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Aerena - Clash of Champions - The Turn Based Arena Combat Game August 26th, 2014
THE BIG SUMMER UPDATE: Ærena 2.0: HAMMER of INCquisition released!

Ærena gets a complete visual overhaul with a new streamlined UI, a new effects and animation system!
Two whole new classes of Champions enter the Ærena with:

HAMMER - an ultra tough masochistic Æther powered combat mech from the secret labs of the INCquisition!

INCquisition soldier Taeyang possesses the passive bonus "hatred against Air Pirates"
He is the first Champion with faction based passive skills!

Skyblade can sacrifice her own teammates to gain their position anywhere on the map, deal aerea damage and deny the kill!

We finally introduced SKINS for both Ships and Champions!
Get ready for some crazy outfits and the first community created and inspired skins
The display of all mechanics in matches just got intenser with the Æther visualisation effects
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=303100496 and overhauled animations and action cams!

The worldmap takes a break and makes place for an intuitive main menu.

We also overhauled the League Tier system and introduced Subtiers to all tiers but Æthermasters.

Other noteworthy updates: Brand new main missions and the introduction of daily missions, and a completely new tutorial.

To celebrate this major Milestone, we slashed all the prices in the game MASSIVELY!

New Features:
  • Champion and ship skins are available now. (Except for Sharina, Hammer, Whale and Bombshell) Each skin costs 89 Æther Coins.
  • New champion: HAMMER.
  • New champion: Skyblade. A good mid-range offensive character with a whirlwind attack. Skyblade belongs to the faction Aether Junkies, has 6 HP and does 2 DMG in extended melee range.
    - Her Super Skill deals 2 damage to everyone around her and her Ultimate Skill sacrifices an ally champion and does 3 DMG to everyone in the sacrificed champ's melee range.
  • New champion: Taeyang is a new class of Champions. He possesses the passive bonus "hatred against Air Pirates", has 7 HP and deals 2 base DMG (+1 against Air Pirates).
    - Using his Super Skill, Taeyang charges towards his target and deals 2 DMG (+1 against Air Pirates).
    - His Ultimate Skill attack deals 1 damage to all enemies and triggers an explosion on all enemy Air Pirates hitting them and all champions in their melee range for +2 extra damage.
  • New floating texts for better visualisation of when champions/ships take damage and gain aether (and hatred damage).
    Player names and chat messages will be checked for nasty words
  • Complete rework of the main menu (worldmap has been removed)
  • Improved loadout, shop and achievement (badges) page
  • Achievement rewards now have to be claimed in the badges section
  • Daily missions are available to earn some extra Shillings
  • Cool new hardware cursors on all platforms
  • Tutorial has been completly reworked
  • New Main menu commentator:
    - He will explain the shell generator, daily quests, main quests and trophies(badges) to the player the first time a player opens the corresponding tab
    - He will congratulate the player upon finishing a quest
    - He will welcome the player back to the game upon login
    - He will inform the player when a match has been found or player has been challenged
  • Two new master images have been added for all players right out of the gate. These do not need to be purchased
  • Every five matches the player gets a rare shell pack of his choosing
  • Two new shell packs giving the player either 10 rare shells or 10 shells with a chance for some of them being rare
  • New master images: one for every champion. Beat 100 enemies with a specific champion and you unlock a his/her master image.
  • Improved Æther gain effects. Now you can see more easily who gained Æther and why.
  • League tiers and progression has been re-worked; gaining or losing a tier or sub-tier is now set to defined consecutive wins or losses (2/3/4/5) and only Æther-Masters will gain or lose League-points(wins).
  • Badges have been re-organized and claiming them can be tracked in an overview
  • The number of champions rotating as trial characters has been adjusted in correspondence to already owned champions
    - owning no champion - 3 trial champions in rotation
    - owning one champion - 2 trial champions in rotation
    - owning two or more champions - one trial champions in rotation
  • Practice matches have been re-worked:
    - difficulty has been decreased slightly
    - any won match will now put you in the next AI level (represented by the stars over the 'Valerian' portrait on the main screen)
    - there are neither shell nor Shilling awards
    - Practice matches no longer have a two turn inactivity surrender timer

