Browse games and software that have posted recent major updates.
King of Dragon Pass
Strategy, RPG, Fantasy, Story Rich
FootLOL: Epic Fail League
Sports, Indie, Action, Comedy
Marble Duel
Casual, Indie, Puzzle, RPG
Plancon: Space Conflict
Action, RPG, Space
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages
Medieval, Strategy, Alternate History, Board Game
The Journey Down: Chapter One
Adventure, Point & Click, Indie, Comedy
Parkour, Adventure, Indie, First-Person
Medieval Kingdom Wars
Early Access, Strategy, Simulation, Indie
Gang Beasts
Early Access, Funny, Multiplayer, Fighting
Action, FPS, Multiplayer, Shooter
America's Army: Proving Grounds
Free to Play, FPS, Action, Multiplayer
Tactics: Bludgeons Blessing
Strategy, Action, Simulation, RTS
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes
Strategy, Fantasy, Turn-Based Strategy, 4X
Free To Play
Free to Play, Action, Racing, Multiplayer
Trivia Night
Early Access, Casual, Indie, 4 Player Local
Super Dungeon Tactics
RPG, Strategy, Indie, Turn-Based
SOS Survival
Early Access, RPG, Indie, Action
Early Access, Simulation, Driving, Adventure
Crimson Tide: Operation Online
Action, Simulation, Massively Multiplayer, Violent
Action, Indie, Strategy, Adventure
VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum Steam Edition
Video Production
Axis Football 2017
Sports, Simulation
The Mooseman
Adventure, Indie, Mythology, Atmospheric
Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
Adventure, Story Rich, Choose Your Own Adventure, Psychological Horror
RPG, Indie
Free to Play
Early Access, Free to Play, RPG, Massively Multiplayer
In Extremis
Action, Indie, Shoot 'Em Up, Bullet Hell
Need For Drink
Early Access, Action, Adventure, Simulation
Action, Adventure, Indie, Horror
Card Creator
Design & Illustration, Utilities