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AutoTileGen July 30th, 2014
AutoTileSet, the Unity/GameMaker/Construct plugin for AutoTileGen is now included with AutoTileGen.

If you already had AutoTileGen, AutoTileSet will be distributed as an update.

You can find AutoTileSet project files in your AutoTileGen local folder and copy them to your gamedev project.

If you don't know AutoTileSet, you can see it in action here:
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Marvel Puzzle Quest July 29th, 2014
R58 is now available. Download now!

NOW FEATURING 100% MORE DEADPOOL! Event starts August 1st!

New Feature: Team-Ups

  • Team-Ups are single use abilities that can be brought into battle that allow users to use abilities from characters that aren't directly on their teams
  • Most abilities are available to drop as Team-Ups for usage
  • Team-Up abilities have a chance to drop when defeating non-minion characters
  • New Team-Up tile art has been implemented
  • Team-Up tiles replace Environment tiles on all boards that use Environment tiles
  • Enemies can select and use Team-Ups

  • "Dark Reign" has been removed from the title screen as future story events will expand outside of the Dark Reign storyline
  • There is now a visual distinction between Alliance and Personal rewards
  • Limited recommended update notifications when a new version is available

  • Ares (Dark Avengers) - Sunder - Fixed Sunder Countdown tile not disappearing when used by an enemy team if Ares defeats himself by using the ability
  • Updated the following abilities to use the new Team-Up function
  • Black Panther (Man Without Fear) - Battleplan
  • Daredevil (Classic) - Radar Sense
  • Storm (Modern) - Mistress of the Elements
  • Storm (Gold) - Mistress of the Elements

For Full (English Only) Patch Notes, please go to: http://d3pforums.com
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The Sandbox July 29th, 2014
Hello sandboxers!

It’s been a while, let’s get down to this new 1.700 update.
We are still on our path to introduce exclusives features for the PC version, and controls are way better now!

Check out below all the new stuff!
What's New in 1.7.02?

Steam Exclusives
▪ Steam achievements!
▪ New key Mapping:

- Navigate faster on the field!
P : Pause/Unpause
A/D - LEFT/RIGHT - HORIZONTAL SCROLL : Move left/right when zoomed
W/S - UP/DOWN - VERTICAL SCROLL : Move up/down when zoomed

- Navigate faster in menus!
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 : Element tabs (1 = Humans to 7 = Basic Elements)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 : Brush sizes

- Control tanks and ninjas!
A/D - LEFT/RIGHT : Move left/right

New Features
▪ Play the new User-Created 2 campaign: 10 levels of content created by the community!
▪ Improve your games and edit your levels with the 2 new Gaming elements (keyboard controllables)
=> Ninja, Avatar
▪ Several new backgrounds!

Feel free to share your feedback with us!

Thank you for your support!
The Sandbox Team
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Centration July 29th, 2014
Hello everyone.

First of all I'd like to thank you all for your almost obscene amount of patience with regards to Centration's development. Up until now, Centration's main branch has remained with our old Unity build.

This is no longer the case. Today I have switched over our dev-branch build, built with Unreal Engine 4 to the main branch, and enabled our login server. This is by no means a stable or content-rich build but it's one of the first stepping stones to getting to where we want to be.

Update Schedule
Over the next months, we will be adhering to the following schedule:

dev branch - The development branch will be a wildcard branch. It will be updated as and when we push updates out, hopefully nightly but there my be breaks if we're dealing with something or nobody is available to push it out.

main / defult branch - The main branch will be updated once per month; at the end of the month. It is now the 30th of July (at least it is here) and we've pushed out version 0.2a-indev to the default branch for you alll to try.

You can see the changelog for version 0.2a here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/centration/announcements/detail/214235776777355548

Please note that MULTIPLAYER is still not fully functional. There are fringe cases where it may work but for the most part the code isn't ready; so we've disabled it.

You can test what is available in a single-player environment by going to Host a Station and clicking Start Server. There will be a slight hang as the game is loaded (what? Still no loading screens!?) and then you'll be able to play the game in an extended mode that doesn't end until you close or restart the game client.

Dev Branch
I'm currently building a dev-branch update now. If you're on the dev-branch, you'll be able to check it out later tonight. There'll be a seperate announcement for that.

As usual, please use the following handy links for various forms of troubleshooting and feedback:

Bugs / Feedback: https://bug.centrationgame.com
Forums / Questions / General: https://forums.centrationgame.com
Support / Account Issues: https://support.centrationgame.com
Teamspeak IP: centrationgame.com
Development Blog / Ask us anything: http://centration.tumblr.com

Thanks guys, and hope you're having a great summer!

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Hacker Evolution: Untold July 29th, 2014
Steam Trading Cards now available for Hacker Evolution: Untold
Have fun using them :)
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