Product Update - Valve
- Added bot support for all classes and game modes.
- Added a new “Create a Game” page on the menu to easily create your own offline game or LAN server.
- Overhauled the Dedicated Server browser.
- Overhauled the Allied spawn area on dm_gela_trex (the T-Rex map). Allied spawn area is now significantly bigger with better cover at the exits. MG42s also added to this map to discourage spawn camping the Allies.
- Made changes to Hilltop to strengthen the Allied spawn and add some additional exits. In Deathmatch mode there are now two alternate spawns (one for each team) at the top of the hill. This changes the configuration dramatically and should discourage people from spawn camping at the top of the hill.
- Made a few minor adjustments to Canyon. Added an extra route past the train near the tunnel into the mountain.
- Added an extra route out of Axis spawn on Depot which gives them covered access to the tunnel beneath the map. Took away access to the windows through which snipers could camp from spawn.
- All 4 of these maps (Gela, Hilltop, Canyon, Depot) had a pass for player clips and other problem spots where you could get hung up on a wall or doorway.
- Added 9 new achievements most of which were suggested on the forums. See if yours made the list!
- Fixed a crash related to jack rabbits when a round changes.
- Fixed an MG42 camera bug.
- Fixed a bug where players could be knocked down by T-Rex roar while manning an MG42.
- Fixed a bug where players could be knocked down while already pounced by a raptor.
- Added stomp damage for the T-Rex to prevent people from blocking his path. You can now be crushed underfoot of the T-Rex!
- Added death icons for stomp damage and MG42 deaths.
- Fixed a bug where some classes had difficulty being healed by the medic’s area heal effect.

Product Update - Valve
Major changes to Dino D-Day include new Medic functionality and significant changes to the Compy! Check out the new update!

