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There s something about Magicka s sense of humour that makes the series instantly likeable. The first game and all of its DLC was daft and fun and refused to take itself seriously. It helped that it was a cracking good game, as well. Judging from the Magicka 2 [official site] launch trailer, the sequel looks to follow the same vein. Only 96 seconds long and I definitely caught myself mid-chuckle at least twice. Bodes well.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - TotalyMoo
We at Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games with its own casting department, just released our next spell casting adventure. Magicka 2, a game titled “Mad Magicks: Fury Robe” at one point (but not now), is available to download and play now on both platforms, enabling would-be Wizards everywhere to play alone or in groups through a new adventure with hundreds of spells and zero vampires.

A new trailer is available today thanks to the sorcery of images that move right before your very eyes:
“For so many of our fans, Paradox and Magicka are practically synonymous,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, not a vampire. “Which is strange, because the two words don’t mean the same thing at all, and our company is not populated by terrifying and irresponsible misanthropes who are constantly liquefying each other with fire-infused beams of pure death. However, it is still a wonderful milestone for us all to share the next chapter of our best-selling series with the world, and to publish our first game on the PlayStation 4. Magicka 2 is the perfect game to play together on the couch in front of a big screen, where you’re always within reach of the friend causing all of those friendly-fire ‘accidents.’”

Magicka 2 brings players back to the world’s most irreverent co-op action adventure series, providing all-new game features alongside the original’s iconic spellcasting system, humor, and always-on friendly-fire. Guided by Vlad, up to four Wizards at once can challenge a series of new levels in a co-op campaign, or take on challenge levels for score, prestige, and game-altering ‘artifacts’ that alter Magicka 2 in strange and wonderful ways. The world is invited to put on their robes and wizard hats, invite their friends, and learn to spell all over again.

Best of luck, Wizards!

The Magicka 2 Team
Community Announcements - TotalyMoo

Greetings Wizards!

Tonight at 18:00 CEST we'll be streaming some Magicka 2 co-op from the Paradox office, for your enjoyment!

As it's a live format we will of course be taking questions, bantering about developing the game and showing you what to expect at release tomorrow (May 26th).

Join us here:
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
In partnership with the wonderful people at we bring you the chance to win some pretty awesome loot!

Prizes on the line:

  • HP Omen Gaming Laptop
  • A signed Magicka cosplay robe, as well as the offer for a lunch with Paradox people!
  • Awesome gaming peripherals from Func.
  • Magicka 2 Steam keys.

    These goodies are offered in a two-part competition. To find out how to get your hands on these prizes simply follow the link:
PC Gamer

The Humble Paradox Bundle is a military tour through history. There's the Crusades, the Second World War, the Colonial 19th Century, the War of the Roses, and, of course, Wizard Times. It's all potentially yours in a pay-what-you-want package.

The regular bundle includes first-person bludgeoner War of the Roses: Kingmaker, along with Magicka, some Magicka DLC packs, Victoria II, Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition, and a robe for Magicka: Wizard Wars.

Pay above the average—currently $5.11—and you'll also get Hearts of Iron III, Crusader Kings II, the Crusader Kings II expansion Sons of Abraham, Impire, and, for some reason, a soundtrack compilation from across Paradox's catalogue. More games are planned for the bundle, and will be announced next week.

It's certainly a broad selection from the publisher's catalogue. Assuming you don't already own them, Crusader Kings 2 and Magicka are particular highlights. As always in the Humble Bundle, you get to specify where the proceeds of your purchase are sent—be it Paradox, Humble, or the charities Extra Life and AbleGamers.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

After a year of Early Access, Magicka: Wizard Wars [official site] has finally graduated from Hogwarts. We’ve already shared our thoughts on various versions of the game but there’s still plenty to say about this maybe-a-MOBA and its complex combo-based elemental magic system. Here’s wot I think.>

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher

Hi all!

Approximately 1.5hrs from now some of us Paradox-types will be streaming some Magicka 2 sneak peek gameplay live from the office.

Please do drop by to say "Hi"!
PC Gamer

Magicka 2 releases on May 26, so Paradox Interactive is hitting the promo treadmill hard. The above video, which reportedly shows a "110% unscripted round of Magicka 2's challenge mode", is almost certainly 100% scripted, but it's easy to overlook this small fact when Prolific Video Game Trailer Voiceover Guy (you know the guy) gets sneered at and vanquished towards the end.

If you'd prefer not to wait, pre-ordering will get you early access to the game's challenge mode. But if you'd prefer not to spend any money at all, a PvP spin on the Magicka formula released late last month in the form of Magicka: Wizard Wars. There's never been a better time for enthusiasts of magical carnage.

Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher

To celebrate our launch week we are kicking off an awesome promotion to reward YOU awesome people!

Every time you play a game you have the chance to receive something special as an end-of-round reward, a Golden Ticket.

This ticket makes you eligible to receive something from a stash of either in-game rewards or awesome gaming hardware!

Example prizes: A huge fat wallet of Gold Crowns, a gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, a headset, or even a graphics card!


  • Winners will be announced each day at 17:00 CEST. No need to inform us, we know if you received a ticket.
  • First winners announced 29th April 2015, final winners announced 6th May 2015.
  • The daily list of winners will appear on both our Steam Announcements and shortly after 17:00 CEST each day.


"This is just a Golden Ticket, how do I know what I won?" The Golden Ticket basically puts you in a pool of eligible winners each day, you find out what your prize is when we update the posts after 17:00.

"Which game modes are eligible?" Any game that normally gives you a chance of end-of-round rewards can drop a Golden Ticket.

"How can I up my chances of winning?" Play Soul Harvest!

"Lol, can't I just go AFK/duel a friend/trade wins to game the system?" No, you cannot. You will be disqualified and barred from any future chances of winning. We are smarter than we look! ;)

Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher some of you may know we have a kind of a big thing going on next such we decided to get warmed up with a bad-ass streaming event!

So, details below!
  • Hosted live from the Dreamhack Studio on our NEW twitch channel
  • Starts at 17:00 CEST, runs to 20:00 CEST, hosted by Escher and TotalyMoo
  • Win a graphics card from Sapphire Technologies!
  • Featuring live creation of an in-game item by the super-talented MellonCollie (all viewers will receive a key for it in-game!)
  • Cosplay Workshop - See Cosplayers creating awesome Magicka related props!
  • Devs Versus Community! We have flown-in Acedy, MachoMan, WalterWulfle and
    Dobby Promisque to battle Nisshagen and his hand-picked team of Devs in our new game-mode! Your chance to see it in action for the first time!
  • Special guest casters - zBlackboxz and Tol Eressea
  • Interviews and chit-chat with the Devs!

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