Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added Total War: Rome II "Romevision" promo for Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Updated the localization files
Product Update - Valve
CHANGES AND ADDITIONS [Classic and Disharmony versions]
- Improved the way fleet destructions are managed after a retreat
- Newbie difficulty level has been changed (adding a very easy mode to replace previous newbie level) where AI and pirates are clearly nerfed with restrictions:
+ AI cannot be more than one step ahead of you.
+ Pirates cannot spawn by themselves only events can trigger them whatever their level of difficulty is
+ No pirates option still totally deactivate pirates spawn
- Added a new galaxy shape in the settings: Galaxy Ring
- Game optimizations to make the game smoother, in order to lower the lag/slowdown/freeze:
+ All the AIs do their update process one after the other
+ Added some feedbacks to show the AIs that have finished their required process and are ready to end the turn
+ The order of AIs is randomly defined for each turn
+ Improve refresh score computation
+ Improve trade routes computation
+ Orders processors are delayed
+ The update of the frontiers in the galaxy view is spread
- Added End Game text if all empires are dead following a turn
- Modified probability for the different Planet Per System to be relevant regarding the localization
- Polish and Russian languages have been eventually integrated
- Golden Age can occur only one time on a system
- Golden Age triggers a narrative event
- Added 2 new effects for Tolerant trait:
CHANGES AND ADDITIONS [Disharmony version]
- We have rework on the ship design view according to the main feedback we got from community.
+You should be able to go back to previous level of modules now (note that the rule for one level only added in design is still up-to-date).
- Modified the level system of modules to fit with the incoming interface
- Weapons and defense balancing of several values (please go to for details)
- Modified Weights: removed WeightPercent, and revamp all the WeightFlat in consequences
- Changed abilityadventurer 02, 03, 08, 12 descriptions
- Removed collateral damage against improvement from Troops
- Lowered Land Invasion for Fighters
- Doubled Land Invasion for Bombers
- Moved Harmonize Planet tech from 7th circle to the 3rd
- Changed Bushido effects
- Increased cost of the Module to force player to use the Colonisation Hull
- Weight has been moved from 11 Weight to 3% Weight
- Changed Sheredyn Affinity: -50% Buyout Bonus become -33% Buyout Bonus
- Every affinity now has a base of 65 points for custom faction
- Master of Illusion is more expensive:
+ Level 1: 5 -> 10
+ Level 2: 10 -> 20
- Small 1 & Small 2: Hull Weakness increased from 100 to 300
- Medium 1 & Medium 2: Hull Weakness increased from 100 to 200
- Modified ShipClassMedium1Harmony Bonus: now affect DefenseModule instead of PointDefense
- Increased ShipClassColonizationSohpon on Civilian Module from 25% to 30%
- Increased Invasion Coefficient for Amoeba's Research from 1.0 to 1.2
- Added a Turn Cooldown for Easy mode
- Modified the deal matrice: Resources weighted 0.1 against System and now weights 0
- Removed WeightPercent and replaced them by Flat on Bomb and Scout Module
- Modified Armor Value: every module uses a percent now
- Modified the Invasion6: its bonus is applied on ship instead of fleet now
- A hero on a system under siege cannot be moved
- Fixed Lethal Modder: now give + 100 damage per salvo (divided up the number of shots)
- Moved Waiting Period of Cold War to 0 to fix a bug regarding cease fire
- Fixed: Defender player cannot join a manual battle if its opponent chose manual battle too
- Fixed: The system AI will queue the Amoeba "Resources Platform" in a counter-productive manner
- Fixed: The Amoeba specific "Resources Platform" star system improvement does not update the trade route bonuses
- Fixed: [Disharmony] Client receives an assert after selecting "Raze" on approximately half of the systems
- Fixed: [Disharmony] The game application uses the default mouse cursor graphic (The problem could still occur on Mac)
- Fixed an issue on Silic Soil
- Fixed an issue: some design had still level 2 kinetic at start
- Fixed an issue on Kinetic2SRHissho
- Fixed: Playing Harmony at Slow game speed you lose 2 populations after 1st turn even with enough food
- Fixed: Modded planets were not integrated correctly
- Fixed: Dusty sensors was brainwave sensor
- Fixed a bug regarding prerequisite checks (ship design)
- Fixed an issue where the approval status of the empire (and the owned systems) were not refreshed after the colonization of a new system
- Fixed: Sheredyn Integrity: declaring war on Sheredyn broke their contracts
- Fixed: Some icons level 1 were using level 4 ones
- Fixed a bug on the module thumbnails in the ship design view (weight and MP were not multiplied by quantity)
- Fixed: Colony ship that cannot be built is not greyed out
- Fixed a bug on the Small2Terran
- Fixed a bug on Adaptive Strategy
- Fixed: Constructing colony ships does not consume population upon completion
- Fixed: The game application reverts to the default mouse cursor graphic
- Fixed: Game remains stuck on end turn if the user selects to continue after winning the game
- Fixed: The user remains stuck after selecting manual combat for two battles in the same time
- Fixed: Formation & Targeting override themselves in case there is multiple battle report
- Fixed: Before completed colonization through a system, the use of a colony ship to settle the system was freezing the growth endlessly
- Fixed bug on Endless Facility linked to Academy Hero Cap
- Removed an option which wasn't working for Endless Facility random event (x0 turn for next hero arrival)
- Fixed: 100% success land invasion fails with no report
- Fixed: Cannot invade - Misleading tooltip due to Ally already invading
- Fixed: Sometimes, other players’ ships are invisible when orbiting a system
- Fixed: Tooltips flicker on and off a lot more especially during other fleet movement
- Fixed: The Horatio Coms and Archidux hull effects are not functional
- Fixed: The Craver predator hull effects are not functional
- Fixed: The title remains unresponsive each time the user quits to desktop on Mac
- Fixed: The Craver High-Tolerance Reactors empire improvement bonus is not displayed in the empire wide factors
- Fixed: The "Revenge" faction trait is reffering to fleet MP instead of Invasion power
- Fixed: Graphical issues are present in galaxy view when starting a 2nd session
- Fixed: Friends' games filter remains active if the user checks it and the presses Cancel button
- Fixed: The battle report generates an assert when trying to display the tooltip of a ship destroyed after a retreat
- Fixed: The ship icons do not faded when the player does not have enough population on the star system to build them
- Fixed: The ongoing number of turns in a Cease Fire deal is not shown correctly for ally members
- Fixed: Assert received when the player is exiting the game using the right mouse button
- Fixed: "The Legendary Wreck Analyzed" event does not grant the experience to ships in the hangar
- Fixed: The rings of the Harvester large hull ship of the Automatons Faction remain floating in space after the ship has exploded during manual combat
- Fixed: One of the Pilgrim paladin hull effects does not properly apply its bonus
- Fixed: The offensive retreat made the fleet flee after a battle even if it was countered during the encounter

