Product Update - Valve
Updates to Sword of the Stars II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a ship module sound issue that could potentially cause leaks.
+ Optimized code that was contributing to longer turn times and slower combat.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing combat to be initiated when no ships
were present.
+ Fixed the issue where invisible enemy fleets could still be selected
on the star map.
+ Fixed the bug where additional armor layers were not being carried
over into combat.
+ Fixed the issue where the strategic AI was not researching outside
of initial core technologies.

Other Fixes:
+ Addressed known bad turret arcs on numerous ship sections.
+ Fixed known issues with combat AI assigning objectives to ships.
+ Fixed issues with the design screen weapon panel not closing.
+ Fixed the intermittent bug that would cause icons not to be laid out
correctly when switching ships in the design screen.
+ Added missing combat sensor icons.
+ Fixed the bug where simulated and full combat start positions would differ.
+ Numerous fixes to known issues with Psionics effects in combat.
+ Fixed Neutron Round and Accelerated Amplification effects.
+ Fixed some issues where star system ownership visuals could get out
of sync in the star map.
+ Addressed known issues with disruptors and deflectors.
+ Addressed known issues with minelayers.
+ Rapidly clicking buttons will no longer bypass feasibility studies.
+ Slave discs now attach to ships other than Scavengers.
+ Made some changes to address the strategic AI spending itself to death.
+ Fixed an issue where COL launchers were not orienting to face the target.
+ Addressed known issues with node lines and fleet travel.
+ Fixed some issues with fleets showing up behind routes.
+ Fixed a bug where fleet pathing would sometimes return an incomplete route.
+ Addressed known issues with DLC materials.
+ Fixed a bug related to colonizing systems with more than one colony.
+ Fixed a bug with armor alignment on tooltips.
+ Fixed the bug where research was not being cancelled when going too
far over budget.

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Build screen now sorts available ship classes, and only shows
classes that you have designs for.
+ Implemented Smart Nanite effects.
+ Stealth armor on all sections now correctly reduces sensor signature in strat.
+ Full functionality for Liir battlecruisers and battleships.
+ Full functionality for mines and cracker COLs.
+ Improved grappling hook physics.
+ Effective ranges for ships used in stance positioning no longer
include PD weapons unless requested.
+ Numerous ship section, weapon and module data tweaks.
+ It is now possible to select a direct route for Zuul bore ships to travel.
+ Updated UI for upgrade missions.
+ Updated combat UI introducing new cloaking, stance buttons, facing
buttons and a priority weapon toggle.
+ Fixed some spelling errors in UI.
Jan 20, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. Fixes include:

UPDATE January 20th, 2012:
  • Fixed Invoker's Quas, Wex, and Exort not giving Invoker bonus stats when upgraded.
  • Fixed Invoker's Invoke to properly swap the invoked abilities if the new spell already exists
  • Fixed Sticky Napalm triggering off of Orb of Venom
  • Fixed Glaives of Wisdom being usable while silenced
  • Fixed EMP cast range
Product Update - Valve
- Improvement allowing cars not to get locked up with one another

- Roll of certain classes have been improved.

- The default settings of Classic cars have been switched with the new settings. (eg: standard setting is now the chaos&destruction setting)

- Smashing destructable objects now will earn you boost and supermove, but are currently due to work on multiplayer functional in singleplayer only.

- Speed game mode now has the same functionality / game logic as race mode.

- "Classic Mode" now renamed to "Game Speed" because of reviewer setting the game to chaos&destruction meanwhile complaining game is way too fast.

- Fixed "monstertruck wheels crushes my car" issue

- Improved physics for the 'default' Classic class tuning setting.

- Added 'Classic' setting for the Muscle Class.

- Added new loading screens.

- Tempered reaction for all explosions and other impact effects.

- Upgraded first skin for default car, Grinder.

- Streamlined 'CrashSiteX' track. Go give it a try!

- Reduced default A.I count for both race and challenge mode.

- Player can now easily bash their way through opponents.

- Balanced / tweaks for damage system.

- Tweaks and feature improvements for the A.I.

- Reduced default startgrid count for race and challenge mode.

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Item density pass.
- Minor visual bugs fixed across all maps.

Death Toll 1:
- Fixed a case where several rock props were intruding through a wall near the safe room.

Death Toll 2:
- Fixed an case where survivors could jump into infected-only areas using an electrical box in the bridge holdout room.

Death Toll 3:
- Removed an exploit where players could jump from the wheel pedestal of a flatcar onto a train car to skip the balcony area and exit the train yard.
- Altered the PZ spawn area near the train yard exit. Instead of a tanker and a pile of gravel, it is now an overturned truck and van.
- Church guy zombie returns!

