Community Announcements - Romenics
At the current stage the game have quite a lot critical bugs and various flaws which interfere you to fully enjoy the game.

Seems like at this points we no longer should add any new big features, at first, we need to fix all critical bugs, issues of usability and polish already existed features.

Also seems like stable multiplayer with public servers could be very important feature which may brings a lot of new players to the community, so we decided to make multiplayer fully stable and reliable before to develop any new big features.

So the next few updates will be directed mostly on fixes and small improvements.


  • Rotors and pistons now works in multiplayer
  • Added visual fill indicators for power storage and small cargo container
  • AI stations now have infinity amount of fuel and energy for its engines and weapons, it allows them to keep their orbits for a longer time and now they are more stable (however not 100% stable yet)
  • Splash damage of rocket is temporarily removed, because it caused undesired behaviour when hit shield or another rocket . Now rocket causes 100 damage to single target. Later splash damage will be improved and returned back.
  • Added button "Open folder" in "Saved ships" window which opens a folder with ships using file explorer
  • Saved ship no longer can be placed inside another ship. It checks for some free space in order to load a ship
  • "Duplicate selected ship" button has been removed from the sandbox menu, because its functionality already replaced with ship save/load manager
  • Added sandbox button " Set faction to mine" which allows to obtain an ownership o any ship. Can be useful if you loaded a world of another player or in order to debug AI stations

  • Laser weapons works again
  • Turrets now can be controlled when located on the second part of rotor or piston
  • Now a name of world file may contain a dots
  • It is no longer possible to buy modules from shipyard outside of shipyard area
  • Fixed rendering issues of some bold and italic style fonts
  • Fixed a crash on quit (The game no longer offended when you close it)
  • "Auto connect" button of Command Module now works correctly for power connectors
  • If you enabled resource connectors and storage icons and if you will start dragging resource icon from one container to another - you no longer will grab resource connector which located under storage icon
Community Announcements - Romenics
Finally! It works!

It was very complex task and it took much more time than we expected, but hope you will like these new modules.
Besides that, we gain extremely important experience while developed this feature.

The change log may seem quite small, as for 2-month update, however the first 4 items in the list was very hard to implement.

The reason, why it took so long, because earlier the architecture of the game does not suppose to have ships which consist from more than 1 physical object. Earlier 1 ship = 1 physical object, and for example, if two containers belong to the same physical object - it means they belong to the same ship and you may transfer cargo between them, control them, connect its connectors to each other etc.

But now, second parts of rotors and pistons and everything what attached to it - it is another physical object. So the ship which have one rotor or piston now consist from 2 physical objects, however the previous architecture thought that it is two different ships, as result, you cannot transfer or setup anything between those two parts. You can't even save entire ship, instead, it will save only selected part.

Another complex task which was solved it is find a way how to update physical joints when a ship losses its modules and splits on smaller parts.

So, in order to solve those problems, we made a lot of changes in many key systems, and now it works!

Also, the situation with docking port was similar with rotors and pistons. As result, now when you going to save specific ship, it will be saved and loaded with all docked ships. It may be useful for large carriers.

Another important feature, now you can build docking port right on top of existed docking port. So now it is much more convenient to build new ships.

However, despite we solved a lot of main bugs, there is still a lot of them. The system is too complex to solve all bugs at once. Besides, we worked on this update too long, time to release it when it became stable.

Icons changes its size depending on zoom factor

Also, the new system so complex, so we don't have a time to adapt new system for multiplayer. So, rotor and pistons completely does not works for multiplayer and probably causes bugs.Also, since we made many changes in core systems, previously saved files is not supported.


  • Added rotor module
  • Added piston module
  • Docking port can be build to existed docking port (now it is much more comfortable way to build new ships)
  • Now ships can be saved with all docked ships (useful if you created large carrier)
  • Now default AI stations placed by the save load system (their have own file in "NPS" folder and actually you can replace them if you want), also now it is much easier for us to design new AI stations and ships.
  • AI shipyard stations is redesigned
  • AI enemy ship is redesigned
  • Small ballistic cannon now have burst fire
  • Unity Engine updated to version 5.5
  • Reaction wheel have two additional mounting points
  • Now ship files contains information about date, time and version when this file was saved. This information is invisible (will be added on GUI later) but allows to notify you when file from previous version no longer supported.
  • The game will warn you if you will try to load ship file which was saved before version 0.77
  • Optimization: Now ships recalculates its mass only one time per second, it significantly improves performance, especially for large ships.
  • Optimization: Displaying of mounting points no longer cause significant FPS drop
  • Optimization: Slightly better performance when a ship attached or detached a module
  • Optimization: Better performance for mining laser during mining
  • Optimization: Better rendering performance of ships icons
  • GUI: Now "Show HP" button displays hit points only for damaged modules
  • GUI: Better rendering for lines of waypoints and engineering bay task list (thanks to Unity 5.5)
  • GUI: Now Storage Icons changes its size depend on zoom
  • GUI: Added DPS values for all cannons
  • GUI: Added "Don't show again" button to "Getting started" window
  • GUI: Orbital Parameters window now appears in right bottom corner on the screen (not somewhere in the center of the screen)
  • GUI: Icons of modules in the build menu now have more minimalistic design
  • GUI: Added icons on "Language" button
  • Localization: Added Traditional Chinese language
  • Localization: Added Japan language
  • Localization: Language files updated, added new text lines for all newly added texts

  • If a star system was saved with different factors (star mass, engine thrust etc.) it will be loaded with the same factors.
  • Laser parameter "Max thrust" renamed to "Max range"
  • Crew members no longer complains when you move food from one container to another
  • Crew members no longer can consume food from detached container
  • Save/load of game settings now works properly
  • You no longer can buy modules from shipyard while preview located outside of shipyard
Nov 21, 2016
Community Announcements - Romenics

Today, 21 November 2016, our project already 2 years in the Steam!
We are very grateful that you are with us. Thank to your support, the game becomes better and better.
We want to compare some screenshots from today and one year old to show a result.