- Changed Nano Repair: bonus divided by 2
- Changed Armor: remove +X% Max Health added to Armor
- Fixed several issues concerning tooltip descriptions
- Fixed: No loss of population on a fully populated system
- Fixed bug on Door to Infinity effect + FX
- Fixed: Fleet sorting does not work properly

- [AI] Allowed to run the AI with some cooldown turn (2 turns in newbie in order to weaken the AI)
- [AI] Fixed several issues when AI proceeds to an invasion
- [AI] Fixed: Too many Scout Fleets are built
- [AI] Fixed: Pirate has no invasion modules
- [AI] Allowed the AI to attack while moving to target
- [AI] Refactored the "Is the ship exploration ready" method
- [AI] Fixed: attack are not fulfilled in military power
- Modified EmpireImprovementUniqueHissho2 and added a descriptor EmpireImprovementUniqueHissho2Hidden to correctly feedback the effect
- Changed FID bonus of Bushido invasion from 15% to 20%
- Changed duration of Bushido battle to 15 and Bushido invasion to 10
- Increased the battle performances of the fighters and bombers
- Increased the industry cost of the medium and large hulls
- Increased the industry cost of the different defences linked to strategic resources
- Increased the industry cost of the different weapons linked to strategic resources
- Increased the Command Point bonus of coordinated fleet (MaxFleetSize1) from 2 to 3
- Reduced the Command Point bonus of C3 SYSTEMS (MaxFleetSize2) from 2 per class unlocked to 1 per class unlocked
- Added two variations of COORDINATED FLEETS: COORDINATED FLEETS II (MaxFleetSize5) and COORDINATED FLEETS III (MaxFleetSize6) in the warfare tech tree, each one giving +2 Command Points
- Modified the loss of Approval from Hellgourds from -25 to -30
- Tolerant trait changes:
+ Lvl1 new effect - 8% growth per colonized planet until required tech as Harmony
+ Lvl2 new effect - 4% growth per colonized planet unitl required tech as Harmony
- Removed Titanium 70 prerequisites on Flak1
- Added Hexaferrum prerequisites on Deflector2
- Lower Military Power for a smoother progression
- Harmony hulls: Replaced Freeze Growth by Slow Growth => -100% positive growth to -50% positive growth
- Moved Colonial Base effect from StarSystemImprovementDescriptor to PlanetDescriptor
- Added a default RepairModuleRate: 20% on ally territory and 10% everywhere else
- Removed all bonus affecting module Cost and replaced them by new one: mainly the same but affecting weight
- Capped BuyoutBonus to 10%
- ShipClassLarge1Sower: effect now uses tonnage instead of industry cost
- Changed Nano Repair: bonus divided by 2
- Changed Armor: remove +X% Max Health added to Armor
- Trick shooter achievement should unlock itself properly now
- Increased anti-aircraft defence: instead of being flat value it's now a bonus per Population
- AntiAircraft1 : 150 -> 150 / Pop
- AntiAircraft2 : 250 -> 250 / Pop
- AntiAircraft3 : 400 -> 400 / Pop
- [MAC ISSUE] Fixed the freeze/crash after a manual battle with a retreat
- Fixed some technologies related issues
- Fixed several issues concerning tool-tip descriptions
- Fixed: Razing a system can prevent a planet to be colonized
- Fixed: Playing as Harmony a colonization ship reset max pop of a planet to 1
- Fixed: No loss of population on a fully populated system
- Fixed an issue where an assert is received when the player uses the "Raze system" on all of his star systems. Modified Victory conditions, to let one turn pass before the death of a player is triggered, if he razed a system
- Fixed: Colonial base bonus is applied each time the user razes and colonizes a system
- Fixed: Crashes when deleting a ship design
- Fixed: Fleet sorting does not work properly
- Fixed: NullReferenceException when displaying the purification tech's tool-tip
- Fixed: Plasma Raze Grid and Contamination Barriers require Industry in order to be built on system
- Fixed: Resources aren't lost after razing a system
- Fixed: Got an assert if inside system view of a system I'll raze next turn following end of turn
- Fixed: Resources aren't displayed as missing when a system is under blockade
- Fixed issue on Sower affinity: only 25% of industry were converted instead of 33%
- Fixed bug on Door to Infinity effect + FX
- AI was not using its first scout to explore anymore and thus was not colonizing properly
- AI was passive and did not attack when it was supposed to

