Gennemse spil og software, der har opslået store opdateringer for nylig.
Neptune: Arena FPS
Early Access, Action, Indie, Afslappet
Broken Armor
Eventyr, Indie, Action, Pixel Graphics
Eventyr, Indie, Puzzle
Fresh Body
Early Access, Indie, Action, Gore
Halloween Mysteries
Action, Eventyr, Indie, Fantasy
2064: Read Only Memories
Eventyr, Cyberpunk, Point & Click, Godt soundtrack
Action, Eventyr, Indie, Building
Indie, Action, Afslappet, Horror
Action, Indie, FPS, Horror
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Indie, Replay Value, Rogue-like, Difficult
Power & Revolution
Strategi, Simulation, Politics
Midnight's Blessing
Rollespil, Indie, Afslappet, Eventyr
A Princess' Tale
Eventyr, Rollespil, Indie, Afslappet
Last Heroes 2
Indie, Eventyr, Rollespil, Afslappet
Final Goalie: Football simulator
Simulation, Sport, Action, Indie
Action, Tactical, Shooter, Top-Down
Shadows Peak
Early Access, Horror, Eventyr, Indie
Action, Indie, Stealth, Side Scroller
Please, Don't Touch Anything 3D
Indie, Afslappet, Eventyr, Puzzle
The Butterfly Sign
Action, Eventyr, Indie, Detective
Marlene Act 1 Betwixt
Action, Eventyr, Indie, Afslappet
3 Coins At School
Indie, Afslappet, Simulation, Sport
Free to Play
Marvel Heroes 2016
Gratis at spille, Superhero, Action, Massively Multiplayer
Indie, Strategi, Rollespil, Sci-fi
Alpine Ski VR
Afslappet, Sport, Racer, VR
Escape From Nazi Labs
Action, Indie, Rollespil, Pixel Graphics
Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King
Eventyr, Strategi, Singleplayer, Indie
Free to Play
Gratis at spille, Hunting, Multiplayer, Simulation
Industry Manager: Future Technologies
Simulation, Realistic, Management, Open World
Warbands: Bushido
Early Access, Strategi, Card Game, Board Game