Curated Shopping With The Voices You Trust

Browse the Steam store as curated by the voices and personalities you know and trust. Or find new voices of Steam Curators that share your tastes in games. You’ll find that many of the journalists, YouTubers, and internet personalities you know are already Steam Curators and have put a lot of work into making reviews and recommendations to assist in finding your next favorite game.

Read on to learn more about how Steam Curators can shape your shopping experience on Steam.

Follow Steam Curators
to Discover More Great Games
On your home page

By following one or more Curator, you’ll find their recommendations appear right on your Steam home page.

When you visit the store page through a Curator recommendation, you’ll see what they have to say. Plus, if the Curator has included a link to a video review, we’ll show that video right within Steam.

On genre and tag pages

When you visit tag or genre pages, you’ll now find recommendations from the Steam Curators you follow included in the games shown right at the top of the page.

How do I know who to follow?

You can start by looking at the games that a curator recommends and read the curator tagline. Are they recommending games that are of interest to you? Do they have interesting things to say about the games they recommend?

Discover More Games
And More About Each Game
On Curator pages

Curators now have more options in customizing their Steam page; picking the sections to show, the specific lists to feature, and tags by which to filter their reviews.

Plus, browse a Curator’s reviews by popularity, release date, or discount.

Video content from Curators now has a home right on the Steam page, making it even easier to learn what a Curator has to say about a game.

Get Started
Follow a Few Steam Curators
How to become a Curator

Create a new Steam Community group, or use an existing group that you are an officer or moderator of. You can use the group to make recommendations as yourself, or you can use the group to allow multiple individuals to represent an organization.

Click here to see the groups you are currently in.

From your group page in the Steam Community, select the ‘curator’ tab, enter a tag line, and start making recommendations. Once you make 10 recommendations, your curator can show up in lists to users looking for curators to follow.

Who can be a Steam Curator?

Gamers, fans, critics, journalists, developers, artists, industry types, managers, environmentalists, designers, or really anyone that wants to help other gamers discover new favorites. All you need is a non-limited Steam account and you can get started.

Can I recommend games that aren’t in my Steam library?

Yes, you can recommend any game that is available via Steam. But you can’t recommend games that don’t exist.

Can I link to my YouTube channel?

Absolutely! With each recommendation you make, you can enter a couple hundred characters about why you recommend the title. But we realize that you may already have a great review written on your own website, or a video walkthrough recorded. So, you can also include a link to your own YouTube channel, website, blog, podcast, or tweet.

How many games can I recommend?

You can post up to 1,000 reviews.

Do I get money for being a curator?

There is no direct compensation system built into Steam Curator, but you may find it valuable in other ways such as driving traffic to your own review site, increasing views of your videos (via YouTube,,, or, or simply building awareness of your brand. Or just the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped someone else discover that awesome game you love.

What is the difference between following and joining a group?

‘Following’ and ‘Joining’ a Steam user group are two different actions. If you follow a group, you are only signing up to see that group’s Steam Curator recommendations in your Community Activity Feed and potentially on your Steam home page. If you join a group, then you are a member of the group and can participate in discussions, leave comments, join in the group chat, or other group activities.

The ability to join a Steam user group may be limited based on the permission settings of the group. However, any group that has made recommendations as a Steam Curator can be followed by any Steam user, regardless of permission settings of the group.

Are there rules for Steam Curators?

Yes. We have a couple of rules that govern the use of the Steam Curator feature:

  1. Whatever you write when making a recommendation is subject to the same rules and guidelines as other Steam User-Generated Content, as stipulated in the Rules and Guidelines For Steam: Discussions, Reviews, and User Generated Content.
  2. A recommendation should not link to or promote any stores other than Steam.
  3. If you've accepted money or other compensation for making a product review or for posting a recommendation, you must disclose this fact in your recommendation.

For Game Developers: Curator Connect

Curator Connect is designed to make it easy for game developers to send review copies to the Steam Curators with the right voice, personality, and audience for the game. Within Curator Connect, game developers will find the tools to search and filter the list of Curators to find the best fit and send a review copy directly and immediately through Steam. No need to mess with e-mails or keys.

How do I find the right Steam Curators for my game?

The right Curator for your game will depend on the kind of game you have. You can search for curators by tag, language, OS, or name. For each Curator, you will see a brief description of the kinds of games they focus on. You can then see how many followers they have on Steam as well as followers on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. You can also click on each Curator to visit their store page and see some of the other games the Curator has reviewed. This should give you an idea of whether any given Curator is a good fit for your game.

What happens when I send a copy of my game?

When you send a copy of your game to a specific Curator, the game will appear in a dashboard to members of that Curator with permission to accept games via Curator Connect. Each member with the necessary permission will also receive an e-mail notification alerting them to new games pending via Curator Connect. Each member can then select to accept the game on their account or to ignore the game. You as the developer have a dashboard to see the copies you've sent to each Curator and how many have been accepted.

Can I revoke a game from a Steam Curator?

You cannot revoke a game from a Steam Curator once they have accepted it. But if you have sent a copy that has not been accepted, you can expire that offer so the game will no longer be available for them to accept.

Can I send a pre-release copy of my game?

Yes. The game you send to a curator will be immediately playable, regardless of whether it is available for sale yet. You can use this to send preview copies to Steam Curators to get word out about your game prior to your launch. Of course, you'll want to make sure your game is in an enjoyable state before sending it out.

Are Curators obligated to write a review for my game?

There is no obligation on the part of Steam Curators to accept, play, or review your game. A Curator may accept and play your game and discover that it is not right for their audience. Or a Curator may outright reject a game if it is clearly not relevant for their audience.

Who can access Curator Connect?

Game developers will need to have a game that is either already released or has a publicly-visible store page. Within a game developer's team, users with permission to request Steam Keys can access Curator Connect to send game copies.

For more information on Curator Connect, please see Steam Curators Documentation.