- Fixed an issue with the fleet sorting buttons on the military view.
- Fixed several issues concerning tooltip descriptions.

- Increased the battle performances of the fighters and bombers.
- Increased the industry cost of the medium and large hulls:
+ 120=>160
+ 500 =>800
- Increased the industry cost of the different defenses linked to strategic resources:
+ 4=>8
+ 14 =>16
+ 28=>36
+ 40=>48
- Increased the industry cost of the different weapons linked to strategic resources:
+ 4=>8
+ 14 =>16
+ 28=>36
+ 40=>48
- Increased the Command Point bonus of COORDINATED FLEETS (MaxFleetSize1) from 2 to 3.
- Reduced the Command Point bonus of C3 SYSTEMS (MaxFleetSize2) from 2 per class unlocked to 1 per class unlocked.
- Added two variations of COORDINATED FLEETS : COORDINATED FLEETS II (MaxFleetSize5) and COORDINATED FLEETS III (MaxFleetSize6) in the warfare tech tree, each one giving +2 Command Points.
- Modified the loss of Approval from Hellgourds from -25 to -40.
- Modified some technology descriptions.
- Fixed several issues when AI proceeds to an invasion.
- Fixed an issue with Automaton and Harmony ships causing various visual glitches in the 3D battle.
- Fixed an issue where the Xenology technology wasn't connected to the Relativistic Economics technology when playing a custom faction with the Sheredyn Affinity and the Eternal War faction trait.
- Fixed an issue with the Sheredyn Affinity where the Xenology technology was not unlockable for a custom faction.
- Fixed several issues concerning tooltip descriptions.
- Fixed several issues of French and German localizations.

The Classic and Disharmony versions now have the same version number.
- Increased cost of Hellgourds from -5 to -2
- Fixed a bug where a freeze occurs when creating a MP game without having the Disharmony content.
- Fixed a bug where Emperor faction was not available for everyone
- Fixed a bug on Emperor Affinity: -50% Buyout wasn't working
- Fixed a bug where hull affinity for the Large Automaton was disabled
- Fixed an assert received when the enemy AI executed a land invasion
- Fixed an assert caused by the "Power Convergence" battle action
- Fixed a bug where the CP label in the fleet lines displayed the value of MP + Invasion MP
- Fixed a UI bug regarding the module drop lists
- Fixed an issue where resource icon was marked as unavailable when a hull is full
- Cleaning on English texts and completing the French localization
Aug 16, 2013
Product Update - Valve
An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

Tweaks to add-on management:
- Report conflicts between mission scripts in the Add-ons menu.
- Fixed checked items getting unchecked after reporting a conflict.
- Allow all add-ons to override base content at the main menu.
- Allow content-only add-ons on non-vanilla dedicated servers.
- Allow add-ons to override base mission and mode scripts on non-vanilla servers.
Product Update - Valve

We've just updated Toki Tori 2+ with some features that were requested by the community. Here's what we did:

Custom keybindings
The keyboard keys used to control the game can now be changed via a configuration file. Marco posted more details about this here:

Expanded controller support
The game now supports all kinds of game controllers, not just the Xbox
360 controller any more. Even better: this works on Mac OS X as well as Windows!

Volume controls
The volumes of the sound effects and the music can now be changed. You can find these settings in the pause/options menu.

Level editor changes
The 'special' frogs can now also be used in your own levels.
Furthermore, you can now place underwater stairs.

'Show in Workshop" button added to Workshop menu We've added a button to the Workshop level menu that will take you to the Steam Workshop page of the selected level. This makes it easier to comment on the level, unsubscribe or find out more about the author.

Translated to Bulgarian
Steam user WildBeλ³st has kindly offered a translation of the game into Bulgarian. Thank you WildBeλ³st!

