Jul 31, 2013
Product Update - Valve
New update for Spiral Knights is Now Available!

Battle Sprites
Battle Sprites are new combat companions that all players can acquire by completing a new series of Rank 2 missions upon reaching Haven. These missions teach players about Battle Sprites and allow them to try out each of the three starter sprites before ultimately choosing one to keep.
The three starter Battle Sprites are the fiery Drakon, the divine Seraphinx, and the shadowy Maskeraith; each with their own unique powers that will become more powerful as the sprite levels up and evolves! Just remember to feed them materials or food crafted from the Lab so your sprite can level up faster, evolve and gain new skills.
You can read the original Battle Sprite announcement here.
More information on Battle Sprite Skills can be found here and here.
Additional Battle Sprite Info:
- Battle sprites acquire perks at most levels. Perks are selected randomly.
- Battle sprites can continue to acquire perks after reaching level 100.
- Battle sprite skill points and ultimate skill choice can be reset with an item called a ‘Reset Star.’ Reset Stars are sold in the Supply Depot. When using a Reset Star, a sprite’s level is retained.

The Lab
The Biotechs of the Spiral Knights have finally got the Lab up and running! Head on over to the Haven Garrison and learn more about Battle Sprites and what the Spiral Knights have discovered about the world of Cradle.
The Lab also includes an ensemble of NPCs related to Battle Sprites:
- Biotech Morlin teaches you about sprite skills, perks, harnesses, and leveling
- Biscotti explains how to feed and care for Battle Sprites
- A special alchemy machine next to Biscotti allows you to craft favored sprite food from materials and minerals
- Riley sells harnesses for Battle Sprites that change their damage types

Energy Changes
- Elevators no longer require any energy to operate. Explore the Clockworks as much and as often as you wish!
- Elevator passes are no longer for sale
- Player-owned Elevator Passes have been replaced with 10 Radiant Fire Crystals and energy deposited into the player's account at a conversion rate of 2625 energy for each month of time left on your energy pass, rounded up.
- Mist energy and mist tank items have been removed
- Player-owned mist tanks have been replaced with 10 Sparks of Life (bound)
- Player-owned mini mist tanks have been replaced with 1 Spark of Life (bound)
- ‘Crystal Energy’ is now simply called ‘Energy’
- Mist Wells have been renamed 'Energy Wells' and no longer provide a 25% bonus on deposit.
- Mist within Mist Wells has been converted to energy and may be withdrawn at 100 energy per day

New Revive System
- All knights now have an Emergency Revive mechanism built into their armor that will revive them shortly after falling in combat once per floor. An ER only restores all the red health pips you have, but no more.
- If a knight is brought to an elevator dead, their ER will be instantly used at the start of the next floor.
- After falling in combat without an ER, the primary means of reviving is no longer energy. Players must use a ‘Spark of Life’ in order to revive in the Clockworks.
- Sparks of Life can be earned via missions, found in treasure blocks or purchased in bulk at a discount price in the Supply Depot. Sparks of Life cannot be purchased from the Supply Depot while in the Clockworks.
- If dead without a ER or Spark of Life, a Spark of Life can be activated for 50 energy. This price never escalates.
- Removed the ability to revive by sharing health as well as any heat sharing from reviving. Players may still revive each other using Sparks of Life.
- The old ‘Spark of Life’ crafting material has been renamed to ‘Storm Chaser’

General Changes
- Rescue Camp missions have reworked narrative hooks that will allow for exciting new missions in the future
- Removed "Securing the Camp" mission
- A knight explaining the Forge has been added to the Haven Town Square
- A new class of items have been added, known as ‘Rarities.’ Rarities include sparks of life, fire crystals, orbs of alchemy and evo catalysts.
- There is no longer a crown fee for joining Arcade Gates.
- New scenario rooms have been added.

