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Escape Machines May 4
Trading cards should now drop, enjoy!
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Nightbanes May 4
Today we announce a new update for Nightbanes with lots of new cards to collect and a new raid to master!

What happened after the nuclear incident at the abandoned industrial complex? What abominations spawned this disaster?

  • 90 new cards
  • 1 new starter deck
  • 1 Booster
  • 1 raid with 3 bosses
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Battle Ranch May 4
Now Battle Ranch supports Italian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, and Russian languages.
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Sparkle 3 Genesis May 3
We added a free download of the soundtrack. You can find it in the game folder in OST subfolder. It's DRM free so you can listen it however and whenever you want.
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Ultimate General: Gettysburg May 3

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now on spring sale at 50% discount! Catch this opportunity to buy one of the best strategy war games of 2014!

A few words about the game

Ultimate General: Gettysburg was fully released on 16th October 2014 after 5 months in Steam Early Access. It is a tactical battle simulator which gives you the option to fight the battle of Gettysburg as General of the Union or Confederate army. You can battle against 9 distinctive AI Generals. Each one of them will provide a unique level of challenge, with distinct tactics and combat aggressiveness. The AI diversity is very similar to fighting vs different human opponents.

The battle of Gettysburg is branched into multiple speculative and historical scenarios. All these scenarios consist the dynamic non-linear battle campaign that can last up to 4 days and can progress much differently, according to your performance, the random events and the skill of the AI general.

Every major tactical factor is incorporated into gameplay, including morale, cover, condition of soldiers, hill advantages and flanking penalties. Very important tactical role also plays the line of sight, another special feature of the game. For example, you must carefully deploy your artillery in elevated positions to maximise its efficiency and you need to secure heights and important passages to successfully scout the enemy movements.

The single player gameplay experience is enhanced by the historical aspects of Ultimate General: Gettysburg. With respect to this important battle of American Civil War history, the map of Gettysburg is accurately and beautifully designed. All the important officers and all the units with their historical strength are included in the order of battle.

Except from the dynamic battle campaign, you can play in skirmish mode 90+ custom battle scenarios either with full unit strength and specific army deployment or completely randomised. The Multiplayer mode allows 1vs1 battles and contains 14 specially designed multiplayer maps.
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