Product Update - Valve
Updates to Waveform have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

This update addresses the following compatibility issues that affected some users:
-Texture display problems on netbooks (some textures appeared as white boxes)
-Running the game on Vista or Windows 7 with Aero enabled
-Black screen in any level with the Distortion effect

Also included in this update are two features requested by the community:
-Press 'Esc' to back out of menus. Previously pressing 'Esc' would quit the game
-Choose whether or not to have the cursor visible in-game. Toggle this via the Options menu
Product Update - Valve
Trine 2 v1.14 - March 26, 2012

Major changes:

- added the Hardcore Mode
- characters are only revived by new checkpoints, making the game considerably harder and more oldschool
- added the option to prevent self-levitation
- added the option to prevent levitation for co-op players


- fixed Forlorn Wilderness being unlocked in the Host Game menu when Latest Save exists
- fixed several rare crashes


- fixed client stuck waiting for full sync after level change


- fixed Launcher languages to match ingame languages
- fixed minor language issues
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Anno 2070 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

The most important changes in overview:
- Notepad function implemented
- Rival Third Parties will got to war against one another
- DLC-related awards will only be included in the overall count if the corresponding DLC has been activated
- The "Dock" building is now much cheaper to both build and operate
- The sawmill produces more slowly
- Goods depots' Surface-to-air missiles do more damage
- Tornadoes occur more rarely
- Skylar Bane's World Council actions have been rearranged and significantly increased
- Seamus Green's World Council actions have been rearranged, with some weakened and some strengthened
- Underwater Oil fields have been significantly increased at all levels of difficulty
- A bug was fixed which led to own games being flagged as „Other game” and therefore certain achievements not being unlocked.

Further changes and bug fixes:
- NPC Ark Trading ships destroyed by tornadoes now respawn after some time, ensuring that the player still has a partner for passive trade
- Fixed an exploit occurring during trading with third parties per Drag&Drop
- The lumberjack now being correctly processes the "Summer Tree" decorative element
- A bug which led to interface elements being shown in the main menu whenever the game was paused has been fixed
- Ships on trading routes no longer automatically take on quest-related items such as the boarding crew
- Sound effect for placing a Summer Tree was corrected
- In the description of the ornamental building "Reflection", the statue is now properly referred to as an "ornamental building"
- Collision detection has been optimized for ornamental buildings
- The Keeper and Guardian buildings are now correctly referred to as "Ecobalance buildings" in the building interface
- Quests in the "Friendly turn" category designed to support the player when at war with any other third party now count as failed as soon as the player makes peace with that third party (Applies to - "Fleet expansion," "Reinforcements", "Cannon fodder" and "Asymmetrical warfare")
- After a multi-player game had been lost, the button "Start new scenario" was mistakenly displayed, which led to subsequent errors. This has been fixed
- An error in the loading screen which occurred when players joined a multiplayer game directly from another multi-player game has been resolved
- A rare error was fixed where the mouse pointer was not displayed while loading certain scenarios and world events
- Ark contents were sometimes lost when switching between online and offline mode, and when loading a saved game from the other mode. This bug has been corrected.
- Contents unlocked using Tech Career points no longer bear the Eco Symbol in the "Bonus Content" menu
- An error in the visualization of sequenced movement and attack commands has been fixed
- A bug was fixed which could lead to the game looking as if it were accelerated when a player had enabled time acceleration while simultaneously inviting a co-op partner to their game
- The volume of the Related Designs Jingles at the start of the game has been reduced
- It is no longer possible to move the camera during the introductory sequence of the Bonus Mission "Return to C.O.R.E."
- Animation of the damage to the pirate base when bombarded by a long-range missile has been improved
- Diplomacy menu improved in co-op games
- A rare error has been fixed which led to the population not consuming any more tea after a savegame loaded
- Audio feedback revised for certain quests
- Several small quest bugs were fixed
- Several text errors have been corrected
- Several improvements in chat and when adding contacts
- And much more.
Product Update - Valve
CrimeCraft Spring Update Released.