  • Prices for Luna and Sharina have been reduced to 6999 shilling or 175 Æther Coins down from 9600 shilling or 215 Æther Coins
  • Prices for Mary and Martel have been decreased to 99 Æther Coins or 3099 Shilling down from 215 Æther Coins or 7200 Shilling
  • Prices for Bug, Crank, Baron Rouge, Butcher, Aurora, Harlequin and Corporal have been reduced to 4999 Shilling or 125 Æther Coins down from 7200 Shilling or 215 Æther Coins
  • Prices for Packer, Arc, Sparrow and Bombshell reduced to 175 Æther Coins or 6999 Shillings down from 215 Æther Coins or 7200 Shillings
  • Price for Rare shell packages reduced to 250 Shilling down from 350 shilling
  • New players receive 2000 Shilling and 17 Æther Coins upon tutorial completion with new accounts
  • Æther discharge shell has a new shiny animation
  • Aurora's HP decreased to 6 down from 7
  • Bloody Mary's Super attack will always deal 2 damage instead of 1-2
  • Bloody Mary's Super attack has an orthogonal pattern now instead of a lane pattern
  • Butcher's HP have been increased to 7 up from 6
  • Baron Rouge's HP have been increased to 6 up from 5
  • Costs for Æther Discharge have been increased to 10 up from 9
  • Costs for Exitus have been increased to 10 up from 9
  • Costs for Get off my Porch have been increased to 8 up from 7
  • Friendly matches use the same map as ranked matches now
  • Main Goals have received an complete update. The needed achievements have been changed and the main missions don’t give any rewards anymore and will only be used to unlock Character, Ships, Shells, etc.
  • Æthershells won’t be unlocked on a certain level, but according to the Main-Goals (eg. Mission 12 unlocks Group Healing).
  • Users can buy Attack and Support Shell Packages right from the beginning, whereas the Trick and Æther Control Packages will be unlocked through the main missions
  • Achievements which do not specify that the have to be completed in a league match, can be completed within league, casual and challenge matches.
  • Increased difficulty for the first stages of Valerian matches.

Complete list of Changes and fixes in the Patch Notes http://steamcommunity.com/app/247830/discussions/0/35221584341556326/
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WARMACHINE: Tactics - Early Access August 26th, 2014
We're adding the $39.99 Standard Edition to WARMACHINE: Tactics!

The WARMACHINE: Tactics Beta is currently available through Steam Early Access. Updates made every two weeks introduce new content and features, and weekly updates (or more often) address bugs and functionality issues as we receive feedback from our community of players. The functionality of the online multiplayer experience is nearly complete with leaderboards soon to follow. Also finishing up shortly will be the single-player No Man’s Land campaign, AI Skirmish mode, hot-seat mode and asynchronous (play-by-mail).

Two editions of WARMACHINE: Tactics are available through Steam Early Access.

The Early Access Standard Edition currently includes access to the Beta (which will upgrade to the feature-complete Standard Edition upon its release), four playable factions (Cygnar, Protectorate of Menoth, Khador, and Cryx) for multiplayer and single-player levels from the upcoming No Man’s Land campaign.

Soon to be added to the Early Access Standard Edition are the following content and features:

• No Man’s Land single player campaign — 21 dynamic, story-based missions played over 21 unique maps, following journeyman warcaster, Lt. Allison Jakes through her epic journey to avenge her mentor and save her kingdom from an ancient evil. (Expected delivery: Late November)

• Custom Coloring System — A highly detailed toolset that allows you to customize the look of every unit in your squad in mind-blowing detail.

• Hot-Seat mode — Play head-to-head on the same computer.

• Asynchronous (play-by-mail) mode — Play anyone in the world, any time, without having to be online at the same time.

• AI Skirmish Mode — Choose a faction, build a squad, and test your mettle against a computer-controlled force.

Each of the four core factions in the Early Access Standard Edition includes three warcaster characters and a selection of warjack and warrior units with which to customize your squad — 52 units in all! (Units noted in italic text below are COMING SOON. All other units are available in the current beta release.)

CYGNAR (click to enlarge)

CYGNAR UNITS (left to right):
Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane, Commander Dalin Sturgis, Commander Coleman Stryker, Charger, Ironclad, Defender, Lancer, Arcane Tempest Gun Mage, Stormblade, Trencher Infantry Grenadier, Trencher Infantry, Stormguard, Stormsmith Stormcaller


Grand Scrutator Severius, Feora – Protector of the Flame, High Exemplar Kreoss, Revenger, Crusader, Vanquisher, Repenter, Temple Flameguard, Flameguard Cleanser, Exemplar Cinerator, Exemplar Errant, Vassal of Menoth


KHADOR UNITS (left to right):
Kommander Strakhov, Kommander Zoktavir – the Butcher Unleashed, Kommander Sorscha, Winter Guard Infantry, Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeer, Decimator, Juggernaut, Destroyer, Marauder, Man-O-War Shocktrooper, Iron Fang Pikeman, Greylord, Assault Kommando, Assault Kommando Flamethrower


CRYX UNITS (left to right):
Sturgis the Corrupted, Iron Lich Asphyxious, Warwitch Deneghra, Deathripper, Reaper, Defiler, Slayer, Nightwretch, Mechanithrall, Brute Thrall, Skarlock, Bilethrall, Iron Lich Overseer

Offered ONLY DURING BETA, the Early Access Deluxe Edition includes ALL CONTENT AND FEATURES listed in the Early Access Standard Edition above, as well as 20 BONUS UNITS as they become available through downloadable content in the upcoming months. The Deluxe Edition presents a significant value with enough units to play a Mercenary-only squad as well as a selection of Premium units for the four core factions.

