Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added "Only allow map files" to the possible selections in the download filter option for clients
  • Fixed a client crash related to the material system
  • Fixed Diamond/Carbonado Botkiller weapons using incorrect team materials for the arms
  • Fixed a vphysics regression where some items would travel farther than they should
  • Improved performance and stability for the Linux version
  • Removed range restrictions from viewmodel_fov_demo
  • Updated the Ap-Sap so it can be gift-wrapped and have custom names/descriptions applied to it
Product Update - Valve
- Added Skywrath Mage!

- Added stricter system implementing communication (voice and text) bans for abusive players
- Combined voice and text reports into a single 'communication' report
- Reduced reports per week to 4
- Removed ability for spectators to report players in-game.
- Reports now allow single selection of behavior type only

- Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes losing vision after the second cast.
- Doom: Scorched Earth now shows its duration on the buff icon.
- Lich: Fixed Frost Armor auto-casting while Lich is channeling.
- Magnus: Fixed a rare crash involving Skewer.
- Slardar: Fixed Slithereen Crush not slowing attack speed.
- Spectre: Fixed Haunt illusions moving while out of the game.
- Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain travelling too fast.
- Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain not latching quite far enough.
- Tusk: Fixed Tusk not issuing an attack order on the snowballed unit after the snowball crashes.
- Enabled Drow and Tusk to Captain's Mode (Tournament Version next week)
- Fixed Towers sometimes attacking slower when they have low hit points

- Added tab to the Watch section showing downloaded replay files

- Riki: Added Smoke Screen and Blink Strike animations.
- Sniper: Added victory animations and more aggressive posing of idle, run and attack when enemy is in range.

- Bots now know to avoid standing in Macropyre and Ice Path.

- Added a button to the preview that allows you to test your imported model in-game, in a local server.
Apr 19, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Version 1.6.6
• Added art for Car upgrades in the menu
• Added art for Combat Training in the menu
• Added ability to tweet “hostage” and “put down” situations
• Added endless scoring explanation and current score to info display
• Added the ability to set your resolution (No option for this on Linux)

Bug Fixes
• Fixed (again) a bug where you could return to town when you shouldn't be able to
• Fixed a bug where you could quickly exit a lost job and still get the reward
• Fixed some missing click sounds on some buttons
• Fixed Fat Cat, Loner, There Can Only Be One achievement bugs
• Fixed an infinite loop when you run out of new Points of Interest
• Removed ability to barely use scroll wheel on scrolling pages
• Removed unsupported Facebook button
• Linux: Maybe fixed missing stats on the Stats tab while on the road
• Steam: Fixed high scores so they show the actual top 10, not 10 relative to you
• Steam: Fixed the Silver Bullet and Marathon achievement
• Steam: Fixed the Halloween mode not available (you might have to beat it again)

Gameplay Balances & Tweaks
• Reworked Highscore Screens
• Doubled medkit scavenger effectiveness
• Reworded shooting tutorial
• Reworded Point of Interest scroll text
• Reworded “Distance to next landmark” message

Product Update - Valve
AirMech Version 16704.0 April 19th, 2013

Parts! You've seen the Parts section of the Shop and been asking about it, and now we are rolling out the first steps of this system. We've had to redo the AirMech customization system to support this, and moved Pets to be their own 3 slots, so you don't have to choose which 3 Flair you use now. Every Variant remembers it's own settings, so you can set each one up exactly how you want and save some time. Not all images have been made to support the new card display, and this will be worked on in the coming patches.

This first round of Parts has been added automatically if you have the Beta Bundle or Prime, and they also have a chance to drop. You will get Parts in different ways in the future, so not all will come with the bundles, and to be honest we're still figuring out the plans for this. We do plan to have a lot of Parts to let you customize your play style.

Note that you need to have the base AirMech class unlocked to customize the Parts or to gain levels. That's right, AirMechs can now gain levels, though it doesn't make them more powerful. It's something that will affect the parts you can use and will be added later. The level tiers may also change, but the XP will not get reset. Just as when we adjusted player levels, we just store total XP for each AirMech and we will do the final balancing when we've collected more data.

