Product Update - Valve
- Added a new information panel in Battle Mode displaying individual ships with a health bar and their statistics.
- The AI can now retrofit its fleets (no more fleet spamming).
- Added the 'Auto-Explore' fleet action.
- Ships can now retreat through wormholes.
- Added the current effects of cooperation agreements in their tooltip, in the diplomatic screen.
- Added a visual effect on the invasion circle to show how much a player invading a system will gain at the next turn.
- Added an invasion status tooltip in offense & defense, as well as an invasion icon next to the system’s name with the number of turns.
- Changed the condition for starting an invasion (MP>=2.5*Defense -> MP>=Defense).
- Changed the invasion formula (Loss=MP / Defense -> Loss = minLoss+MP /Defense).
- Added a modding screen to load a custom mod.
- Added the loaded mod’s name under the game’s version number on the title screen.
- All XML files now read from directory \Endless Space\modding\yourmod (you can directly launch one with "+mod yourmod" in the Steam command line).
- Created a Modding Tutorial available in the Modding forum:
- Created two example mods that can be downloaded in the Modding forum:
- Changed antimissile and missile evasion values to match other weapons' values when it comes to percent bonuses (hero, ship level…).
- Missiles will now gain evasion % against anti-missiles through Hero offense and Ship leveling.
- Increased the defense effects of the hero abilities and faction traits.
- Decreased both laser and shield efficiencies. Lasers have more chances to hit than other weapons but deal less damage, and shields are more efficient against Lasers than other Defense types against their own Weapon type.
- Added an Economy faction trait which changes initial dust for 1 or 2 points, called “Dust Archeology” (negative effect is “Dust Starved”).
- Changed some faction trait costs.
- Changed the values of the 'Sloppy Sawbones' faction trait (+25% / +50% => +50% / +100%).
- Removed the ‘Isolationists’ faction trait.
- Improved the customization point number for the Pilgrims affinity (60 => 65).
- Reduced the effects of the 'Civil Engineer' hero ability (+25 ind => +15 ind).
- Increased the defense effects of the hero abilities and faction traits.
- Shift+Click in the Tech tree allows you to deselect a tech (and the ones that depend on it).
- Right clicking in the lobby, while being the host, prompts a warning message to avoid inadvertently quitting the session and losing all parameters.
- Added several hero portraits.
- Added the Sheredyn loading screen and the hologram in the Diplomacy view (Emperor Edition).
- The science gained per turn is now displayed in the Empire View.
- Added a “diplomatic” status for dead factions.

- Fixed an issue where an empire was not eliminated after losing all its systems.
- Fixed an issue where game event duration was not modified by game speed.
- Fixed an issue where the user could create Amoeba, Pilgrims, Sowers, and Empire affiliated factions worth 65 points.
- Fixed an issue where the defeat announcement, when continuing a game after a defeat, would pop up several times.
- Fixed an issue where an assert message was received when ending the turn, caused by the auto explore feature.
- Fixed an issue where the “Camouflage” battle card’s sound could be heard several times per round.
- Fixed an issue where the alliance indicator didn’t disappear after the empire’s death.
- Fixed an issue where the resource tooltips continued to inform the player that he possessed a certain resource, even if he no longer had access to it.
- Fixed an issue where the resource terms showed the opposing empires’ tooltip on mouse-over.
- Fixed an issue where removing a negative trait to create a Sophon custom faction removed points from the total.
- Fixed an issue where intercept no longer worked after applying a change to a fleet (like a merge).
- Fixed an issue where the resource tooltips did not acknowledge the reception of a new resource through trade, therefore displaying that this resource had to be researched in order to use a certain tech.
- Fixed an issue where a player could not request more resources than the value requested on the first trade.
- Fixed an issue where the Adaptive Industrial Systems improvement could cause negative food values.
- Fixed an issue where it was still possible to combine Black Thumbs and the Sowers Affinity via a specific manipulation.
- Fixed an issue where custom factions with 'Eternal War' see the Alliance tech unlock.
- Fixed an issue where custom factions with 'Cravers Affinity' but without 'Eternal War' are not able to make alliances.
- Fixed an issue where the Revenge trait could be cumulated after consistenly losing a system to an invader.
- Fixed an issue where an assert message was received while blockading a majority of an empire’s systems.
- Fixed sound issues.
- Fixed several localization issues.
- Fixed several text issues.