• Fixed exploits related to grenades/sticky bombs and team switching or going to spectator mode.
• You can now join spectators only when you are alive and within a spawn area. This prevents exploits that can be used to harm your teammates or to circumvent the respawn timer.
• You can no longer suicide when pounced, knocked down, thrown, bitten, being eaten, eating rabbit, etc.
• The “no suicide on class change” menu option now works correctly.
• Removed a Styracosaur exploit that allowed for rapid firing of its turret.
• Several issues with the kill assist system have been addressed. Kill assist credit should occur more frequently now.
• Players receive points for doing large amounts of damage to either the T-Rex or the Styracosaur in addition points they may get for killing them.
• Medics accrue healing points for patching up teammates. For every 100 healing points Medics get a point on the scoreboard.
• Several crashes related to the Velociraptor’s pounce have been fixed. Unfortunately, the pounce attack was the source of most of the server crashes that were occurring in Dino D-Day. We've put in some safeguards, but this is a difficult crash to isolate. If the set of safeguards we just put in fail to do the job, you can expect a significant overhaul of the Velociraptor pounce in the coming weeks.
• Added a T-Rex spawn preference to the Multiplayer Options menu. If you don't want to be selected as the T-Rex, just indicate this in the Multiplayer section within Options.
• Adjust footstep attenuation for dinosaurs. You should be able to hear dinosaurs coming a lot easier now.
• Medics now have a new ability in the form of a special that is activated by the Use key (‘E’ by default). When the special is used, it creates a temporary area of effect heal around the medic which follows the medic's movement around the battlefield. This gives medics the ability to keep themselves and their teammates healed up without having to put their weapons down.
• Thrown medkits now heal significantly faster.
• The right-click heal function of the medkits now works from a farther distance and is more likely to connect with nearby teammates.
• The Compy now "charges up" his suicide blast by making melee kills. For each melee kill the Compy receives (to a maximum of three), his suicide explosion grows stronger.
• The Compy is now slightly more durable, has improved melee attack damage, and is 12% larger.
• Took out the Velociraptor's pounce recharge. This was an artifact from when you couldn't shoot them off teammates.
• Improved hit detection on Velociraptors when they are attached to their victim during a pounce.
• Improved Stygimoloch and Trigger melee function. It should be much easier to hit people.
• T-Rex guns balanced. The overheat on its machine guns is now slower and they are slightly more accurate.
• Microraptors can now cling to ceilings in addition to walls.
• Improved hit detection on Microraptors when they are clinging to walls and ceilings.
• The overall damage on the Microraptor spit is slightly buffed.
• The Microraptor is a bit more durable now and should be a little tougher to take down.
• The Desmatosuchus melee attack now knocks down their victim rather than simply pushing them back.
• Ilona’s rabbits now regenerate from the resupply crates.
• Fixed some bugs related to the target reticle for Joe's artillery strike and Hissmann's pterosaur.
• Buffed the damage and increased the radius for Hissmann's pterosaur.
• Certain weapons received small damage buffs. The M1 Garand, K98, M1 Carbine, and BAR should all be more effective when shooting at a target from a distance.
• Headshot notifications now work for all guns. Damage was always calculated properly for a headshot, but you didn't receive a notification that you made a “headshot” kill unless you were using a rifle (or Ilona’s revolver) before.
• Frag grenades for Hardgrave and Jakob now start the fuse timer when you first press and hold your primary attack key, which means you no longer must use “secondary fire” to cook this type of grenade.
• Each of the selectable classes now have varying portraits that reflect how injured they are.
• Re-added deaths to the scoreboard.
• Fixed bugs in the top scorers (on the newspaper) for the round.
• Condensed the end-of-the-round newspaper to allow for more battlefield awareness.
• Fixed bug in the Revenge/Nemesis system where it would incorrectly label a teammate.
• Fixed bug in the Revenge/Nemesis system where you would get a revenge kill on a player that just joined the server.
• Put hints back in for satchel charge bomb points (they went missing in a previous update).
• Satchel charges are now added to your inventory automatically. You no longer need to press 'E' to pick them up.
• New HUD element for bomb defusal. Displays a timer that turns red when the fuse is getting short. Defuse at your own risk!
• Fixed exploit whereby you could get access to the Allied spawn in Gela as the Microraptor or Velociraptor.
• Added medkits to all maps. Reworked medkit placement in Troina.
• Desmatosuchus now spawn in the same area as the rest of the Axis team on all maps. Previously, the outdoor Desmatosuchus spawns were easily camped on certain maps.
• The maps obj_fortess and dm_fortress have been revised. The Allied spawn area and certain aspects around it have been redesigned to inhibit spawn camping.
• The Styracosaur now takes damage from all weapon types, not just explosives such as the PIAT.
• The Styracosaur now has a scaling maximum health value that corresponds to how many players are in the server when it spawns.
• Redid the capture point icons on Fortress so they use the same style as the capture point game mode.
• Fixed bug where models could sometimes render at odd angles.
• Fixed the voice chat icon sometimes drawing in odd places on certain models.
• Fixed bug when running out of ammo while ironsighted.
• Fixed bug where you could scope in and out while knocked down.
• Fixed bug where using the resupply while in Hardgrave’s Berserk mode would cause his fists to be disabled.
• Bots for the Velociraptor, Compsognathus, and Stygimoloch classes have been added. Check out the link below for a more detailed explanation for using them in your servers!
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Trigger's "infinite" melee when using press-to-hold ironsights option.
- Fixed Trigger/Stygimoloch being able to fire through spawn doors when standing directly in front of them.
- Fixed sticky bombs passing through spawn doors periodically.
- Put Raptor's updated eating animation back in.
- Hardgrave can no longer go berserk while being eaten by a Trex.
- Fixed bug where Compy detonations would not kill the Compy if player was standing inside a present.
- Trigger can no longer melee a raptor while he is pounced.

Product Update - Valve
• New winter map "Snowy Park".
• Full stat-tracking integrated with Steam.
• Game UI overhaul.
• Fixed several server crash errors.
• Fixed a few instances where view models would disappear while deploying.
• Added significant optimization improvements, particularly for those with low-end systems.
• Added a press-to-hold ironsights feature.
• Fixed goat related bug.
• Fixed client crash related to MG42 posts.