Difficulty Modes
Players may now choose one of three difficulty levels when taking on missions or expeditions:
- Normal mode is intended for new players and is easier than what existing players may be used to. It features lower payouts for crowns and heat as well as lower drop rates for materials and rarities.
- Advanced mode is intended for existing players and is roughly equivalent to what they may be used to. It features current payouts for crowns and heat as well as average drop rates for materials and rarities.
- Elite mode is intended for players seeking a high level of challenge. It features the highest payouts for crowns and heat as well as the highest drop rates for materials and rarities.

Item Changes
- Loot now drops for each member of a party and each party member must pick up their own loot. You now will earn the exact same amount of loot in a party as you do solo, so party up!
- 2 star materials and higher now only drop from a specific monster family.
- Removed decay timer for crowns and heat
- Extended decay timer for hearts
- Players can no longer drop vials and capsules they acquire in the Clockworks
- Some rare monsters now have a chance to drop new items.
- All missions have been updated with new mission rewards.
New materials have been added. These include:
- Spark Plug
- Vile Seal
- Sinful Brew
- Dead Gold
- Wicked Idol
- Crest of Ur
- Royal Skewer

Equip Limits
Equipping items is now limited by your Mission Rank:
- Mission Rank of 3 is required to equip 2-star gear
- Mission Rank of 5 is required to equip 3-star gear
- Mission Rank of 6 is required to equip 4-star gear
- Mission Rank of 8 is required to equip 5-star gear
Any equipment bound before this patch will become your new current equip limit. For example. A knight who had only completed missions through Rank 3 but had 4 star gear equipped will be able to equip gear 4 star and below until achieving Rank 8.

UI Changes
- Added three new quickslots to the HUD for Battle Sprite skills
- Added a HUD icon for your Emergency Revive
- Added a Get Energy button to the Supply Depot
- Added a slider to the party configuration screen for adjusting difficulty
- The star level indicator on an item pill will now turn red if an item exceeds your equip limit
- Added a blue gem graphic to item pills that displays their bound status
- Added The Forge, a new interface for leveling and enhancing items
- Added new screen effect when damage is taken
- Added a Battle Sprite tab to the character panel that includes skill details, perks, harnesses and the feeding tray
- Achievements and Progress have been moved to a new Character Progress window available from the main menu

Alchemy Changes
Energy is no longer required to use alchemy. A new type of item, ‘Orbs of Alchemy,’ have replaced energy associated with alchemy. There are five orbs of alchemy in all:
- Flawed Orb of Alchemy
- Simple Orb of Alchemy
- Advanced Orb of Alchemy
- Elite Orb of Alchemy
- Eternal Orb of Alchemy
Orbs of alchemy may be purchased in unbound stacks from the Supply Depot, acquired via missions or as rare loot in treasure blocks.

The Forge
Items that acquire heat will no longer automatically level up when enough heat is required at the end of a level. Instead, a new type of item called ‘Fire Crystals’ must be used within a new interface called ‘The Forge’ in order to level up your items. Fire crystals include:
- Cracked Fire Crystal
- Dim Fire Crystal
- Warm Fire Crystal
- Glowing Fire Crystal
- Shining Fire Crystal
- Radiant Fire Crystal
The Forge can be accessed in town or at any arsenal station. When an item is ready to level up, open the Forge and select the item. The item will require a certain number of a specific fire crystal to level up. However, in some cases there is a chance the forge will not succeed and the fire crystals will be lost. No heat is ever lost due a failed forging.
Additionally, players have the option to add more than the requisite fire crystals in order to improve the odds of a successful forge as well as the chance to gain a special bonus. These bonuses include:
- Heat Bonus: +25% (one level)
- Double Level Up!
- Forge Prize Box containing a random assortment of various rarities and other items (prize box and contents are bound)
Fire crystals may be purchased in stacks in the Supply Depot, acquired via missions or found as loot in treasure blocks.

