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Dungeon of gain January 25
Hello, everybody! We have two new updates.

The first one is co-op mode, where several players will be struggle together against the boss, who is operated by the other player.
The second one is nonlinear storyline with dialogues and additional stories.
What do you think about these new updates? Which one is more interesting for You?

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Movie Studio Boss: The Sequel January 24
First I'd like to thank the community for their feedback/suggestions. Here's what's in our first update...

- 50 years play. After 10 years of play you can continue on for another 40 years giving 50 years of play.

- Rights/Licensing - made the rights/licensing screen/system clearer. Now when you click on something a panel will appear confirming what the deal is and what it is for.

- Save games - Currently when you leave the main game by clicking on the settings icon and then pressing main game or exit game the profile you are playing with is updated with your current progress. When you restart playing the game you continue where you left off. With the update this has not changed however you now have another option - to store your current progress away. On the settings icon you now have the option Save Progress. You can then save a file (up to 30) containing the game's progress as at that point. To use this saved file when you start a game each profile now has a Load Game button. Select that to load in your saved game. Loading in a saved game will overwrite the Profile you selected.

- Sort by Genre now available on hire Actors, Actresses, Scriptwriters, Directors, Editors, DofP and Composers screens. This should save you time when trying to find the right person for the job.

- News stories - added a new story which covers when an actor's skills have changed.

- Warn on confirmer of strong Personality - to further warn you - when you are hiring talent (such as Actors, Actresses, Scriptwriters, Directors, DofPs) - of people that can be difficult/demanding to work with.

- Show News at end of turn for your Studio - The News Screen will now appear at the end of each turn. A filter is available on the screen that can turn this option off. Also you can select whether only stories that relate to your company are added to the news.

- Automatically show Production Issues - The Production issues screen will appear at the end of the week if any of your films has problems. There is a filter that can switch this off.

- Negotiating with Actors - tweaked negotiations code to make it easier to hire actors/actresses.

- Hiring Extras - you can now type in the number of extras you want.

- Sequel - We now list and highlight the Actors, Directors, DofPs, Composers and Screenwriters that worked on the previous version.

- Select number of Opposing Studios - at the start of a game you can now reduce the number of Studios you are up against. This can make the game less daunting and easier to play for those new to the game.

- Show A Person's History on Hover - if you right click on a person on a hire screen a panel will appear showing their history. The panel will stay and as you move over the other people in the list the new panel will get updated. This works for Actors, Actresses, Scriptwriters, Directors, Editors, DofP, Composers.

Note: your old Profile should load and get updated to run in the new v1.01 version.

Thanks again for the feedback.
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Deadstone January 24
Update 4 (1.04) is now uploaded and ready for your gaming pleasure!

Enhancements & Additions
- Added new enemy behaviours to make combat in survival mode more dynamic.
- Added more detailed information on perks and upgrade benefits, and weapon stats, to allow for more informed planning.
- Added 6 new perks (Gunslinger, Assault Specialist, Sniper, Shotguneer, Med Lab, Enhanced Medkits)
- Added a slippery ice terrain to survival mode.
- Added 2 new pickups to survival mode: XP Boost, and Score Boost.
- Enemies now move more slowly when seriously wounded.
- Active Reload perk now uses the fire button to speed up the reloading process.
- Colonist reinforcements and turrets now spawn a short distance from the player in survival, to prevent them getting in the way when you are being chased by a ravenous swarm of infected.

- Issue with enemies not rendering and becoming stuck when large numbers of enemies on screen in survival mode resolved.
- Issue with turrets shooting cut scene enemies in Day 49 resolved.
- Pistol no longer fully reload when switching away from them during a reload.

A big thanks to Borba, Dehaku, Nootmans, Rob Cram, and Robodemon for the suggestions and bug reports!
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Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest January 24

Hey everyone! It’s been a great launch month, and I hope you’ve had a ton of fun playing Galcon 2! Here’s what’s new since launch:

– DISCO MONTH! We’ve got some great new trophies, cosmetics, AND a sweet new game mode: Billiards!

– Major update of the Comm section to support clan chat, news items, and replies. /r to reply and /c for clan chat.

– Major update of the Clans to give Leaders the ability to limit their Chiefs. You can even give members custom titles.

– Major update of Custom servers and Tournaments. You can now /ban and /kick players. And in tournaments you can /send players to other tournament rooms for multi-room tournaments.

– Players can now rate tournaments, and see a detailed log of past tournaments hosted by a player.

Have fun!
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Countless Rooms of Death January 24
Hi there!

we added Steam Trading Cards to the Game!

There are 5 Cards whit which you have access to 3 Backgrounds and 5 Emoticons.

We wish you all many Fun at playing the Game and collecting the Cards!

HCP Games
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