Announcement - Valve
Shank 2 is now available on Mac and Linux ans is now 50% off*!

With those closest to him under attack, Shank is once again forced on the offensive. Now he must put his trusty arsenal of handguns, shotguns, automatic weapons, chainsaws, machetes, grenades, plus all-new weaponry and moves to use in order to protect those close to him. The original game set a new standard for its visual style and Shank 2 raises the bar. Shank 2 expands on the original game’s amazing combat system to redefine the 2D side-scrolling brawler.

*Offer valid until February 27th at 10AM Pacific time

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DmC Devil May Cry: Weapon Bundle and DmC Devil May Cry: Bloody Palace Mode, all new content for DmC Devil May Cry is Now Available on Steam!

The DmC Devil May Cry: Weapon Bundle pack contains all 3 Weapons Packs:

- The Golden Weapons Pack and character perk. Transform Dante’s shotgun, scythe and axe into brutal, solid gold instruments of death! You’ll also receive access to the item finder - helping you hunt down hidden items like: The Argent Keys, Argent Doors and Lost Souls.

-The Bone Weapons Pack and character perk. Transform Dante’s shotgun, scythe and axe into precision crafted bone and strike fear into the hearts of the demon world! You’ll also receive access to the orb harvester – allowing you to collect hoards of extra red orbs to upgrade your weapons and combos, as well as purchase items.

-The Samurai Weapons Pack and character perk. Transform Dante’s shotgun, scythe and axe into Samurai devastators! You’ll also get 3 free upgrade points to instantly upgrade weapons, combos or purchase items from the beginning of the game.

DmC Devil May Cry: Bloody Palace Mode is a new game mode that allows you to take on wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies and hone your skills as the ultimate demon hunter!

Product Release - Valve
Zombie Driver HD Apocalypse Pack, all new content for Zombie Driver HD is Now Available on Steam and is 30% off and Zombie Driver HD is 50% off!*

The pack includes a monster truck named Chaos 126p and an armored truck named Auroch, drivable in all game modes. The military base arena is a bonus addition to the Slaughter mode map arsenal.

Zombie Driver HD is an insane mix of cars, speed, explosions, blood and zombies! Fight through an epic narrative campaign or test yourself in the Slaughter and Blood Race modes. Engage huge bosses, save survivors, drive crazy vehicles such as a bulldozer, fire truck or even a tank and smash everything in your way. Take part in the Blood Race tournament - chase other cars and take them down without mercy on brutal racing tracks. Jump into the Slaughter mode and survive as long as possible on specially crafted arenas.

*Offer ends February 27th at 10AM Pacific Time
Feb 20, 2013
Product Update - Valve

Version 20/02/2013

- Ch.1 Act 1: Fix camera out of bounds when placing kitchen.
- Ch.1 Act 3: Gate not opening and crash during boss fight, and end of scenario
- Ch.1 Act 4: Skulls Side quest and Golden keys side quests now work properly
- Ch.4 Act 5: Resources will be gained provided you have access to the stockroom.
- Fixes in stability. No more game crash at end of scenario.
- Fixed Giving orders to units during combat, for both squads and single units.
- There are no more Asserts, and other pop ups, except for unhandled exceptions which CTD and provide a .dmp file.
- Fixed to two musics playing at the same time.
- Fixed gui sliders not going through full range
- Fixed being unable to equip runes.
- Updated German Localisation.
- Misc GUI fixes.
- Fixed Camera out of bound problems, and when squads in world map.

- Ch.2 Act 1: Coloured fire is replaced by symbols to help the colour blind.
- Mouse Scroll (for camera) delay has been disabled.
For users who use WASD to move camera you can disable the mouse scroll in the options.
We will work to add an option for delay time.
- Aggressiveness is now regained by all units idling, up to 50%.

Known Bugs:
- "Dark Halls": This is an issue with AMD/ATI video cards. Please set SmoothVisionHD to application setting
and the bug should go away.
- Steam Cloud: Save games are local, and game profiles are cloud only.
- Units escaping emprisonment might behave oddly or not move at all
- Multiplayer (co-op campaign and skirmish games), though fully featured, remains in beta-status.
Some surface scratches have to be polished.
- Crashes may occur at the end of or during a skirmish game.
- Skirmish: Capture the Dragon: if Baal is killed at the Gateway while carrying the dragon,
the dragon may not respawn correctly and and thus become unreachable.
- Problems with possible display resolutions. Work is ongoing.
- On some hardware configurations, changing the resolution while in full screen mode,
switchin to full screen, or turning on VSync may cause the screen to go black/flicker
and the game to enter an unresponsive state. It will reset after 15 seconds

- The new patch might cause a game crash upon loading a game saved with the previous version. Your campaign progress should not be affected.

Product Release - Valve
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Metal Sonic Pack, all new content for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is Now Available on Steam.

This new content includes Metal Sonic, the new Outrun Bay track and stickers for your in-game license.

Product Release - Valve
Three new songs are Now Available for Rocksmith

Play "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas, "You've Got Another Thing Comin' " by Judas Priest and "Black Betty" by Ram Jam.

Feb 19, 2013
Product Update - Valve
- Added support for dedicated servers to load addons from the "workshop" subdirectory. Fixes consistency errors when playing workshop campaigns on dedicated servers.

