Product Release - Valve
Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Reckoning, all new content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Multiplayer is Now Available on Steam!

Brace yourself for Reckoning, the final downloadable content pack for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare.

Ship-fired missile strikes, plasma lamp explosions and crumbling glaciers dial up the excitement in four new MP maps.

The Exo Grapple Playlist delivers more carnage and more fast-paced MP combat than ever before.

The culmination of the Exo Zombies saga: Descent delivers an all-new map, fused zombie enemies and the Trident Reflected Energy Weapon. Discover the true cause of the global pandemic and the terrible secret that Atlas has been hiding.

Announcement - Valve
The Focus Publisher Weekend is on now, with deals up to 80% off* on great games and franchises like Wargame, Styx, Pro Cycling Manager, Farming Simulator, and more!

Also check out the Focus Selection Pack, a great lineup of games at an 80% discount!

*Offer ends September 7 at 10am Pacific.
Announcement - Valve
In celebration of the "Incinerate N' Detonate" free content pack release, play Killing Floor 2 for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Killing Floor 2 at 33% off the regular price!*

Plus, check out the "Killing Floor 2 + Chivalry: Let's get Medi-EVIL" promotion!
Owners of Chivalry will receive a Knight Character and Sword weapon in Killing Floor 2
Owners of Killing Floor 2will receive KF2 themed items in Chivalry
Current and new owners of these titles will receive this offer.

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Killing Floor 2. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Killing Floor 2 discount ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time. Chivalry discount ends September 14th at 10am pacific.
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 60% on MASSIVE CHALICE!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Saturday at 10AM Pacific Time
Product Release - Valve
Gunman Clive 2 is Now Available on Steam!

Gunman Clive returns in an all new adventure. Now in Color!
Product Release - Valve
Armello is Now Available on Steam!

Armello is a grim fairy-tale board game come to life. Full of swashbuckling adventure combining deep, tactical card play, rich tabletop strategy and RPG elements. Wage epic single and multiplayer battles, cast spells, hire agents, and prepare poisons and ruses on your quest for the throne!
Product Release - Valve
Company of Heroes 2 - The British Forces is Now Available on Steam!

This latest multiplayer standalone entry in the COH2 series features this iconic Allied army. Experience a unique tech-tree that challenges the player to balance the constant trade-off between mobility and defense. Surprise opponents with your development choices and an open end game configuration.

Play as the unconquerable Britons and their motley-crew of soldiers! Under the leadership of the fiery Sir Winston Churchill, this assorted mix put aside their differences and became the only remaining Western European nation to escape the grip of Axis-dominated Europe, before leading the final offensive with the other Allied Forces.

Product Release - Valve
Act of Aggression is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*

Set in the near-future, Act of Aggression is an explosive techno-thriller real-time strategy game hailing from the Golden Era of RTS. With three global super-powers, there can be only one victory.

“A classical RTS which reminds of the golden ages of real-time strategy”

*Offer ends September 9 at 10AM Pacific Time
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on Endless Legend™!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Product Release - Valve
Ushering in a new era for the METAL GEAR franchise with cutting-edge technology powered by the Fox Engine, METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain, highly optimized for PC, will provide players a first-rate gaming experience as they are offered tactical freedom to carry out open-world missions.


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