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Cockroach Simulator September 29

A new character girl. The choice of character at this time happens by accident. In the future the choice will be given to the player.
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Farlight Explorers September 29
Updates and Fixes #26: The Colony

In this new update I added to the game, The Colony.

The colony is a whole new feature with a different gameplay. For me it is like a game inside a game. it is always risky to create new gameplays inside a game, because gamers could not like it, so this part of the game is more like optional, you can play it or not, it is not neccessary to have a colony to beat the basic game, however my idea is to add more final goals related to the colony.

The idea behind the colony is simple. Trying to manage a little number of workers with different roles, who will give you different points that you will have to use in order to progress in some aspects of the game.

Each worker has to work in their specific building and they have their needs, for now are only, food, rest, and happiness.

In order to achieve that, the player has to guide the colonist, using the different corridors and bifurcations like you guide a mineral or product using conveyors.

I designed the colony to use it in an easy way, I mean, to generate power or oxygen you only have to add more buildings related to it and a number of repairmen to maintain them. The colonists can't die (you can dismiss them) if they don't have enough food or other need they will only walk and they won't work. I could add death, however I prefer to do it simple and see if people like it.

Right now it is not possible to use the different points that the colonists generate in the colony, in the future it will be possible.

What Next:

I will focus on adding the features related to the different points that the player can gather with the colony.

List of new content:
  • Added Colony SpacePort.
  • Added Colony SpacePort Advanced.
  • Added Workers/RepairMen Dinning Room.
  • Added Workers/RepairMen BedRoom.
  • Added Working Room.
  • Added Relaxing Room.
  • Added Corridor.
  • Added L Corridor Left.
  • Added L Corridor Right.
  • Added Trade OutPost.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Food) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Bed) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Relax) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Work) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Food) Right.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Bed) Right.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Relax) Right.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Work) Right.
  • Added Corridor 3 Entries.
  • Added Corridor UP.
  • Added Corridor DOWN.
  • Added Short Corridor.
  • Added Corridor UP Double.
  • Added Corridor DOWN Double.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Maintenance) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Maintenance) Right.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Worker) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Worker) Right.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Researcher) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Researcher) Right.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Biologist) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Biologist) Right.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Military) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Military) Right.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Diplomat) Left.
  • Added Choice Corridor (Diplomat) Right.
  • Added Electrical Room.
  • Added Oxygen Room.
  • Added Laboratory.
  • Added Biological Laboratory.
  • Added Researchers Bedroom.
  • Added Researchers Dinning Room.
  • Added Corridor 3 Entries Short.
  • Added Military Management.
  • Added Diplomatic Management.
  • Added Military/Diplomatic Bedroom.
  • Added Military/Diplomatic Dinning Room.

Thank you for your support and patience.
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Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) September 29
It’s been a while since our last update on Steam, but we’ve been hard at work releasing Never Alone: Ki Edition for iOS and Android. Now that those versions are released, we've turned our attention back to updating the game for PC, Mac and Linux users!

This update includes the following great new features:

  • Added Steam Cloud Save: You can now save your game progress and pick it up where you left off on any Steam-supported device.
  • Added Hint System: New tips and hints making for smoother gameplay have been added throughout the game.
  • Improved controller support: We've added support for Sony PlayStation 4 controller on the Mac and fixed miscellaneous issues with various controllers, including the Steam Controller and XInput Devices.
  • Improved Companion AI behavior.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.
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SONAR Steam Edition September 29
Update 9 is now available!

This month's release for SONAR Platinum, Professional, and Steam Edition brings enhancements to some key elements of SONAR. CPU Meter Modes, Plug-in Load Balancing, Quick Group Freeze, and much more have all been added this month’s rolling updates.

    New Features
  • Plug-in load balancing (Platinum only)
    Now Platinum owners can run more plug-ins, with fewer dropouts, greater efficiency, and more even distribution of CPU loading to processing cores. Recommended for systems with four or more cores, this update can improve plug-in performance at buffer settings of 256 and above.
  • CPU meter modes
    This update to the Control Bar’s Performance module extends the ability to monitor what’s happening with your CPU—including monitoring the global CPU consumption across all cores for all aspects of the OS, audio processing load, and a single meter for SONAR’s total CPU utilization.
  • Quick Group Freeze
    Quick Group Freeze is now available for Instruments. You can Quick Groups to freeze or thaw multiple tracks at once. Not only that, but with the new metering options, you can see exactly how much difference it makes.
  • Full Screen Toggle Button
    When you want the maximum amount of screen “real estate” to see as many elements as possible within SONAR, the new full screen toggle supplements the existing menu option and function key shortcuts with a button that’s suitable for both touch and mouse clicks.
  • Softube Saturation Knob update (Platinum and Professional only)
    This workhorse ProChannel module, based on Softube’s FET compressor with added saturation, has been updated with stability and compatibility improvements.

    Take Management/Comping:
  • It was not possible to drag a clip to a different lane in another track if the target track was below the source track.
  • Speed Comping could create unexpected extra clips.
  • In some cases, Speed Comping would fail to mute/unmute clips.
  • Paste of clip always ended up on Take Lane original to source clip.
  • Dragging a comp clip to a Take Lane produced unexpected results.
  • In some cases, attempting to cross-crop two adjacent clips in different lanes would only affect a single clip.