All the version notes since the alpha version can be found at:
Product Update - Valve
Source Filmmaker version has been released. This update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • New session: Meet the Soldier
  • Poster can be exported to PNG or JPEG additional to TGA
  • Movie export to Image Sequence now with JPEG possible
  • Improved rig scripts to fix knee and shoulder position issues
  • Fixed watch on Sniper
  • Issue with exporting movies with frame rate 23.976 fixed
  • Single sound file can manually update its waveform
  • Improvements in the Console: autocomplete and clear
  • Improved default animationset control groupings

Product Update - Valve
Patch Notes

Fix for Co-operative Multiplayer Campaign victory conditions. The campaign will end when the victory conditions are met.
Increased the variant texture cache size on low, medium and high graphics settings to prevent bodies from twitching on the battle map.
Added DLC requirement string to Saints and Heroes unit tool tips in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian and Polish on the veteran selection screen.
The download bar will now show for clients when downloading user generated multiplayer battle maps.
Unit names will now appear correctly above the selected units in the unit stats roster in the battle lobby.
Desynchronisation / desync fix for Multiplayer Campaign.

Product Update - Valve
7.40 Update Notes:
* Added new Jester Hero DLC, along with Fool Costume, and "The King's Game" mission & associated loot
* Improved Mac performance, and added & optimized support for Macbook Pro Retina display (and any native Mac display resolution).
* The 'Dungeon Defenders Development Kit' has been moved to the Steam Tools section, rather than being a Dungeon Defenders DLC. Any previous owner of that DLC should re-download it as a Tool.
* Spider Minions can no longer be webbed, and Enemy Ogres can now be webbed
* Reduced Goblin Copter floating height by 33%, enabling melee characters to more easily hit them
* Further reduced Goblin Copter flight speed by 20%
* Made Copter Ogres lose 70% of HP if they are dropped from a destroyed Copter
* Mod Maps no longer become deselected in the Mission Setup UI when someone enters or leaves your Tavern
* Sky City ninja Djinn/Wyverns should really be fixed now. Promise.
* Dungeon Defenders Development Kit Updated to contain all Dungeon Defenders content! (Eternia Shards, New Heroes, etc)
Aug 8, 2012
Product Update - Valve

- Joker Distribution has opened a branch in the social district and employed Ophelia and Wilde as representatives. Bring the Joker tokens you earn in Fight Club to them and exchange them for cool new weapons, clothing and vehicles - some of which you can see on display throughout the store. Will you be the first to unlock the ridiculously opulent Crown Imperial?!


- New to Fight Club are Activities: Activities will require you to perform small tasks whilst on a Fight Club mission. An example would be "Kill 3 enemy players with your sidearm" or "Obtain 3 assists".

- There are 3 tiers of Activities: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each tier will increase the challenge of the activity but will net you a greater reward as you go. Attaining a Bronze or Silver rank will reward you on the spot, however attaining a gold rank will net you a significantly larger reward at the end of the week. Individual activities can be skipped every 6 minutes and you will receive a different activity to perform, for those of you who would rather not obtain 3 assists for example.

- We are introducing this to Fight Club to begin with, with hopes of introducing it to the action districts and general missions as well, we are using Fight Club as a testing ground to study how successful the activity system is.

Please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback on the new system.


- These appear below your player name on the HUD and can be seen by other players. You can change your title via the Character Info or Character Inventory screens. You unlock more through completing in-game achievements and roles, ranking up, or purchasing them with Joker Tickets from Ophelia in Breakwater Marina. By default your title is your rank name, but various others are available. You can even choose no title, or, if you are in a Clan and are a Premium member, the name of your Clan.


