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Hardland December 20
Huge thanks to everyone who has helped us track down bugs and anyone who has supported the development of the game by purchasing it!

  • The second iteration of the new erosion based terrain system with better biome distribution
  • Landmarks prefer to spawn far away from specific biomes:

    (here you can see desert locations avoiding the snowy mountains)

  • New variants of villagers with different face shapes, facial hair, outfits and items:

    (anyone want a digging ability for the shovel? the terrain is dynamic after all)

  • New hats:

    (for now you must take them from dead villagers, but later they will be added to merchants' inventory so you can buy them without killing innocent people)

  • Tighter combat movement for the player
  • More characters added to the story generator: Bandits, Skeletons, Goblin Kings get random generated titles, names, money amount and items. We plan to make quests for them as well:

    (the goblin captain and king have dialogue if you walk up to them in a disguise)

  • Added travellers on the road. It means villagers, bandits, animals, goblins and skeletons can spawn on the roads. The next trick is to teach the AI to travel along the roads

    (new bandit enemy)

  • Villages have gate socket where they can spawn a gate:

  • Added a new quest type: landmark-based quests that are visible on the map and the quests screen
  • Transparent edges on the minimap so it won't hide as big portion of the screen
  • Some improvements to the map screen
  • Much requested graphics toggles are available in the options menu:

  • Longer draw distance and more grass (which is cheaper than the old grass in terms of performance):

    (we will probably add options to control the draw distance so slower computers will have better perfomance)

  • Better world borders and houses no longer spawn inside water:

    (take me for a swim great chicken man)

  • The first 10 000 entities are spawned when the world is first generated which should help with the missing objects in the beginning.
  • New throw meter which shows how strong the throw will be
  • Improved the clouds system. In addition to the planar particles there's a sky dome:

  • Occasionally the game will look weird when you start it. This is a bug in the loading of shaders and you can resolve it by going back to the main menu and back into the game. We are working on a fix.
  • Level up effect still doesn't scare off all enemies so sometimes you still take needless damage.
  • Physics materials can get messed up sometimes which can cause the characters to stop moving.
  • When two roads are spawned right next to each other it can create two intersecting city gates.
  • NPC AI is starting to reach it's limit on how well they can navigate in the world, we'll need to improve it.

Roadside grass was finished just after we submitted Release 7:

We're heading to Xmas holidays so there will be a short break without updates. Happy holidays everyone and please let us hear your thoughts how you like the latest update!

Hardland Team!
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Squishy the Suicidal Pig December 20
In order to celebrate the holidays we have released the IMPOSSIBLE LEVEL! Are you up for a real challenge?!
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Angels of Fasaria: The Battle for Dominion December 19
We just completed our first walk through for our series of guides that will be released for the game. We will be updating the guide with maps and more helpful walhthroughs, You can view our guides here:
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AX:EL December 19
Christmas Update Improved Gameplay!
Here is a short part of the changelog:
- steam cards
- flightstick support
- added gatling-like machinegun
- can look backwards also in cockpit view
- new targeting system
- fixed some collision bugs/freeze issues
- improved multiple projectile firerate
- added sun bokeh effect
- improved vignette FX
- joystick/flightstick axis are indipendently configurable
- added "options" button to ESC menu
- added an option to enable log for debug
- fixed various bugs

Thanks to every member of the community who has made this update possible is so short time!
Enjoy this new update, share screenshots and I'm always open to suggestions!
Happy Holidays!
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Murder Miners December 19
This mode is now fully implemented. To recap, turning on Murder Games essentially just turns on 1 life, last man/team standing wins. It defaults to starting without weapons on a forest map with weapons in the center, a la Hunger Games. We also have two afterlife options: you can set it to where when you die you play as a spectator or as a zombie. We made this mode because there's huge demand for it on Xbox Live.

We're playing this at 3pm CST today. Join us!
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