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Hacker Evolution April 20th, 2014
Hacker Evolution just received a big update consisting of a completely rewritten graphics/input/audio/system engine to accomodate modern hardware and:

- New levels (mod) included: Operation Electrosphere
- MacOS port
- Linux port
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Last Dream April 20th, 2014
Over 45 bug fixes have been implemented based on the comments of the Last Dream community. In our quest to continually improve Last Dream, we've implemented fixes and changes for all of these bugs.

The entire list of bugs fixed in this update is shown below:

1) Extraneous save files included with full game - Cannot be deleted yet but process is started. They can be safely deleted in our next game update. Safe files are not deleted with updated version.

2) Male character even if female character selected first - A female sprite is used if a Hunter or White Mage is chosen as the first character.

3) Two spelling errors in intro cutscene: "rememeber" and "breaths" - Both spelling errors have been corrected.

4) Watching cutscene #1 adds an Inn Stay.

5) Typo in Doria, second floor of Inn (outside). Change "breath" to "breathe".

6) Typo in Oakwood after exploring Sewer. Someone says "bath" rather than "bathe".

7) Typo at Lucky' Casino in Lucky's text. Change "with" to "will". This text corresponds to zero or negative winnings at the Casino.

8) Can be trapped by warping out of the Babel Citadel if Elevator is on 1st, 3rd, or 5th floors. Should reset to accessible floor.

9) Red/Green Hexagram puzzle in the Mines of Dvergar only shows two of four boulders.

10) Saying no to the first cutscene and then watching it via the menu renders character passable through all terrain.

11) In Atticus' cutscene, "alluded" should be "eluded".

12) It is possible to become trapped in the 2nd section of the tutorial.

13) It is possible to become stuck in the rolling boulder puzzle in the Woods of Despair. The fix adds L+R so you can reset at any point.

14) NullFire classified as both Recovery and Assist.

15) Notes for the Desert Phoenix through the Bestiary should be deleted.

16) Treasure count for the Eastern Continent is bugged. Can only acquire 86/90.

17) Evil Vines don't appear to be listed correctly in the Bestiary.

18) Possible bug with 100% location Achievement. Cannot acquire 100% of locations. Stuck at 90/92.

19) Toxic Darts skill description may not be correct. It said 40%, should be 75%.

20) Error in encounters if you go over through the tunnel to the southern section of the Southwest Continent. The error manifests in no encounters in the desert/badlands area of the southern part of the Southwest Continent. Should have encounters now.

21) Meta Scan ATK buff does not work. ATK buff was missing and the fix properly adds it.

22) Can become stuck in the "blue and yellow block" puzzle in the Dread Woods.

23) All zeros opens the secret room in Aunlak.

24) Black Mage portrait changes after class upgrade.

25) Need button reset (L+R) for Southern Magi - Trial of Wisdom puzzle. The fix adds the L+R reset.

26) There are several problems with puzzle #50 (the green tile bridge). It has been fixed by removing the need to stay on the bridge.

27) Approaching Mine Cart in Old Mine from below leads to a bug. The fix makes this tile impassable prior to entering the Mine Cart.

28) In Abyss, the Thief is equipped with a sword. Unequipping removes item from inventory.

29) Rufus' stealable items show a blank rather than gold through Bestiary or Scan.

30) Possible bug in auto-AP distribution. Dark Knight has issues with Offensive Distribution.

31) Steam achievements don't work or lag for certain players. The fix lengthens the amount of time that communication with the Steam servers occurs.

32) Warping out of the safe area in the Miner's Cave leads to no encounters anywhere.

33) Possible bug with "No running from battles" achievement. The escape from battle counter was never incremented so all players would acquire this achievement. Now, it should properly check the number of escapes.

34) Rafts in the GSM have a glitch that cause you to ride into the trees and get stuck. This would occur if you would ride a raft across, go to the next area, come back, and re-ride the raft. Now, there should be no issue.

35) Crystal and Ice equipment out of order in the Abyss. The order has been flipped so that Ice equipment comes first.

36) Non-achievement leaderboards are very laggy and often do not register. The length of time has been drastically increased so that communication should be successful.

37) Treasure chest sound effects still play when slider bars are muted.

38) Ending credit cutscene for the Arena may be bugged in New Game +. Despite never completing the Arena in a current play through, the text would be based on previous achievements, meaning if you had completed the Arena previously, they would give text as if you had completed it.

