Product Update - Valve
Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
New Weapon Drops

  • Enemies in the Sonoran Desert zone and co-op missions have a set of new Uncommon and Rare quality ranged and melee devices for each class added to their loot tables, available for use or trade.
  • Specific weapons:

    • Brawler's Beat Stick - Slow attack speed. Right click: Heavy swing deals increased damage and does knockback (40 power cost). Backstab inflicts 30% slow for 3s.
    • Heavy Wrench - Fast attack speed. Block deals damage. Backstab inflicts 30% slow for 5 secs.
    • Legion Combat Knife - Fast attack speed. Block deals damage. Backstab inflicts bleed effect, dealing damage over 5 secs equivalent to Poison Injector, but should stack with other poisons.
    • Rusted Machete - Fast attack speed. Block deals damage. Backstab reduces physical protections by 12%.
    • Colony Energy Rifle - Slower rate of fire than HEL-TAC, slightly higher overall dps.
    • Dweller Sniper Rifle - Slightly slower rate of fire than other sniper rifles, but higher damage per hit.
    • Legion Side Arm - Slightly slower rate of fire than other medic pistols, but higher damage per hit and slightly higher dps from hits. Right-click scope increases range.
    • Legion SMG - Slightly slower rate of fire than Heatwrack M.A.S.E.R., but higher damage per hit. Right-click scope increases range.

  • Elites in Commonwealth missions now have a chance to drop powerful Rare and Epic quality weapons of Commonwealth origin.
  • Specific Weapons:
    • Assassin Blade - Right click: Heavy Slash deals extra damage and inflicts -15% phys protection debuff (40 power cost). Backstab deals extra damage equivalent to Ghost Sword.
    • Techro Blaster - Right-click: Charges up high impact blast (1 second buildup time), dealing increased damage and knockback.
    • Helot Minigun - Improved accuracy and heavier knockback than iMinigun.
    • Adrenaline Gun - Increases target's max health by 400 for heal duration.
    Most Inventory is now Account-Based vs. Character-Based.
    • All characters on your account now share most inventory item types in the same way they share credits and tokens
    • For example, an Achievement Reward Helm earned by one character is now wearable by any other character in your account. Similarly all your crafting materials are shared by all characters in your account.
    • Exceptions include: Suits and Weapons. Both of these item types are class-specific and are still character-based.
    • With this change, all Mail and Auction activity is also Account-Based and no longer Character-Based.
    • As part of the data conversion to Account-Based inventory, any items in your mail-box will be removed from mail and automatically placed within your Inventory.
    Achievements & Rewards
    • Users who recruit other players into the game will now receive achievements & badges. Plus achievement item rewards for big recruiters. More Friends = More Benefits!