Product Update - Valve
-The game can now support additional levels and content via DLC
-Adjustmemts to the Loadout screen to fit a seventh costume
-The 'Give to a Friend' button on the Main Menu has been replaced with a 'Download Content' option
-Minor fixes to the Leaderboards
-There is now a secret way to unlock 'New Game Plus' mode
-A 'Reset Game' option has been added to the Settings screen to reset all progress (only works while not in Gameplay)
-The game now supports custom refresh rates set manually in the settings ini file
-Fixed a crash that could happen when skipping leaderboard loading in the post-game screen on a slow connection.
-Fixed a rare issue where savegame would be ignored if disconnected from Steam after launching the game
-Controls screen now highlights required controls if they haven't been set

Product Update - Valve
RaceRoom Racing Experience has been updated

- Fixed a rare crash when clicking on buttons in the main menu.
- Fixed a crash when adding/removing file names with special characters to/from ReplayData folder.
- Fixed an issue in calculating the main screen rectangle in 3 and 5 screen setups.
- Fixed FoV changing at first race on triple monitors.
- Fixed an issue with portal not launching the game properly from Firefox.
Aug 15, 2013
Product Update - Valve

Enabled publication to and download from Steam Workshop of singleplayer and multiplayer scenarios
Player is now able to freelook while holding binoculars
Better binocular animations
Improved transitions in pistol tactical movement
Pistol optics disabled when side-prone
Fix: Playback speed of ladder animations matched to vertical movement speed
Fix: Swimming animations
Fix: (animation loop gets correctly terminated when the condition evaluates to true)
Interpolations with launchers have been improved (animations)
Tweaked climbing position for ladders on Transmitter Towers
Decreased speed on ladders
Soldiers in open parts of vehicles keep their NVGs on their heads
Drivers have gone to training lessons to improve their driving capabilities
Fix: Tweaked flight model of all helicopters
Helicopters: added bodyFrictionCoef config parameter
CSAT technicians have invested some time in enhancing horizontal banking indicators in HMDs of their helos
Adjusted lift force of xH-9, AH-99 and PO-30 helicopters
Fix: Blurred tail rotor in cargo-view of xH-9
Adjusted collective of xH-9 family helicopters
Fix: Improved UH-80 lights
NATO technicians have found and removed invisible barriers around Ghosthawk
Camo version of UH-80 is now listed as made by Bohemia Interactive
Crew of AH-99 is now trained to get in proper seats
Fix: Pilot of AH-99 can get back in after having disembarked
Swapped PiPs for gunner / pilot of AH-99; improved compass
Revamped flight model of AH-99 Blackfoot to cut the slack
Technicians allowed pilots to customize their AH-99 by using setObjectTexture even to different color than V. Olive (see
Gunner of Mi-48 has his zeroing displayed
Changed glass materials on CH-49
CH-49 Mohawk should correctly show damaged hull
Fix: Bad collisions for HEMTT
Fix: Problems with lights on HEMTTs
Fix: Co-driver of HEMTT is no longer a designated role
Fix: HEMTT and Zamaks have better cargo poses
HEMTT and Zamak have new custom get out animations
Speed indicator of Zamak has been re-calibrated by CSAT technicians
Zamak has a more authentic look
HEMTT has better destruction of windows
Technicians allowed drivers to customize their HEMTTs and Striders by using setObjectTexture even to different color (see
Fix: Quadbike driving model improvements
Fix: Angular damping of land vehicles in water
Added new penetration materials for armored vehicles
Adjusted Rolled Homogeneous Armor against small arms fire
Tracked APC crews kill-able with penetrating shots
APCs damage model has been improved
Fix: (Marshal - commander first-person seeing through gun)
Corrected position for optics, coaxial machinegun made on correct place on the AMV
Fix: CSAT technicians have loaded correct color of tracers into Kamysh
Adjusted Strider engine hitpoints
Commanders of Panther have been trained to open hatch first and turn out just after that
Panther has visually improved damping
Panther commanders have been trained to pop-out of their hatch a bit less - for their own safety
Panther should be a bit higher on its suspension
Marid should have standard RCWS reticle
Improved penetration model of Marid / Marshall
Tracked APCs don't have suspension of tracker / trailer wheels
Technicians have taken some stronger light sources and installed them on speedboats
Adjusted Center of Mass of rubber boat
Technicians allowed pilots to customize their SDV by using setObjectTexture even to different color (see
Crew of Kamysh has learned how to get in from the sides to reach the hatches
Crew of APCs is allowed to show their NVGs
MRAPs are now correctly listed as made by Bohemia Interactive
Lights should be correctly visible for offroads
Reduced initial slip of offroads
Civilian vehicles should have thin metal plate materials instead of thick ones
Fix: Persistent task notification
Fix: Lighting of 3D GUI objects
Fix: Vehicle classes were not sorted alphabetically
Fix: Respawn menu was updated even after it was closed
Fix: Title of Showcases, Challenges and Scenarios displays
Added: Faction flag is now visible when inserting an unit in the editor
Added: Film grain and subtle animation for scenario overview images
Fix: Updating of weather ToolBox in MiniIntel after weather is changed in Intel
Added: Distances added to target and get in menus
Added: Launcher magazines now display their purpose in GUI to make the right choice of magazines
Added: Player's name to respawn menu
Improved: Island preview image is now larger and better proportioned
Selecting the same island twice will no longer refresh the clouds
Fix: Rendering issue of map objects. As a result, compass in the map is now re-enabled
Optimized handling of SITREP text to improve performance
Proper font for SITREP text now used instead of default
Fix: Showcase Infantry - Undefined variable error when engaging the spotters
Fix: Showcase Infantry - No artillery rounds were hitting the village at the end of the mission
Fix: Showcase Scuba - Wrong hint class used
Added: Showcase SCUBA - Danger close mortar friendly fire penalty
Fixed: Showcase SCUBA - Mortar support available in establishing shot
Fix: Showcase Vehicles - More sunlight, exfil task position, player can get in the boat before his driver now
Showcase Night - Total time for main objective changed from 1400 seconds to 1800 seconds
