Product Update - Valve
Super Monday Night Combat Rule Changes: 4 (v35641)

Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Cheston, Karl, Megabeth, Leo, Veteran.
It's the Rule Changes 4 mark and it's going to hit the fan!
We got a big one for you this week. We're introducing our Training Camp! That's right, a whole map dedicated to exploring all the different aspects of Super Monday Night Combat. This includes checking out any of the Pros, even ones you don't own and are not currently free. No queuing, no waiting, you just jump in and try stuff out!
As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email
The current version is: 35641. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.
New Rules
• Added Training Camp mode. Training Camp is found through the "Play" menu. You will just be placed in a server where you can try out all the gameplay elements of Super Monday Night Combat.
• Added dialog in Custom Games to prevent players from breaking their lobbies after hitting Start Game.
• Pros you cannot use are now shown grayed out in the Character Picker.
• Increased mouse sensitivity slider range.
• GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Character Specific call outs added.
• GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Streak VO changes.
• GG Stack & Chip Valvano: More Commercial VO added.
• Added blue-yellow nameplate option for those who have troubles seeing red-green.
• Locker Room customize menu redesigned for clarity and grouping customize slots under their associated Pros.
• Improved wording on Play menu buttons.
• Updated MP landing menu: separated out Super Crossfire options from Training options.
• First Blood, Multikills, Kill Streaks, now send a message to everyone.
• Annihilator Ready message now sent to everyone.
• Respawn times now increase after the 30 minute mark.
• Increased Post-Game Prize drop rate of Uniform parts.
• Updated resolution options adding 1366x768 and 1360x768.
• Improved descriptions for Pros.
• Improved the camera while dead. Especially when the taunter dies while they are taunting you.
• Juice Boxes now give 1/5 of the juice back rather than 1/4.
Bug Fixes
• Fixed store taunts not updating correctly.
• Fixed uniforms in the "Featured Items" area not being displayed correctly when first selected.
• Fixed reselecting a Pro in the store not displaying the Pro's details in the bottom pane.
• Fixed accepting an invite not always cancelling previous Match Making attempts.
• Fixed light shaft on item pick ups sometimes lingering.
• Fixed Play button being on some screens where it wasn't needed.
• Fixed some older Uniforms not previewing properly in the inventory screen.
• Fixed Chickey's egg effect from not always playing.
• Fixed rare issue with both Moneyballs being destroyed at the exact same time.
• New Bundle: Triple Threat: Commando Style - On sale for the first week!
• New Bundle: Action Heroes
• All Magnet: Range 768 -> 640
• Massive Air: Minimum level 6 -> 1
• Massive Air: Air Control: 1 -> 0.8
Downtown Spunky Arena
• Continued art improvements.
• Moved Fuji and Scrambler bot spawn buttons location closer to the player spawner.
• Modified bot spawner collision to prevent Spark from getting stuck inside.
• Fixed some collision issues on the Icemen's side.
• Fuji Bots: Now, once again, drops 2 juice boxes instead of 1 juice and 1 churro.
• Fuji Bots: Now drop an additional armor pick up.
• Jackbot XL: Projectiles now do knockback and turn off Assault's Fly.
• Jackbot XL: Speed 350 -> 400
• Black Jacks: No longer appear as turrets in the overhead camera.
• Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Only spawn once 60 seconds instead of once every 40 seconds.
• Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now swap lanes every 5 minutes.
• Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now additionally spawn on the opposite lane when the Moneyball is down.
• Fuji Bots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now spawn more Fujis in between Jackbot spawns.
• Smoke Bomb: Bot Stun Duration: 4 -> 3
• Leap: 75% of the effect of a slow debuff is now applied to jump velocity.
• Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
• Assault Bomb: Headcrab bonus 250 -> 50
Captain Spark
• New Uniform: Captain Buzz
• New Uniform: Captain Sparkle
• New Weapon: Sparkle Voltage Spike
• Arc Flash: 75% of the effect of a slow debuff is now applied to Arc Flash distance.
• Voltage Spike: Alt fire: Now only gains charges from Voltage Spike hits.
• Voltage Spike: Alt fire: Damage: 50 -> 45
• Voltage Spike: Fixed selecting a Pro other than Captain Spark, then switching to Captain Spark breaking his Voltage Spike alt-fire skill.
• Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
• Bananas Monihan: Fixed typo in the description.
• Taunts: You may now choose a taunt for Dual Miniguns separate from the Minigun.
• Deploy: Armor Pulse Time: 1 -> 0.75
• Mr. Destructoid: Fixed a typo in his description.
• Short Circuit: Projectile Speed: 1000/2000/2500/3072 -> 3072/3072/3072/3072
• New Taunt: I Invented That Kick
• Mona Laser: Range: Full Damage/Min Damage 1536/2560 -> 2560/3072
• Venice Defense: Recall button now becomes active only after Venice Defense is fully deployed and teleport button charges.
• Venice Defense: Recall can no longer be used after Venice Defense is destroyed.
• Shoot the Moon: Cooldown: 40/27/20/15 -> 20/14/10/7.5
• Shoot the Moon: No longer starts cooldown until skill finishes.
• Shoot the Moon: Jump Velocity: 1024 -> 1300
• Trap: Upgrade level 4 no longer locks out skills for its victims.
• Trap: Max: 1/1/2/2 -> 1/1/1/2
• Trap: Freeze & Slow Duration: 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5 -> 1/1/1.5/1.5
• Trap: No longer able to be destroyed by friendly damage.
• Trap: Fixed sometimes being partially embedded in the ground.
• Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
• Healing: money 0.1 -> 0.05
• Air Strike: Now does bonus damage when attached to players (Ground Zero), even under cover: 50
• Alt Fire Slam: Slow Duration 3 -> 1.5
• Alt Fire Slam: Fixed slam not affecting Jackbots
• Ka-Klaw: Targets can now use air control when grabbed, allowing them to 'struggle' against it. Air control for the target is reduced as the Ka-Klaw is upgraded.
• Coin Launcher: Coins now damage himself.
• Coin Launcher: Coins are now team colored only for allied players.
• Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
• Shifty Shuffle: Now ends upon a successful counter-grapple.

