Product Update - Valve
Added Abaddon!

- Death Prophet: Fixed AI on Exorcism spirits that caused them to sometimes be less efficient and linger on units far from you
- Doom: Fixed Doom not disabling Flak Cannon
- Huskar: Fixed being able to attack while he is leaping in Life Break
- Jakiro: Fixed Liquid Fire debuff being removed by Manta/BKB
- Lich: Fixed the order of damage instances on Frost Nova
- Omniknight: Fixed his spells not working on Mechanical units
- Phantom Assassin: Fixed Stifling Dagger projectile speed traveling a little too slow
- Sven: Fixed Storm Bolt aoe not hitting invisible units
- Fixed Siege not getting increased damage when the Ranged Barracks dies
- Fixed Buckler and Mekansm +2 active armor buff stacking
- Fixed Vladmir's Offering not working on Siege units

- Added match making option to opt out of Limited Hero mode
- Fixed some players not receiving item rewards after completing training tasks
- Play Tab will now remember your previous selection
- Fixed various progression bugs in Mechanics II
- Fixed disabled skill assignment using CTRL+Ability when in tutorial

- Added Player Card rewards. Unlock the Smeevil Crab mount by stamping complete teams
- Added the International Fantasy Challenge
- Added Solo Championship Voting

- Added a hotkey to Select All Units
- Added a hotkey to activate Speed Burst on your flying courier
- Minor reorganization to control settings page
- Fixed Replay Speed Decrease hotkey missing from the configuration panel
- Increased the maximum number of total spectator slots from 14 to 22
- Removed Favorite hero count limit
- Moved Solo Only Matchmaking to a setting on the main Find Match tab.
- New Tournament Drops:
# When a player reaches a Godlike streak
# When a Courier is killed
# When a player buys a Divine Rapier
# When Earthshaker Echoslam's 5 heroes
- Increased number of item drops when a Tournament Event occurs.
- Tournament Items can now be upgraded by watching through Twitch
- Fixed Quick Cast bug preventing use on neutrals/couriers

- Fixed Global Silence not showing the visual effect on Familiars even though they are silenced
- Updated ability icons for Dark Seer and Dragon Knight
- Added new disarmed effect
- Fixes for a few portrait based effects, such as Enigma's vortex

- updated Mekansm SFX.

- Added Mok mandrill courier
- Added Defense Grid announcer
- Fixed orientation on Bounty Hunter's Jinada Glows on workshop items
- Fixed Nether Ward effect orientation for workshop items
- Added support for workshop authored effects on Kunkka's weapon

- Bots will no longer stare at a dropped gem, futilely trying to destroy it.
Announcement - Valve
The Steam Summer Getaway Sale continues!

Today's Daily Deals include:

Also, buying discounted games now earns you an all-new collectible in the form of Trading Cards. Collect, trade and craft over 50 new sets of cards, including 10 Summer Getaway Trading Cardsthat can only be earned during the sale. Each set can be crafted into badges, backgrounds, emoticons and other rewards.

The Steam Summer Getaway Sale will run from now until 10AM PST, July 22nd. Complete information on Daily Deals, Flash Sales, Community Choice Voting and more can be found at For more information on our new Trading Card feature, please visit

Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed Quick-Fix infinite heal exploit
  • Fixed missing Cow Mangler 5000 particles when running in DirectX8
  • Fixed Disco Beat Down unusual effect showing through walls
  • Fixed incorrect projectile speed attributes being applied to giants in Mann vs. Machine
  • When disguised as a teammate, the Dead Ringer will drop the body of the player the Spy is disguised as
  • Fixed a bug where arrows and bolts would hit friendly players
  • Fixed a bug where Strange parts and filters could not be removed from Strange weapons
  • Fixed the "Show Entire Backpack" option in the crafting panel not preserving empty backpack slots and forcing items to stack
  • Fixed an areaportal improperly rendering in pl_goldrush
  • Fixed players getting out of map in cp_standin
  • Fixed players hiding in vents in cp_standin
  • Adjusted HDR lighting in cp_process
Product Update - Valve
Version 1.7.0 is here! This release of Driver Fusion focuses on improving the interface and user experience. The release notes below contain more specific details about the updates, changes and fixes that Driver Fusion 1.7.0 introduces.

New features:
Driver family - Driver inspection and driver overview have been combined into a single completely redesigned screen named driver family (named driver family because all driver versions are combined into one group, e.g. AMD display drivers). The redesigned interface includes a more spacious layout, icons and better navigation.
Category view - Instead of listing all drivers the driver family screen just shows the categories. This makes it easier to find the driver that you want to delete instead of having to search through the list of all driver families.
Details view - This view provides the list of all driver families just like you were used to but now with the new design of the driver family screen.
Notification bar - Hints and notifications have been combined into one simple notification bar at the top of the screen.
Steam - If you use Driver Fusion on Steam you can now launch Driver Fusion without having the Steam client running. To do so you need to run the Driver Fusion executable with the parameter "-nosteam" (without the quotes).
Hint navigation - It is now possible to pause hints. Previous and next buttons can be used to browse all the hints manually.
[Premium] Installed filter - Driver overview has been integrated with the new driver family screen. Installed drivers can now be filtered from the complete list by selecting the option to only show installed drivers.

