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Harmonia October 21
We added the Harmonia soundtrack DLC “Todoketai Melody” / “Towa no Hoshi e”! It includes both songs and their karaoke version in MP3 and lossless FLAC!
We offer a 1 week 20% launch discount.

Harmonia has now Steam trading cards, badges and emoticonsːEmotionlessːːKeepsakeːːbluelittleladyːːpowapowaːːupsetː
You get cards every 30 minutes by idling/playing the game!
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Adam Wolfe October 20
As of October 21st, the third episode is unlocked! Download it and continue the Adam Wolfe adventure!

A new chapter is about to begin. Do you feel that strange chill in the air?

A short rest between cases. Random strangers look menacing and you think that they might be plotting something. You try to tell yourself that you’re just being paranoid. But, you’re Adam Wolfe, an investigator of the supernatural, which means that you saw things no mortal ever should. You also know that a new case is never far away.

Here’s that chill again. Just like clockwork, the case arrives - a man believes that his wife, who recently died, came back. You know what this means - time to move.

The fourth and final chapter will be available on November 4th!
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The Sentient October 20
Alpha 6 is now live!

Alpha 6 brings the first steps of the much anticipated Power Armor system to the game. The armor is meant for mid to late gameplay so those hoping to jump into the armor immediately will be a bit disappointed. The armor is meant long term in order to "beat" the game and mix up the gameplay.

Due to the pure scope of the Armor system and the large amount of save fixes all previous saves are no longer usable. For the past 6 months this has been avoided, however there were still a lot of save and load bugs that would occur. So to truly make the system work properly this was needed.

Alpha 6 does however adds a new character class known as the Pilot/Marine.

These pilots can then be loaded into a set of power armor by assigning them to a squad and launching them from the ship. This update allows for the ability to customize the armor and adds a lot of previous locked research to the current trees.

The current system allows for pilots to be launched from the hangar bay and aid in attacking enemy ships. Be careful with them however as their ships will become damaged from wear and tear as well as have the possibility of taking incoming damage in the event of combat.

Next steps is more improvements to the crew now that all crew types are in and working as well as fill in the gaps of waiting time between events.

As always bug fixes will continue to be added to the game.

  • Corrected rounding error in additional ships due to previous balancing.
    Docking bay should once again be properly displayed.
    Fixed an issue where battleship could be invulnerable to attacks.
    Fixed an issue where weapon slots were not set properly on the bigger ships.
  • For ships with a Hangar the power armor is now available.
  • Additional fixes for crew "floating in space"
  • Pilots can now be recruited.
  • Mechanics should once again be able to maintain fighters in the hangar if a hangar is available.
  • Fixed a crew size bug when loading save files.
  • Fixed an issue where doors would not animate and open when crew members suddenly decide to enter a door when in front of it.
  • Fixed an invalid combat event message when a pirate ship is attacking.
  • Light, medium, and heavy armor can now be researched.
  • Laser, Plasma, and Ion Rifles can now be researched.
  • Mechanics can now change the weaponry of the power armor assuming the technology is unlocked.
  • Squad status is now visible via the UI.
  • Scramble command can be given to a docked squad at any time.
  • The armor now has a docking station when in the hangar, the docking station will open and retract when in use.
  • Pilots protecting the ship must line up their shots via their piloting skills and then utilize their targeting ability to cause damage on enemy vessels.
  • Pilots in space will now take damage when in combat.
  • Fixed an issue when recruiting crew members could result in an error.
  • Begin Research button will no longer show when traveling to Earth. Only when actually docked.
  • Fixed research loading issues due to next available features.
  • Can no longer acquire the next ship unless pilots have been researched.
  • The battleship now requires pilot training and power armor found in the weapons section.
  • Briefing Room now requires 3 chairs as the maximum size for a squad is 3.
  • Briefing room temporarily disabled.
  • Room objects should now properly remove crew members when removed from the ship.
  • Fixed a save issue when crew member is lost due to an event during an autosave.
  • Fixed a major save issue resulting from a crew loading issue.
  • Previous save files will no longer work. Remove previous save files.
  • All armor effects have now been added when pilots interact with the armor sets.
  • Updated Ion Weapon recharge rate by 25%
  • Abandoned ship background panel updated to fit current UI
  • Realigned small power armor squad icons.
  • Enabled menu click and sound effects to squad view.
  • Powered armor should now be displayed.
  • Ship status UI now has mouse over elements for the hull and current speed.
  • Cleaned up fighter references to reflect the proper power armor system.
  • Warning added when sector is cleared and a power armor is not docked. Leaving the system will lose the pilot and armor.
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Code of Princess October 20
Hi there,
We've just released Steam Trading Cards for Code of Princess!
We hope you'll enjoy collecting all of the cards :)

Degica Games Weekend Sale
We're also happy to be part of the Degica Games Weekend Sale! Code of Princess is 35% off!

Check out all of Degica's games up to 90% off!

In addition, we're running a giveaway this weekend with $1000 in Steam Wallet Codes up for grabs! You can get all of details and enter here:

Bye For Now,

The Code of Princess Team
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Eternal Destiny October 20
Free Demo Available!
We've just released a free demo for Eternal Destiny!
You can download it from the main store page!

Degica Publisher Sale Underway!
Steam is having a Degica publisher sale! Eternal Destiny is 40% off and its most popular DLC, Demon Slayer: Turmoil of Tohno is 20% off.

Now's your chance to check out all of Degica's games up to 90% off!

New DLC "Demon's Casket: The Seven Sins" now available
  • New Scenario: We got an emergency call from a museum in Vatican City! They're saying devils came back to life! Fly there with your navigator and find out what is happening.
  • NEW Dungeon: "Twelve Demon's Domain" Explore the holiest place, scout new allies, and build up your deck!
  • Bonus Cards: Get one of each of the 12 non-evolved Demons cards to boost your deck!
    (These cards also drop at a low rate in normal play)

Demo Version released!
We're proud to present a free playable demo of Eternal Destiny! Several game modes are available in this feature-filled trial:
  • Scenario Mode up to #4
  • 7 types of daily dungeon
  • Chat and have matches against your fellow demo players
  • Your save data from the demo is compatible with the full game!
Do you have friends who have been holding off on a purchase? This is your chance to get them playing too!

We’re also running a giveaway this weekend with $1000 in Steam Wallet Codes up for grabs! You can get all of details and enter here:
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