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Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition April 18
Hey everyone, Steam Trading Cards are up and running for Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition!

With card drops enabled, badges, backgrounds, and emoticons are also now available.


About the Game

Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition is an expanded release of the 2015 IGF-Nominated Three Fourths Home. Featuring a new edit of the main story, a new epilogue, and several extra features, it serves as the definitive version of the acclaimed visual short story.
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Formula Truck 2013 April 18


  • Added Salvador Street Circuit

    General features / Bug Fixes

  • Added option to set session start time (24h cycle);
  • Added options to switch qualifying off and manually set grid position;
  • Fixed trackside flags animation;
  • Added support for graphical steering wheel rotation adjustment from the
  • Controller menu (min 180º max 900º);
  • Adjusted default rearview height / width;
  • Minimum vertical FOV setting adjusted from 35º to 10º (IMPORTANT - Don´t use DEFAULT option as it resets to 34 upon restarting the game - set it to 50 if you want the proper default value);
  • Executable now is set to include +fullproc by default (for better performance in modern CPUs);
  • Adjusted LOD settings for all Trucks;
  • Increased rear view mirror resolution;
  • Updated terrain shaders & textures for Cascavel, Londrina, Spielberg and Tarumã;
  • Fixed missing Sector points at Jacarepagua 2005;
  • Improved AI racing lines for Brasilia Long, Jacarepagua 2005 & Cordoba;
  • Fixed road line alpha sorting issue with 3d grass at Buenos Aires, Goiania & Spielberg.


  • Added a default player profile (if you already have created a profile you might have to switch back to it from the PROFILE menu);
  • If field of view in-cockpit is too close, check DEFAULT Vertical FOV so it is not set to DEFAULT value (set it to 50 if you want the proper default value);
  • If you have created a new player profile and are experiencing the graphical microstutterinmg, open your USERDATA\Playername\Playername.PLR, and look for these lines:
    Shadow Updates="127" // Static shadow updates per frame (Shadow Updates * Sky Update Frames should exceed number of static shadows on track)
    Sky Update Frames="8" // Frames between sky and light updates

    Change it to:

    Shadow Updates="8" // Static shadow updates per frame (Shadow Updates * Sky Update Frames should exceed number of static shadows on track)
    Sky Update Frames="150" // Frames between sky and light updates

    For non-Steam users, a full updated installer will be coming up soon.
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Ostrich Island April 18
Welcome to the updated Ostrich Island! More beautiful, faster, better.

Do you like the update? Let's discuss here!
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Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) April 18
ZMR's latest update, "Game of Drones," introduces new co-op drone companions, five new maps, a new PvP mode, a bunch of new weapons, shooting gallery and store changes, and most importantly, a major improvement to the rewards earned from leveling!

With this update, leveling up will now reward more meaningful permanent unlocks, including weapon modifications, new drone companions, more weapons, costumes, turrets, and more! These changes contribute to a true sense of progression as you level your character from 1 to 70!

Already leveled up? Don't worry, we're sending the new level rewards to all existing players. Learn more here.

Check out the official Game of Drones update page for the full details of this update.

Watch the video below for a peek at the new drone companions:

And here are some in-game screenshots from the update:

Game of Drones is available now as a free update!

To celebrate the release of this exciting update, we're also discounting all ZMR DLC on Steam at 33% off! Check them out at the link below:
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Kingdom Wars April 18
It`s a great time to join Kingdom Wars as we celebrate our release anniversary, with several promotions.

Six amazing months has past since Kingdom Wars was released as a Free-to-Play title. And with over 90,000 new players who have joined us, and with a major game changing expansion, featuring a total engine update on the horizon, we have a lot to celebrate, and of-course it`s time to give back to our community.

Major Updates
We are happy to announce that after spending half a year on a major engine update, that KW2B helped us create and fund, we are in the final stages of development. We expect to release this massive update early this summer, that will take Kingdom Wars into 2015, with amazing Direct X 11 visuals, Total War style combat, reworked pathfinding, smooth performance and so much more.

Meanwhile we will continue with weekly patches, adding new content, improving PvP balancing, and fixing a few bugs along the way.

In today`s patch 0.16 we looked to improve PvP balancing, without effecting players ability to use slightly OP units in Vs Environment or NPC sieges. In addition, we looked at improving performance, and reworking our options menu. High end systems will now benefit from much better Shadows and Water rendering, while low to mid end systems should get a well-overdue performance boost.

You can view detailed patch notes here:

Anniversary Event
And to give back to our community, we`ll be running several promotions in the next two weeks.
-New players who join us this week will be eligible to win free copy of Kingdom Wars 2: Battles, as well as free booster packs and premium.
-All of our players who haven`t played Kingdom Wars for over two weeks, have been contacted via email with an epic unit giveaway - including Minotaurs, and a Dragon.
-Later this week we will have a huge 50% discounts on all the items in Kingdom War 1 store.
-Sometime in the next 14 days, we`ll be hosting a Kingdom Wars 2: Battles giveaway to our veteran players, who have played over 50 hours.

Thank you for your continuing support, and helping us create one of the best F2P MMO communities on Steam.
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