Here is the list of main changes:

* Now Steam players can trade with each other on Steam web site without entering the game.
* To trade an item a player has to put it in a special “Steam” tab in the ATM – this will make that item available on Steam web site. All Steam players will have this tab in their ATM now.

* Featured Troll face and Rage face masks are availble on Black Market now.
* Visit "Custom Clothing" section of Black Market to customize your current mask or glasses.

* Now all damage calculations are done in fractions.
* Now players can see their teammates hp in combat.
* Now players can see other players healing, both their teammates and opponents.
* Now players correctly get invincibility after respawn.
* Now players can see the icon of friendly NBR Grenade.
* Fixed the issue when players weren't able to shoot for several seconds after the spawn.
* Added new combat mode events: Waved Spawn and Classes Only.

* Now players can preview multiple character visual custom options and custom clothing before purchasing them.
* New items added on Black Market, including more gold boosts and ammo, Tier 5 Ingredient Packs, Gear Packs and craft recipes.
* Old Gear Packs now have better quality of boosts, ammo and weapon attachments.
* Now players can spend gold bars to purchase and upgrade their Gang, Gang Hideouts, inventory tabs, craft professions and recipes.

* Added new clothing parameters which reduce shock duration, reduce burn speed, increase ammo count and increase run speed.
* Regenerative Auto-Injector, Direct Injection System, Camouflage Sensor Array, Heartbeat Detector, Shock Grenade and Desensitization abilities stats changed.
* Heartbeat Detector and Regenerative Auto-Injector ability AUGs stats changed.
* Added new ability AUGs for Corrosive Rounds, Desensitization, Direct Injection System, LMG and Rocket Turrets, Second Chance, Ambush Tactics, Blast Helmet, Enhanced Recovery and PED abilities.
* Betadyne Transcenda, Wood, Chemtech RenewX, Chemtech ForceWard, Bess, Niks, JellyJoy, Frenzy and Howl boosts stats changed.
* Raskolnikov PRS, Oslo Ares, Wolf & Maus MG14, Silver & Smith A2M3, Exeter Arret and Hargan Bulldog weapons stats changed.
* General Grenadier and Street Thug sets rebalanced.
* Classes' equipment was adjusted based on the latest abilities, boosts and weapons changes for many classes.

* Now players can see their own and other player's power rating on their signatures.
* Now players can switch the order of abilities and boosts when using classes or doppelganger sets.
* Now players can switch between the class makeup and the makeup they bought on the Black Market.
* Now players can use localized symbols in the Gang Message of the Day and Gang Description.
* Now the Item Shop and Ability Shop remember their settings for each item slot in the Equip window.
* Added the confirmation dialog box when purchasing or upgrading a class, selling items in the Item Shop and selling a gold quality items to an NPC vendor.
* Added the "last online time" column in the Friend List window.
* A lot of UI improvements in the Battle window.

* Now Gunsmith can learn more ability AUG craft recipes from their trainer. Gunsmiths can't craft WMKs anymore.
* Added more craft recipes in loot and on Black Market: more 5 slot weapon craft recipes, more craft recipes for high level blue quality attachments, recipes for Zymek LifeLine and Betadyne Transcenda boosts and recipes for clothing with new stats.

* Fixed the players respawn logic in Snatch and Grab to avoid situation when players were spawned next to their opponents.
* Fixed grenade collision in multiple areas.
* Fixed some geometry exploits in Core Annihilation.
* Fixed collision issue in Municipality Bank when players were able to hide a flag in the column.
* Fixed player spawns in Center Street Station Riot and Shootout, Belly Street and Olympia Mills & Lumberyard Snatch and Grab.
* Now capture progress correctly starts when exiting camouflage mode directly on the zone in Capture the Zone and Capture the Zone One Point.
* Fixed the issue that Sudden Death didn't work correctly on many maps.

