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Purchasing the Liquid Rhythm Collection allows you access to all future Liquid Rhythm DLC.

Liquid Rhythm
Liquid Rhythm is a wildly innovative beat generator, sequencer, and software MIDI controller. It's powered by a rhythm synthesis engine that gives you instant access to quadrillions of rhythmic patterns that can be manipulated with a comprehensive suite of MIDI effects (called Molecule Tools). Paint drum patterns using a palette of note clusters that provide new visualizations for MIDI data. Run it standalone or integrate into your workflow through VST/AU/RTAS/Max for Live.

BeatWeaver Rhythm Synthesizer
With the BeatWeaver Rhythm Synthesizer, you can dispense with the pleasantries and treat music like family. This is the philosophy of the BeatWeaver Rhythm Synthesizer: why should something so familiar and commonplace ever be complicated?

The Randomizer is a MIDI effect that generates rhythm patterns– just how random those patterns are is totally customizable. It works sort of like a time machine would, were a time machine to be possible in the physical world.

BeatForm Tumbler
These dials are designed to tumble through the BeatForms in the BeatForm Palette and spread the love through your beat. Select different entries in the BeatForm Palette to change what you can dial into the selected regions based on either color codes or the beat locations. Complexify or simplify your beat.

The GrooveMover is a way for you to instantly remix your beat. It’s a MIDI effect that alters the arrangement of the notes in a bar.

BeatForm Shifter
This simple tool is designed to work within your selected regions (including empty regions) to shift the BeatForms (groups of notes) either left or right. It allows you to quickly try subtle new variations by taking a BeatForm combination and moving it around.

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Liquid Rhythm
Audio Production, Music, Software
Liquid Rhythm BeatWeaver
Liquid Rhythm Randomizer
Liquid Rhythm BeatForm Tumbler
Liquid Rhythm GrooveMover
Liquid Rhythm BeatForm Shifter
Liquid Rhythm Push Control
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