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Frozen Cortex July 22nd, 2014
We've renamed the game and changed some elements of the aesthetic: it's still the same gameplay but we've made a few tweaks!

You can read about the decision here and I hope you like the new update which is hitting later today. Here's what's coming:

Here’s what’s in the update:

- OSX and Linux versions
- New pitch, ball and animations
- Completely overhauled AI including much faster performance and much more intelligent play
- Five new stadiums
- Significant performance improvements: frame rate should be 50-100% improved on most hardware
- Big loading time improvements

UI improvements:

- Throwing UI improved
- Intelligent interception-radius rendering
- indicator for whether a move location is “safe” or not
- Minor rules changes to reduce the need to “keep playing when the match is clearly over”; other gameplay improvements
- Quite a few new gameplay options to play around with in the Custom Game editor.
- Significantly updated in-game commentary text
- Other minor changes
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100% Orange Juice July 21st, 2014

Version 1.6 "Piggy Bank" is now live!
- Added In-game Chat. Players may now talk with one another in game lobby and during a match. Speech bubble icon can be used to toggle chat visibility.
- Improved CPU behavior against playable boss units.
- Added 2x Battle Squares to Miracle field event. These squares give 2 Wins if the NPC is KO'd.
- Two new color sets can now be unlocked at lvl 25 and lvl 50.
- Two new colors, a common and uncommon one, can now be unlocked separately for each character by playing multiplayer games. The unlock is a random chance at the end of a match, regardless of winner.
- Reduced prices of character color packs as follows:
Core character Basic Color Pack prices now 1.500 stars (down from 2.000)
Boss Basic Color Pack prices now 15.000 (down from 20.000)
Other Basic Color Pack prices now 7.000 (down from 10.000)
- Increased base XP gain by 20%
- Reduced XP penalty from playing with lower level players, and bonus from playing with higher level players.
- Added Star Decay: Games running for over 60 Chapters now suffer a 1% penalty to stars per chapter past 60.
- Slowed down the rotating player markers to make it easier to tell player numbers from them.

- For the Future of the Toy Store card level requirement lowered from 3 to 2.

- Fixed an issue with battle cards being displayed in card log before they were used.
- Poppo now intensifies properly.
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Lichdom: Battlemage July 21st, 2014
We're happy to announce that Lichdom: Battlemage has entered the BETA phase of Early Access! Below you will find the Build Notes for this version of the game.

For more details & discussion, please visit the official forum thread.

NOTE: This update will invalidate save data from all previous builds. You must start a new game. Sorry!

What's New in the Beta Build:

New Feature: New Game Plus
The game doesn’t stop when you defeat the last boss. Unlock New Game Plus mode and play on as long as you like. Tackle challenging new objectives and earn new tiers of loot to craft the most powerful spells ever.

New Feature: Sigil Powers
Each Sigil has an inherent power that harnesses the energy of rare Apocalypticals. Learn to execute them and experience Flame Walls, Arc Lightning, and more exciting new spells.

Major Performance Optimizations
We have put a tremendous amount of effort into improving performance on low- and high-end hardware. We are modifying our minimum and recommended system specifications to reflect this.

Crafting System Improvements
The Crafting UI has had a significant overhaul focused on legibility and ease of use. We’re not done yet, but Crafting new spells has never been easier or more rewarding.

Synthesis System Overhaul
Synthesis has been reconfigured and rebalanced to allow you to make meaningful choices when you run across items you don’t want to use for crafting. A new Reforge feature lets you drop unwanted items into a magical slot machine that give you a chance at Legendary loot with minimal fuss.

UI Improvements
Most of the menus and Heads-Up Display elements have had a major overhaul. This work is still in progress, but just about everything looks better, runs faster, and is easier to use.

Balance Improvements
A big round of balance has been applied to spells, AI, loot stats, and drop rates. We’re getting closer to our launch targets, but more work is coming.

Official support for Crossfire and SLI
Users with multiple graphics cards should now see significantly improved performance compared to a single card without graphical anomalies.

Official support for Eyefinity multi-display setups
Although there are some known issues that we are working on, users with 3X1 Eyefinity display setups should be seeing good results.

