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Crow October 20
Crow is now available with ultra high resolution environments and landscapes, textures up to 4096x4096 pixels. Only available on the PC!

Also a free demo of Crow will be available shortly, just as soon as it's approved by the Steam system.

This update includes other very minor fixes and improvements to graphics and gameplay.
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Sparkle 2 Evo October 20
Sparkle 2: Evo is celebrating its first year at Steam. Only this week you can buy it 90% off! Promotions start today at 10:00 AM PST.
We also added some minor bug fix and stability improvement.
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TRI: Of Friendship and Madness October 20
We're pleased to announce that TRI just got an update, named "PurifiedTemple", that not only fixes a bunch of bugs, but also introduces trading cards and badges to the mix! Collect them, trade them, turn them into badges... we don't mind, as long as you're enjoying yourself!

Here's the full list of fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with a respawing idol in "Wings in the Void" *
  • Fixed the loop gap in the TRI choir sound
  • Fixed a bug with the respawing idols in vases in "Going Astray" *
  • Fixed save error after visiting an certain area in "Out of Space and Time"
  • Fixed Steam achievements "Light Reflecter", "Laser Pointer" and "Addicted to Acid" - they're achievable now!
  • Fixed a bug with a respawing idol in "Out of Space and Time" * and made it a little bit more obvious
  • Fixed a possible bug with moving platforms and doors when saving
  • Fixed a minor bug in the options menu which occasionally made it impossible to change the triangle colors
  • Fixed a bug with the savegame folder on Mac OSX

Things marked with a * need a level restart to be effective. Also, some things were changed a bit:
  • Trading cards, badges, emoticons and profile backgrounds added
  • Added a "Continue" button - resumes from the most recent savegame
  • Changed some power lines in "Glimpse of Light" slightly, in order to make the situation more obvious
  • Made wall tutorials 'usable', to make it more obvious those are not markers for triangle points
  • Reduced jerky movement on most stairs by adding special collision geometry
  • Changed window room in "Unwilling Walls" a bit, to make a puzzle's solution a bit more obvious
  • Changed the step sound for walking on wooden surfaces

Have fun!
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Guns of Icarus Online October 20
Update 1.3.8 Release Notes
With our second anniversary just around the corner, this update will also be one of our biggest. With this update, we’re improving and expanding on the way you get into matches, revamping the progression system, making spectating matches a lot more fun, and finally integrating with Steam Workshop so people can create hats, goggles, and ship decals.

Release Vlog:

Upcoming Events:
1. 2nd Anniversary Youtuber Charity Tourney
With our 2nd anniversary, we want to celebrate by giving back. Born in the eye of Hurricane Sandy, we’re extremely fortunate and grateful to have the support of our community and to have persisted for two years. Starting on Oct. 27th, we’ll have a 2 week celebration where everyone in game will unlock the anniversary ship theme as well as birthday hat 2 - arguably our funniest hat ever.

The game will be on sale on Steam, and 16 casters will take part a huge charity tournament to fight for charities of their choices. We will donate 20% of the all net proceeds to from sale of the game during our anniversary celebration to charities of the casters’ choices, with the winningest teams bringing more to their charities. To be the first to see the battles and keep track of each team’s winnings check out our page dedicated to the event!

2. Rob & Dan Invitational - Our first MLG event
Guns of Icarus’s first official MLG event featuring some of the best team to ever grace our skies. Starting November 8th watch it live at 1-3pm EST (6-8PM UTC) for the European bracket and 5-7PM EST (10-12PM UTC) for the American bracket at
Click here to check out the rules and the brackets

3. Sunday Community Skirmish
Info: The 25th week of Sunday Community Skirmish happens this week and getting in is as simple as signing up on the forum page. This event has had some amazing battles and brought a bunch of competitive teams into the forefront of the competitive scene. Keep an eye out for the weekly sign up thread!

1. New Match System
The long awaited new match system is finally here! After months of testing, iterating, collecting and implementing your feedback, it’s finally ready for release. In the new match system, it now takes a more active role in placing players into matches quickly and in a more balanced fashion. Captains can recommend loadouts to crew. Crew form is readily available to help crews and teams of friends enter a match much quicker. Players who refer to play entire matches with people they know can still create and join custom games. The match list is now centers around friends, and lists all the matches (both yet to start and in progress) that your friends are in. The new system retains the best of the old match system while addressing some of major issues.