- Added Camera tilt. Your camera will now tilt in accordance with the direction you are leaning.
- Added an option to disable mouse smoothing.
- Re-Adding High-Heels now a major issue with them is now fixed. These have been added to the Joker Distribution Center and will be on Armas in the future.
- Teammate stuns will now award friendly Stun Demerits when in a mission and trigger the team kill kick system in Fight Club.
- Adding a few non-unlockable Vaquero parts to be gifted to all players with a Vaquero.
- Added an animated background for the death screen.
- Added a new background for the district spawn selection screen.
- Changed several display points in Social to be usable by both factions. This includes the areas outside Rendevous and the new Joker Distribution store.
- Added a new splash screen for 1.9.0.
- Devil Dog has a new perch...


- Disabled missions that use trucks as they are very unpopular.
- OSMAW and the PMG now have skins available for player selection and use.
- Levels 1, 7, 12 and 16 of Pointman and Rifleman unlock Solid Stock variants of the OCA/JG and NTEC respectively.
- Increasing the Sprint Delay from 0.25 to 0.45 seconds. This means you will be unable to sprint for approximately half a second after firing your weapon.
- The Joker RFP-9 now has increased accuracy loss when sprinting. This means you'll need about half a second after sprinting to fire accurately.
- Increased the aiming walk speed of the STAR-556 'LCR' significantly.


- ASSISTS: Fixed an issue were assists were not always given. Assists are now awarded to all players that dealt damage to the player that died - though only the player that did the most damage other than the killer will show on the assist hud.
- VFX: Checkpoint volumes are now correctly cleaned up when a mission ends.
- EXPLOIT: Fixed an exploit which allowed players to fire faster than intended.
- EXPLOIT: Fixed a roof next to a Ga5 station in Financial that players could use to exploit task items.
- ACHIEVEMENTS: "Kind of a Big Deal" should now unlock correctly.
- MISSIONS: Fixed issues with the final stage of the Criminal mission "Antisocial Networking".
- MISSIONS: Fixing mission 'Bookie on the Run' so criminals can interact with task items spawned by the Investigation on Stage 4. This also shortens the Investigate time of stage 7 in 'Top Cop Chop-Shop Shock'.
- PHYSX: PhysX initialisation failures will now display message boxes and close the game gracefully instead of crashing.
- GAMEPLAY: Players will now drop a carried task item when they deploy a field supplier. This will also mean their deployed weapon will update correctly when it is changed.
- GAMEPLAY: Players will no longer be penalized with a "Team Kill" if they shot a vehicle that has Brick/Meteor activated before it kills a player. Now, when a vehicle explodes while the Brick/Meteor mod is active, the resulting kills will be attributed to the last person to drive the vehicle.
- CUSTOMISATION: Reworked height adjustment in the persona editor. This will standardize the position of decals and controls, but when re-sizing a character in the Persona Editor they will stretch from the middle rather than from the legs.
- PLEASE NOTE: This may cause some decals/tattoos to now be miss-aligned. Unfortunately this is a side effect of us resolving this issue. Our apologies if this issue affects you.
- TASK ITEMS: Increased Task Interaction distance for Task Items. This fixes an issue where players could park vehicles / ram props over task items in order to stop them being interactable.
- CRASH FIXES: Fixed various client crashes.
- CHECKPOINTS: Moved the checkpoint on the Balcony, across the road from the Casino in the Financial district, as it was very difficult to get heavy task items to it.
- UI: Fixed an issue that was preventing the text highlights working in the Ceremony messages.
- UI: Implemented the correct lighting setup for the inspect UI.
- UI - MUSIC STUDIO: If highlighted by the mouse pointer the keyboard sections scrolls independently of the track section, causing them to be misaligned. This is no longer the case.
- UI: Vendors should properly hide assets that are not for the players gender. If they are shown for any other reason, it should at least show that you cannot equip it because you are of the wrong gender.
- UI: Adding Prentiss Tiger's skin to list of available NTEC Skins.
- UI: Fixed and issue that would occasionally show a HUD marker, for a player carrying a task item, in the wrong location.
- UI: Removing Simon Tran and Pagan Bloodrose from Waterfront contacts list.
- AUDIO: Removal of a broken audio emitter from Financial that was playing club music in a residential area.
- AUDIO: Fixing audio on the Pioneer 'Inside-Out'.
- AUDIO: The SoundFX for Nitro is now (finally) working again!
- ENVIRONMENTS - FINANCIAL: Tweaks to TipToe's area to prevent players exploiting the roofs. Changed the checkpoints on the upper floor of the car park so that they are no longer vehicle drop-off points.
- ENVIRONMENTS - FINANCIAL: The back of the Praetorian sign on the offices of Le Boyce has been fixed.
- ENVIRONMENTS - FINANCIAL: Lighting fixes for the doors in block across the street from Le Boyce.
- ENVIRONMENTS - FINANCIAL: Fixed the ramp in front of the car park that previously had a hole in it.
- ENVIRONMENTS - FINANCIAL: Fixed the bullet collision with the Information desk in the Subway entrance.
- ENVIRONMENTS - FINANCIAL: Fixed the lighting issues around Le Boyce's office area.
- ENVIRONMENTS - FINANCIAL: Fixed various areas in Financial that previously allowed players to escape from the world.
- ENVIRONMENTS - FINANCIAL: Vehicle spawner put back in The Needles after being accidentally removed in the previous patch.
- ENVIRONMENTS - SOCIAL: Players are no longer able to jump out of bounds in the Social district.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Adding blocking volumes to Waterfront and removed a mission prop that was both hard to capture and provided access to an undesirable area.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Lighting fixes for an area behind the Medical College that was not being lit correctly.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Door fixed at the back of the Medical College so that it is the correct way around on both sides.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Fixed an exploit that allowed players to warp inside a sewer pipe.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Fixed the lighting of props and doors around a warehouse in Waterfront.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Fixed an issue with the visibility of an out of bounds area in the south west section of Waterfront.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Fixed an issue that allowed players to shoot through a wall at the dock in Waterfront.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Fixed various areas in Waterfront that previously allowed players to escape from the world.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Adjusting blocking volume around fence near Britney Bloodrose to prevent access to a balcony.
- ENVIRONMENTS - WATERFRONT: Moved some of the checkpoints near the Villanueva, to make them more accessible.
Product Update - Valve
- Preview of maps in Community Maps section
- Minimap never forgets your progress now
- Analog joysticks now give you analog movement
- Improved gamepad navigation of menus
- Performance improvements
- Many other bug fixes
Product Update - Valve
Changelist for version
- Removed debug content
- Added proper localization for the new DLC’s
- Fixed an issue where the Holding Apparatus of Saumetheus never gave proper fire resistance
Product Update - Valve
AirMech Version 11196

