For Game Developers

You’ve worked hard on making a game that’s awesome, unique, and fun to play. Now how do you build an audience and get that game in front of the customers that want to play it? With The Steam Discovery Update, there are now more ways for customers to find and connect with your game through Steam. Between the personalized Home page, powerful discovery tools, and simply more ways of presenting games to customers, Steam works harder than ever to highlight your game to interested customers.

The data you need

With a personalized and dynamic store, it’s hard to tell where your game might be showing up and how customers are finding their way to your product page.

To address this we’ve introduced Steam’s new traffic data analytics. With this data, you can see where your game is appearing, how many times it has been shown, and how those impressions have translated into visits to your product page.

Of course this data is all anonymous, but it should give you a good idea of where your game is appearing and how many customers are clicking on those placements to get to your product page.

To dive into your traffic data analytics, please visit the Marketing & Visibility section for your product in the Steamworks website and click on the Traffic Breakdown tab for details.

Your game on Steam
How do I know where my game is showing up?

Steam traffic data analytics show you the specific areas (or ‘feature’) on each page in Steam where your game has been shown to someone, how many impressions have occurred in each placement, as well as where and how many times customers have clicked to get to your store page.

How can I get my game to show up to more customers?

Steam automatically shows games to customers in different ways and many different places. The visibility of any given game on Steam is based on many factors, including how customers are reacting to that product, and who the potential audience is for that product. Not every customer is interested in every game, so Steam works to figure out who your game should be recommended to and who is most likely to purchase your game.

Does this change how I release my game?

The release process for you is still the same, but now your game may be able to appear in more places throughout Steam. You focus on making an awesome game and describe it accurately to customers on your store page and Steam will work to show your game in appropriate places based on customers’ interests, preferences, and feedback.

Keep in mind that you still need to make sure you get word out about your game as you lead up to your release date. Get the community excited and build an audience. Put up a ‘coming soon’ page, and post announcements. Some customers may need to see your game dozens of times before it catches their attention.

Can I pay for my game to show up to more customers?

Nope. You focus on making a compelling, interesting, and unique game, and Steam will work out the best places to feature your game based on customers’ interests, preferences, and feedback.