Product Update - Valve

- Fixing save of keys remapping.
- Fixing a crash in custom flares interface.
- Fixing a crash in the friends invitation interface.
- Improving vehicles pathfind among buildings
- Improving pathfind on some maps.
- Fixing a bug causing some call-in helos to stop on a map’s edge when entering it (occurred only when a savegame was reloaded)
- Fixing a bug causing ATGM to disappear in flight.
- Fixing a bug causing low stability ATGM to pass above a target when they should hit.
- Fixing a crash/infinite loading when host quits a lobby with more than 2 players in it
- Updating localization files.
Product Update - Valve
Waveform Update Released

-The second Leaderboard Challenge has come to and end. Thanks to all participants and congratulations to the top 5 finishers, all of whom will receive a free Steam copy of the indie game Capsized!

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a problem where the title screen would only display a portion of the normal screen (black background with a star field and the cursor) and make it impossible to get into the game
-Fixed the end tutorial screens on Pluto 2 and Pluto 4
-Improved game initialization load times
-Fixed text overlapping for short names and large scores when on the loading screen for a Deep Space Mode
-Fixed a bug on Earth 4 that prevented one Light Orb from being collected by a Fireworks while in the Hyper challenge mode
-Fixed text wrapping on loading screens for 1280x1024 screen resolutions
-Fixed the Pulse challenge mode for Asteroid Belt 6

Product Update - Valve
1) Fixed the Russian Language encoding problem
2) Fixed a bug that causes a hard crash from VCD playback
3) Fixed a bug where players would get stuck on missions
4) Added additional dialogue to the game for helpful instruction
5) Fixed several lighting issues

Product Update - Valve
An update to Bastion has been released. The major changes include:

- Fix startup crashes for some older model Macs
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed bug where Doppelwalk illusions weren’t getting stats from their attribute bonus.
- Fixed bug where a red ring was visible to the opposing team under an invisible PL after his Doppelwalk illusion died.
- Fixed bug when Doppelwalking where there would sometimes be a visible jump in PL’s health bar to the enemy team.
- Fixed some values in damage output/input from Juxtapose illusions.
Product Update - Valve
• Added Classic Casual to the Find a Game options.
• Increased running inaccuracy of rifles and snipers. Lowered recoil of negev, lowered standing inaccuracy for negev. improved famas secondary burst grouping, increased ak47 recoil
• Added money bonus to knife kills.
• Bot difficulty tuned.
• Removed the grace period for defusing the bomb as it allows to many hard-to-fix exploits.
• Fixed elite cycle time to be the same as CSS

