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3d Bridges May 22
- The new Modules function allows you to insert and connect groups of prefabs (see the video)
you can chose from 21 finished Modules and combine them.

- almost all levels have been revised to let the constructor see and build the bridge from a bottom perspective as well. The bottom soil was removed ie.

- New translated english ingame text. (thx to Mr Newmann)

- If you copy and paste, or load constructions, or insert modules, then level specific limitations to prefabs and the construction area is is adhered to.

- saved constructions can now be shared. Put a save file into the "saves-constructions" folder and it will be listed available for loading within the game.

- At level start you can see now how much credits have to be left when solving the level to get 1,2 or 3 stars.


- more correct accounting of the credits after paste or load of a construction.
- the cables are less heavy now.
- tooltip explanation to the effect of changing the thickness of cables and steel beams.
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Ratz Instagib May 22
So, today's a special day for Ratz Instagib...

To celebrate the massive addition of customisation options, we're running a promotion over this weekend with some prizes to give away! Plus, big discounts on buying the game!

First up, the competition. As you'll know by now, playing the game in most modes gives you the chance to earn special customisation items for your rat. This weekend though (and until the winners appear!), we've added a very special item: a Golden Ticket that, if found, can win you a prize!

The rules are simple: play the game as normal and keep your eyes open for a Golden Ticket drop in your inventory. If you get one, add the developer on Steam (Lizzard4000) and trade him the ticket item as quick as you can... if you're one of the first two people to do this, you'll win a signed Mad Catz R.A.T. gaming mouse worth £60!

Please note: only the first two people to trade their ticket to Lino will win. There are more than two tickets in the system, but the item will be removed once we have our winners.

On top of this exciting promotion, we're offering Ratz Instagib this weekend only (22-26 May) for 33% off! This discount applies to both individual and 4-pack key purchases so, if you want to introduce a friend to Ratz, now's your chance to do it for less.

Have fun everyone and good luck finding those tickets... we'll see you on the rat-tlefield!

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Guns of Icarus Online May 22
Hello Everyone!

We are live in Australia! Softlayer, our server hosting company, has finally added servers in Sydney, Australia, and we’re super excited to be able to support some of our amazing players in that region.

You can find these servers in your advanced options for matchmaker or when you make a custom match. Simply select Oceania and enjoy!

So our Aussie and Kiwi friends, rejoice and join us in the skies for some airship demolition and destruction!
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fault milestone one May 22
Achievements now enabled on fault milestone one! Also check out the patreon page of the developer~
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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number May 22
The Hotline Miami Story from Complex is an official and definitive look at the creation of the series with interviews from those involved. Thanks to all of you for your support from the first step and the love you've shown for the series. This is for you and we hope you enjoy it!
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