Showcase Night - Total time to meet extraction boat changed from 180 seconds to 240 seconds
Fix: Escape from Stratis - Mission fail is now reliable in more situations
Fix: Escape from Stratis - Wrong Author tag
Added: Escape from Stratis - Corpse removal
Fix: Showcase: Supports - Should end a bit sooner now
Fix: Combined Arms - Wrong debriefing was being shown if all players would be dead after retreat task was added
Added: Defend Kamino - New respawn inventory system
Firing Drills:
Added: 3D CP indicators now scale and alternate color to attract attention
Added: CP center, area and shooting box markers implemented
Training: CPs always shown
Competitive: previously activated and first next CP shown only
Added: Target markers implemented (active CP targets shown)
Post-completion: always shown for both rule sets as AAR
Normal, no-shoot and bonus targets indicated
Hit and missed targets indicated
Added: Competitors are healed with every reset / restart
Added: FM records with introduction, rules and tips
Added: CP briefing target box now follow different logic: top value (targets remaining) and bottom value (bonuses remaining, if any)
Added: Bonus & penalty logic between Training and Competitive made consistent
Added: First version of PiP feedback added for accuracy targets
Added: Now using symbology on selector targets
Added: Ability to immediately quit at the end of CoFs added
Added: Added audio cue when going over the next medal time
Added: CoFs now select the correct default weapon with every reset / restart
Fix: Competitor weapons were not properly reset when more weapon types were available during the CoF
Fix: Broken hint in CoF Orange
Fix: Undefined variable in CoF Blue
Fix: Undefined variable in CoF Green
Fix: CoF Green: Switched to plain version Mk. 20
Fix: Restarting within a CP would leave the IGUI element active
Fix: Medal icon sometimes shown using Training rules
Fix: Systems now terminate on competitor death (impressive achievement!)
Fix: Timing / CP UI does not close anymore when injured
Fix: Conversations all switched to radio again
FIx: Check Point and target voice messages would sometimes continue after restarting
Fix: CoF Green - Competitors were rudely teleported into the ocean
Many small objects and furniture are now PhysX-simulated when spawned in editor / via script
Camping objects now have better PhysX
Editor objects now have icons more descriptive of their shape (instead of squares with question marks)
Fix: OPFOR ammo box (wrong machine gun ammo type)
Fix: BLUFOR ammo bearer chemlights color (green instead of blue)
Correct rifle scope for BLUFOR Recon Team Leader and BLUFOR Recon Marksman
Correct uniform for BLUFOR Recon Paramedic
Updated Ammo boxes with new RPG HE rocket types
Updated special weapons ammo boxes with optics for each respective faction
Added HE grenades for JTAC soldiers
Binoculars added for Team Leader
Fix: Disappearing of objects viewed through the open doors when inside the buildings
New control presets
New key presets with fixed Track IR controls
Arma 2 original preset updated to new Zoom function
Fix: Minor vehicle controls key binds bug causing interference with new key presets
Fix: Minor optics bug in key presets. Wrong macro combination replaced by absolute number of corresponding key bind.
Fix: Few minor errors in controls presets considering the aircraft gear up / down
TrackIR Z-axis has been fixed
Adjusted visibility and audibility of fire for AI
Adjusted underwater view distance for AI
Soldiers have been trained to correctly distinguish different types of helicopters / boats as a threat for them
AI soldiers have been trained to better distinguish enemy unit types and target the highest threat
Structures should have correct cost values
Soldiers have been trained to walk on stairs better
Alpha has been sorted better for roads
Overhauled soldier carrying capacity, bags, bag types, bag content, all items weights and also corresponding equation values for fatigue gain
Changed uniform weight to carry ratios
Roadcone and Roadbarrier lights are now operational
Signs on Stratis have been changed to reflect factions
Fix: Typo in few values in building destruction smoke
Fix: Color of dust in mortar fire effect tweaked
Smoke effect for destroyed mortar added
Fix: Grass parts in the tracked vehicle dust effect tweaked
Fix: Dust effects for user-made airplanes are no longer under the terain
Fix: Smoke screen of vehicles deployed too close
New RPG launch effect
Number of particles in missile trail effect reduced
Added: Vehicle weapons empty cases on medium particle quality
Small tweaks of missile explosions
Blood effects have been tweaked for larger caliber hits
AMV and Kamysh properly eject shells
APCs should have enhanced fire effects
Error in explosive satchel / charge explosion effect fixed
Optimization of underwater particle effects
AI visibility properly set for all particle effects
Fix: Silenced Scorpion has correct fire modes
Fix: Hit coefficient set according to other suppressors configs
Revamped sound suppressor configuration
Fix: Incorrect alpha sorting on Mk20GL with a 3D scope
Fix: Mk.20 magazine has now correct shadows
Improved animations of Mk.20 rifle
MX and Mk.20 reload magazine animations have been improved
MX rifles have correct description of ammo used on them
MX without optics is by default zeroed according to iron sights
Fix: Issue with parts of character clipping into 3D scope
RCWS turrets share the same reticle
Fix: Cost of .45 ACP ammo compared to 9mm
RPG-42 using more realistic munitions
Added new reticle for RPG
Fix: SDAR dispersion set to more realistic value
Fix: Zeroing is now in steps 30, 100, 200, 300, 400 for SDAR
Tweak: Set recoils for TRG and Katiba
Removed shaking where it shouldn't be feel-able: autocannons, NSVT machine gun
Reduced optics shake on mortars and cannons
PCML reticle has been polished
Minor tweaks in our ammo types calibres and typical speeds to better match their real-life behaviour
Decreased priority of touch off to prevent self destructive behavior of our explosive specialists
Tweak: Engagement ranges of 30mm cannon and Skyfire rockets
Independent Mk6 should be correctly displayed as made by Bohemia Interactive
Tweak: aiRateOfFire of Titan launchers changed from 5.0 to 8.0
Countermeasures have correct name displayed
Adjusted magazineReloadTime of class Throw (for grenades)
Tweaked ammo penetration values for small caliber weapons. This follows the previous update of larger calibers. All changes are based upon real ammunition characteristics and are calculated according our analysis equations.
Added new actors and samples to Radio Protocol