Recipe Changes
A number of recipes have had their crafting requirements changed in order to better balance out the usage of both new and old materials.
Rarity Distribution to Existing Players
All existing players have been sent rarities based on their current Mission Rank. Each player will receive exactly the total number of rarities they would have otherwise received from missions as of this update. All items are bound.

Energy Pack Changes
- The Explorer's Pack is no longer available.
- Any energy packs containing Mist Tanks have been replaced with 5 Sparks of Life per Mist Tank.
- The Guardian's Armor Pack has had its Elevator Pass removed and replaced with energy.
May 22, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Dash and Bash through the Clockworks!
In order to help combat the ever-growing threat within the Clockworks, all Knights can now use two powerful abilities: the evasive dash and the stunning shield bash! Both abilities have default mappings in each control scheme or can be set in Custom Controls.

The dash provides a burst of speed and limited invulnerability, allowing a knight to evade the damage caused by enemy attacks but not damage from hazards and traps. After performing a dash, there is a cooldown that must be endured before it can be performed again. This cooldown can be seen just above the quickslot bar when a dash is performed.

A knight dashes in the direction the knight is currently moving, or if standing still, the direction the knight is facing.

Shield Bash
The shield bash is used to rush one or more enemies, doing a small amount of damage, knocking them back and stunning them for a limited time. A shield bash requires a shield with full power to perform. Additionally, after performing a shield bash, your shield is drained of some of its power.

A shield bash is always executed in the direction you are facing.

- The Recon Cloak can now take multiple hits before breaking, much like the Guardian and Striker class abilities.
- Dash can be used in Lockdown, but not in Blast Network
- Shield Bash cannot be used in either Lockdown or Blast Network

Updated Item Pills and Icons
As part of the continuing push to improve the visuals of Spiral Knights, item pills and icons have been updated to show much more detail.

Other Changes
- The weapon selector wheel can now be disabled in Preferences
- Modifier keys can now be bound to keyboard, mouse, or gamepads. These can used as regular buttons.
- Updated/changed various minimap icons for vendors

- Recons once again fade-out/fade-in when going invisible
- Moved the Timer so it no longer overlaps with the shield bar
- Razwog's health bar now correctly displays

Product Update - Valve
Great Gluttonous Gorgos!
A new fiend has been summoned from the Underworld to swell the ranks of the devilite workforce: the gluttonous gorgo!

Gorgos are bulbous fiends who are constantly on the lookout for their next meal. Within the Underworld they are among the lowest in the fiendish pecking order and are used as a twisted form of motivation for white collar devilites. For those that don't work hard every day will eventually become a terrible gorgo; their bodies bloating and their two eyes forming into one, because why waste all that extra energy blinking both?

Gorgos will now appear alongside their devilite coworkers in any fiendish encounter within the Clockworks and come in the following varieties:
- Gorgo
- Firegut
- Guster
- Storm Belly
- Waster

A Focus on Fiends
Greavers have been newly classified as elite monsters, much like mecha knights and gremlin thwackers. Designed to pose a greater challenge, the already challenging greavers have received a health boost and will now be less prone to showing up in large swarms.

Control Schemes
We've added a new way to set your controls in the options menu!

For new players, the option to choose a control scheme will appear after creating your character! For existing players installing the game on a new machine or for those who have never changed their controls, the option to choose controls will appear just after logging in.

If you'd like to change your controls at any time, you'll find the new options under "Controls" in the options menu! Please note: choosing a new default control scheme will override any customized controls.

Of course, you can still customize your controls with the Custom scheme option!

- Steam mic icon no longer overlaps Party leader icon
Product Update - Valve
Mini Monsters
A new class of monsters known as 'minis' now roams the Clockworks. Experienced knights shouldn't have much of a problem dealing with them, but beware, minis are prone to swarm in packs dozens strong.

- Dust bunnies: These beast-family minis are a hopping mad mess of fangs and fur. They are always hungry.
- Glop drops: The newest member of the slime family will slowly ooze their way toward their prey as a nasty blanket of spikes.
- Grave scarabs: These undead insects are always on the lookout for fresh corpses. Their limited flight signals their attacks.