      • Recruit 1 friend - “Happy Bag” flair item
      • Recruit 2 friends - “Mad Bag” flair item
      • Recruit 3 friends - “Knockout Bag” flair item
      • Recruit 4 friends - “Scared Bag” flair item
      • Recruit 5 friends - “Boonie Cap” flair item
      • Recruit 20 friends! - “Frank the Tank” prestige pet
      • Recruit 50 friends!! - “Baby Warlord” prestige pet
    • AvA Achievements - An achievement has been added for AvA participation
    Challenge function
  • Pre-made teams can now challenge each other to matches.
  • A 4 person team leader can issue a /challenge in-game to another leader of 4-person team. If the challenged team-lead accepts, the teams play a 4v4 mission against one another from a named 'challenge' queue.
  • Match results are recorded in the database with with the addition of a "Challenge" flag and this data is available to third party reporting sites via the stats API. /Challenge can be used for informal duals but also to support any player-managed tournaments, brackets, and team rankings.
  • Challenge Map List - current map list contains a small number of 4v4 maps only. More maps will be added in the future.
  • Challenge Achievements - Achievements have been added for using /Challenge
    Threat Changes
    • Made threat levels decay over time
    • Made threat impact of healing be spread out over all the impacted threat tables rather than being applied entirely to them all
    • Fixed a bug with threat targeting that was causing results inconsistent with threat values when bots attempted to target the opponent with the most hate.
    Device Changes:
    • Super Smash Boost and Oathbreaker Morale Boost had their buff values decreased significantly, to be more in line with other Boost devices
    • Assault Rockets - all rocket launchers had their AoE radius brought in slightly
    • MagmaLance - Initial impact damage reduced 10%
    • Recon Mines - all mines had their total damage decreased 10%
    • Nanite Heal Guns - initial heal application value was doubled
    • Power Wave - Power Regen removed. Now instantly grants 60 power to affected allies, and an additional 20 over 4 seconds
    • Neutralize Wave - Removed poison dot effect. Instead deals damage for each beneficial effect removed. Now correctly removes Regeneration. Fixed an issue that made it so Neutralize Wave incorrectly skipped removing movement and damage penalties applied by Regeneration and shields, while still removing the associated buffs.
    • Assault’s Berserk offhand had its effect category changed to now correctly stack with offhand shields
    • Grizzly and Harrier Drones had their accuracy reduced slightly
    • Poison Grenade, Heal Grenade, and Soul Stealer should now correctly use LOS and not deal damage/heals through force walls and geometry
    • Fixed an effect issue with Dual Daggers on female characters
    • The visual effects for the Assault Minigun and Robotics Rumbleblaster have been updated for better visibility
    • AvA - Minimize Bid Locking - The bid window time is now random. The match always launches 4 minutes from the initial bid, but the time between initial bid and final bid is random. In conjunction with this change, the Agency rebid timer was changed from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. This is intended to allow agencies to be more responsive to being outbid.
    • AvA Helm for 10 wins - A new epic holo-helm has been added as a reward for the Win 10 Seasons of AvA achievement.
    • AvA Platforms had their Physical Protections reduced by 5
    • There will be an in-game Halloween event running from Wed. 10/27 through Sunday 10/31.
    • A new Halloween-styled Defense Map will be the only map in the Defense Queue for that period - Oasis Checkpoint... of Doom.
    • 13 new Halloween masks of Uncommon through Epic qualities, have been introduced for the event.
    • These mask flair items are acquired by playing the Halloween Defense map. They have a chance to drop from any bot in the mission, but will always drop from defeating the end boss.
    • Halloween flair items are seasonal and can only be worn from October 1 through November 30th.
    Other changes
    • Drop rates for T2 Armored Plate and X8 Nanoprocessors were increased and can also now drop from Colony Drone Mk. 2 in Raids
    • Due to budget cuts within the CPSD, Think Tanks will no longer appear in Double Agent missions.
    • Dune Commander’s Thrusters now deal significantly more damage to mechanical targets
    • Carter's Accessories received a new shipment of Minotaur heads and other backlogged items that were unavailable for a while, and are once again available in exchange for tokens.
    • The Tremor Pilot Flair sold at Carter’s Accessories had its quality increased from Common to Uncommon
    • New Prestige Pets Added. Mini-versions of the Commonwealth Elite enemies (Helot, Alchemist, Techro, Assassin) have been introduced as prestige pets. Mold Blueprints for these pets are rare end of mission loot drops from winning Ultra-Max and DoubleAgent SpecialOps missions. Molds are then crafted and used in conjunction with the Pet blueprint available from new PetCraft shop in Accessory area.
    • New Holo Suits as AvA Season Victory Rewards - A Rewards shop has been added to the Strike Force area of Dome City. The shop is stocked with 3 new Holo-Suits for each class. These suits are purchased with tokens but they are only available to players who have earned AvA Victory achievements.
    • The Warzones line has been removed from Mission Screen. Global Agenda will not be introducing a new Warzone gametype. Future updates will enhance and add content for existing gametypes including OpenZone, PvE SpecOps, PvP, Raids, and AvA.
    Miscellaneous Bug fixes:
    • Modified description text for Top Stat achievements - now makes it clear that character must be level 30+ to earn these achievement.
    • Fixed Quality Level of All Achievement Helms: Item Tooltip Quality Color was not matching the Icon or the Quality of the device
    • X-Box Controller Fix
    • Account-based inventory - Miscellaneous clean up around flair specific to each character and fixes issue where crafting skill are shared but crafting materials are not.
    • Fixed issue where some crewable vehicles do not fire

      • Vindicator Siege I
      • Vindicator Siege II
      • Dark Steel Vindicator
    • Fixed issue with health max change not setting correctly
    • Recursive Colony Hunter Spiders have evolved and will now only attempt to use their objective damaging beam when in range
    • Fixed issue where master volume slider adjustment was not causing sound effect, music and incoming voice sliders to move
    • Fixed collision in remote area of OpenZone where players would be stuck falling forever.
    Known Issues
    Here are some particular known issues to be aware of:
    • Leaving an agency sometimes does not work properly
    • The Icons for Knockout Bag, Scared Bag, and Boonie Cap are being reworked.
    • Holosuits’ Achievement Required message extends past viewable area.
    • Certain Specialty Head Flair Items Appear Equipped on Profile Screen, but not on player in-game.
    • Inspect function is not working
  • PC Gamer

    Halloween is fast approaching, the spirits are getting restless and trick or treaters are preparing to walk the earth in search of sweets. It doesn't matter how good their costumes are, they're not going to be able to compete with some of the Halloween events happening in the gaming world. Guild Wars, Aion, City of Heroes and Global Agenda are all running special Halloween events. Read on for an overview of the horrors that lie in store.