• Update to the Main Menu screen:
- Rank medals earned by the player will now be displayed underneath their name.
• Play menu screen updates:
- Updates to win panel for Arms Race including: improvements to displaying the winner, animated elements, and progression icons.
• Fixed demo playback loading screen problem.
• Fixed placeholder elements on generic loading screen.
• Added timer to continue loading screen.
• Fixed assists in death messages showing up in modes other than "Classic".
• Fixed the "Next Weapon" panels not displaying properly in Arms Race before you got your first kill.
• Fixed alert text popping (position/opacity) behind the Exclamation Point graphic when the animation first comes up when the buy time has expired.
• Condensed spectator panel to minimize overlap with other hud elements.
• Removed old green tint from radar directional arrow and ring to match current HUD gray color scheme.
• Win panel can now show progress made towards stat based achievements completed that round.
• Fixed Demolition mode next weapon icons being incorrect.
• Added missing outline on incendiary grenade icon.
• When using a gamepad, the left and right shoulder button glyphs will gray out when there is no one left to spectate.
• Fix for the gun icons being too big and cutoff.

• Added Nuke SE
• Added Inferno SE
• Dust SE
- Added overviews for radar
• Aztec SE
- Added overviews for radar
• Dust
- Adjusted size of buy zones for both CT and T's.
• Shorttrain
- Updated radar overhead map: Removed corner sections, towers, and yellow "garbage" can from bomb planting zone.
• Train
- Increased accuracy of bomb and buy zone graphical indicators on radar image.
• Inferno
- Updated size and location of buy and spawns zone graphics.
• St Marc
- Rescaled radar overhead map and angled the bomb zone graphic to match the actual angle of the zone.
- Adjusted color-correction settings.
• Safehouse
- Adjusted color correction settings.
- Adjusted radar image scale and position.
• Italy
- Adjusted buy and spawn zone graphics for CT's and T's.
- Fixed extra-large and bright light coronas in hostage area and Wine Cellar.
- Fixed a tree at Right Alley
- Made a slew of accessible areas inaccessible. Thank you, Maiho for identifying these.
- Adjusted color-correction settings.
• Aztec
- Updated buy and spawn zone graphics on radar image.
• Dust 2
- Expanded and moved both the CT a T buy and spawn zones in radar image.
• Bank
- Increased active game area border line weight from 1 to 2 pixels in radar.
- Adjusted color-correction settings.
- Fixed stretching polygons on the door frame at Gas Station.
- Fixed the door model at Market.
• Nuke
- Adjusted spawn and buy zone graphic indicators on radar image.
• Baggage
- Readjusted color-correction settings.
• Lake
- Increased active game area border line weight from 1 to 2 pixels in radar.
- Adjusted color correction settings.
• Sugarcane
- Updated color-correction settings.
• Office
- Adjusted buy and spawn zone graphics for CT's and T's.
- Adjusted color correction settings.
- Fixed a bug where the slideshow projection would sometimes show up on the wall behind the projector wall.

• Dsp removed from all third person footsteps and gunshots to increase directionality. In turn removed audio quality option which was mainly responsible for determining dsp level.
• Moved the distance at which weapon shots cross fade to their "distant" version further away from the player to aid in identification of weapons being used during the round.
• Third person weapon shot volume raised to aid in the identification of weapons being used during the round.

Bug Fixes:
• Fix for getting the golden knife too early in Arms Race.
• Fix for incorrectly retaining the gold knife on respawn after a suicide, team change, or killed by enemy knife.
• Regenerate the recoil tables at game mode/type start; this allows the tables to incorporate parameters from loaded convars.
• We now remove the golden knife from the player if they had it and lost a level in Arms Race.
• Fixed a bug with the HUD where the round timer stops with 0:01 left if the round ends by timeout.
• Fix for knife spawning in on the ground with you if you end the round without your secondary weapon (pistol).
• Fix for single hostage shooting penalty getting counted multiple times.
• Spectators are no longer allowed to vote.
• Fixed view model hitching after a full network update.
• Fixed a crash pertaining to death notifications.
• Fixed an assert that would happen every time a player opened a prop_dynamic door.
• Fixed potential crash in FAMAS and Glock when firing remaining burst shots when the PlayerOwner owner no longer exists.
• Fixed flash bangs showing through doors.
• Fix for losing mouse focus when directly connecting to a server.
• Fix for crash when running a dedicated server under specific linux versions/distrubutions.
• Fix for instances of "Round draw" voice over playing between matches.
• Fixed some ducking pops that would happen when toggling duck during ducking / unducking.