Known issues in the BETA Build

  • The damage dealt by a Synergy spell cast can contribute to the charging of the Synergy, which in some conditions can enable a crafty Battlemage to fire off Synergy spells very frequently. Enjoy the extra power while it lasts!
  • An active block will cap incoming damage at the current shield bar. At present, this includes fall damage. This gravity- and lava-defying extra protection will be reined in prior to final release.
  • The difficulty of the New Game Plus (NGP) areas is still being tuned. At present you may find yourself one-shotting enemies in one area and being one-shotted in another. The desired difficulty range (between “brutal” and “downright mean”) should be arriving by final release.
  • Loot Machines will, on rare occasion, hold onto a piece of loot when the encounter is completed.
  • Delirium Sigil: Several issues are under investigation
    • Mastery does always cause your Pet to prioritize targets with Mastery correctly.
    • The reflect effect may trigger on ranged opponents even when they miss.
    • Delirium’s Invisibility Sigil Power may dispel if one of your spells impacts a wall or other terrain. (It should only dispel when striking an enemy.)
  • You may encounter a black screen (with audio playing) on game startup. Disabling tessellation has mitigated this for some users, and most users will eventually get video after an extended wait. We’re continuing to identify and address the issues underlying this behavior as we find them.
  • While greatly reduced in frequency, we have still seen the “whiteout” effect in snowy and icy areas in some circumstances. If you can reliably reproduce this issue please start a conversation in the Technical forum to help us identify and resolve the remaining problem scenarios.
  • A Blur effect that can happen during Boss fights can get ‘stuck’ in rare circumstances. Reloading the level will resolve this.
  • Crossfire and SLI: We recommend you disable anti-aliasing if you enable SLI (for now). You may see occasional framerate hitches with Crossfire as we continue to tune and optimize.
  • Eyefinity: You may see some UI overlap and positioning issues, and under rare circumstances may see graphical artifacts with the player hands/arms (e.g. appearing detached). Rest assured, the Dragon’s arms have not been amputated. Fight on.
  • TressFx: Note: Enabling/disabling TressFX requires a game restart to take effect. Hair color may still be inaccurate, and hair components may be duplicated or otherwise appear floating in the world. Issues with hair everywhere will be addressed for final release.
Animation & Art:
  • A few characters may have weighting/morphing issues, these will be polished up prior to final release.
  • Some environmental foliage will ‘regrow’ after being subjected to fire damage.
  • We’re continuing to polish the animation and physics treatment of enemies subjected to spells, particularly Kinesis.
  • Some of the “Ghost Echo” scenes still have placeholder or first-pass animations with distortion artifacts. These will be completed and polished for final release.
  • Lip-sync for most spoken dialog is still being polished and will be present in the final release.
  • There are a few areas where the UI is clipped or overlapping.
  • The descriptions of the Sigils in the Journal are inaccurate and will be updated for final release.
  • The Reliquary description of the Lightning Sigil is out of date.
  • Some of the loading screen tips still need a final spelling & grammar pass.
  • Avast Anti-Virus can prevent Lichdom from starting on certain machines with AMD hardware. This investigation is on-going; in the meantime uninstalling Avast and restarting will allow the game to start. There are several alternative AV products (including free ones such as Defender/Security Essentials from Microsoft) that will not interfere with Lichdom.
  • When the camera position is locked for cinematic purposes, gamepad/joystick controller input will only move on the X-axis.
  • Roth appears in the New Game Plus area, but his spoken dialog is not yet present.
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Stained July 21st, 2014
Just made an update to extend the gamepad support. This update brings following functionality with respect to the gamepad.

1. Menu Navigation is now possible using D-Pad, start and back button on the gamepad.
2. You can browse the levels and load the levels
3. Game can be paused and resumed using start and back button.

The default controls for the gamepad are as follows.
//Change the game pad controls here
//Player movement is fixed to Dpad and Tunning blade direction to stick
//Available values : A;B;X;Y:left-trigger;right-trigger;left-shoulder;right-shoulder
"Jump": "A",
"Sprint": "right-trigger",
You can edit these controls as you like. The game pad config file is present in the game directory config/xboxcontroller.cfg

If you have already edited this file then after the update your file might have changed, please make sure to restore it back to your preferred setting.
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Gimbal July 21st, 2014
Thank you, fans! The wait is over, and the big update is here :)

The Mastermind Patch brings: Unlimited Leveling, Capital Ships, Leaderboards, Fixes, and more...

Servers and binaries are now live. Have fun, pilots!
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