Minor tweaks of Stealth Radio Protocol
Added: When reporting targets, divers, medics, MRAPs, and some other types are identified by specific word
Fix: Tracked APCs were called "tank" in radio protocol
Fix: Louder sounds for characters
Sounds of movement has been tuned for all soldiers
Added SFX samples for stance changes
Fix: Improper sound in rifle kneel inventory animations (
Echo inside of vehicles has been adjusted
Sounds of weapon closures have been adjusted (typically used for bolt moving back)
Adjusted sounds of tracked vehicles
Adjusted sounds of quad bikes
Adjusted sounds of bullet impacts
Adjusted sound volume for quad bike and offroad
Fix: Adjusted sounds for offroad
Adjusted attenuation of sounds for Offroad
Adjusted sounds for grenades (impact and smoke grenades)
Adjusted sounds for Scorpion
Adjusted sounds for ACP-C2
All cars went through technical inspection and have their sounds tuned
Adjusted sounds for 30mm cannon
Adjusted sound controllers for vehicle slip
APCs have improved sounds
Sound suppressors are now more effective on greater range (shot is not possible to hear beyond 200 meters)
Fix: After JIP, persistent functions were sometimes executed before mission objects were created
Fix: In Splendid Camera, setting daytime is now rounded to whole minutes, instead to whole hours as it was previously
Fix: Various issues with tasks in MP missions on Dedicated Server
Fix: Vehicles marked as respawn points using "Respawn Position" module were not recognized upon mission start
Fix: BIS_fnc_respawnTickets sometimes didn't update the value correctly and caused too large network load
Fix: No radio messages received from HQ when playing MP as a client
Fix: Sectors with "Ownership limit" set to 1 were not possible to capture
Fix: HQ call signs created by "Headquarters Entity" module were not assigned on clients
Fix: When multiple vehicles were synchronized to "Respawn Position" module, only the first of them was marked as a respawn point
Fix: Finalizing a sector created by sector module did not work globally
Fix: When task checked by BIS_fnc_taskState didn't exist, returned value was an ARRAY, not STRING as it should have been
Fix: missionFlow.fsm was executed too early, before the mission was initialized. This was caused by the function which calls it being tagged as 'preInit', which has now been changed to 'postInit'
Fix: Vehicle exploded after being deserted even though explosion was disabled in Vehicle Respawn module (
Fix: Supports - Supports available conversation gets spammed for each connected player
Fix: Supports - Supply drop chopper stays and fights enemy
Fix: Various issues with Supports module after respawn
Fix: Renegade players didn't receive tasks assigned to sides
Fix: When a vehicle marked as respawn position was destroyed while client was driving it, it disappeared from the list of respawn positions
Fix: When "Vehicle Respawn" module with "Force respawn" enabled was synchronized to multiple vehicles, only the first one was respawned upon mission start
Fix: When new task recipients were added, no "Task Notification" announcement was shown to them
Added: 'functionPriority' entry for module logics. It's now possible to set order in which modules are initialized. The higher the value is, the later the module function is executed.
Added: When player joins to a mission with MenuPosition respawn template, he'll be moved to the latest, not random respawn.
Added: CfgNotifications classes now supports 'soundRadio' entry; these are radio sentences played by HQ (created by "Headquarters Entity" module).
Added: Respawn loadouts in CfgRespawnInventory are no longer conditioned based on 'show' parameter. Instead, new functions BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory and BIS_fnc_removeRespawnInventory are added to manage the loadouts in the same way as respawn positions are handled
Added: "Defend" mission type (used for example in "Defend Kamino") is now using unified sectors. Mission ends when enemy side holds all sectors on the map.
Added: "MissionEnd" respawn template will now fail a mission when all respawn tickets (set by BIS_fnc_respawnTickets) are exceeded
Added: Calling 'west call BIS_fnc_moduleSector' will now return number of sectors belonging to a side (in this case west)
Added: BIS_fnc_removeSupportLink, allowing designers to quickly disable support availability
Added: Modules disabled using 'enableSimulation' command are no longer executed
Added: On-screen functions errors are now always visible in editor preview
Added: Function logs now works automatically in the mission editor preview
Added: Functions can now be recompiled in the editor
Various undefined variables have been fixed
New function: BIS_fnc_nearestRoad that returns the nearest road segment to certain position, within given radius
New function: BIS_fnc_groupVehicles that returns all vehicles a group possesses
Added: Functions for working with associative arrays:
BIS_fnc_consolidateArray - Finds duplicates in array of strings and consolidates it to the array of sub-arrays
BIS_fnc_addToPairs - Adds a number to pair array, defined by the key. If key is not found, new entry is created
BIS_fnc_finInPairs - Searches the pair array for the 1st occurrence of the key string and returns the value associated with it
Hints in FM have been adjusted according to recent zoom changes
Optimized: Persistent global modules are no longer executed using BIS_fnc_MP, which should help with server performance
Fix: Repaired low LODs for crates
Fix: Thistles have different model
Fix: Trunk textures of some trees have been tweaked
Added correct penetration material on supply drop object
Lamps have better emissive material
Supply parachutes now have correct colors per sides
Knees of pilots look better
Added camo selections for Independent infantry models
Some plants, roads and rocks have their specular materials tweaked
Improved skin material of soldiers
Adjusted color of khaki vest
New helmet camo selections for OPFOR Heli Crew
Adjusted colors of backpacks
HAMR 3D scope specular reduced
Berret is darker and more desaturated
Desert boonie hat has better colors
Adjusted color of AAF belt
OPFOR GL vest grenade pouches made darker with green upper part
Metal barrel should look better even in distant levels of detail
Camo helmets have been improved
NVG model visible on character heads has been improved
Character head hit points are now more precise
Changed a few bag camo types and their respective icons in addition to overall character polishing
Land_CampingChair_V1_F and Land_CampingChair_V1_folded_F no longer have their models switched around