Minis will appear in select levels of the Clockworks and will eventually find their way into many more in future updates.

The Compounds
A new set of random levels have been added to the Clockworks, known as the Compounds. The Compounds feature the remains of some sort of unknown facility, where more intelligent monsters await, harvesting resources or perhaps attempting to power up the derelict machinery. However, just outside the confines of the facilities, hordes of mini monsters await in the brush, waiting to strike.

Compound levels include:
- Ruined Compound: Creeping Colony
- Ruined Compound: Ravenous Warrens
- Ruined Compound: Chittering Burrows
- Charred Compound: Creeping Colony
- Charred Compound: Ravenous Warrens
- Charred Compound: Chittering Burrows
- Frozen Compound: Creeping Colony
- Frozen Compound: Ravenous Warrens
- Frozen Compound: Chittering Burrows
- Blighted Compound: Creeping Colony
- Blighted Compound: Ravenous Warrens
- Blighted Compound: Chittering Burrows
- Shocked Compound: Creeping Colony
- Shocked Compound: Ravenous Warrens
- Shocked Compound: Chittering Burrows

The Compounds are unique in that they combine two monster families and only appear in Tier 2 and 3 of the Clockworks.

Currently, Compounds levels will only appear in the Arcade but will be added to some missions in future updates.

*Please note, in order for the new Compound levels to populate the Arcade gates, it was necessary to shuffle current gates. We apologize for the inconvenience.*

- Rockets will no longer sneak behind barriers in the Firestorm Citadel
- Fixed going 'Back to Haven' in Guild Halls

Product Update - Valve
Spiral Knights is celebrating its second anniversary with a special event! Join in on the fun now through April 16, 2013!
It's a Caketastrophe!
Visit the Haven Town Square to meet the Skylark's Head Chef, Biscotti. She will inform you of a 'situation' at hand that involves hordes of monstrous cakes known as 'Creep Cakes.' Helping her solve this 'situation' will reward you with cake helms and prize boxes! Features include:
- A Prestige Mission, 'Total Caketastrophe' is available during the event
- Biscotti, Maskwell and Bulky can be found in the Haven Town Square
- Creep Cake nests can be found randomly within the Clockworks
- Participating in these events will reward you with Cake Slice tokens
- Maskwell now trades Cake Helms and Anniversary Prize Boxes in exchange for Cake Slices
- Bulky now sells confetti and Cake Slice tokens
Please note, the Frosted Helm and Foiled Frosted Helm will expire on April 30th 2013, however the Prismatic Frosted Helm lasts forever!
Anniversary Prize Boxes
Anniversary Prize Boxes can be purchased from Maskwell in exchanged for Cake Slice tokens. Anniversary Prize Box contents include:
- Handfuls of confetti (always included)
One accessory (always included):
4% Chance:
- Cool Birthday Candle
- Regal Birthday Candle
- Military Birthday Candle
- Heavy Birthday Candle
- Fancy Birthday Candle
- Dusky Birthday Candle
- Toasty Birthday Candle
- Cool Party Hat
- Regal Party Hat
- Military Party Hat
- Heavy Party Hat
- Fancy Party Hat
- Dusky Party Hat
- Toasty Party Hat
- Cool Party Blowout
- Regal Party Blowout
- Military Party Blowout
- Heavy Party Blowout
- Fancy Party Blowout
- Dusky Party Blowout
- Toasty Party Blowout
2% Chance:
- Volcanic Party Hat
- Divine Party Hat
- Prismatic Party Hat
- Volcanic Party Blowout
- Divine Party Blowout
- Prismatic Party Blowout
- Volcanic Birthday Candle
- Divine Birthday Candle
- Prismatic Birthday Candle
1% Chance:
- Shadow Party Blowout
- Shadow Party Hat
- Shadow Birthday Candle
- Sprinkle Aura
As a special bonus, each Anniversary Prize Box has a chance of containing DOUBLE PRIZES!
UI Overhaul
As part of our second anniversary celebration, we're rolling out a new UI for Spiral Knights! The new UI contains a number of improvements and an easier to understand layout. These changes include:
- A visible character portrait
- A new way of viewing health: health pips now change from red to silver and finally gold as more health is accrued. Additionally, a percentage health display is present.
- A shield power meter under health
- A weapon selection 'wheel' that allows you to see the name and icon of your weapons
- A much more detailed mini map, featuring enemy locations, NPCs and more
- A new Targeting UI that displays information about whatever you are targeting. For monsters this includes health, attack types and weaknesses. Handy!
- An Activities Panel that contains all the various activities that you can perform in a given zone
- A zoom button that allows you to zoom in when in Haven
- A general layer of shininess across all the other interfaces
Other Changes
- Monster and player damage flash effects have been revamped for better clarity in combat.
- Vials and Capsule pickups have had their icons updated.
- Art for unbreakable blocks in the Clockworks has been updated.
- A player's rank will now be shown with their name above their heads.
- Items will now show a message when they cannot be picked up.
- Player names are now white, green if a guildmate and blue if a friend. This color scheme is also used on the mini map.
- Vitapods can no longer be dropped, only replaced by superior versions.
- Devilite difficulty has been balanced, including reducing their attack range and dodge frequency.
- Dusky Long Feather added to the Iron Lockbox drop table