    Guild Wars - The Return of the Mad King of Thorns

    The Mad King is preparing to visit the kingdom of Tyria, and his spirits are already at large. Head to Lion's Arch or Kamadan and search for the Mad King's steward, he'll be the one dressed in candy. You'll hear news that the Mad King's Lunatic Court are hatching a plan to release the seals that keep their pumpkin headed leader confined for most of the year, turning the world into an everlasting Halloween party. It might sound like a good idea, but with special Halloween items on offer for completing these special quests, you'll probably want to put a stop to their mischief for the loot.

    Come October 31st the Mad King of Thorns will make several appearances at the Lion's Arch and Kamadan, launching a series of ridiculous and deadly games. If you win, you get a special Halloween hat, if you lose, you suffer instant death (until you respawn, of course). If you're especially eager to get into the halloween spirit, a couple of ghoulish new Halloween costumes will be on sale at a reduced price until November 21st. For the full run down of Guild Wars Halloween events, check out the Guild Wars Halloween page.
    Aion - The Harvest Revel

    It's Halloween and someone has stolen all of the sugary treats. Even the winged immortals of Aion need sugary treats, so it's time to get them back, by beating the sugary crap out of some nearby wildlife. The Shulacks who were entrusted with watching the sweets instead ran off with them, and started gifting them to local animals. As a sugar obsessed member of the immortal race of Daeva, it's up to you to get them back. Retrieve enough goodies and you'll be rewarded with Revel Chocolate and the Pumpkin King's blessing, both of which grant powerful buffs to your character. You'll also get mystery boxes which could contain anything from potions from scrolls to enchantment stones. The event will kick off on October 27th. For more information on where to find the Halloween quests, check out the Aion Harvest Revel wiki.
    City of Heroes - Monster Invasion

    Zombies are invading all cities and dimensions in City of Heroes, spewing onto the streets, milling around, eating passers by and generally stinking up the place. Smite them with lasers, riddle them bullets or immobilise them with firm and repeated facepunches for special Halloween rewards. Look out for the circles of power that are appearing all over the place, these will summon much larger monsters into the world. You'll need a team of superheroes to take them down.

    You'll also be able to do a bit of your own trick or treating, going door to door in Paragon city. If you're lucky the occupants of the home you pester might just give you a rare costume set. If you're really lucky you might get your very own slightly rubbish inanimate rock, which can then be thrown at enemies for very little damage. If you get a trick, you could find yourself fighting a horde of enemies, defeat enough of these and you'll be able to combine Halloween salvage to gain an additional costume slot for your character.

    If you get your hands on one of the classic costumes, go door knocking while wearing it, and you might get a tip off for a special new quest, a mission to find the mysterious Malleus Mundi artefact. There are a ton of badges and awards to be earned in the event, which will last until October 31st. Check out the full list of rewards on the City of Heroes Halloween 2010 event page.
    Global Agenda - Oasis Checkpoint of Doom

    A crate load of new masks are up for grabs in Global Agenda's Halloween event. If you're over level 30, you'll be able to boot up the game between October 27th and October 31st play a new Defence map in the Raid list called the Oasis Checkpoint of Doom. This map will pit you and nine others against waves and waves of incoming enemies. Defeat them and you could win yourself one of thirteen new masks. If you defend well enough and take down the final boss, you'll get a guaranteed mask and along with a slew of other rewards.

    For more information on the Oasis Checkpoint of Doom check out the Global Agenda site. If you fancy getting involved you can join the PC Gamer US editors for some epic base defence action in the Play With PC Gamer event later today.
    PC Gamer
    I always liked dressing up.
    Are you ready for Wednesday Night's Global Agenda Event? This is your less-than-24-hours reminder. As mentioned earlier, PC Gamer will be having an event in-game trying our hands on Oasis Checkpoint of Doom. We can't wait to blast some spooky ghouls with you in our finely crafted PC Gamer brand power suits, and hope you'll join us in-game tomorrow!

    The details:

    Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST
    Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.
    Raids will occur every 30 minutes

    Make up a battle cry that PC Gamer should use in tonight's raid and post in the comments below. Battle cry should be family friendly and non-offensive. The first fifteen entries with a valid battle cry will win a copy of Global Agenda.

    This contest is open to everyone.