Death Toll 4:
- Blocked survivors jumping onto the left bus from the fence near the start, which allowed players to skip the beginning of the map.
- Fixed pipe hanging in the middle of a room during end-level onslaught.
- Removed the mounted gun, as this was causing players to try to outlast an infinite horde.
- Added tooltip to prompt players to fight to the safe room when the onslaught begins.
- Fixed a case where survivors could climb an electrical box prop into infected-only areas during the onslaught.
- Fixed end-level trigger size exploit, which allowed players to stall the end of the map trigger by standing on top of a water-cooler.

Death Toll 5:
- Swapped out the L4D2 mounted gun for the L4D1 mini-gun.
Jan 19, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. Fixes include:

  • Enabled Invoker!
  • Bloodseeker: Fixed Rupture not hurting heroes when they blink.
  • Bounty Hunter: Fixed Track ignoring Linken's Sphere.
  • Morphling: Fixed Morph removing Curse of the Silent.
  • Puck: Fixed Ethereal Jaunt from triggering Last Word/Magic Stick.
  • Puck: Fixed Phase Shift autocasting if you were already stunned before.
  • Puck: Fixed being able to move in certain situations while auto-casting Phase Shift.
  • Silencer: Fixed being unable to steal Int from dying magic immune heroes.
  • Silencer: Fixed Last Word silencing invulnerable units.
  • Silencer: Fixed stealing intelligence from Reincarnating heroes.
  • Spiritbreaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness picking units that are invisible or in the fow when it tries to find a new target.
  • Spiritbreaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness ignoring Hex.
  • Spiritbreaker: Fixed Greater Bash working with illusions
  • Spiritbreaker: Fixed Greater Bash bonus damage working on Towers, Wards and Denies
  • Spiritbreaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness and Greater Bash going through Magic Immunity
  • Storm Spirit: Fixed Ball Lightning costing draining more mana if you cast it again while still in it.
  • Tiny: Ultimate Scepter upgrade is now enabled.
  • Tiny: Fixed Toss damaging allied units.
  • Fixed Dagon int bonus being off by 1.
  • Fixed Arcane Boots giving 300 mana instead of 250.
  • Fixed night vision radius being a little smaller than intended.
  • Standing right next to a tree no longer removes its vision obstruction.
  • Silencer: Fixed Global Silence silencing only heroes.
  • Enabled Silencer and Spirit Breaker in Captain's Mode.
  • Fixed Healing Ward and Windrunner auras' sticky durations to 2.5 seconds.
  • Fixed Dagon's incorrect intelligence bonus values.
  • Fixed Heaven's Halbred's disarm allowing attack-spells to be cast through it.
  • Fixed Orchid using the old values at the new price.
  • Fixed Pipe not costing any mana.
  • Fixed Flying Courier HP not being upgraded after the last update

  • Added Steam avatars to the dashboard.
  • Added Dota Profile page to the main menu, showing your personal match history, commendations and most successful heroes.
  • Fixed a bug where your control could be lost if you were selecting a enchanted/converted unit. It now goes back to your hero.
  • Party area of miniprofile now uses Steam avatars.
  • Party area of miniprofile now shows rich presence for friends
  • Party area of miniprofile now shows "View Steam Profile" link for non-friends
  • Party chat channel automatically gets focus when you join a party
  • Added a '*' to channel tabs with pending messages
  • Fixed being able to sell back an item for full price if it was combined using an item that had an active ability.
  • Added spacebar to pause games during replays.
  • Fixed clicking on the minimap border and then dragging into the minimap resulting in the camera getting stuck to the cursor.
  • Chat channels now get deleted if the last member in the channel goes offline.
  • Fixed clicking on blank space in the UI sending move orders to invalid locations.
  • Default private lobby version is now Tournament Mode.
  • When player names draw they now draw with player color instead of white.
  • Added leave party button in mini profile.
  • Now when attempting to cast-attack a target while hard disarmed, the error message "Can't Attack" will appear when you reach attack range of the target.
  • Holding now spotlights your hero.
  • Illusions now copy the number of charges in source unit's inventory items.
  • Fixed Courier purchase having no cooldown (now 7 seconds, primarily for accidental purchases early on).

  • Fixed bots repurchasing a courier when their courier died.
  • Fixed a case where bots would buy duplicate flying courier recipes.
  • Improved Earthshaker bot's Echoslam logic -
  • he'll now search for optimal places to Blink + Echoslam.
  • Made bots better about detecting attacking units without cheating and detecting other units' right-clicks.
  • Fixed Windrunner's buildout which broke due to the new Orchid recipe build. Also added force staff to her build.
Product Update - Valve
This update adds German, French, Italian and Spanish localization to Take On Helicopters. The game was already available in English and in Czech, but with the addition of these new languages it widens its doors to flight game enthusiasts all over the world.
Product Update - Valve
Release note for A.R.E.S. version 1.42
+ Add Steam Cloud support
+ Remove unnecessary code
+ Minor bug fix
Product Update - Valve
Choplifter HD has just released an update to fix a few problems and add an easier difficulty mode! Here's what's included:

1. Fixed startup crash trying to launch ChopLaunch.exe.
2. Fixed problem with save data not being saved properly if your username contained invalid characters or if you changed your username.
3. Added easier "Training" mode difficulty.
4. Fixed bug with laser aim sometimes staying on.