- Added new game server locations: Paris and Chicago
- New server location world map for filtering servers based on a player’s location
- Updated the vote kick dialog to be less obtrusive and have vote hotkeys
- Updated to ‘kick due to ping’ mechanism (should be more forgiving/reduce button camping).
- Map images have been updated in the Create Game screen
- New quest icons for CTF based quests
- Fixed/removed some pre-existing creeps on some maps
- Added in a new ‘Social’ tab in the UI (work in progress)
- Localization updates with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server
- Balanced AirMech air damage and movement speeds while shooting
- Removed Osprey healing penalty on taking damage when in air mode
- Added air mode damage falloff at 60% range to AirMechs
- Added a new indicator when the game is in Overtime
- Updated Fortress front wall in CTF mode
- CTF cores will now show up on the mini-map and will blink
- Add chat messages to replays

Bug Fixes:
- Bug fix to AirMech ground form targeting
- Bug fix for controller layout not saving when exiting that Settings UI
- Replay bug fix for when a player left the game
- Bug fix for CTF Return and Score stats
- Fix for UI glitch when entering a new online game lobby
- Warthog bugfix to lose booster when out of energy
- fix end game UI to properly show XP accumulation and level up

Product Update - Valve
Changelist for version
• Added new DLC; Olympian Onslaught (4 new PvP arenas)
• Added new DLC; Triathlon of Terror (3 new challenge levels)
• Added new DLC; Athletic Techniques (Magick Pack)
• Added new DLC; Sporting Goods (Item Pack)
• Fixed various minor issues

Product Update - Valve
Added new explosion decals.
Fixed bug with scope rendering
Fixed level up rewards text.
Collision fixes on levels
Bug fixes on levels
Grozny: returned back old spawn positions
Added profanity filter to chat