, 2016
"Looks and plays much like an arcade version of a deckbuilder. It is clearly designed to be played in short bursts many times over."
Recommended February 24, 2016
"Spellweaver’s developers have put together one of the finest digital card games I have played."
Recommended December 22, 2015
"Shaming people who rage-quit all too often is something that needs to be in more games, in my opinion!"
Recommended December 12, 2015
"The addictive style of gameplay makes it an absolute joy to play."
Recommended December 12, 2015
"Ancestory is a colorful, bright, and humorous game with a lot of potential."
Recommended December 12, 2015
"There aren’t enough words to describe just how much of an amazing gameplay experience you will have playing this game."
Recommended December 12, 2015
"Dungeon-crawling strategy card game at its core, but also uses the very best from action-RPGs to bring one hell of a combination."
Recommended December 12, 2015
"I love the innovative battle system that means you have to think of many different outcomes each turn — a bit like Chess."
Recommended December 12, 2015
"There is actually an incredible amount of strategic depth within Yomi and I found it to be far more fun than I had initially anticipated."
Recommended December 12, 2015
"Beer and pizza lives on in this Friday night RPG fest! Just now with added lasers and space elves."
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