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Local Multiplayer, Indie, Action, Fighting
Frequent Flyer
Action, Indie, Casual, 2D
Late Shift
Indie, Adventure, FMV, Choose Your Own Adventure
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Action, FPS, Tactical, Open World
God Game, Strategy, Indie, Simulation
Casual, Indie, Puzzle, Minimalist
Strategy, Base Building, Action, Physics
Retro Pinball
Indie, Casual, Simulation, Pinball
Spacecats with Lasers VR
Action, VR
Cossacks 3
Strategy, RTS, Historical, Classic
Early Access, Simulation, Strategy, Indie
Mind OVR Matter
Action, Indie, VR, Sci-fi
Power Overwhelming
Early Access, Action, Adventure, Indie
That's Mahjong!
Indie, Casual, Touch-Friendly
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation
Indie, Adventure, Action, Horror
John Wick
Movie, Violent, Shooter, Thriller
The Physiology of the Eye
Casual, Simulation, VR
Free To Play
Heroes of Dire
Free to Play, RPG, Strategy, Massively Multiplayer
MyWorld - Action RPG Maker
Early Access, Adventure, Action, RPG
Action, Female Protagonist, Hack and Slash, Singleplayer
Horror, Survival Horror, Indie, Rogue-like
Guild of Dungeoneering
RPG, Indie, Card Game, Turn-Based
Big Fish Legend
Indie, Casual, Adventure, Platformer
App Game Kit: Easy Game Development
Game Development, Software Training, Education, Utilities
Win That War!
Early Access, Strategy, Massively Multiplayer, Indie
Dead Age
RPG, Zombies, Survival, Turn-Based Combat
ZombieFight VR
Early Access, Action, Adventure, RPG
Action, Indie
Flower Design
Sandbox, Indie, Simulation, Relaxing
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Action, Adventure, Violent, Gore