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DubWars July 29

DubWars features Razer Chroma integration across supported devices for all 10 levels of the game.
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Leave The Nest July 29
Here's a new Zone and Sally the swan

Update now live 29th July.

Coming out of the orchards we're gong into the fountain zone, if you're a waterfowl like Sally or Manny you'll feel the force of the water jets of the fountains push you on up into the air without harming you (directly). And of course Sally just like Manny can skim the surface in water surface zones.

Remember though that flying through the Fountain zone as anything other than a waterfowl you'll hit the fountains just as you would the street lights.

So don't delay, go take your favorite bird out for a flight today

Keep coming back for more every friday as we add more zones and even more birds with special abilities.

Also if we make changes you can check the game manual here for anything you want clarity on
Web Manual
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Spellweaver July 29

Six months after its official release, Spellweaver finally gets its first expansion of 115 cards!

Since the expansion is released during the Valiant Dawn season, all new cards are added to the original Valiant Dawn set. Expansion number one brings you 7 new card mechanics (read more here), 6 new hero skills obtainable through a skill shrine, and something many of you craved for - MULTI-ASPECT CARDS!

Getting the New Cards

You can acquire all of the new cards from Normal Packs, Small Packs, Good/Evil Packs and Premium Packs. That is true even if you already had the packs in your collection before the expansion was released! We are also adding a new type of packs - the Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs. They are an exclusive item that will only contain cards from the new expansion.

A New Heroic Card Rarity

You will notice a new card attribute as well. We are introducing a new card rarity - Heroic. All heroes will now belong to the Heroic rarity, but it is not limited to only hero cards. For example, the Heroic rarity includes the multi-aspect cards from the expansion.

Let's not waste time! Storm the Marketplace! Get those packs! Open them and collect ALL NEW CARDS!
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Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock July 29
It's almost Burning Man 2016. Get ready for this years event with this free video on the festival.
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Human, we have a problem July 29
Your best score will be saved in the online database and the Leaderboard UI is now showing up after your game. [Current Top Score: 129,000]

You can also see top score here:

Update Notes:

-Leaderboard UI
-3D Button Bug fixed
-Game Reset After Game Over Bug Fixed

The Official HTC Vive Controller Skin is now available too !
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