So you want to build and sell a Steam Machine

We have many years of experience working with both large and small OEMs shipping gaming PCs with a preinstalled version of the Steam Client.

Since we announced SteamOS, the number of OEMs approaching us has increased dramatically. This page will eventually link to tools which will streamline the process of becoming a licensed OEM for distributing either the Steam Client or the full upcoming SteamOS on your hardware. Until then it is a placeholder, allowing any OEM to get in touch via email.

What do you need a license for?

In very simple terms, you need a license to redistribute our proprietary Steam Client, whether on its own or whether as part of SteamOS, and you need a license to use any of our trademarks in a commercial context. That includes, without limitation, using the Steam symbol and terms like Steam, SteamOS and Steam Machine in any of your commercial communication, whether from product design, advertising or PR. And unless you are a licensee, you should not publicly suggest any connection to Valve or Steam.

How do you get a license?

Send an email to containing your organization's name and the Steam account name that should receive an invitation to the Hardware OEM onboarding process. If you do not already have a Steam account, please create one first by following this link.