Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Mangerive

We’re launching the Splash n’ Grab Free Week!

What's a Splash N' Grab?
It’s simple:
  • Get In.
  • Splash Big
  • Get the Game Released
The Free Week starts the 2nd of November, lasting until the 10th and here’s the plot twist: if 100,000 people total play Decksplash during that time... then you know what we'll do? RELEASE THE GAME. (We’re serious)

Some say we’re mad to do it - Maybe we’ve fallen off our decks one too many times. Who knows?! But we’ve made the decision and it’s time to get this Splash N’ Grab on the go! If we hit that magic 100k, Early Access launch WILL happen on the last day (November 10th), however if we don’t have enough players, then it’s R.I.P Decksplash. You can keep track of the progress during this insane venture by watching the Splash N' Grab meter on the Decksplash Homepage as it updates in NEAR-REALTIME!

We’ll update the meter as we hit the milestones, so you can be as hyped about it as we are.


Can I do anything to help?!

There is always a way for you to help and this is your chance to make ALL of Decksplash’s dreams come true!
Other than downloading and participating yourself, we need you to be making a real noise about the game, so here’s the short list of danktivities you can take part in:
  • Tell your friends - get them playing!
  • Tell the World - Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Everywhere you can post!
  • Make Videos, Fan-Art and Livestream!
  • Scream from the top of the tallest building
  • Start a petition and get your local government to discuss the game
The truth is ANYTHING you do is going to make Decksplash get closer to release, so don’t feel limited to the list above, get creative!


We Like to Give!

During the Free Week, All players will be pleased to hear that all your loot, levels and coins will be carried across to the full version of the game as a reward.
Aim high and if you reach the top of the leaderboard, finding yourself looking down on those around you with a total to rival the devs, enjoy the smug feeling that comes with being King Of The Deck.
And for this one week only, you’ll be able to unlock and keep the Eirik board set, giving you a unique part of Decksplash history that no one else will be able to get.

You help get 100K people playing, you help get the game get released and we will bow down to you; forever remembered as a champion among mortals!



Head over to the Free Week page RIGHT NOW, to add the game to your Wishlist!
This will notify you when the game is available to be played during the Splasn N’ Grab Free Week!
Since you're here, sign-up to the newsletter and check out our latest trailer, created with the community to bring… Something no other studio has shown before! (We’re pretty Proud)
In-fact, here’s the trailer for your viewing convenience!
Surgeon Simulator 2013 - OliverAge24

Hey Cat-Lovers!

We’re super purrleased to announce that our latest game, Purrfect Date, will be released this winter.

You can check out the trailer here:

If you want to stay up to date, you can follow the game on social media here, for more purrfect updates about the game:

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

And of course, you can wishlist the game here:

Much love,

Oliver, Ruby and Bossa Studios <3
Surgeon Simulator 2013 - V0rador


We have a very unique opportunity for you. Not only you can buy Surgeon Simulator at a very low price, but you can also check some great discounts from our friends at Coffee Stain, TinyBuild, Curve Digital, Runestorm in a unique permanent bundle offer!

5 Indie Developer's join forces to unleash the ultimate PC Game Bundle oddity - just in time for April Fool's Day! 5 oddball games with combined PC sales of over 6M, the Weird and Wonderful bundle is all about celebrating the more unusual and darkly funny corners of Indie gaming.

From the original rage quitter to flying Goats, painfully brutal physics and the downright macabre - this Bundle is a greatest hits compilation of some of the most watchable comedy moments in gaming.

The only place you can get 2 Bobs, a Hot Head, Mop and Goat in your life at once - the Steam Bundle includes Surgeon Simulator, Goat Simulator, SpeedRunners, Human: Fall Flat and Visceral Cleanup Detail.

This offer is available right here:
SpeedRunners - Valve
The Weird and Wonderful Bundle is now available, offering big discounts on strange and silly games. Bundle Includes:

Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition
Goat Simulator
Human: Fall Flat
Viscera Cleanup Detail

Community Announcements - earlofmonkey
Hey ho Surgeons,

We thought you'd be interested to hear about the latest game from Bossa. Fresh from putting Trump into surgery and heading into Extreme Reality we've announced Decksplash!

You can check out the trailer here :

If you like what you see we are also looking for players to join the alpha playtest. Just sign up at the official site!

We've even got a surgeon board in there (cue massive gif)!:

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Much love,

Bossa Studios
Community Announcements - bobmansan

Are you Bready?

The prequel to Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread, is now available to download on Xbox One!

Finally, Xbox One owners can uncover the full story of our patient's gradual descent into madness. Ever wanted a tour of Mr Murton's beautiful home in Banardshire? Well today's your lucky day!

Control the lovable slice with the objective of becoming the greatest version of itself -- toast -- as you avoid all hazards to deliciousness. Only the most determined master bakers will be able to guide their gluten in and around the unsuspecting owner's home, in the search to find a heat source.

As well as of the wonderful gameplay in story mode, you’ll also have access to Bagel Races, Zero-G mode, Cheese Hunt, Rampage and Free Roam.

PLUS, the Xbox One version also includes the 'Starch Wars: A New Loaf' DLC, available for the first time on console.

We hope you agree that you really knead this game in your life.

Happy toasting!

The I am Bread team
x o x o

5 гру 2016
Community Announcements - OliverAge24

Hey everyone!

We're pleased to announce that Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality is available for pre-order on Steam now!

There's a live-action trailer here:

Steam page here:

Behind the scenes of the trailer here:

Much love,
Bossa Studios
Community Announcements - spankgrrrl

The time is finally (almost) here - the time you’ve all been waiting for! “What time?” we hear you cry…

Not HAMMER TIME, although we all love a bit of Hammer Time here in the office, we mean the time to Make Surgery Great Again!

Surgeon Simulator A&E Edition (includes the Trump surgery, plus all of the other cool stuff like eyeballs and teeth) is now 80% off. That’s 80% off the full game AND the upgrade. We’re running this promotion all the way through the election and beyond, until the dust settles on planet earth on 14th November.

Don’t be a bad hombre, and make your vote count. At the time of writing, our tickometer
is showing that 41% of voters have given Trump a heart of gold, while 59% have awarded him a heart of stone, but it’s not too late to change the outcome of the poll if you feel strongly about Mr Trump one way or the other.

Let’s build a paywall, and make the patient pay for it!

Love and kisses,

The Surgeon Simulator Team

28 жов 2016
Community Announcements - OliverAge24

“So what does a game designer do? Are you an artist? Do you design characters and write the story? Or no, wait, you’re a programmer?”

In this video, we discuss Liz England's concept of The Door Problem. It's a great way to explain what all of the different roles in a game studio are, and what each person is responsible for.

We'd love to hear any questions you have and if there's anything you're curious about to do with game development.

Much love,
Oliver Age 24 and Vince
Bossa Studios
Community Announcements - OliverAge24

We've started creating a series of youtube videos about how to get started making your own games, if that's something you've been thinking about doing!

You can check the first one out here:

And our channel is here if you want to subscribe for future videos!

Much love,
Bossa Studios ːsteamhappyː

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