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Badland Bandits August 4
Dear friends,

As we got lots of negative reviews about "pay-to-win" in our game, we tried to explain that there is no P2W at all. There are no machines of victory. What we offered to you for the "gold" were the following:
- Skins
- XP and Silver boost
- Ability to convert gold to silver when you need
- Premium combat machines that have no advantage against regular mahines in battle.
But every day we get "pay-to-win" reviews. In order to show you that we HATE "PayToWin" even more than you, we will remove "Gold" and boosts from the game at all. So the following changes are coming at July 30th :

- We remove "Gold" and will convert all gold on your accounts to silver, so if you'd like to spend it for Skins or Premium - feel free to do it before the update
- We remove Premium-account, you won't be able to buy boosts.
- We make premium machines as regular for silver, and you will need to get required level to unlock them
- We move all skins in DLCs

If you have any questions or proposals - feel free to write them here in comments. We are open for discussion.

Wild Wolf's team.
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Zombie Zoeds August 4
The game has a new feature to save hostages!
Save as much as possible and get points!
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Castaway Paradise Complete Edition August 4
I hope you are all enjoying your time on Castaway Paradise. To thank all of you for playing we're releasing a free new DLC pack. This pack unlocks a completely new villager called Stevie!

She is a nature ranger and loves the outdoors. She is not a big fan of creepy crawlers and is convinced that eating vegetables is hurting the veggies. On a diet made up from only fruit (because fruit can't feel a thing) she makes YOU her deputy. Helping her with all different types of chores, like decorating her tent and making sure Victoria doesn't eat all the flower bulbs, a whole new adventure starts on Castaway Paradise! This sassy and somewhat strange Platypus has a strong opinion on the other villagers.

Stevie is available to download from the Steam store. It's a FREE download.

Buy Castaway Paradise today!
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Nightbanes August 4
On the outskirts of the city lies the Dust Devil Desert. It is unclear why there is clearly an Egyptian influence in these structures, but legend has it that alien visitors played a part in it.
An Egyptian desert-themed region, with new cards, new abilities, new quests and reward.

  • One new booster with 47 new cards
  • 4 new premium cards
  • 5 new faction cards
  • New loots, rewards and evolution cards
  • New quests, one new epic quest
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Hello everyone and thanks for all the feedback so far - It's been super-awesome!

I've gone ahead and implemented as much as I can into the first update; Here's a list of the fixed bugs so far:

- Fixed "Options menu stuck open" bug
- Turned down the audio on enemies bullets
- Fixed "Audio options" bug
- Fixed Achievements
- Added Level 4 - Spooky Spooky Manor
- Adjusting player control to feel less "Floaty"
- Various gameplay tweaks
- Random bug fixes in enemy behaviour

If you find any more bugs or anything - Feel free to either post them in the comments or shoot me an email:

Thanks for being awesome and have fun gaming! ;)
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