Thanks for being patient as we fixed these issues! Happy flying!
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Saints Row The Third have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Added in Genkibowl VII DLC Pack
- Added in CheapyD Homie.
- Added in Team Fortress 2 over-sized masks.

For all new DLC, you need to have made it past the assault on the armory ("We’re Going to Need Guns") and have unlocked "Shaundi’s ex-boyfriend's apartment" crib.
General Fixes
- Performance improvement for the "High" ambient occlusion display option.
- Fixed an issue where some of the quick-time event keys could cover up some subtitles.
- Fixed an issue where the player vehicle could become "grainy" when at high speeds.
- Applied a fix for the “Love/Hate Relationship” achievement which may have not unlocked after performing 50 taunts/compliments of gang members.
Co-Op Specific
- Fixed an issue where Notoriety would fail to drop in a store owned by the host when both players entered the store in co-op.
- Fixed an issue where the host player could lose the ability to call in vehicle deliveries if the player connecting did not have the specific homie.
- Fixed an issue where some cutscenes could not be skipped properly in co-op.
- LAN games are now able to be played without an internet connection.
Product Update - Valve
Create, Share and Play your own Battles in Memoir '44 Online

Dear Memoir '44 Online Officer:

Now comes the time to show and share your warfare expertise at Memoir '44 Online!

We have just released a new version of the Memoir '44 Scenario Editor. This is a stand-alone software that you can download and install on your Mac or PC to design new Memoir '44 scenarios directly playable in the Online version of the game. Once you have finished creating your own scenario inside the Editor, you can upload it to Memoir '44 Online, test it in Solo mode and play it privately with your friends. Once you think it is ready for publication and play, you can simply make it public to share it with the rest of the Memoir '44 Online community of players. Who knows - it might delight the players and you might become famous for the quality of your designs!

Long in development, this new version of the Scenario Editor lets you design scenarios as sophisticated as the official ones. Prepare Air Drops, lay mines, create special Victory Conditions, tweak Terrains effects, etc.

Where can I find the Scenario Editor?

First of all, make sure to purchase the Expert mode, by acquiring one of our "Captain" or "Major" Packs, if you haven't already done so. This will automatically unlock the Scenario Editor for download directly from your Days of Wonder Online account.
Once this is done, download the editor from this page:

I want to become an Expert too!

Keep in mind that designing good Memoir '44 Battles using the Scenario Editor is not a trivial undertaking. The Scenario Editor lets you do lots of things; as a side-effect, you might find some of the commands of this tool we are using ourselves a bit arcane. But the rewards are there! Here are a few tips to get started:

- Download and make sure you read the manual that comes with it.
- Also pay particular attention to pages # 21 and 22 of the Memoir '44 Online manual, which you can download here:
- The Memoir '44 Online forum is also a fantastic source of help from the community. Don't hesitate to ask for advice. Some of the very best Memoir '44 Scenario designers frequently visit and intervene on our forums:
- Last not least: the community is also starting a Wiki to build a knowledge base about the Scenario Editor. This exciting project is just starting, but make sure to check it out (and contribute, if you have something of value!):

New Officer Rank and Achievements
Coinciding with this new release of the Scenario Editor, we are also introducing a new Officer rank - Brigadier General - and 3 new Achievements into the game. These new achievements are:
* Iron Man: an Infantry unit must survive 10 dice rolled against it without losing a single figure.
* Iron Tank: an Armored unit must survive 10 dice rolled against it without losing a single figure.
* Iron Gun: an Artillery unit it must survive 10 dice rolled against it without losing a single figure.

Four New Scenarios

Even if you are not interested in designing (or playing) Expert scenarios, we have something new for you. We have just released four new official scenarios:
• Gold Beach: can you make it through the uninterrupted line of barbed wires without eating too much sand?
• Utah Beach: follow the footprints of Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., starting the war "where you are".
• Operation Goodwood: Seems like a walk in the park for the Allies? Wait until the Tigers show up...
• Carentan Causeway: A deadly fight between Special Forces in the Normandy Hedgerows around Fortin Farm.

And as always:

Make sure you stay tuned on the Memoir '44 Online forum:

And above all, have fun!

The Memoir '44 High Command at Days of Wonder Headquarters