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Race & Destroy June 28
75% Less money for the same enjoyment :)
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Age of Fear: The Undead King June 28
Thanks to recent Steam update, we were able to bundle our games!

Here it is - the first Age of Fear Series Bundle!
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Day of the Tentacle Remastered June 28
Day of the Tentacle Remastered has been updated today with a mixture of bug fixes and requested features!

We looked at the highest rated issues on our support site, and tried to address everything we agreed would be great to have fixed or added. We ‘re happy to report that along with numerous fixes, we were able to address requests such as adding more save slots to Maniac Mansion, and adding in the classic compressed sound effects as an alternate sound option.

Unless major issues are discovered, this will be the final update for DOTT Remastered, allowing the team to move on to work on Full Throttle Remastered! (other than the Linux version which is coming soon!)

  • Maniac Mansion - added multiple save slots and support for saving anywhere (except during cutscenes).
  • Audio - added a setting to toggle between remastered and classic sound effects

  • Accessibility - added a command line flag "--UIModeAccessibility" that turns on some extra UI controls to remove need for keyboard input in some situations.
  • Audio - fixed "FIRE!!!" voice over line not playing if subtitles are turned off.

  • Audio - fixed a classic game bug where Bernard would say one of Laverne's lines in the Lobby in a specific situation.

  • Controls - added the ability to skip dialog lines by tapping on the screen when using touch controls. This is only available for touch screen PCs.

  • Controls - added a way to trigger object highlight using touch. Hold two fingers on the screen to use. This is only available for touch screen PCs.
  • UI - added touch UI for opening the pause menu in DoTT verb bar mode and in Maniac Mansion. This only appears when using touch controls.
  • UI - fixed a bug in verb dial mode where a certain inventory object's morph animation didn't play correctly during a certain puzzle.
  • Settings - fixed a bug where the fullscreen setting wouldn't save properly for some players.

  • OSX - touch pad taps now register as clicks.

  • OSX - clarified the controls help text to indicate you may need to press Fn+F1 to toggle render modes.

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MechaGore June 27
Hey MechaGore fans,

- XInput control api has been replaced.
- Dash attack now provides 50% damage resistance.
- Repair station now, charges energy also.
- 32 bit build has been added.

Have Fun With MechaGore ːsteamhappyː

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Rogue State June 27
And here comes another small update. With Rogue State 1.34 we have updated the game to a newer version of the AGS engine, which brings some improvements in the setup program. A couple of bugs have been fixed too.

  • Fixed wrong scenario descriptions
  • Fixed some expenses and income not appearing the the treasury window.
  • New engine version, simplified setup program.
  • New mouse speed settings in the setup program.

Have fun, and thanks for playing! :-)
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