39) WM spell Immortal does not function properly. Instant death spells could still kill when under the Immortal state. Should now properly defend against Grim Reaper and Doom-like spells.

40) Lucky's text on New Game + is bugged. Text was based on achievements rather than current winnings, so if you had acquired all the achievements for the Casino, he would give you the High Roller text, rather than the appropriate text based on your current winnings.

41) Master Fisherman's text in End Credits is bugged in New Game +. Text was based on achievements rather than current fishing prowess.

42) Possible bug with the "Guard Mauler" achievement. Casino Guard was not properly included with the Achievement. Could acquire the achievement without fighting the Casino Guard.

43) Cats in Mr. Cope's house can block chest.

44) Can gain "Very Hard" and "Legendary" achievements by completing game on Hard.

45) Items stealable through Dancing Daggers appears to be bugged. Dancing Daggers would still 3 items from the enemy; however, you would only acquire one item after the battle. Fixed so that Dancing Daggers does 3x damage with one hit and only steals once.

46) Possible issue with 10,000 monster kills achievement through New Game +. Number of monsters between games was reset which should not have been the case.

47) HP and MP percentage buffs have been modified to add percentages then apply the buff rather than applying each buff multiplicatively.
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Tiny Thief April 19th, 2014
New Free Episode "Bewitched" released. Over 90 mins of new content in 5 magical levels!

  • 5 New, magic-filled levels
  • 18 Hidden objects to find and fill your chest
  • 20 New characters including witches, ghosts and dragons
In this new magical adventure, the King is kidnapped by the Wicked Witch! To rescue him, our tiny hero will have to turn to dark magic for help, and fight witches and their evil spells.
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Aarklash: Legacy April 19th, 2014
The steam trading card for Aarklash: Legacy are now available !

You can unlock 7 cards, 6 badges, 5 backgrounds and 6 emoticons, and also some Steam Coupons for some other awesome Steam games!
Play Aarklash:Legacy to unlock this exclusive content for your steam account and customize your profile.

A new patch reducing the easy mode difficulty that a lot of players were waiting for is online.
In this mode, the ennemies now deal less damage and your heroes are more powerful. If you are one of those who thought that the game was way too hard, this patch is for you, it makes the adventure more accessible.

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Aerena - Clash of Champions April 19th, 2014
We patched the game today and wiped the Database.
That means a fresh start for everybody!!

Hve a look at what is new and improved!

New Features:

-The first part of our brand new single player campaign, starting with a nifty tutorial and introducing new captains, which the player will face
-An extensive Tutorial explaining the ins and outs
-Yet another new ship: The Arc, the ESS's latest invention
-A new season starting!
-More achievements, more badges, more fun!
-Parts of the match UI have been redone: new health and aether bars for champions and ships
-Captain shell activation animations have been added


-All intro sequences have been redone
-Current XP and needed XP for next level are now shown again in the player bar
-Cut off texts in loading screens are now wholly visible again
-Fixed a typo in Corporal's info screen
-It is not possible anymore to load out more shells of a type than you possess
-Adjusted the light settings for the Arenas
-Fixed an issue that could cause accidental multiple purchases in the shop
-League Points lost are now correctly shown with a minus before the number
-Champions and ships are now correctly highlighted when in effect area of an attack
-Fixed a special case with Corporal's super that dealt damage when it shouldn't
-Renamed a button in loadout screen when searching for match is active
-Announcer now announces the match and the spawned champions correctly
-Fixed some UI elements which had the wrong color
-Fixed several issues with the corporal's super
-Fixed an issue that could cause the shop to display an item as purchaseable despite the fact that the player doesn't have enough Shillings to buy it
-Healing Effects can't save a character that has reached 0 HP anymore.
- The Butcher's Ultrimate and the Corporal's Super can now be used against the opponent's ship.
-Already bought champions don't show a discount tag anymore
-If players in the Aether Master Tier earn more than 99 LP the amount will be shown correctly now.
-Switching between one active shell (or skill) and another one will now play the correct animation in the skill- (or shell-)button
-The achievements for logging in frequently now have a progress display in the master profile
-Buttons in confirmation dialogues no longer drift apart on higher resolutions
-Health markers are no longer shown in front of the player names
-Ship health markers no longer vanish if they go offscreen when the ship shakes
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