Drops are live for everyone! We have finally finished our initial testing and have turned on drops for all players. The way it works for the most common drop (units) you either get a "trial" stack of units, or if you have the unit unlocked already, and an Alternate exists, you can get that. For example if I don't have Bucky, I might get a stack of 5 Buckys as a random drop sometime. If I already own Bucky, then instead of a trial stack I would get something like Bucky Aggressor.

Artillery is fixed! Not how it was before, but actually working as intended, and from this point we should be able to balance things into a nice place. As a "thank you" for your patience, we've had time to get in a new system of destructible path blockers which we have wanted to do for a long time now. We've placed test versions on Sandrim and Crater, and will be using them more in the future once we get the bugs worked out.

Steampunk Neo is here! It's been a long time coming, but we think it's worth the wait. This actually marks the first time we have a "set" of Variants for each AirMech, and we're wondering if we should have a Quest (not Achievement) for completing the set. We could maybe have a little Steampunk themed pet as a reward. It's important to us that it feels like a reward, and not something we're holding back, which is why we wouldn't want it to count like a normal Achievement. Let us know what you think on the forums.

We have some changes this update that might seem small at first, but they will likely have significant impact to the flow of the game. First is the Halftime Heal, which can now be interrupted. Before, there was nothing you could do and many players felt it was pointless to launch an attack before the end of the second Quarter. Now, if you are actively damaging the enemy Fortress, you will interrupt both their heal and their income. So do you attack the enemy, or defend your own Fortress? A critical decision point for sure.

- Updated Hangar and Loadout UI
- New Parts Customization System for AirMechs (settings saved per Variant now)
- Earth Day limited time items available: Sunflower Seed item, Lady Gaia Pilot, Earth Day Cake, GreenSea Bomber, Fluorescent Bulb
- Ken's Birthday Cake available for a short time (Happy Birthday Ken!)
- Osprey Healing ability has been updated, can now overcharge units with full health giving them a shield
- Server pings can now be seen for each server on the "Location" menu's global map
- Updated localizations based on latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server
- New Variant: Steampunk Neo
- Added new Unit and Item alternates for the drop system
- Sandrim and Crater now have alternate paths that can be opened
- Shark Neo and Star Neo Robot modes have been updated
- added pilot: Ultimate Lexi!
- added new unit: Roller - a cousin of the Grinder
- updated Prime Helix visuals
- display friends and max friends count on the social UI
- many additional AirMech variants updated to use new animations
- updated aiming mechanism for Artillery units
- press U key to toggle UI (good for screenshots)
- F2 in spectate will allow freecam
- click-hold-drag when spectating now pans the camera

- Osprey healing is now a hard lock and needs to be released to select a new target
- Changes to the way Osprey healing is calculated (not directly comparable to old system)
- Osprey can now apply a "shield" to units by using Repair on them for 2 seonds after they are at max health. The shield will protect 100% against a single attack.
- Lockbox/Safebox/Vaultbox new HP: 1000/2000/4000
- Lockbox/Safebox/Vaultbox new Armor: Medium/Heavy/Heavy
- Lockbox/Safebox/Vaultbox new Cost: 5000/10000/20000
- Lockbox/Safebox/Vaultbox new Build Time: 2/4/6 seconds
- Some Kudos rewards have been slightly increased for Level Up Quests
- Final two Sockets removed from center of Nesthorn
- updated Half time heal mechanic to award credits and fortress HP over time and be interruptible
- fixes to HAAT and Seeker targeting and line of sight checks

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where some characters wouldn't appear correctly when language was set to Czech
- Fixed some bugs related to units sometimes not firing at other units or AirMechs
- Fixed a bug where neutral artillery units wouldn't appear deployed
- Bug fix for Artillery behavior
- Update displayed DPS to account for units that have a reload time
- Potential crash bug fix in Link unit order logic
- bug fixes to Artillery targeting logic
- fix links and references to 'Helix' AirMech (which used to be named Chopper)
- fix a bug when exiting a map in free camera mode
- collision bug fix for units passing under bridges
- fixed accidentally disabled Steampunk Helix