Changed features:
No items available - Added an empty item text to lists that do not contain any items yet.
Manual and credits - Buttons have been added to the general settings to open the manual and view the credits screen.
Updated hints - Most of the texts have been updated, this also includes several new tooltips.
Verification - Resend verification will now return the user to the verification screen instead of returning to the main Driver Fusion window.
Multi removal - It is no longer possible to select multiple driver families by default. Experienced users can re-enable the selection of multiple driver families in the cleaning settings.
Progress indication - Backup and removal of driver family entries now indicates its progress in percentages.
[Premium] Monitor - Support has been added for more hardware. This includes Samsung SSDs, Intel Haswell and AMD Jaguar CPUs.
[Premium] Device control - Device control has been moved to the maintenance section instead of the computer section.
[Premium] Device driver backup - Backups made with device control now better adhere to the file structure as originally defined by the vendors.

Resolved issues:
Horizontal scrolling - Improved horizontal scrolling support, fixing certain settings being partially unreadable on small window sizes and devices having unnecessary horizontal scrollbars in device control.
Desktop backup - Fixed desktop backup showing ‘0 icons’.
Faulty log - Fixed a potential crash on Windows Vista when trying to load a corrupted log in the log screen.
[Premium] In-app update - Temporary update files would sometimes not be deleted. Driver Fusion now checks on startup if all temporary files from the last update were deleted properly.
[Premium] Device driver backup - Some files would not be incorporated in the restore procedure due to incorrect naming.

Announcement - Valve
Pack your bags and grab your sandals, folks. The Steam Summer Getaway Sale is here! For the next eleven days, take advantage of huge saving of up to 75% off on over 2000 PC, Mac and Linux titles. Check back often to take advantage of our eight-hour Flash Sales. You can even help select what goes on sale with our Community's Choice Voting Sales.

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Today's Daily Deals include:

Also, buying discounted games now earns you an all-new collectible in the form of Trading Cards. Collect, trade and craft over 50 new sets of cards, including 10 Summer Getaway Trading Cardsthat can only be earned during the sale. Each set can be crafted into badges, backgrounds, emoticons and other rewards.

The Steam Summer Getaway Sale will run from now until 10AM PST, July 22nd. Complete information on Daily Deals, Flash Sales, Community Choice Voting and more can be found at For more information on our new Trading Card feature, please visit

Product Release - Valve
Bit Trip Runner 2 - Good Friends Character Pack, all new content for BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is Now Available on Steam!

In most instances, “DLC” stands for “downloadable content.” With the Good Friends Character Pack, however, it stands for “Downright Lovable Characters.” Featuring the likes of Josef (Machinarium), Spelunky Guy (Spelunky), Raz (Psychonauts), Dr. Fetus (Super Meat Boy), Quote (Cave Story), Atlas (Portal 2), and Invisible CommanderVideo (duh), it’s a virtual tour de force of indelible indie awesomeness. It’ll run you (pun intended) about as much as a cup of coffee, and is scientifically proven to give you an energy boost equivalent to about eight pounds of espresso beans. Your heart might start beating dangerously fast, but your eyes and ears (and maybe even your nose - why not?) will most definitely thank you.

Product Release - Valve
Toki Tori 2+ is Now Available on Steam and is a Daily Deal in the Steam Summer Sale!

Toki Tori 2+ is a Metroidvania style puzzle adventure. There are no tutorials, there's no hand-holding, no-one tells you what to do in Toki Tori 2+. The fun is in exploring and overcoming the obstacles of the lush forest island on your own merit.

Our unlikely yellow hero may be the star of the show, but he won't get anywhere without the creatures he meets along the way. Armed with just the Whistle and Stomp moves, he can influence and make use of these strange creatures' unique abilities.

But what's up with that black goo? It's threatening your home world! Your goal is to get to the core of the corruption and save the island!

Plus, Toki Tori 2+ has a level editor included and is hooked up to Steam Workshop!

Jul 11, 2013
Product Update - Valve
* Blow'em Up, new PvP game mode added to the game on 10 maps.
* In Blow'em Up one team's goal is to mine and blow strategic objects while the other team tries to keep them safe.
* Attackers must pick up bombs on their base, bring them to an object and defend them until they explode. Defenders can try to demine the object when it's mined before the explosion.
* There are 3 - 5 strategic objects on a map. There are up to 3 bombs and attackers can try to mine several objects simultaneously.
* Attacking and defending teams are switched half way through a match.