Product Update - Valve

Winterfest Has Arrived!

As snow begins to fall on Haven once more the Strangers and snipes have begun to celebrate Winterfest! This year the holiday festivities include a new Coliseum map, a special Prestige Mission, exclusive prizes and more!

Mission: Save Winterfest!

Impostoclaus has come to town but unfortunately not every child will be receiving a present from him. In the gremlin outcast town of Emberlight, a faction of fiendish, green-furred gremlins called 'grinchlins' have begun an attack on Emberlight. These grinchlins seek to rob the orphans of Emberlight of their presents and even destroy Impostoclaus!

It's up to you to accept the new Prestige Mission, 'Save Winterfest!' and help Impostoclaus deliver presents through a monster infested back alley of Emberlight. Knights have only a limited time to run presents to safety, avoiding monsters who mean to steal the presents as well as defending Impostoclaus from grinchlin attacks!

'Save Winterfest!' is a unique Prestige Mission as it can be completed as often as you like while available. Delivering presents successfully rewards the party with Winter Wish tokens.

New Lockdown Map: Avenue

Battle over a snow-swept cityscape where the snow is not just for shoveling, but great for throwing at other knights!


- A 3 CP map where the combat is fast and frigid - watch out for those snowballs!

- Open up even faster routes to your CP via a back door button

- The Slush Puppy in the central square guards plenty of snowballs, but it won't be happy if you try to take them!

Winterfest Rewards

Participation in the 'Save Winterfest!' Prestige Mission and Coliseum events will earn you Winterfest rewards in the Haven Town Square. Visit Impostoclaus and his little helper, Randolph to cash in Krogmo Coins and Winter Wishes for the following:

- Frosty Prize Box featuring Frosty costume armors and accessories

- Various Santy Hats

- Snowballs you can throw anywhere

And more!

The Hunter's Lodge and Boss Trophies

Guild Halls with both 3F expansions can now install the Hunter's Lodge. The Hunter's Lodge is a monster hunting lodge curated by the great hunter, Armero. It contains a guild alchemy machine containing monster trophy recipes. Guild alchemy machines use resources from the Guild Treasury and deposit results into the Guild Treasury.