2. New Progression System and new level cap
Leveling is now freed from achievements. From now on, you’ll level based on experiences in match and not by grinding and farming achievements. Stats are better organized and displayed to give you more interesting, fun, and relevant information. Rewards are also better organized and unlocked in “sets.” The level cap will also be expanded to level 45, for all existing players their levels and achievements are transferred to the new system putting them roughly three times their current level. Despite the new focus on experience, achievements are of course still there, and will still unlock items as well. All the rewards have been reset and you can redeem them again!

3. New tutorial flow for first time players
With the updated Basic Tutorial covering the keys of communications, component repair/rebuild, and hull armor/perma-hull, we finally feel comfortable enough to direct first time player flow through basic tutorial. In this update, first time players will not only see the welcome screen but will also be taken to the basic tutorial (skippable) for a few minutes to practice a few basic keys of the game.

4. Moderation tool improvements
Previously, moderation was lacking in gradation, limiting the ability of moderators to perform more nuanced moderation tasks and thereby hindering player experience. Now, the moderators will have expanded tools and functionality to offer moderation to more situations.

5. Upgraded Spectator System
Now you can have the camera follow playings on a ship by selecting the ship and using [ and ] to cycle through them. We’re also really excited to present the ram cam! Simply select a ship and left click to get a great view of the front of the ship, great for ramming and close up brawls!

6. [Coming in a few days] Steam Workshop for hats, goggles, and decals
Steam Workshop will be set to go live in this coming week. With it, you can now design your own ship decals, hats, and goggles! The details and instructions will be on our Steam Workshop page. If we decide to put what you design into the game, the item will be free for all!

- New Maps:
2v2 Water Hazard (sub-section of original with additional obstacles)
2v2 Fight over Firnfeld (sub-section of original)
- New set of voice commands
- [Unlockable on 10.29] Anniversary theme and hats
- Soundtrack now comes in mp3

- Decrease of longitudinal drag as balloon takes damage. Longitudinal drag decrease will increase top speed of ships.
- Banshee: Direct Hit dmg increased to 25 (from 15), AoE Hit damage type changed to Fire (from Explosive) and damage decreased to 25 (from 30)
- Heavy Flak: Increased ShellLife to 7s (from 6s), increasing effective range to 1680m (from 1440m). Does not affect arc or muzzle speed.
- Mine Balloon health reduced to 200 (from 300)

- Gunner Support 5: Rebuild 100 Parts (from Rebuild 100 parts with Spanner)
- Pilot Flyin' 14: On helm, destroy 25 ships at a distance of greater than 1000m (from 1300m)
- Pilot Maps 12: Play 3 matches in Firnfeld (2v2 or 3v3) against enemy captains all level 4+ with 2 more kills than deaths. (from Win 3 perfect victories in Firnfeld against enemy captains all level 4+)
- Pilot Objectives 15: Capture 180 points in CP (from 250)
- Reduced time requirements in all Teaching achievements to 30 min (from 240 min)

To see Part 2 - Fixes, go here:
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Chuck's Challenge 3D October 20

Next Monday on the 20th October we are releasing a new update called Flummery. The update arrives just in time for the 25th anniversary of the launch of Chip's Challenge. Flummery will have loads of new content including:
  • +1 Flummery Bundle a tougher set of 25 levels with a new background
  • +2 Hats instead of just one when you complete Flummery
  • +3 Tracks to listen to in-game while playing Flummery
  • +12 Game Elements with 7 additional game objects and 5 new pets
  • & Steam Workshop integration letting players discover & discuss levels they create
Below are some screen grabs of the new Game Elements, which you'll be able to create new levels with and post in Steam Workshop:

Baby Screamers, Red F.I.S.H. Gates & Baby Blinkys.

Cage Button, Cage & Sand.

Key Security Point, Orb Security Point & Pop-Up Walls

Legs Red, Green & Blue

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