Script errors shown by default in development branch, hidden in main branch
-nologs parameter enabled for the main branch
Fix: Showcase saves can be loaded from showcase menu
Fix: Game taking significantly longer to start (due to font textures)
Fix: Fixed transfer of mission list from Dedicated Server to client
Fix: Various issues with tasks in MP missions on Dedicated Servers
Improvements: AI and rangefinding - ballistic prediction
Increased error of player position, when AI is killed by player
Hiding in the grass now affects AI better
AI ballistic calculation improved for unguided rockets
AI prefer crouch stance while engaging
Continual fire will be decreasing position error (as a counterweight to decreased visibility of shooting)
Fleeing units will not break do_not_fire command
Decreased AI hearing ability to pinpoint enemy unit position
Decreased use of prone stance when target is close
Decreased use of crouch stance when moving
Decreased use of crouch stance in stealth
Fix: AI is unable to take a backpack from a ground
AI learned how to move legs during rotation (animations)
Worked on AI recoil control, dependent on skill
Hearing (AI): speed makes a bigger difference
Fix: MP selection of an item in the inventory not stable / flashing capacity bars
Fix: Cannot add vehicle weapon to another vehicle (
Fix: Fixed missing name in MP lobby. (Headhunters, Escape from Stratis)
Changed PhysX vehicle wheel radius collision
Set minimum limit for applying PhysX forces. Cars with anti roll bars didn’t want to hibernate (to save performance when not needed)
Fix: Helicopter collisions with ground (the force was applied twice)
Fix: Rendering of weapons in the first frame after map is closed
Fix: Rendering of UI objects after windowed / full-screen switch
Fix: Errors and loss of player control if you restarted the mission during titlecards or establishing shots
Fix: Expanded combo box didn't show whole texts
Fix: Order when merging road shapes
Fix: PiP usage of SSAO / Caustics textures
Added: Echo to attenuation inside vehicles
Added: Loop, fade in and fade out for vehicle smokes
Added: Configurable muzzle flash light color
Added: Scripting commands: magazinesAmmo, magazinesAmmoFull
Added: New scripting command weaponsItems
Added: Scripting commands: addMagazineGlobal, removeMagazineGlobal, addWeaponGlobal, removeWeaponGlobal
Lock is now independent from zoom
arma3server.exe has its own icon
Player no longer chokes when swimming on the surface
Optimization of the particle system
Optimization of the visibility calculation through particles
Simulation tasks can now potentially use one more CPU core
Helicopters: Roll inputs between keyboard and Joystick are halved
Better parallax textures on ground surfaces
NVGs in enabled state are always visible inside vehicles
Animation skeleton is now loaded correctly when weapon is initialized before soldier
New scripting command for creating crew for given vehicle (createVehicleCrew)
‘Handgun On’ with launcher selected doesn't go back to launcher anymore
Tweaked sorting of sections when optimizing shape