    Global Agenda is currently on sale at 30% off and can be bought here or on Steam for $21. See you on the battlefield!

    Update: Winners have been selected and codes have been mailed out. See you in game.
    PC Gamer

    The developers of class-based first-person shooter Global Agenda have confirmed that they are working on a brand new entry in the classic Tribes series, called Tribes Universe. It'll have huge battlefields, vehicle combat and will feature massive scraps involving more than a hundred players. Oh, and jetpacks. It wouldn't be Tribes without jetpacks.

    Global Agenda featured an MMO-style metagame in which armies of players could fight for control of territorial hexes by taking each other's bases, but it looks as though Hi-Rez Studios are thinking even bigger for Tribes Universe.

    Writing on the Global Agenda forums, Hi-Rez founder and lead designer Erez Goren said that "we can’t transform Global Agenda to a large scale battle format but since we liked this concept a lot, we decided to create a new game based on large scale fighting."

    He added that "while working through the design we kept coming back to one old and loved game that represented many of the concepts we where incorporating into the new game (jetpacks, vehicles, large open space, three armor types, futuristic weapons, etc). Many of you will know this game as Tribes, the original on-line multiplayer shooter. As of now, Hi-Rez Studios is the proud new owner of the Tribes franchise."

    HiRezErez also posted a list of features that will be included in the game:

    Three Tribes (factions)
    Full clan (agency) support
    First person view (third person for some vehicles)
    Full vehicle support (ground and air)
    Full persistent world with territory control (no instances)
    PvP focused
    Huge outdoor maps (about 10x the area of sonoran desert)
    Large scale fights (100+ players)
    Jetpacks, skiing, lots of weapons, etc.

    Tribes Universe will be staging alpha testing early next year. If you're a level 50 Global Agenda player, you'll have first dibs on a spot in the testing program, so it might be a good idea to get levelling now if you want to increase your chances of grabbing a place. This will be the first Tribes game since Tribes: Vengeance in 2004. The idea of a new, bigger Tribes in Unreal Engine 3 makes me go a bit wibbly with excitement. Did you play the old games? Are you excited about the change to man a Shrike in a new Tribes title? Let us know in the comments below.

    PC Gamer

    Come play dress-up with the PC Gamer US editors in Global Agenda on Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST and be one of the first to run through the new Halloween themed mission, Oasis Checkpoint of Doom.

    Oasis Checkpoint is a Defense Raid mission where 10 players defend a facility from waves of NPC attackers. It's decorated with “tricks” and “treats” for the holiday event, lasting from October 27 through October 31. Learn more about Raid Defense in this developer video blog.

    Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.

    Thirteen new Halloween-themed masks will be available as random drops in the Halloween mission, and the items range in rarity from Uncommon to Epic. Players who defeat the final boss will score an additional mask on top of the normal mission rewards.

    Raid timers will be reduced from 80 minutes to 30 minutes during the event in order to allow more players a chance to do a mission with PC Gamer. All the seasonal items received during the event will be wearable until the end of November.

    Register for your free trial account here. Trial accounts are only able to reach level 12, though, and a one-time purchase of Global Agenda($30) will be required to advance beyond the level cap.

    We'll see you in game!
    Product Update - Valve
    Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
    • Items produced in one AvA Zone no longer can be used in another zone. This will show as each zone having separate AvA Blueprints, denoted in the names of the Blueprints and other AvA items.
    • Fix for an issue in which the "Match on Other Region" and "Preferred Region" settings were not being recognized properly, resulting in players being put into matches on the wrong region/server.
    • Fix for an issue in which deployable hit boxes were improperly offset.
    • Several bug fixes and cleanups to Audio settings.
    PC Gamer

    Successful shooty-guns MMO Global Agenda was a success because it was designed from the ground up to appeal to people too busy with family to maintain a World of Warcraft commitment.

    Speaking to EDGE, executive producer Todd Harris said, "World Of Warcraft has set the standard in terms of what the market place and end gamers think of as MMOs. We think there can be a lot of different types of MMOGs that can be successful. I think small can do it if they're conservative with their projections and their costs."

    MMOs can't afford to try to be a huge phenomenon anymore - there are just too many of them. As Jim Edge pointed out, you need look no further than recent MMO tragedy APB for an example of what can go wrong when you think too big. Oh, Jim Edge. You are as wise as your beard is long.