Product Update - Valve
- Added Team Deathmatch versions of several maps.
- Re-worked the method for team switching to fix intermittent server crashes.
- Re-worked how the MG42 is aimed and operated.
- Nerfed the Microraptor's spit attack. No longer does instant-kill on head shots, poison effect wears off after 6 seconds.
- Flamethrower bug when used on a T-Rex is fixed.
- Fixed team join message when joining spectators.
- Fixed viewmodel sometimes being visible when switching to spectators.
- Made low-health effect (heartbeat and screen pulse) temporary.
- cl_drawhud now can be used to turn off the HUD.
- Closed exploit where Microraptor could get access to Allied spawn on Depot.
- Closed exploit where Microraptor could spit into Allied spawn on Troina.
- Fixed menu loadout z-depth issue (clicking on background caused icons to disappear)
- Fixed bug when trying to punch with a right click.
- Fixed bug when firing flamethrower with right mouse button.
- Fixed point getting awarded to Medic when they apply a heal to a teammate with less than 50% health.
- Fixed various point exploits relating to suicides
- T-Rex suicide point exploit fixed.
- Sticky bomb icon back on Joe's loadout menu.

Product Update - Valve
Dino D-Day has been updated with LOADS of new content! New dinosaurs, new weapons, new game mode, new map! Check it out:

- Added the Compsognathus to the Axis team. Lurk in the shadows, take the enemy out with the grenade strapped to your back!
- Added the Microraptor to the Axis team. Soar over the battlefield searching for a victim. Use your poison spit to disable him and then sneak in for the kill!
- Added the Flamethrower as an alternate loadout for Nigel on the Allied team. With more dinosaurs about you'll need something to torch them with!
- Added the M1 Carbine and Grease Gun as alternate loadouts for Hardgrave and Joe on the Allied team. Make sure you choose the right gun for the job!
- Added Capture Point game mode. A multiplayer classic!
- Added brand new Sicily map - cp_troina. Battle over five strategic points in a war torn Sicilian town!
- Numerous bug fixes and polish suggestions that have been proposed by the community. Check out our forums for details!

Product Update - Valve

  • Changed default T-Rex spawn to 1. This is controlled by a console variable. Server admins, if you want to add more T-Rexs change "sv_trex_spawn_count" to whatever number you want.
  • No MG42 hints for Trigger or the Stygimoloch.
  • Slight nerf for the Desmatosuchus (tank dinosaur). Splash damage has a smaller radius now.
  • Desmatosuchus can no longer shoot through walls.
  • Desmatosuchus can no longer do splash damage through spawn doors.
  • Auto-glow for medics (when teammates are hurt) now goes on when the teammate is below 50% health. It was 25% before.
  • Glow outlines on player's no longer display when players leave PVS. This addressed "ghost" outlines that hung around sometimes.
  • Eliminated bugs related to the T-Rex spawn which screwed up the camera.
  • Trigger and the Stygimoloch can no longer toss teammates with their melee attack.
  • T-Rex's no longer get healed by Area of Effect healthkits.
  • Slight increase in frequency of pain sounds (so you hear them more often).
  • PIAT rounds no longer collide with teammates right after they're fired.
  • Fixed bug where capture message stayed up across level loads.
  • Raptors can now be shot off of teammates after a pounce. To balance, the raptor does more damage on the initial pounce.
  • T-Rex bite revamped which should greatly improve the ability to eat downed players.
  • Overhauled the Medic heal function. Now, the heal function is connected to the medkit itself. Medkits can be thrown out with a left-click. But if you go up to a player and right click a heal effect will be "applied" instantaneously.
  • Server passwords should work now.
  • Bolt-action world animations for K98.
  • Fixed bug where newspaper stayed up for spectating players after a round change.
  • Fixed some ugly text formatting on various HUD elements.
  • Fixed MP40 and MP44 rate of fire issues.
  • Some new audio courtesy of a Dino D-Day community member.
Product Update - Valve