Product Update - Valve
Патч для версии 1.5.0

- Добавлена возможность предпросмотра и приобретения дополнительных персонажей при создании новой игры и присоединении к сетевой игре.
- Зоны из дополнений теперь отображаются в списке зон на станциях быстрого перемещения, чтобы облегчить покупку дополнений. Зоны еще не купленных дополнений отмечены звездочкой (*).
- Добавлена поддержка PhysX для дополнения «Крошка Тина штурмует обитель дракона».

- Исправлена ошибка, в результате которой пропадали редкие предметы, полученные в дополнении «Крошка Тина штурмует обитель дракона».
- Исправлена ошибка, при которой игра «вылетала» после того, как в дневнике заданий накапливалось более 240 заданий.

Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 8/14/2013

-Visit for complete details.
--Ten Weapon Collections have been released.
--Standard and eSports Weapon Cases now available - a portion of the proceeds from eSports Weapon Case Key sales will help support prize pools for upcoming community competitive CS:GO tournaments.
--Weapon Cases have a chance to contain new knives and StatTrak weapons, which track all player kills with that weapon.
--Players can receive decorated weapons through timed item drops, available on any VAC-secure server.
-All Arms Deal Update items can be traded.
-All Arms Deal Update items can be sold and purchased through the Steam Marketplace (visit the FAQ for details).
-Every decorated weapon has a unique finish and exterior condition and can be thoroughly inspected in game. The ability to launch the in-game inspection view for an item is available in the Steam Inventory, Community Market, and Steam Trading.

-Upgraded Scaleform version to 4.2.
-Improved memory management of Scaleform UI elements.
-Added Inventory to Main Menu and the In-Game Pause Menu.
-Added Loadout to Main Menu and the In-Game Pause Menu.
-Added blog to the main menu
-Added drop shadows to some UI element text for improved readability.
-Improved some HUD layouts to avoid overlap.
-Game no longer truncates player names in most HUD UI elements. Fonts will now scale down to fit the full string.
-When a player picks up a weapon, the original owner of that weapon will now be indicated.
-Fixed certain buttons missing clicks

-Added Silenced M4A1.
-Added Silenced USP.
-New weapons can be equipped through the Inventory UI.
-When a player reloads their weapon, they now drop a magazine that persists in the world.
-Machine gun belts now visually match the ammo count in the viewmodel when firing and reloading.
-Added holdable action key +lookatweapon that allows players to visually inspect their first person weapon while in-game. This has been bound to the F key by default (if that key was previously unbound).
-Players now automatically crouch while planting bombs.

-Adding matchmaking servers in Brazil.
Product Update - Valve
Version B3662 Released

- Fixed a bug leading to a crash located in the Northumbria map which was found in the save/load function
- Fixed a bug leading to a crash located in the “Holding the Coast” map which was found in the save/load function
- Fixed a bug which made the player see enemy buildings through the fog of war
- Fixed a bug which did not allow to deconstruct unfinished walls
- General stability improvement within the skirmish maps
- Fixed a bug which prevented peasants from building gates correctly
- Fixed a bug leading to a crash which appeared when the player tried to deconstruct a wall while units were still on the wall
- Fixed the crashbug which let the game crash once the game was saved
- Fixed a bug which caused catapults to destroy the castle if they were mounted on the castle
- Fixed a bug which caused peasants not being able enter resource buildings
- Questlog in “Holding the Coast” updates correctly now
- Enemy stone walls now have a texture which shows that the wall is damaged
- Fixed a bug which made it impossible to choose Merlin as a card prior to a mission
- Fixed a bug which caused peasants not being able to work on the same segment of a wall while constructing
- Questlog in “The End of an Era” now updates correctly

Version 3636 Released:

- Fixed the bug preventing the game updating the Quest in “Knights Advance” mission
- General stability improved
- Fixed a bug leading to crash once the Exit button was pressed
- Fixed a bug leading to low frame rates when expanding a wall while constructing
- Fixed a bug which lead to crash sometimes when changing the resolution ingame.
- Fixed a bug which automatically changed the difficulty when entering the next map
- Fixed a bug preventing sometimes to finish the map “The Gold Rush”
- Archers are now able to mount walls
- Fixed a bug leading to a crash sometimes when a peasant was assigned to repair a building
- Reduced the issue that peasants get stuck while mining
- Reduced the difficulty in “The Landing”
- Fixed a bug which led to attachments still being visible after being deconstructed
- Catapults slowed down
- Archers now do not damage own buildings anymore while firing
- Some graphical issues visible on walls, gates and towers have been fixed.
- Fixed a bug which made towers invincible while being upgraded
- Fixed a bug leading to a crash while saving the game.
- Fixed a bug within the window mode, which led to a crash sometimes.
- Catapult-bug fixed which lead to the situation where the catapult got stuck and turned around in a loop.