    Incidentally, I had ten copies of Global Agenda. I was quite looking forward to playing ten characters at once and cackling, but I accidentally mailed them out to ten people who came up with lame uses for jetpacks instead. I'm clumsy like that.
    Product Update - Valve
    An update to Global Agenda has been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.
    The major changes include:
    • Players with an active BOOSTER will be rewarded 2,000 tokens a day automatically at approximately Midnight GMT. Note that tokens will **NOT** be awarded if a player is at their WEEKLY or BANK limit on tokens (currently players are limited to earning no more than 50,000 tokens in a week and have a maximum bank size of 50,000 tokens). Players will not see the tokens until the first time after they relog following the token distribution time.
    • Pre-made teams joining Mercenary PvP queue must now contain either all Level 30+ players, or all players less than Level 30.
    • Players must now be in an agency for 7 days prior to the AvA end of season in order to receive the end-of-season reward.
    • Several client crash conditions have been fixed.
    • Possible fix for players launching onto another region's server even when the "Match on other Regions" flag is unchecked.
    • A bug in which items could be improperly unbound from your character has been fixed.
    • German profanity filter added.
    • Some bot spawns in the Moving Target map have been fixed. Commonwealth spiders will no longer take out their frustrations on the Dune Commander.
    • Modifications have been made to the AvA End of Season device rewards.
    • Hex 219 added to Region 2 of NA Sovereign zone.
    • Deleted some players "Single class top stats" achievements that were incorrectly awarded
    PC Gamer

    We've endured much, you and I. You had to endure two weeks of waiting to see if you were one of ten lucky readers who'd won a free copy of Global Agenda. I had to endure reading through a billion entries, each better than the last. To the ten of you who'll now be jetting around playing Global Agenda for free, my congratulations! We asked you for the ten lamest reasons or ways to use a jetpack. Here they are:

    PD102 suggested "using a Jetpack to hover just above people's heads at a Cliff Richard concert." That's pretty lame, because other people behind you need to see Cliff Richard too. For shame!

    Lack 26 may have let bitterness taint his entry. Better hope your supervisor at Jetpack Industries doesn't read, Lack.
    "Using it to deliver jetpacks, then having to trudge home in the rain having delivered said jetpack to those lucky enough to afford them; knowing all the while that your own life is miserable and empty in comparison and every day you have to go through the heartbreak of giving away what you most desire for yourself, a jetpack, to smiling, rich, happy families so they can soar like angels as a tiny speck drags its feet back down the driveway and through the gates."
    Sir_Oddington reasons that there's no use flying around in the sky when you're missing out on a potential auxilliary poo storage chamber: "Hollow it out and use the metal shell as a spare sceptic tank." Pro tip: if someone then straps it to their back and tries to start that thing up, dive for cover.

    contrapositive tells it like it is: "Reaper rushing."

    DrugCrazed says: "To use as the beginning of a rube goldberg machine that pushes me up into the sky." I demand that the first step in the sequence is you turning on your apparently-but-not-really strapped on jetpack, which shoots off without you.

    RichardDRMC is still fighting the good fight. He says, "Convert it to a podracer for little children. Then alienate one of the largest fan bases with some shitty prequals. Just sayin."

    Bendito came dangerously close to my idea for a jetpack propelled rocking chair. He reckons you could use your jetpack for "Solo see-sawing".

    jimangi wins a copy of Global Agenda because he'd "craft it into refined metal," but he also suggested that you could use your jetpack for "going to the shop for my copy of PC Gamer. That’s lame. Real men subscribe." Ah, I love the smell of patent advertising in the morning. The smell of victory.

    Godl1keStev3 reckons that the height of laziness would be "using a jetpack to go DOWN the stairs." A winner is you, Stev3.

    But Ociee made me lol the most with the mental image his entry conjures:
    "Standing up."
    Well done guys! I'll be sending you your codes via our forum's in-built "electromagnetic mail" system. Check your private messages for your keys. Once you have them, whack it into Steam.

    Now, to fetch the list of codes from under the novelty magnets I've stuck onto my new non-cooling, curiously-jetpack-shaped, all-the-food-smells-like-paraffin fridge. It's a floating, smelly buffet!
    Product Update - Valve
    Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
    • Fix for issue where loot sometimes does not appear right away for missions launched on EU servers.
    • Minor fixes for German language support
    • Fixed issue where subtitles were drawn under the UIScene during the tutorial for other languages.
    • Modified backfilling logic for matchmade PvP to be a little more lenient on level matching the backfilled player.
    • Changed how skills are saved in an effort to resolve an issue where too many skill points were allocated.
    • Changed the sell value of blueprints sold at Carter's shop.
    • Fix for Solo queues so that they will launch on your preferred region.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes for special auction items
    • AvA - North American zones will start an hour later and will now be open daily from 8:30 PM to 1:30 AM US Eastern time (5:30 PM to 10:30 PM US Pacific Time).