Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a few remaining low-end performance issues.
- Fixed performance degrading over multiple games in the same session.
- Fixed flying heroes being able to leave the intended play area by using directional move orders.
- Fixed a recently introduced crash on exit from some custom games.
Product Update - Valve
- Reworked tree selection hitboxes.
- Phantom Assassin's Stifling Dagger no longer counts against Phantom Strike.
- Added Wings Gaming to the Shopkeeper's Aegis of Champions.

Post Game screen changes:
- Post Game screen now shows after Local Bot Matches.
- Added a column for Permanent Buffs. This currently tracks Pudge’s Flesh Heap, Legion Commander’s Duel Damage, Silencer’s Intelligence Stolen, Consumed Moon Shard and Consumed Aghanim’s Scepter.
- Fixed changing heroes with the comparison slider mid-way not showing the correct values.
- Comparison slider now changes KDA and Hero Level.
- Fixed level up graph for Arc Warden.
- Fixed hero level graph for time before the horn.
- Improved hero model loading.
- Fixed “leave match” button not showing up.
- Open the hero comparison mode by default in 1v1 mode.
- Improved display of team logos.
Product Update - Valve
* Improved low end performance when rendering glow effects
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a performance problem with some particles, including Tinker's March of the Machines, which would gradually degrade frame rate.
- Fixed a bug where creep and neutrals would spawn slightly later than expected in longer matches.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Luna's Glaives appearing in fog of war.
- Fixed Rubick stealing Midnight Pulse after previously stealing Black Hole.
- Improved performance on the Game End screen on low frame-rate systems.
Product Update - Valve
- Improved performance on low frame rate systems.
Product Update - Valve
- Optimized network processing to improve performance on low framerate systems.
Product Update - Valve
- Queued orders for a hero are now cleared if they're behind a channelled ability that is interrupted.
- Improved FoW testing for attack and spell projectiles.
Product Update - Valve

* Flux slow reduced from 35/40/45/50% to 20/30/40/50%
* Tempest Double now gives a 140 Gold/XP bounty when killed
* Faceless Void base damage reduced by 4
* Disruption cooldown increased from 25/22/19/16 to 27/24/21/18
Product Update - Valve
* Battle Pass owners who played more than 40 games in International Ranked matchmaking now have the option to transfer their final International Ranked MMR to replace their Ranked MMR. This appears under the International Ranked tab inside Play Dota, and will be available for the next couple of weeks.
* Fixed a bug where Hero Damage, Hero Healing, and Building Damage stats were being recorded in match history incorrectly.
* Added Building Damage to the Post-Game Summary Scoreboard (represents damage dealt to Towers and Barracks).
* Fixed not being able to see Spark Wraiths area effect if you do not see the center of it.

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