Firstly, you may check our previous anniversary post.
One year of Celestial Command

One year ago, the game had 2D graphics.

But we are completely redesign all modules and now the game have full 3D graphics so you may observe the modules from any direction.

Interface became even better and more convenient.

Added possibility to repaint your ships.

Added more functionality for modules, multiplayer became more stable. Added trading, missions and seems like quite a lot changes during this year! :)

Today we planned to release a large update but unfortunately it require more time, so we cannot release it today. The next update will bring rotors, telescopic piston and some important improvements.

Also we actively develop a support of Steam Workshop so you will be able to share your ships!

We will try to release the next update as soon as possible and make the game even better!

Thanks you for you support!
Community Announcements - Romenics
Preview of the new feature which will be added in the next update. Physically based rotary corridor or simply saying servo motor.

Before it will be released we should to adapt it for save/load, multiplayer and ability to control modules which located on the other side of the rotary module.
Community Announcements - Romenics
Update 0.76 Alpha - GUI Icons, Usability, Warp Drive Effect, Laser Accuracy

Mainly this update directed on GUI improvements and overall usability.
We gathered your suggestion from the forum and implemented some of them.

Previous interface

New interface

New effect for warp drive

Color of trajectory represents its status

High accuracy laser turrets

New dialogue windows for ship save-loader


  • Added new visual effects for warp drive (including effect after arrival at destination point)
  • Turrets now have 100% accuracy, so now it will be directed accurately at desired target even for fast moving target or in case of fast angular velocity of the ship. As result, automatic turrets and NPC stations is capable to destroy incoming debris and rockets with high accuracy.
  • Improved GUI of color picker (added bar with selected color), added customizable color presets which saves between game sessions, added possibility to pick color from existed module, added possibility to automatically paint module after construction.
  • Added a lot of new icons on interface buttons instead of texts, so now interface looks much more convenient, besides it solve a problem of localization if translated texts is too long to fit a button.
  • The design of build menu has been improved
  • Usability ship save-loader is greatly improved. Now it has convenient dialogue windows with various options (pick name, rename, overwrite, etc.)
  • Now a trajectory of the orbit changes its color according to its status (stable, descending, escaping)
  • Symbols "A" and "P" returned back on apoapsis and periapsis icons.
  • Language files updated, added new text lines for all newly added texts
  • Added button/link to Discord chat in main menu

  • Lasers no longer can hit invisible waypoints
  • You no longer can control your ship while editing a text in any input field. It worked before, but now it more reliable and solve the problem when you can't control your ship while chat is open, but text field is hidden.
  • Fixed description of "Pin Trajectory" button
Community Announcements - Romenics
Since we released a tool to save your ships, it is important to keep saved files stable and reliable. From this point we will try to avoid any wipes.

If your saved ship will not load for some reason, feel free to send us a save file to
We will analyze the file and will try to fix it.

Also, we just uploaded a small fix which allows to load save games which was saved before corridors obtained an ability to work as cargo containers (version 0.752 - 0.753)
Community Announcements - Artaani


This update took more time than we expected, but now it is possible to save your ships in external files and load again!

Also it is possible to load ships for specific faction, including AI factions which allows to create some large scale battles using premade ships.

The ship browser still will be improved to have better usability. For example, more convenient way to override existed files and possibility to update screenshot of the saved ship, but it will be slightly later.

Thanks! :)


  • Added possibility to save ships to external files and load again. This feature also works for multiplayer since ship data can be transmitted to all connected users.
  • The Start\Splash screen style was changed to design with dark background (light background was too bright)

  • Linux: Thanks to our Linux testers, we found why the game wont start on Linux. Turned out the problem in anti-aliasing, for some reason Linux can't handle it. We disabled AA for Linux and now Linux builds works again. Later we will try to figure out how to return back AA for Linux, but it is not a priority for now.
Community Announcements - Artaani
We added new visual effect of the energy shield and recorded a PvP action from two points of view.
Here is a result :)

Full videos:


  • Improved visual effect of energy shield
  • 2x1 Adapter also may work as cargo container
  • Language files updated

  • Fixed "invisible" model of fuel generator (now definitely fixed)
Community Announcements - Artaani
Small hotfix of fuel generator and some additional changes.


  • Now all corridors works as cargo storage, each type of corridor have different capacity, but it is less effective than normal cargo container
  • Audio effect of mining laser is changed, added activation effect
  • Outdated option "Enemies amount" removed from world creation window
  • Language files updated

  • Fixed impact point of visual effects of lasers
  • Fixed "invisible" model of fuel generator
  • Option "Stations amount" in world creation window now works again
Community Announcements - Romenics
Color customization feature is finally implemented!

Also small cargo container was redesigned.


  • Added possibility to repaint modules in desired color! This feature work properly in multiplayer and after save/load.
  • Small cargo container is redesigned, it no longer so thin and looks more spacious
  • A types of generated stations no longer a random. Amount of stations now always 3, one of each type. So it is no longer possible that the planet will lack a station of specific type.
  • Model of small command module and fuel generator significantly optimized (in 10-20 times)
  • Language files updated, added simplified Chinese

  • Connector and connection line color for power storage is yellow (not blue)
  • Icons of resource connectors slightly redesigned so rotation of camera no longer important
  • Solar panel no longer can be blocked by invisible waypoint object
  • Now is possible to complete delivery missions without a grabber (by attaching a container to your ship and detaching near the destination point) and this method will work properly