NOTE TO SERVER OPERATORS: To host workshop campaigns on your dedicated server, they should now be placed in the same location as on the client (/left4dead2/addons/workshop/…) Campaigns not downloaded from the workshop can still go in the "addons" directory.
Product Update - Valve
- The tooltip of factions traits that unlock technologies now display the corresponding technology's tooltip rather than a specific one
- Add notifications when:
+ A cease fire has been finished
+ A contract has been canceled because of a lack of resource or dust
- Boost the weight on Gravitation Manipulation because the AI never researched it, or too late
- Changed how AI chose battle cards
- Changed title in battle report to lower misunderstanding on damage calculation
- Modified the priority on all the other descriptors related to the defense in order to only affect the initial value with the game speed factor
- Added a speed factor for the hero arrival (25, 50, 75) and the colony conversion (15, 30, 45)
- Changed defense depending on influence zone:
+ neutral: 30 per population -> 10 per population
+ under enemy: 24 per population -> 5 per population
- Locust point are now progressing depending on the game speed:
+ Slow: x0.5
+ Normal: x1
+ Fast: x2
- Fixed a bug when joining on the fly was able to cause a desync when an empire had a cloned hero
- Fixed a bug when the parameters used to compute the population growth weren't properly initialized by remote players that joined on the fly (when playing in fast or slow)
- Fixed a bug when sometimes, by joining on the fly, the star system influence was a source of desync
- Fixed a bug in the construction queue (multiple unique planetary improvements of the same category)
- Fixed a bug where the battle card retreat (when played by an AI) caused an assert and a desync
- Updated the way fleets and ships are identified to guarantee each fleet has a unique identifier
- Revamped game states to improve the synchronization between players
- Improve simulation calculations sorting to avoid desync when joining on the fly
- Fixed a game state sync condition that caused the game to freeze under certain circumstances
- Fixed a copy/paste mistake in fleet merging
- Added a Hero ID sort in case of Hero Level equality in fleet merging
- Fixed conversion issues
- Fixed updating data simulation
- Fixed initialization of influence zones of home systems
- Fixed latency issues
- Fixed GUI that temporary duplicates/instantiates objects
- Fixed game speed management with game events
- Fixed an issue where the pool of heroes was deleted on the host side when a player joined on the fly
- Fixed a desync which occurred when leaving the session after hiring all available academy heroes
- Fixed an issue where battle cards consuming dust caused an assert (and infinite turn ending) when they were played by the defender
- Resource exchanges weren't canceled even if the instigator didn't produce the required resources (after a system loss for example)
- Contracts with a cease fire weren't destroyed after the cease fire end
- Some overlapping and debug texts have been corrected
- Updated description of Legendary Heroes/Micromanagers faction traits according to effect
- Corrected a Path bug on Unique Sower Improvement
- Update battle cards: Nano-repair/adaptive strategy/short circuit/EMP to match descriptions
- Fixed an issue where interactive events effects could be applied twice when loading the auto save generated just after the appearance of this kind of event
- Systems with an AI attributed to them will have an empty queue
- Fixed an issue where the event that adds an anomaly on planets could add many different anomalies on the same planet
- Fixed an issue where the random values that allow the pirate fleets to spawn were the same each turn

- Fixed an issue where the cease fire situation was never-ending.
- Fixed an issue and possible exploit concerning contracts management and cancelation.
- Fixed the effect of a lag which enabled the player to unqueue the same unique constructible several times in MP.
- Fixed the effect of a lag which enabled the player to buy more construction than it can afford in MP.
- Fixed an issue where unique planetary improvements from different planets were not correctly handled in construction queue in MP.
- Fixed an issue with the Italian localization where CR were replaced by "_x000D_"
- Fixed some other issues of GUI and localization.
- Fixed the achievement "cultural assimilation" and "there can be only one" to work with custom factions.
- Fixed an issue where heroes assigned to destroyed fleets weren't properly unassigned when loading a saved game.
- Fixed an issue when launching a manual battle including a fleet with some ships that have just been destroyed in a previous battle.

- Added some italian localization texts.
- Changed the effect of the Temple of the First Principle to be "+10 def per pop on system".
- Small balance of AI in construction of some buildings.
- Fixed an issue when using the Emergency Shelter battle card in auto-resolution of combat.
- Fixed an issue with Unique Horatio achievement (Galactic Sardines) which was not unlocking itself properly.
- Fixed an issue with 1000 industry achievement (Massively Mass Production) which was not unlocking itself properly.
- Fixed an issue during 2 successive battles when the first encounter destroyed one ship of the fleet but this destruction wasn't properly performed before the begining of the second battle and caused an assert.
- Fixed some text issues.
Product Update - Valve

Updated launcher featuring gamepad navigation in Steam Big Picture mode.
Fixed issues launching the game on Optimus graphics cards.

Known issues:

Custom configurations for some DirectInput pads may not save correctly. This will be fixed in an update soon.

Product Release - Valve
Assassin's Creed III Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy, all new content for Assassin’s Creed® III is Now Available on Steam!

In the first episode of The Tyranny of King Washington, the American Revolution is over but the true battle is just beginning. In The Infamy, George Washington, blinded by a thirst for unlimited power, has declared himself king. Connor awakes in this reality as Ratonhnhaké:ton – never having joined the Assassin order – and accepts a new mission to take Washington down. Acquire all-new skills to fend off this new threat to freedom. Live history as it never happened, and ignite a new revolution!