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Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi April 23rd, 2014

We are happy to announce that Steam Trading Cards are now available for Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi!

You will now receive card drops periodically while playing. These cards can be used to create badges which will also unlock backgrounds and emoticons. Nosferatu features 6 trading cards, 3 backgrounds, and 5 emoticons in total.

Thank you all for your purchases and support. We hope you enjoy the new trading cards!
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Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic April 23rd, 2014
We just released a new patch which adds Edwin Montgomery's soundtrack and fixes an issue with the Linux build.

- Added soundtrack by Edwin Montgomery
- Fixed Linux version issue where the game would crash when switching fullscreen/windowed while paragraph text is visible
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Nether April 23rd, 2014
Wednesday, April 23rd
Time: 8-9 A.M. (CDT)

This update was focused on fixing bugs, exploits, and features. These were the major items fixed...

Well fed! Added a Health regen aspect to the Hunger system. Players will now slowly regenerate health when they have over 75% of the hunger meter full.

Wastelands changes
  • Fixed ground collision on several hills in the Wastelands where players would either clip through the ground or be floating above it
  • Wasteland now has 3 outposts
  • Loot drop events now occur in the Wastelands
  • Courier Missions have been added to the three Wastelands outposts
  • Escort Missions have been added to the Wastelands
  • Wasteland safe zones are now at risk of coming under attack by Nether
  • All Nether enemies have been rebalanced to better fit the game as it changes. Many Damage numbers were tweaked to give players a better chance at survival
  • Fixed Several Capture point buffs and bonuses not working as intended
  • Salary Center now tells you your bonus when you receive Cash
  • Apartment complex now properly spawns guns on the point when it is captured
  • St. William's now properly spawns food supplies when it is captured
  • Low Rise building now has it's associated Order of the Cull that offers better prices for trading

Fixed player crawlers having the option to spawn in the safe zone

Vital Meters now flash red when you are critically low on health

Fixed several World Assets that were missing collision

Fixed mismatched courier mission rewards for packages going to the same place

Fixed an issue where players were only awarded once when they had more than one of the same courier missions

Fixed items that spawned inside inaccessible places like tents

Fixed Account level reward that did not properly award Global Inventory Space when it was unlocked

Fixed The 'Play' Button occasionally being off screen forcing players to exit and re-enter their server to play

Fixed Several exploitable areas where players could jump through roof collision and see through World meshes

Mach 9 is now a Sidearm instead of a primary weapon

Several items that didn't have sales prices now do
  • Metal Pipe

  • Shotgun Frame

  • Mantis Jaw

  • Shovel
  • Removed Chop shops that no longer spawned Vehicles
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Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition April 23rd, 2014
Wasteland 2 Early Beta build #39080 just went live on Steam. As usual, it will break all saves.

Please note for this release that:
Linux build has not been tested on a wide variety of platforms
The minimap has been taken out but we are planning to evaluate area map functionality down the line

Full patch notes are on the tumblr

High Profile Fixes:

The Titans have been released! A new area is available.
The vendor screen has been completely redesigned!
Tutorials have been added
New Mark Morgan tracks
Large balance pass on weapons and dropsets across the world
Large armor penetration pass on weapons and armor class pass on enemies
Many optimizations and compatibility fixes
Tons of new ambient tracks and in-world sounds added to all AZ levels
Ag Center/Highpool/Prison now unlocked from start
Ag Center and Highpool can both fall now
Reduced loading times across all scenes
HOTFIX: fixed infinite loading issue in certain areas
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UnEpic April 23rd, 2014
UnEpic 1.47

This patch is the largest so far in UnEpic since it’s release!

- New melee combat
- Multiplayer content additions
- 4 New maps
- Massive architecture modules are added.

Click here to read full patch notes

If you are new in Unepic, see the trailer here:

Click here to visit Unepic's Steam Shop
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