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Welcome back to Star Conflict Tutorials! Today we’ll talk about the 5 most popular ships of the game, that can be purchased simply by having a low-tier spacecraft and just a handful of credits to spare. Only the official data was used for this Top 5 list, so, you are going to be looking at 5 ships that ventured out into space combat most often.
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Pilots! Throughout the week get Archelon ship components in post-battle trophy search on rank 7 ships!

The idea of creating a guard frigate had been on the minds of Federation engineers for a long time. The best specialists spent days in laboratories and test sites around the clock to find a solution. During research by General Reactors corporation the engineers managed to develop a unique power distribution system for the ship’s shields. However, a new concept called for a fundamentally different design and characteristics of the ship. All the little pieces of the project finally came together when the leading designer of Dry Lab corporation joined the team.

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on October 23!

Star Conflict Team
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Pilots, weekend begins! Time to prepare the fleet for new victories!

Special weekend offer!

x2 synergy transfer rate
+50% synergy in battle
40% off premium license for 30 and 90 days

Premium license gives all pilots the right to receive more battle rewards. And when the battle ends, pilots with a premium license get two additional trophy search attempts — which means that the chance of getting new and unique equipment is higher!

Strengthen your fleet! Together we can win!

Yours faithfully,
Star Conflict team
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Star Conflict development process goes on, and that is why we would like to present the updated development plan for our game. Take notice, that this document reflects only the major changes. In addition to implementing parts of the plan, we are constantly fixing bugs, introduce smaller improvements and tweak combat and economic balance. We also continue developing and assessing new and existing gaming opportunities.

Check out new development plan for Star Conflict on our Website!
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Pilots! It's time to improve your fleet strength! The Empire liaison at UMC reports that a new transport convoy has arrived in fringe sectors from inner worlds. It seems that the blockade has been broken. We are expecting even more trade caravans in the fringe sectors soon!

Only today, October 11, we offer a 50% discount on Brokk components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

Externally Brokk is very similar to an imperial support cruiser, so the frigate has a very serious, aggressive and brutal look. This made it a full-fledged "imperial" dream for most pilots. It can rightly be called the most versatile engineering frigate and win in every possible category. There are going to be no obstacles for you — the special module will destroy all enemy ships in your way.

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on October 12!

Star Conflict Team
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers. Changes were made to ‘Sector Conquest’ mode, balance of Waz'Got frigate and several bugs were fixed.

Protective sphere
🔹The module effectiveness is weakened by half
Scavenger drones
🔹Decreased repairing hulls from the missile explosion to 10%
🔹Damage reduced by 10%
🔹Damage reduced by 7%
Damage from drones of all special modules is reduced by 20%
Hull repairing from Scavenger drones and Alien satellites is reduced to 40% of the damage drones inflict
Node on 9 rank to increase the regeneration rate for shields is reduced to 20%

Sector Conquest
🔹Now all battles in a region begin at the same time
🔹A wing is now matched with an enemy of the same level
Independent pilots in this battle can have a higher level of ships
If the battle only has independent pilots, the teams are matched by ship level
🔹The minimum team composition is now four pilots
Vacant pilot spots are filled with AI

🔹Improved a number of texts and descriptions
🔹Improved stability of game servers
🔹Added sound effects for some repair / regeneration actions
🔹Updated game credits
🔹Improved shield effects

Bug fixes
🔹The description of ‘Static Field’
🔹Fixed a bug with displaying resources when crafting a ship
🔹Fixed a client crash when using ‘Waz'Got Battle Station’ in raids
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Pilots! Throughout the week get Brokk ship components in post-battle trophy search on rank 13 ships!

Brokk is a project of the Shipyards of Earth, one of the top-3 engineering frigates of the century. The project’s lead designer was able to create an Engineering vessel just as effective as its Federation peers, and at the same time maintaining high firepower traditional for imperial ships. According to rumours, the renowned ship designer started the project’s development ‘on a dare’ having heard unflattering remarks about the effectiveness of Garm and Minotaur from his Federation colleagues. To confirm this theory many cite the name of the ship, similar to the name of a dwarf, who according to an ancient legend, won a bet and sewed a god’s mouth.

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on October 16!

Star Conflict Team
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Pilots! UMC launches a special promotion to help you upgrade equipment!

Only this weekend:

+50% credits in battles
Discount 50% on Premium xeno-resource container!

United Mercenary Centre wishes you successful missions!
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Pilots! UMC announces the start of ‘Gold Battles’. Every pilot can earn up to 200 Galactic Standards for winning battles!

Only today and till 06-00 UTC on October 6, pilots can get the following rewards:

50 Galactic Standards for the 5th victory
50 Galactic Standards for the 10th victory
100 Galactic Standards for the 15th victory

Good luck in the battles, mercenaries!

Star Conflict Team
Star Conflict - ST_Team

Lucas Horn, the Federation's liaison with UMC at ‘New Eden’ station, says that his old friend has arrived in the fringe sectors. Captain of a free cruiser ‘Scotland’ is known for bravely sailing ti the most dangerous corners of space, and he always returns with particularly valuable cargo.

Special Offer From Lucas Horn: only today, on October 4, 50% off Nightingale ship components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

Nightingale is the embodiment of elegance and confidence. Show off your piloting skills! MHD generator provides increased power to your weapons if you do not neglect engine power. Speed and the ability to conceal yourself and the team are your main trumps.

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end at 5 AM UTC on October 5!

Yours faithfully,
Star Conflict team

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