* Added the possibility to create Private Matches.
* Now players appear in their Gang Hideout after combat if they enter from the Gang Hideout.
* Added several new missions in lobbies.
* Now lobbies becomes available at level 6 if a player has the full client downloaded and installed.
* Numerous localization improvements.
* A number of other major and minor improvements and bug fixes.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the
Mar 23, 2012
Product Update - Valve
- Removed chat transforms for emoticons and lolspeak
- Fixed issues with the Troika sword line charge attacks

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed double charge for extortions if bribe attempt accepted.
- Fixed savegames with locked components due to blueprint count changes
- Fixed All components unlocked achievement fail if broken savegame
- Fixed Bounty Hunters using bounty hunter life pods
- Fixed Arena Rez rewards reporting properly in the preview (on all skill levels)
- Fixed Arena Rez rewards diminish properly in chapter 4 based on replays
Product Update - Valve

- The towers now have more recognizable player colors.
- The HP of the enemy bases on the first 5 levels of the campaign is
highly reduced.
- All levels are unlocked in Skirmish mode.
- Multi-monitor Fix: The game now appears on the primary monitor.
- 16:10 Fix: The game now supports the 1920*1200 resolution.
- The damage value of the towers on the info panel are now correct.
- The HP bar of the towers are now more visible.
- The staistics in the encyclopedia are now correct.
- The color of the occupied grid tiles are now turn to the player's color.

Product Update - Valve
• Now Quick Match into Classic Map Cycle
- The map cycle is compose of Train, Nuke, Inferno, Dust, Dust 2, Italy, Office
- At the end of a match players will automatically cycle to a new map in the group
- New voting feature available to players via the in-game menu. Voting allows players to call a vote on the following:
   - Kick Player
   - Change Map
   - Swap Teams
   - Scramble Team
   - Restart Match
   - Surrender

- Added Hostage map – Office

• Cs_italy
- Fixed missing texture error
- Fixed displacements inside solid
- Fixed balcony nav mesh
- Adjusted fog values

• De_inferno
- Updated Inferno radar
- Added optimized water to the fountain
- Added the water to the 2nd fountain too (near T spawn)
- Added vis blocking to ruins at fountain
- Updated inferno radar map
- Tuned fog values
- Pulled out fog band in 3dskybox
- Adjusted some model fade distances that were visually popping now
- Increased lightmap res on one surface that looked too dark

• De_stmarc
- Adjusted fog density
- Optimized tree models
- Turned off world shadowing on chain-link fence models so they cast better CSM shadows

• De_dust
- Increased life on helicopter from 15 to 25 seconds
- Added new helicopter path
- Adjusted fog values
- Adjusted various prop fades that were now exposed with new fog settings

• De_dust2
- Fixed red console errors with props that were set to use VPhysics, but have no collision hull
- Fixed odd shaped crack where door connects to wall
- Added new helicopter path

• De_lake
- Fixed gap in wall join
- Fixed reflection effect by the dock pops in/out too near
- Fixed bit of missing geometry
- Removed satellite dish from the roof
- Fixed players getting stuck on rope floats
- Trimmed water line along ground edge to minimize water overlap of geo
- Fixed 'apartments' place name

• De_train
- Tuned radar map image
- Adjusted fog values

• Added new weapons:
- Mag7
- Sawed – Off Shotgun
- XM1014
- Negev

• Added Glock 18 to CT buy menu
• Adjusted player movement in response to pro player feedback with special thanks to J3di and pR
• Adjusted flashbang in response to pro player feedback: effect is 25% stronger and not blocked by players
• Changed it so players drop weapons when killed after being disconnected
• Added clinch to demolition mode. When a team has an insurmountable lead in a match the game will end prior to playing out all of the remaining rounds. The players will be alerted to the clinching round at the start of that round

• Added messaging explaining why match ends in competitive mode when game does not go a full 30 rounds
• Fixed Inventory and Buy menu icons
• Added ability for players to upgrade armor via the buy menu at the reduced price of Kevlar
• Changed ‘My Awards’ string to be more generic ‘MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS’

