Product Update - Valve

Version 3.00.03101 - A.M.M.O. mod for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

+ Update: Heavy tank now retains its turrets after respawning.
+ Update: Switching from a heavy tank to a lighter one should no longer
give the latter extra turrets sticking out from its chassis.
+ Update: Multiplayer should now show the correct chassis models being
used by all other players.
+ New: Respawning will now restore you to your last loadout.
+ New: Terminals are now activated by proximity.
+ New: Blue team will now spawn green models. Solely for the purpose of
testing and feedback.

-- Known bug: Switching chassis' very quickly still causes the extra turrets... next build will implement a timer to avoid this condition.

-- Known bug: Steam Overlay can cause crashes or texture loss...
It is suggested especially for AMD/ATI users to turn off Steam overlay for this build.
Product Update - Valve

+ Free map and mission, Assault on fKd City (user-generated content)
Product Update - Valve
+ updated the game engine (fixes sound issues on Mac OS X, improves mesh collisions)
+ improved collisions with the terrain on Burning Sands
Product Update - Valve
+ Level Editor (Windows version) for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

Oct 27, 2011
Product Update - Valve

...... Dear Steel Storm User, please don't forget to remove your custom Launch Options used for ToD mod to enjoy this patch .......

Changelog 10/26/2011:


+ Added Loadout Terminals - at the beginning of every mission in the Burning Retribution Campaign, player can equip his tank with desired weapons. If it turns out later into the mission, that it is not the desired combination, player can come back to the terminal and re-equip the tank (watch your back too!).
+ Prepared the game to accommodate upcoming DLCs
+ Bug fixes

+ added a scrolling list to challenge menus to better display all the challenges
+ changed the Episode field on the server list to instead reflect which DLC packs a server is running
+ added challenges for upcoming new weapons
+ fixed a bug that was cutting off text from the briefing for Frozen Canyon in Japanese in the menu and client
+ fixed a bug that wasn't translating Back buttons on the MP menu
+ all earned weapons per campaign are now displayed on the mission list with currently equipped weapons highlighted
+ fixed a bug that was causing dynamic lights to spawn multiple times in rare cases
+ fixed a bug that wasn't displaying when a profile has been updated if it's loaded from the list
+ added the Loadout Terminal
+ when a player finishes a mission with a weapon he didn't start the mission with, it's added to his arsenal of weapons that can be selected at an Loadout terminal at any time during a mission. These weapons must still be earned for each campaign.
+ players will respawn with weapons they had either when they started the mission or now also whatever they chose at a terminal
+ in multiplayer, if one player earns a weapon and it becomes available at a terminal all players may access that weapon
+ all weapons are always available at Loadout terminals in CTF mode
+ updated Burning Sands level with better terrain collisions
+ final Japanese translation for menus and campaigns
+ fixed a bug that was causing a bad file name check when attempting to save a campaign mission w/o a campaign
+ fixed a bug that was causing green crystals to not pick up
+ fixed a bug that was causing blank mission.txt files to overwrite existing ones when saving a new mission in an existing campaign
Sep 23, 2011
Product Update - Valve

Steel Storm: Towers of Doom MOBA mod is here !!!

Changelog 09/23/2011:

+ Added Steel Storm: Towers of Doom mod, early alpha version


To play the mod, add launch options to Steel Storm, "-game tod -customgameuserdirname steelstorm-tod" (with no ""), by right clicking on Steel Storm: Burning Retribution in your Library and choosing Properties > Set Launch Options.
Sep 19, 2011
Product Update - Valve



+ New structure for the campaigns
+ Added Japanese translation
+ Reorganized main menu


Major Changes:

+ the map image and borders now draw at 0.75 alpha so you can still see what is going on in the game behind the map
+ fixed a bug that was causing objects to pop on the client into their real origin when slowing to a stop
+ fixed a bug that was displaying the respawn menu and allowing the player to attempt a respawn before he's done exploding and "officially dead" thus closing the respawn menu and forcing the player to restart the mission
+ added titles to the campaign list for campaign organization
+ polished the system and control menus by adding tabs to the top of the menu instead of cluttering them along the bottom with reset and back
+ renamed Gamepad Settings menu to Input Settings
+ mouse sensitivity has been moved to the Input Settings menu
+ when resetting controls mouse sensitivity is now reset when the Input Options are reset instead of Player Controls
+ moved Input Settings to be the last tab in the controls menu to keep all the keybind menus together
+ fixed a bug that was not allowing alternate back keys to work after opening the key bind prompt and closing with a key that functions as ESC
+ fixed a bug that was not toggling shadows correctly when toggling back on
+ the X360 back button can no longer be bound in the control menu
+ fixed several bugs in the campaign editor menu, and added some polish to the arrow key / gamepad controls for the menu
+ added Back buttons to all of the main menus
+ fixed a bug that as resetting anti aliasing incorrectly when resetting system settings

