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Blender July 4
Blender Foundation and the community have released a new Blender version on July 2nd. This now has been updated in Steam too.

For a full log of the changes in this version, please check this:
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World of Guns: Gun Disassembly July 4
Every year on July 4 all American models (cars, bike and guns) will be FREE for TWO days.
You may play and collect Exp and credits and then unlock model you like. Also you may check if model worth your attention or not to purchase it or not in future.

Current list contains 54 models

1.AMT Backup
2. Barrett m107
3. Browning 1919a4
4. Browning HP
5. Colt M1911
6. Colt Pocket Hammer
7. Colt Python
8. Colt SAA
9. COP
10. Harpers Ferry
11. Keltec PLR 16
12. LR300 ML
13. M14
14. Minigun M134D
15. M16 A1
16. M1 Garand
17. M60
18. MAC - 10
19. Marlin 336 DeLuxe
20. Mossberg 500
21. Ruger New Vaquero
22. Remington 870
23. Remington Derringer
24. Ruger 22 Charger
25. Ruger LCP
26. Ruger LCR
27. Ruger Mark II
28. S&W m53
29. S&W Sigma
30. Intretec TEC - 9
31. Thompson smg
32. Winchester 1873
33. M4 carbine
34. S&W M&P
35. Ruger No1
36. M200
37. Ruger Redhawk
38. Ruger Old Army
39. S&W Schofield
40. Captain America
41. Browning Automatic Rifle
42. Ruger SR9
43. Browning Buck Mark
44. Calico M100
45. Delorean
46. Colt Walker
47 .HMMWV A2
48. Liberator FP-45
49. Browning A5
50. Winchester 21
51. Browning M2
52. M79
53. Kriss Vector smg
54. Remington 700
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Once Bitten, Twice Dead! July 4
To get ready for the big 2.0 patch we are doing a super sale of 50% and closed beta for the 2.0 patch!

For more follow is on Twitter @darkday_studios

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Centauri Sector July 4

Hi Guys,

Here is the first update after ten days since release. This update brings major bug fixes, new features like zoom in/out in tactical combat, rebindable keys, improved engagement on campaign map, tool tips and more.

Lots of the things i introduced in this update, were requested by the community, so ask and you shall receive, that if is possible and makes sense to me.

Update 1.00.30 Notes:

This update is not save compatible with the previous version, but you can continue to play the previous version by reading the instructions at the bottom of this page.


  • Rebindable keys are now possible by accessing the Control option, in the Options menu. At moment almost any key can be rebind, beside the firing controls and zoom, which are fixed at the moment. Also i added another key for firing fixed cannons, so now you can use Space or Right Mouse Button.
  • Added the ability to engage only specific events, targets, so now you can pass over them, and engage only when your fleet stops at the location you told it to go.
  • You can now Zoom IN or OUT while in space combat with the Mouse Scroll.
  • When a friendly fleet enters a combat event, near that event a small icon blue icon will be displayed to let the player know that there will be friendly reinforcements in that mission.
  • Fixed a rare game breaking bug, where player ship became invisible in tactical combat, and the camera moved in corners on campaign map.
  • Fixed a bug which activated the options/help menu while in tactical combat or ground missions(speed buttons)
  • Added a safe check to prevent scout units or waves of units to not move in ground combat.


  • camera on ground mission can now also be moved by using W,A,S,D or Arrow keys.
  • player's corvette escorts have now more hull hit points (around 30% more)
  • tool tips have introduced for every skill/action displayed on ground combat and tactical space combat.
  • in inventory, the cannons weapons have now a special tag [Cannon] which will tell you that this type of weapon can be equipped only on cannon slots on frigates and destroyers.
  • hud scheme displayed during the space combat tutorial

  • intro story doesn't finish until you press the escape key
  • sound/music settings are saved locally so you don't have to change them every time you play
  • skip tutorial works anytime during the tutorial on the campaign map (S Key)
  • fixed several text issues from the tutorial and from other parts of the game.
  • various minor fixes and tweaks.

What's next?

In the next update which will come in a few weeks, beside the usual bug fixing, gameplay tweaking, i am planning to add new content and improve the current graphics and effects. Content like, new types of missions, new ships and weapons and new features.

Switching between the current version and the previous version:

If you want to continue to play the previous version, got to Steam games library, right click on Centauri Sector > Properties > Beta, on Beta add this password: previousversion and then press Check Code, and select from above list, previous-version. Now the game will change back to the previous version. If you want to go back to lets say the latest version go back to that menu and select, NONE - opt out, and the game will change to the latest version, which is now 1.00.30.

Thank you all for your support and Have fun playing the game!

George Neguceanu,
LW Games
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Chip's Challenge 1 July 4

Since launch we’ve been gathering your requests and the biggest is we want more options. So here they are in a new Player preferences:
  • Skin Support
  • Music & SFX Volume Sliders
  • Scrolling On/Off
  • Screen Size Options

Chip’s Challenge is one of the first games to have a large modder community. They worked out how the level were coded and reverse engineered a tools to make their own levels. That’s why we are modder fans and left the Steam code accessible.

To further support this you can now select multiple skins, like this one from scutilla

Music and SFX now have volume controls rather than simple on/off states.

Want to play the game without any scrolling animation, like when PCs couldn’t handle the raw graphics power needed by Chip’s Challenge 25 years ago, now you can.

Finally you can manually set what width you want or simply leave it on auto for the game to decide. So will you choose 4x for 4k, or have it the original tiny version?
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