  • Various VST 3 Host Bypass fixes.
  • Plug-in upsampling did not operate properly in some cases.
  • Quick-Group insert FX could fail if the selected tracks contained different numbers of plug-ins.
  • Customizing FX Chains could cause SONAR to hang.
  • FX Chains could cause crash when used in a playlist.
  • Changing VST3 presets from the plug-in property page sometimes resulted in inconsistent behavior.
  • Assignable controls for Waves plug-ins could send to incorrect parameter.

    Region FX:
  • Pro Channel would disappears on all tracks/buses after Melodyne bounce-to-clips, followed by right-clicking another clip.
  • Undo of a copied Melodyne clip did not update the Melodyne GUI.
  • Deleted tracks that contained Melodyne Region FX clips were still displayed in Melodyne's track header.

  • Crash on startup related to SQLLite.
  • The Plug-in Browser could display empty category folders.
  • The Plug-in Browser could display an empty "Uncategorized" folder in the Instruments tab.
  • SONAR could crash upon launch if the Plug-in Browser library database was corrupt.
  • In the Plug-in Browser, it was not possible to revert DirectX Plug-ins to their original name.
  • Renaming/categorizing plug-ins in the Plug-in Browser would close all expanded folders.
  • Renaming/categorizing plug-ins in the Plug-in Browser could result in temporary freeze if performed on Windows Basic/Classic theme.
  • Changing friendly plug-in name did not initially update existing instances in FX Racks.
  • The Plug-in Browser did not hide folders for VST2s with identical plug-in names.
  • Cakewalk TTS-1 did not display a friendly name in the Set Categories dialog box.
  • Plug-in Browser category was named "General Midi" instead of "General MIDI".
  • When not showing plug-in categories, the Plug-in Browser would create a new folder for any loose VST3 plug-ins that were installed in the Common Files\VST3 root folder.
  • Closing a project with the Synth Rack open could result in a crash.
  • Insert Synth menu would fail to open if there were more than 255 VSTi plug-ins available.

  • Matrix could skip first note in MIDI clips when playback started.
  • It was not possible to scroll in the Matrix with the mouse wheel if the mouse was over track strips.
  • Undoing a Matrix performance recording could result in a crash.

  • Saturation Knob could cause SONAR to crash.

  • Selecting the last Automation Lane could cause a crash.
  • It was not possible to rename bus Automation Lanes.
  • It was not possible to use the Crop tool on the right side of a crossfade unless you selected the clip.
  • Selecting the left clip in a crossfade would obscure the right clip's fade in.
  • Cropping multiple clips simultaneously would fail in some case when Snap to Grid was enabled.
  • Adjusting crossfade on multiple selected tracks did not produce correct results.
  • Auto Crossfades did not work properly with clip selection groups.
  • 'Select Track Envelopes with Clips' did not function properly when moving grouped clips.
  • Modified clip colors in the Inspector didn't show immediately.
  • Unexpected behavior when adjusting clip length from the Clip Properties inspector if the format was MBT.
  • Superfluous snap offset was created after stretching audio clip.
  • Scroll bar thumb was difficult to see while being dragged.
  • Clicking rapidly in the scroll bar did not always advance the timeline.
  • Under rare circumstances, a crash could occur when deleting buses.
  • 'Follow Host Tempo' did not behave as expected.
  • The About screen showed mixed version information.

  • Help Module would not show text for the time ruler or Clips pane.
  • Help button for Preferences > File - Audio Data did not open help topic.
  • Help button for Preferences > Project - Surround did not open help topic.

  • Multiple Brazilian-Portuguese UI fixes (applies to Steam users of SONAR Brazilian Portuguese 2016.08)
  • [Russian] Several list items in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Colors were cut off.
  • [Russian] Some values in the Groove Quantize dialog box were cut off.

For more information about this update please visit the Rolling Updates page and click Learn More:

Release Ezine:
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The Warlock of Firetop Mountain September 29

The Allansian Wanderers update includes a Linux version of the game, three new playable heroes to choose from, and more!

  • Three new playable characters, with new stories, combat moves and achievements
  • Linux version of the game
  • Art Gallery to keep track of illustrations you have seen
  • A new feature detailing the History of Fighting Fantasy from the 1980s to today
  • Timeline of Fighting Fantasy paperback releases
  • Additional checkpoint benches to give you the upper hand against Zagor's devious traps
  • Decreased the amount of souls required to purchase new heroes
  • Optimizations to make more efficient use of hard disk space
Lin Wen-Wu
This reluctant warrior wishes to avenge his brother, who lost his sword arm in combat with an Orc Chieftain who makes his home in Firetop Mountain.

Malleus Malleus
A famed gladiator severely wounded by a werewolf, Malleus Malleus is cursed with lycanthropy. He must seek the werewolf before the curse cannot be cured.

Lynette Hurtado
Lynette is a guardian of the temple of the Goddess of Justice and Truth. Citizens have requested her assistance in their resistance against the cruel tyranny of the Warlock, Zagor.

A big thank you to everyone who has given us positive reviews, provided Let's Plays, or streamed via Twitch! Special thanks to:
The team has loved watching you play in the office. We hope these new additions make your visit to Firetop Mountain even more enjoyable!

Many thanks from everyone at Tin Man Games.
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