• First round of mostly PC specific CSM optimizations that improve perf. on all CSM quality levels:
- Optimized the core CSM shader to use fewer ALU instructions (VERY_LOW/LOW=21% faster, MEDIUM quality level=10% faster, HIGH=8% faster).
- Coaxed the HLSL compiler to [flatten] several important conditionals it was sometimes issuing dynamic jumps for.
- The VERY_LOW and LOW quality levels use a single 3D radial lerp vs. the previous 2D+3D lerp
- VERY_LOW/LOW only use 2 world cascades vs. the previous 3. At VERY_LOW/LOW quality levels only vertexlit and phong where actually using the closest cascade (for better character self shadowing), so world shadow quality is mostly unaffected by this change.
- Also adding a bunch of CSM culling statistics (displayed at the bottom of the screen when cl_csm_debug_2d is 1).
- dust2 timedemo avg. FPS results on a NV 6800/Core2 2.4 GHz at VERY_LOW improved by 13% (higher quality settings also see an improvement).
Product Update - Valve
An update to Trapped Dead has been released. The major changes include:

- fixed a bug where all characters disappeared when restarting a level after loading a save game
- removed online activation tool
- several text and layout adjustments
- added proper PhysX DLLs to package
- item pop-up text is now removed when the item is picked up
- adjusted walkable areas in Weapon Shop and Shooting Range level
- fixed mouse trapped inside an area that is smaller than the current window
- fixed crash during fights when weapon was destroyed (e.g. grenades)
- fixed a bug that an attack loop was repeated over and over again
- changed some movement parameters for quicker turning and pathfinding around corners
- stamina change due to movement or melee fight is now unique for every character
- several balancing issues addressed
- fixed input bug where fast clicking interrupted a started attack
- ranged weapon cursor will now fade out if target is out of range
- fixed bug where you can't interrupt the current movement by attacking something
- increased attack speed of some zombies
- fixed AI pathfinding states after attack
- fixed AI sensor update intervals and location detection
- fixed crash in AI sensor array update
- fixed crash during automatic door using
- fixed visibility detection inside buildings (roof on/off)
- fixed some localization bugs
- converted UI text to UNICODE for all language versions
- new font for UNICODE versions
- fixed user name "guessing" for UNICODE machines
- fixed text input for UNICODE characters
- shopping street: crossbow position fixed, save spots relocated
- military base: reduced number of spawning zombies in hangars
- fixed video adapter detection, now done during every engine startup
- zombies won't raise again if they were killed during stun
- Spanish localization added

- 'Ready' button in bunker is now enabled as soon as a character is selected by the client
- fixed item synchronization in bunker when a client has already selected some items and a new client joins
- new messages about network state
- increased pushback to zombies because of disabled ragdoll
- fixed crash in explosive scene objects handling (barrels)
- player name can now be chosen in Host or Join Menu
- special handling for multiplayer mission events where party setup differs from storyline
- fixed "locked" characters in bunker
- refactored fight system for multiplayer matches to avoid double hits on client
- fixed AI's dead target handling, not all references to player were removed
- adjusted some mission goals, so that a mission can be completed without special characters
- username changes in host/join menu will now be applied immediately
- removed friendly fire completely
- fixed chat message to prevent buffer overflows/crashes
- chat input line will not be erased when a new message arrives while typing
- reduced network bandwidth for AI and entity handling by 50-75%
Product Update - Valve
An update to Bastion has been released. The major changes include:

- [Mac OSX] Fixes to crash on level of "Workmen Ward" for certain iMac users.
- [Mac OSX] Fixes to misc crash issues based on user-submitted reports. Thanks again to everyone who's taken the time to send crash logs.
- [Mac OSX] Wireless 360 Controller support via wireless receiver
Product Update - Valve
- Radiation timer removed from Easy mode