Product Update - Valve
1.5.0 Patch Notes

• Added support and compatibility for upcoming content, including character customizations unlocked by playing Poker Night 2.
• Fixed an issue where bank and stash capacity could be exceeded. This change prevents additional items from being added to stash / bank until capacity is below the maximum -- it does not forcibly remove or delete any items.
• Added a preview of available premium customizations when using a customization station so that players can see what a purchased head or skin would look like before buying.
• Fixed an exploit where players could become invincible occasionally through the Siren's Res skill.
• Fixed an issue that prevented players from choosing a new customization from SHiFT when creating a character immediately after redeeming a customization code.
• Players are now able to type a "c" in their player name without causing the "load a character" overlay to appear while starting a New Game.
• Fixed issues with the following missions that could cause players to get stuck or not be able to complete them:
o Bad Hair Day
o Best Minion Ever
• Fixed a bug that could cause the "Wildlife Preservation" mission boss to sometimes continue fighting after the encounter in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
• (Captain Scarlett DLC) Fixed an issue that could cause Scarlett to not drop Scarlett's Greed in the fight with Roscoe.
• Fixed a bug that caused the player's grenade count to not be saved properly if they were using a Grenadier class mod.
• Fixed a bug causing Seraph items of the day to incorrectly be capped at level 55.
• Rebalanced the Gunzerker's Titan class mod to be more in line other Gunzerker class mods.
• Fixed an issue where the Evolution shield could incorrectly list a Recharge Delay of 0.00 seconds.
• Fixed audio from Impact shields not playing when connected to another player.
• Fixed an issue causing audio distortion in some cases when a transfusion projectile got stuck inside an object.

Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added a new ConVar cl_first_person_uses_world_model to allow this mode to be used outside of VR mode
  • Disabled plug-ins that would allow users to connect to secure game servers even when -insecure is specified on the command line
    • Continued use of such plug-ins will risk your Steam account getting VAC banned
  • Added support for unloading the displayed URL when the user closes the info panel
    • Added ConVar sv_motd_unload_on_dismissal to allow server ops to control the default behavior of their MOTD
  • Fixed a client crash related to doing a changelevel while firing the Minigun
  • Fixed a bug where you could come out of a teleporter facing the wrong way in VR mode
  • Fixed a bug with custom fonts not loading for third party HUDs on Linux.
  • Improved performance and stability for the Linux version
Product Update - Valve
3DMark Vantage v1.1.2

This update adds Windows 8 compatibility and fixes a few bugs. Benchmark scores are not affected by this update.

- Fixed Windows 8 compatibility issues with online result service connection.
- SystemInfo updated to version 4.17 to improve compatibility with latest hardware.
- Updated PhysX software to version 9.12.1031.

Bug fixes
- Fixed various GUI bugs.
- Updated exporter.dll to fix problem loading saved results.

Product Update - Valve
3DMark 11 v1.0.5

This version fixes a few minor issues. Benchmark scores are not affected by this update.

- SystemInfo updated to version 4.17 to improve compatibility with latest hardware.

Bug fixes
- Fixed display mode identification for systems with a very large number of supported display modes.

Product Update - Valve
•Added support for DLC “The Tyranny of King Washington: The Redemption.”
•Guards will no longer be equipped with Washington’s sword.
•”Tyranny of King Washington” intro videos now pause if controller is unplugged.
•Fixed incorrectly displayed stealth icon sometimes appearing when leaving Wolf Cloak.
•Increased Wolf Pack effectiveness versus firing lines.
•Wolf Pack no longer interrupts counter-kills.
•Eagle Flight will no longer generate reactions when taking-off/landing in “The Betrayal.”
•Fixed remaining known issues (lockpicking, Memory Fragments, locked items) in “The Betrayal.”


•Boost Cooldown now works as intended.


•The Artifact is no longer reset to its base while carried by a player under certain circumstances.


•Anti-cheating measures against specific techniques have been put into place.
•Issues that could lead the Abstergo Store to become unavailable have been fixed.
Apr 17, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Version v12b

Add: New monster, the evil turtle
Add: New option to pause the game when a caravan comes
Change: Werepig graphics now are isometric
Change: Pathfinding now adds a bit more importance to the Z level
Change: Removing an item with the contextual menu now reveals the cell under
Change: Now the game doesn't crash if for some reason a saved game file is not found
Fix: Following livings glitches and starts to wander off screen
Fix: Mod loader issue when a mod adds new terrain types
Fix: Buried architect's tables and hanged lamps are not sold by the merchants anymore