Boss trophies require special materials available from Brinks in the Haven Bazaar for boss tokens. Materials include:

- Snarbostuffing

- Jelly Glue

- Schemer Scrap

- Dark Ember

Boss trophies list:

- Frumious Fang

- Replica Natural Snarbolax

- Replica Shadowy Snarbolax

- Jelly Gem

- Royal Jelly Crown

- Replica Royal Jelly

- Roarmulus Blueprints

- Small Replica Roarmulus Twin

- Large Replica Roarmulus Twin

- Almirian Seal

- Lord Vanaduke's Mask

- Lord Vanaduke's Finery

Guild Hall Doors

Guild Hall rooms can now have doors that restrict access to guild members of specific ranks. Doors can be installed via the room console. Like rooms, they must be re-installed if they are ever removed.

Doors include:

- Member Door

- Veteran Door

- Officer Door

- Guild Master Door

UI Changes

- Hall of Heroes has new loading screen art.

- Loading screen and end of level report headers have had their art adjusted.

- Acquisition of Arsenal items now plays an interface effect.

- Guild Records can now be filtered by knight name.


- When directed to a specific mission in the Mission Interface, players will no longer be directed to a closed mission if an open version of the same mission is available.

Product Update - Valve

Celebrate the Spiral Knights Guild Hall Expansion with an exclusive Battle Stand furnishing item (to add to your Guild Hall), Honor Blade sword, and Honor Guard Shield. Log in before November 19th, 12pm pacific!

All current guild halls are being upgraded will all-new expandable features. You can now add new levels, rooms, and furniture to your Guild Hall. In the future, the newly expanded halls will also serve as fortifications against the coming darkness that lurks within the Clockworks.

  • Customize and expand your guild hall using the Design Mode, accessed from your guild's Command Console
  • Buy furniture to decorate your new rooms from the Birdsong Emporium
  • Purchase vendor and service rooms for extra convenience
  • A special training hall elusively for guild members
  • Guild upgrades: member limit increases and guild storage
  • Set your Guild Hall to 'open to the public' and meet prospective recruits or throw a party!

Product Update - Valve
The Dark Harvest Festival

The Dark Harvest Festival is now being celebrated in Haven and will end on November 1st! This annual event honors the mischievous Punkin King in order to ensure a healthy fall harvest for Haven. All Clockwork Tunnels-style levels like Power Complexes and Blast Furnaces now have a chance of featuring special rooms inhabited by the Punkin King. Simply hop on the party pad and discover if the Punkin King has candy tokens or something else in store for you!

There is also a Prestige Mission available daily throughout the event that gives you a guaranteed encounter with the Punkin King.

Both via the Arcade or the Prestige Mission, Tier 1 awards the fewest candy tokens while Tier 3 the most candy tokens.

Candy tokens come in three varieties (Hard Candy, Sour Candy and Sweet Candy) and can be exchanged in the Haven Town Square for festive masks and prize boxes!

Festive Masks
Maskwell has set up shop in the Haven Town Square and will trade items for candy tokens.

Masks include:

- Paper Frankenzom Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
- Paper Phantom Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
- Paper Spookat Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
- Replica Frankenzom Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
- Replica Phantom Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
- Replica Spookat Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
- Authentic Frankenzom Mask (lasts forever!)
- Authentic Phantom Mask (lasts forever!)
- Authentic Spookat Mask (lasts forever!)

In case you're just a few pieces of candy shy of the mask you desire, candy tokens can also be purchased from Bulky in the Haven Town Square.

Dark Harvest Prize Box
In addition to festive masks, Maskwell also has Dark Harvest Prize Boxes for trade. Dark Harvest Prize Boxes contain random, unbound items.