  • Added the T-Rex - playable on new map "dm_gela_trex"
  • Added "Trigger" - a playable Allied dinosaur class
  • Added the Stygimoloch - a new class for the Axis team
  • Added a new map - dm_gela_trex. A new map built for the T-Rex.
  • Fixed server passwords being rejected. Should be able to password protect your servers now.
  • Added healthbar to a reconfigured player-ID hud element so you can see the damage you're doing to the enemy.
  • Team switches now occur at the end of rounds on all maps and game modes.
  • Added Overtime mode to King-Of-The-Hill games.
  • Better medic functionality. Wounded players (with less than 25% health) now pulse red. Easy to spot them and go heal.
  • Added medic HUD element to reinforce this. Also added a Medic call button for all players. You can bind this key in your keyboard options. It's listed as "Medic"
  • Objective status, Hill status, and Deathmatch status HUD elements are now visible in spectator mode.
  • Fixed satchel charge bug in obj_canyon where certain satchels were not counting as hits.
  • Adjusted the Dilophosaur's thirdperson camera.
  • Some bug fixes to ammo pick-ups.
  • Added manual entires for new dinosaurs.
  • New damage indicator based on L4D style. Looks different of course but same type of functionality.
  • Fixed camera's colliding with spawn barriers which caused an annoying hitch in the camera when leaving spawn.
  • Fixed a goat catching bug. By the way, Dilophosaurs can throw goats to each other. It's tricky to pull off but quitte fun once you do. Some enterprising Japanese players alerted us to this!
  • Fixed bug in berserk mode when the duration was set to 0 by the server.
  • BAR hud element to indicate what rate of fire you're using.
  • Added fixes to handle player suicides in certain situations. Credit now goes to the proper attacker when a player suicides in the mouth of a Dilophosaur or while pounced by a Raptor.
  • Added view bob and better viewmodel anims for a more realistic feel.
  • Added freezecam to deaths a la TF2.
  • Added camera shakes for nearby explosions.
  • Added headshots.
  • Significant overall optimization pass.
  • Added dinosaur "taunt" - if you bind your "Weapon Option" key you can pee on people as a dinosaur. Pee on them, then kill them to get an achievement!
  • Added 7 new achievements.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Dino D-Day have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Adjustments to raptor detach to fix some bugs.
  • Pull achievement should no longer award be awarded to a raptor that suicides.
  • Fixed server crash related to kill assists.
  • Fixed animation bug on Camille’s P-38
  • Fixed client crash related to weapon selection
  • Fixed client crash related to the scoreboard
  • Fixed Divine Wind achievement bug.
  • Fixed Thrownage achievement bug.
  • Smoothed out some timing issues with the Dilophosaurs head butt and melee attack.
  • Damage indicators no longer display when you are pounced by a raptor.
  • Fixed a client crash related to the round scoreboard.
  • Added an option in the Video Options menu to allow for expensive water rendering. Enable this if you want to see water reflections in all their glory!
  • Spiffy new buttons and tweaks to the UI, especially the team and class selection menu.
  • Touched up the scoreboard, adding a selection box around the local player so you can find yourself easily in the list.
  • Fixed a few bugs in obj_fortress and also added some interior props here and there.
  • Added a Mute Players option to the in-game main menu.
  • Fixed srcds crash when you are not logged into Steam. You should be able to launch servers without having an account logged into Steam now.
  • Added a console command to change the way the Styracosaur spawns in obj_fortress. If you want the Styracosaur to spawn randomly (like it is now) set sv_styracosaur_selection to “0”. If you want the Styracosaur to select the top player for the round set sv_styracosaur_selection to “1”. The new default for the official servers will be “1” which means it will pick the top player for the round on the Axis team.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Dino D-Day have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Fixed client crash related to falling deaths.
  • Fixed some prediction issues with ironsights.
  • Less bandwidth-intensive goat-throwing.
  • Fixes to view model lag that was implemented in the last patch.
  • Fixed exploit/bug whereby you could fire sniper rifles while on empty.
  • Tweaks to the loading screen.
  • Put in the rest of the devs into the “Bite the Hand that Feeds You” achievement.
  • Various animation tweaks to view models.

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