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Dungeon-Party August 21st, 2014

Hey everyone,

We have some great news : from now on, all 7 Dungeon Party heroes will be free to play. It's time to try all the Heroes you couldn't get before !

And we also changed the shop, now most of the items can be purchased with the game-money.

Enjoy !
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Black Ink August 21st, 2014
The Version 0.173.1777 is now available


List of changes :

  • N! Selection tools :
    • Create Polygonal Lasso.
    • Tip : When you Adjust a Polygonal Lasso primitive
      • Use Shift+Click to add a new control point
      • Use Alt+Click to remove a control point or an edge

    • Create Lasso.

    • New + shortcut ( Zoom step in )
    • New - shortcut ( Zoom step Out )
    • New We can now zoom more than 100%

    • Fixed Some random crash when using a Tablet and when a wrong auto calibration is computed ( issue )
    • Fixed Crash when loading an image when the Select & Transform toolbar is collapsed.
    • Fixed Some brush Shape type was not affected by the current selection ( issue )
    • Fixed Fill Layer was not affected by the current selection.
    • Fixed Crash when loading a grayscale PNG ( issue )
    • Fixed Sometimes brush preview is incorrect ( displaying the preview of another brush )

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Overruled! August 21st, 2014

Please Thumbs Up this announcement if you enjoy it at the bottom of the page, it helps us get Overruled! onto Steam's community and store pages, which is awesome!


The first content update for Overruled! is available now; packing a new character, a new level and new features. Read on, before Anti-Hero comes and changes everything.

New Features:

- New character "Judge Mental"
- New multiplayer map "Halls of Just-Ish"
- New change 'em up "Mode Lock"
- Cursor locking option in settings
- New high score indicator
- Steam cloud save now supported

There's also a full-blown host of bug fixes and tweaks. Get your backside into the Discussions forum for the blow-by-blow update details.

Caio for now!

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DreadOut August 21st, 2014
Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that new updates are available for all DreadOut purchaser.

New updates include:
  • New 32 Bit platform support
  • New Linux/SteamOs universal support
  • New Mac Osx universal support
  • New Indonesian Voice over support
  • Additional costume update

Celebrating this major update, DreadOut is available on sale with 20% off valid until August 30th, 2014.

Thanks again for all of your support.

All the best
Digital Happiness
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Super Trench Attack! August 21st, 2014
We're happy to announce a new version of STA is ready for you to devour...I mean enjoy!

Super trench attack! now features full Xbox® 360 controller support! We've also added directX rendering as default, as well as implemented all player requests received.

Version 3.4 features
  • Full Xbox® 360 controller support for 'blasting action',
  • Both DirectX and OpenGL rendering,
  • Launch arguments,
  • All areas are available after beating the game,
  • Azerty keyboard support,
  • Shooting galleries are alot easier,
  • Increased rifle fire-rate,
  • Added Bob & Andy to Summer camp,
  • Added more death sound variations,
  • Fixed cellar achievement bug,
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