* Now any player can visit an Enhancement Operator NPC to improve their weapons and clothing items.
* Each enhance attempt has four possible outcomes: Upgrade, No Effect, Downgrade and Destroy.
* Players can use special Protection Cards that let them avoid chosen enhancement outcomes. Using Protection Cards consumes them.
* There are separate cards to protect against No Effect, Downgrade and Destroy available on Black Market.
* Chemist crafters can visit the Coin Operator and purchase craft recipes to produce Protection Cards.

* Added over 180 Tarot Cards to the game. Any player can visit the Transmute Operator NPC and try to exchange Tarot Cards in order to produce new cards.
* Players can purchase four basic cards: Earth, Water, Fire and Air for gold coins or gold bars.
* All transmutation recipes for Tarot Cards are hidden, meaning players have to use common sense when guessing possible transmutation recipes. For example, Air and Water, when put into the Transmute Operator window, result in the creation of Rain.
* Players can find recipes, that allow them transmute Tarot Cards into Lucky Lottery Tickets, that contain one epic lottery items inside.

* Pistols balance was changed. All pistols' idle accuracy was improved, but the accuracy suffers more from firing multiple rounds. Pistols damage, rate of fire, range and clip size was re-balanced. In particular, R-Sys Panther Delta damage was increased to 70, up from 25.
* SMGs and Assault Rifles damage and rate of fire was slightly changed to improve the overall balance.
* Hargan Bulldog shotgun range increased to 18 meters, up from 14 meters.
* Hargan Mastiff damage increased to 28 per rocket, up from 25.
* Balanced how weapons durability degrades after a match. Now it's more consistent with weapons rate of fire.
* Reduced the cooldown to change Gang Banners to 1 hour, down from 3 hours.
* Significantly improved all "lobby" Gang Banners bonuses.

* Added new jobs for Blow'em Up game mode, Transmutation and Enhancement.
* Added new achievements for Blow'em Up, Core Annihilation and Assault, Capture and Defend game modes, Transmutation and Enhancement.
* Now players can get more different rare items from Lottery Tickets.
* Now players will correctly see a weapons attachments when other players link their weapons in the game chat.
* Fixed the issue where Ammo Count set bonus didn't work.
* Fixed exploitable collision issues in Deckard Harbor, Municipality Bank and Center Street Station maps, when players were able to fall behind the level.
* Fixed the players spawn in Maxym Alley Riot when players appear hanging in an air.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the
Product Update - Valve
An update to Substance Designer 3 has been released.
The update will be applied automatically when you restart Substance Designer 3.
The major changes include:

- Fixed: PSD files wasn't reload correctly when modified outside the application
- Fixed: Application sometimes crashes when deleting nodes
- Fixed: Crash when moving multiple image resources from resource sub folder to the package folder
- Fixed: The default value of an exposed value created from another exposed value isn't set correctly
- Fixed: Wrong online documentation HTTP link
- 3D View:
- Add new menu action to remove all scene materials
- Add new menu action to rebuild all scene materials
- Improve GLSL shaders compatibility
- Add 'properties' fields to the techniques described in the GLSLFX files. (See Tessellation/Parallax shader)
- Enable/disable blending and face culling
- Specify blending functions
- Specify culling mode
- Fixed: Removed materials always reappeared when opening the mesh resource again
- Fixed: No shader files was displayed when selecting extension filter (*.cgfx *.glslfx)
- Fixed: Materials still remains in the list when switching between multiple scenes
- Fixed: Scene parameters (lights, background color, ...) were not preserved when switching from generators (cube, cylinders, ...) to a FBX scene
- Fixed: Wrong file name displayed in the geometry menu when loading a scene from file
- Fixed: Opacity isn't taking in account when using the Tessellation/Parallax Shader
- Fixed (Windows): Application crashes when losing the D3D Device. (ScreenSaver, Sleeping modes, ...)
- Fixed (MacOsx): Glsl shaders are always disabled in the shader sub menu
- Fixed (MacOsx): The view is blinking when moving the camera
- Fixed (MacOsx): On some hardware application crashes when trying to render scene with GLSL shader
- Graph View:
- Add possibility to save the graph's package with CTRL+S from the graph view and from the contextual menu
- Fixed: Missing Node Finder button in tool bar of FXMap Graph and Function Graph
- Fixed: Reset Timings menu is empty in tool bar of FXMap Graph and Function Graph (menu removed as no timings is displayed)
Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 7/10/2013

- Adjusted the function that mapped movement speed to weapon inaccuracy. The linear portion of this function is now exponential.

[ MAPS ]
- de_dust2: Fixed collision bug in Bombsite B, tweaked fog, fixed navmesh naming.

[ MISC ]
- Added support for more Unicode characters in player names.
- Fixed a rare incorrect name truncation in the death notice feed, scoreboard and main menu.
- Fixed truncation of the competitive maps selection when all maps were selected.
- Smoke volume is now cheaper to render.
- Players that spawn and don't move for longer than sv_spawn_afk_bomb_drop_time (default 15 seconds) will automatically drop the bomb. Thanks GreenTea!