(All bonus units in the Early Access Deluxe Edition, shown below, are COMING SOON.)


BONUS MERCENARY UNITS (left to right):
Kell Bailoch, Jarok Croe, Cutthroat, Eiryss – Mage Hunter of Ios, Magnus the Traitor, Renegade, Mangler, Talon, Steelhead Rifleman, Steelhead Halberdier, Gorman di Wulfe – Rogue Alchemist, Greygore Boomhowler


Thunderhead, Avatar of Menoth, Behemoth, Deathjack


Captain E. Dominick Darius & Halfjacks, Harbinger of Menoth, Karchev the Terrible, Lich Lord Terminus

WARMACHINE: Tactics will be expanded in the months and years to come with regular releases of free and paid Downloadable Content (DLC). Paid DLC will never be required to continue to play the game. Any content required by users in order to play together, such as multiplayer maps, will always be made available for free.

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Velvet Sundown August 26th, 2014
Brand new scenario Murder! has been rolled out and it's available for everyone as the free scenario of the week!

Murder! is a classical mystery setting where someone has been killed and it’s up to the group to draw the conclusions while the murderer tries to avoid being caught. There's a maximum of 5 players per game for this scenario.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions either here on the Steam Community forums or on our own Community Forums at http://community.velvetsundown.com/ !

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Afterfall Reconquest Episode I August 26th, 2014
Two weeks since Afterfall Reconquest has been launched on Steam Early Access we come with great news announcing Afterfall Reconquest Incentive Scheme for all Early Access gamers.

The rules are very simple. Gamers who will participate in Early Access, buy Episode I of the game and have an input in the development process will get Episode II and Episode III completely FREE of charge! Purchased version of the game will be updated with new episodes when they will be ready for release. Be quick though as this deal is available throughout Early Access period only!

We are really happy to see Afterfall universe fans sharing their thoughts about the game and this way getting involved in the development process, as this is exactly what we were hoping for. We can assure you that we read every comment and watch every gameplay video you make to be sure we don’t miss any feedback. We value your opinion very much and will be working really hard to deliver the kind of game you want to get.That means that for as little as $6.99 you get over 12 hours of gameplay.

We want to thank you to all gamers who supported Afterfall Reconquest thus far by buying the game via Steam Early Access, commenting, sharing their feedback, requesting additional features and spreading the word about it.

The full Episode I will be available later this year and Episode II early next year. Until that time though we will be working on updates with the first one planned to be released just 10 days from now, on August 18th. In addition to what was already planned to be delivered it will also cover first part of suggestions and comments shared by the community.

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Trials Fusion™ August 26th, 2014
Empire of the Sky, the next DLC for Trials Fusion is now available on the Steam Store, and will be available globally as a digital download for $4.99 (free for Season Pass holders) on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PC. This DLC is the second installment of six DLCs that will be coming in Trials Fusion’s first season.

This DLC will be free for Season Pass holders who will be receiving five additional packs that will be released through May 2015 (inlcuding Riders of the Rustlands). You are still able to purchase the Season Pass for Trials Fusion from the Steam Store Page or you can pick up the DLC by heading directly to the Empire of the Sky DLC page.

Let’s dive right into it and take a look at what you are getting:

Nine exciting new tracks, including:
  • Six Classic Trials Tracks
  • One new Supercross (local multiplayer) track
  • One new Skill Game "Freefall"
  • One new FMX Track, "High Society"

Eighteen new Track Challenges
  • Each Classic Trials Track features three surprising Track Challenges
  • Track Challenges range from secret locations to surprising mini-games, such as:
  • Crash the dinner party
  • Skydive with the Penguins!
  • Please the Paparazzi!

Dozens of new Editor Objects, including:
  • Anti-gravity technology
  • Resort homes
  • Force fields
  • Floating platforms

There are four more DLC packs planned for Trials Fusion’s first season. Stay tuned to keep up to date on all things Trials Fusion; you never know when we’ll have more info to drop.
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