Minor Changes:

+ fixed a typo in the objectives list for objects
+ fixed a bug that wasn't translating primary/secondary objective titles in the menu mission briefing
+ fixed centering of fonts on menu options
+ motd now reads Japanese file and re-measures text when changing language
+ fixed a bug that wasn't selecting the profile option when the profile menu is loaded by default or after a profile is loaded or created
+ fixed a bug that was not loading default weapons for players if their player profile isn't found (should never occur in the first place anyway)
+ fixed a bug that wasn't resetting the slider position for resolution when resolution changes are canceled
+ fixed a bug in the system menu that was messing up translations
+ added all missing ctf and deathmatch english translation files (and updated the title of hack and slash to include the ctf suffix to coincide with other missions)
+ brought Russian translation up to date
+ fixed all health checks so that there won't be any confusion when health values are nan values
+ changed some fonts for Japanese translations
+ translated changes in all languages
+ fonts now change based on language
+ added mouse and gamepad titles inside the input settings menu
+ added Japanese to the language menu
+ fixed a bug in the gamepad controls that was drawing the slider min/max labels off position
+ less challenges are now drawn per row to make room for challenge titles
+ control input option titles no longer highlight. (to avoid confusion with the mouse)
+ certain menus including the main menu and menus with tabs no longer reset the selected option when backing out of a sub-menu
+ added a profile updater that renames the old BR campaign title to the new one, and sets the profile to version 1.1.
+ added some text to the challenge menus if no challenges have been completed
+ changed the selection in the campaign editor to use "->" instead of ">" and changed the color to be more obvious
+ removed some prints when looking up weapons before listing missions in a campaign
+ removed some menu selection restrictions for mouse and keyboard/gamepad
+ sound is now played when scrolling a list up with the keyboard/gamepad
+ sound is no longer played when adjusting sliders
+ in the challenge menu in the esc menu, challenges are now sorted to show weapons first
+ fixed some bugs involving translations
+ some menus now transition smoother
+ changed the font on the hud objectives text to one that is larger and less distorted at lower resolutions
+ polished the opening/closing of several menus
+ changed the text on the map to be more readable in lower resolutions
+ removed time left from the scoreboard
+ player frags no longer show in singleplayer
+ place, and name no longer draw on the scoreboard before the mission ends in singleplayer
+ the scoreboard no longer draws empty slots, the menu shrinks to fit
+ rearranged buttons on the scoreboard so that "Next Mission" is the first button
+ the color picker menus now show a color bar for each slider and should render a bit faster now
+ fixed a bug that was not resetting slider values for the color picker when backing out of the menu
+ the sound options menu now uses the correct background
+ added a "slow" comment to the dynamic lights toggle (needs to be translated, will generate file later)
+ the mission briefing menu in the main menu now stretches instead of using a scrollbar
+ in singleplayer death messages now refer to the player as "You" instead of their player name.
+ added player's color picker icon
Product Update - Valve