• Removed the miniscoreboard avatar background for dead players
• Testing more opaque team tinting for avatars in mini scoreboard
• Edited opacities on avatar borders
• Added surrender win condition in the win panel
• Added device detection – The game will prompt the player to select an ingame input device if more than one is detected
• Restored chat message that says who and why the winner won
• Fixed chat window to hide when you click the corner [X]
• Updated pause menu
• Fixed left alignment on Options submenu
• Fixed typo "whileflashbanged" is now "while flashbanged"
• Changed Casual mode so now all CT's receive a Defusal Kit
• Fixed to how muting is set and displayed
• Fixed another case of the disappearing scoreboard
• Fixed awarding the Office Veteran achievement simultaneously with the Italy Veteran achievement

• Fixed another case of improper music fade out

• Added triggers for the dust particles so they reliably fade away after 15 seconds
• Reduced scale of impact dust significantly; also reduced alphas just a bit

• Elite Team ID improvement - Changed keffiya/shemagh to white.
• ST6: team ID fix. - Trying a darker vest/pouch/helmet for distinct value pattern vs elite

General Bug Fixes:
• Fixed occasional crash when earning certain achievements
• Fixed occasional crashes for certain UI popups
• Fixed an assert relating to using a bone index that may not be valid
• Fixed "mp_restartgame 1" NOT setting back Arsenal Demolition game settings such as current weapon on round start.
• Demo mode values were not being reset, nor were players' items being reset. The mp_restartgame convar now causes all mode values to be reset and all players' weapons (primary, secondary and grenades) to be destroyed and reset to the proper defaults.
• Fixed achievements not being displayed properly when earned.
• Fixed asserts that occur when the triangle reticle tries to appear over a character that's head is partially visible. This was causing the reticle to possibly appear in an invalid location while this condition occurred.
• Fixed crash when invalid radar icons are de-referenced.
• Fixed bug where grenades bounced off of the windows in de_lake
• Fixed stutter while spectating a player in the process of ducking.
• Fixed an intermittent crash when attacking with a knife.
• Cleaned up unused sounds causing console spew.
Product Update - Valve
- Un-decapitated Invoker
- Restored missing server regions to private lobbies
Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a handful of known multiplayer sync issues that could lead to crashes.
+ Fixed crashes when doing Zuul intercept mission
+ Fixed a crash caused by AI players attempting to ally with indy players.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing certain technologies from being unlocked.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing premature ending of combat in
certain single-player and networked games.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed some overlapping text issues in the mission screens.
+ Survey complete and planet colonized dialogs now show interactive
system and star map, respectively.
(Click the right/left buttons on the viewports to cycle.)
+ Fixed the drawing of intercept mission waypoints.
+ Fixed return trips for intercepts when a target fleet goes out of range.
+ Prevented Zuul ships from boring temporary node lines back from a
deep space encounter.
+ Fixed the issue where Radiant Bore ships could not create node lines.
+ Gate Lab upgrade requirements can now be met.
+ Hiver gates now display Gate Lab module options.
+ Ships no longer flee so far from an incoming comet in combat.
+ The sensor view icon has been centered correctly on the comet in combat.
+ Fixed a function that allowed a non-player owned system to request a
check for an enclave permission before colonizing a planet.
+ Fixed the provincial capital visual effect.
+ Fixed an issue where combat UI was allowing freighter speeds to be set.
+ Combat zones no longer appear in deep space combat.
+ The battle manager is no longer available for deep space encounter locations.
+ Fixed an issue where infrastructure was resetting to zero each time
a planet was recolonized.
+ Zuul trade now unlocks correctly.
+ Barren planets now have some resources.
+ Fixed issues where inappropriate battle riders were being used to
aid in surveys.

Other changes:
+ Reduced overthrust in combat.
+ Ships with drones now survey faster.