Items and Odds

33% for one of the following:
- Hallow Side Blade
- Hallow Wings
- Hallow Bomb Bundle
- Pumpkin Bomb Bundle
- Hallow Crest
- Hallow Parrying Blade
- Hallow Plume
- Hallow Ribbon
- Hallow Scarf
- Hallow Dapper Combo
- Hallow Power Scanner
- Hallow Glasses
- Hallow Round Shades
- Hallow Com Unit
- Hallow Mecha Wings
- Hallow Vertical Vents
- Hallow Bolted Vee
- Hallow Headband
- Hallow Maid Headband
- Hallow Toupee
33% for one of the following:
- Jack o' Bombhead Mask
- Hallow Crescent Helm
- Hallow Round Helm
- Hallow Fur Cap
- Hallow Hood
- Hallow Pith Helm
- Hallow Plate Helm
- Hallow Sallet
- Hallow Scaled Helm
- Hallow Tailed Helm
- Hallow Winged Helm
33% for one of the following:
- Hallow Flak Jacket
- Hallow Draped Armor
- Hallow Fur Coat
- Hallow Cloak
- Hallow Brigandine
- Hallow Plate Mail
- Hallow Cuirass
- Hallow Scale Mail
- Hallow Culet
- Hallow Raiment
1% - Haunted Aura

Plus Even More Prizes!

Each Dark Harvest Prize Box also includes random handfuls of Trick or Treat Confetti as well as a chance to receive even more prizes: Trinket Slot and Weapon Slot Upgrades, Krogmo Coin Boosters and Heat Amplifiers!

Trick or Treat Confetti launches a pumpkin in the air and then...

- Added an arrow pointing to the elevator in tutorial lobbies.

- Two new proto armors and helms have been added to knight creation.

- Minor clarity improvements to the Vendor interface.
- The Coliseum button on the main HUD has been moved to the center of the screen.
- Coliseum and Party Finder buttons have new animations to indicate status.
- Main menu button added to spectator mode at bottom of screen.
- While using the Alchemy interface, the name of the item you're choosing to create is now displayed at the top of the Ingredients panel.
- Info box/Description added to Loadouts panel.

- Firo Driver / Firotech MKII now displays fire status in tooltip.
- Items will no longer spawn in FSC fountains.
- Virualent Catalyzer plays correct sound when fired.
- Fixed case where players could get stuck in a room with no respawning pot to free themselves.
- Miracle Cloak Recipe now requires the correct amount of Light Shards for a 4-star item.
- Spectating a game will no longer cause you to stop waiting for a PvP match.
- Fixed some issues with stunned monsters. More fixes are on the way.

Product Update - Valve
New Danger Mission: Ghosts in the Machine
Spiral HQ has received a distress call from a derelict facility deep within the Clockworks.

The distress call came in the form of a digital message saying only 'save us.' Believing it to be a potential trap, Spiral HQ has deployed Desna's Recon Rangers to investigate the facility and assist anyone who may have sent the message.

Ghosts in the Machine is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

New monsters are featured in Ghosts in the Machine and their official names are:
- Static Soul
- Surging Bombie
- Static Deadnaught
- The Big Iron

As a special launch celebration, Ghosts in the Machine will be available daily for a week! Following that it will be added to the the Danger Mission rotation.

Spectator Mode
You can now watch any live Coliseum game with Spectator Mode! To access, open the Coliseum and press the 'Spectate' button. Then just select the game you want to watch and enjoy!
- Press the arrows at the top of the screen to change between players, or use the arrow keys
- Spectators cannot see invisible players (Lockdown)
- Spectators can chat with other spectators during the match
- Spectators cannot chat with players until the end of the match
- Players cannot see spectator chat during a match

- Minor changes to handling chat commands: if a command is typo'd the line of text won't clear.

Product Update - Valve
New Danger Mission: Heart of Ice
Join Desna's Recon Rangers and explore the fiendish city of Amu-Sol. This frozen wasteland is home to a deranged and devilish cult plotting to put the entire Clockworks into a permanent state of deep freeze!

The entirety of Amu-Sol is swarming with frozen souls and deep within the heart of the city lies the source of it all: the cult's powerful leader, Maulos and a towering column of pure everfrost.

Heart of Ice is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

New monsters are featured in Heart of Ice and their official names are:
- Frozen Soul
- Perma-Frostifur
- Maulos

- Trojan shockwave attack range has been restored to the previous range.


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