  • the Message of The Day notification system
  • scores now send to clients at a 1 at a time basis instead of updating all scores at once even if most of them are unchanged
  • added ping to the scoreboard
  • added damage dealt and accuracy to the scoreboard (damage dealt exists in old scoreboard files)
  • fixed a bug that was drawing Storm Shield hits wrong against objects with shields
  • fixed a bug that was not saving player profile/config after the game updates their profile
  • fixed a bug that was setting revision wrong for new profiles
  • floored some values in the scoreboard to avoid decimals
  • decreased font size on the scoreboard to fit more stats in
  • increased size of the scoreboard
  • rewrote major portions of the scoreboard code to easily allow more stats and more game modes to be added
  • scoreboard columns now adjust to the scoreboard stat titles to avoid translated text overlapping each other
  • fixed a bug that was setting the end game flag always true on showing end mission scores
  • fixed a bug that was checking the wrong variable when preparing scoreboard stats
  • fixed a bug that was checking the wrong variable for mission end when drawing mission score options
  • fixed a bug that was displaying time left below 0 when viewing end mission scores and the server is slow
Product Update - Valve
  • New CTF missions:
    • Arsenal CTF
    • Hack and Slash CTF
  • New bonus campaign/co-op missions:
    • Onslaught
    • Purgatory
  • Better profile updating
  • Player Initiated Voting - Includes mission changes and player kicks. (Admins can force map changes or create votes even if it’s disabled.)
  • Name tags
  • Chat bubble
  • Team balancing
  • Fixed CTF and Deathmatch bugs
  • IP address of server is now shown in server browser
  • Manual connection to a server using IP address and port
  • Passwords can be set for joining your server, and/or for admin mode access.
  • Instant Chase Cam switch during multiplayer (at all times) and during single player (if it's unlocked). Q or Left Thumbstick Click on some gamepads is the default toggle control. (removed the chase camera toggle from the menu as it is now unnecessary due to the toggle control)
  • Added a limited visibility chase cam mode toggle for better performance on slow machines
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Steel Storm have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
  • full support of Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepads (XInput) on Windows (support on Linux and Mac OSX depends on how well OS supports the device natively)
  • default gamepad settings now match Microsoft Xbox 360 controls for the Logitech Rumblepad 2
  • fixed freezing game when player is challenged by Heavy Tank with Minigun for Linux client (new Linux client requires updated kernel and updated libs)
  • increased timer on eradication from 12 to 20 minutes
  • added dynamic lights to all projectiles, explosions, weapon hits, muzzleflashes, player jets (best not to enable on slower systems)
  • player's oldorigin set to spawn location at spawn/respawn
  • rewrote player positioning code for player spawns. this should fix the issue with players spawning at '0 0 0'
  • fixed a possible issue with storm shield on the server
  • fixed possible issues with storm shield timing
  • fixed the height of storm shield plasma balls
  • fixed issues with low fps and storm shield
  • cleaned up .cfg files
  • global lives is now reset on server stat reset
  • on map start, if the mission cvar is not set, the server does not look for a mission file, then singleplayer mode is disabled and all clients are updated of the game mode change (if for some reason they connected before the server looked for an entity file)
  • if a mission file is looked for on map start but not found, the server stats are reset in the previously mentioned manner
  • if the current map does not match the map specified in the mission file on map start the server stats are reset
  • fixed an issue with plasma sprite explosions possibly not being removed
  • explosions now fade correctly
  • fixed possible issues with explosions removing
  • fixed possible issues with rift effects timing
  • fixed bugs in every language translation file other than Russian for the m_Draw_Confirm_JoinServer.txt which was showing several server stats as blank on the server join confirmation menu
  • min players is no longer drawn on the server join confirmation menu
  • you can no longer damage yourself in some gamemodes with your own radius damage
  • fixed the bugs that were allowing the reticle to move around while paused or in the menu
  • fixed a bug that wasn't allowing players to bind keys to controls that were set up to function as back buttons while in the menu (except the keyboard ESC key)
  • fixed a possible timing issue with some basic animations and low fps
  • fixed a timing issue with removal of explosion sprites
  • when the player is starting a single player mission the server won't allow him to move with joysticks while the mission briefing is up even if the client tries to cheat out of it
  • when other menus are active on the client, the server disables joystick axis movement (this can be cheated out of but will give no advantage to the player)
  • fixed a bug that was cutting off control titles when setting a key
  • joystick turn sensitivity now ranges from 0.05 to 6 instead of 0.1 to 9
  • fixed a bug that was recognizing up keys as an attempt at control settings (causing enter to close the key input menu in controls)
  • fixed a bug that was messing up text for the control title when setting controls
  • fixed typo in icebound paradise
  • fixed a bug that was spawning countless shield effect ents when a beam type weapon is hitting a target
  • fixed a bug that was drawing the thunderbolt too far away from the player
  • fixed some bugs that were aiming projectiles too high
  • fixed a bug that was drawing beams in the wrong place when the target is dead
  • updated all server configs with new and missing values
  • added an option for public guest editor access to the advanced server options menu which allows any player to access the editor in guest mode (no save/clear/reload)
  • when accessing the editor on a server, the player is now given the option to enter a password for admin mode, or if the server or an admin allows it, enter guest mode directly w/o entering a password.
  • if a player has already been granted guest editor access, that play can still enter a password to enter admin mode. (players can't be locked out of admin mode by granting them editor access or setting the server to allow guest editors)
  • server editor options are now hidden in the advanced host options menu unless the editor toggle is enabled
  • guest editor access can no longer be toggled in the admin player list if the server is running in public guest editor mode
  • fixed a bug in the admin player list that was not drawing on the next line after an player is listed that cannot be modified
  • fixed a bug that was preventing players who were jumping from a very low score to first place to not be sorted correctly in the scoreboard

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