Product Update - Valve
Updates to Super Laser Racer have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
  • Added online multiplayer racing
  • Added 12 new tracks
  • Added electricity gates
  • Added new track pieces
  • Updated original tracks
  • Added weapon Super Laser (fat slow laser that can pass through walls and hit multiple enemies)
  • Added weapon ECM jammer (pulse that detroys nearby weapons and held weapons)
  • Added weapon Tractor Beam (Locks on to racer ahead and slows him down)
  • Added time trials
  • Added custom tournaments
  • Added restart race option to pause menu
  • Added race again offer after quick race
  • Increased game speed
  • Added 14 new music tracks
  • Added achievement Proximity
  • Added achievement Tractor Factor
  • Added achievement Super Fry
  • Added space fog
  • Improved weapon effects
  • Improved particle effects
  • Recharge grid glows
  • Stars and grid scroll more smoothly
  • Leaderboard lap times now grouped into difficulty levels
  • Separate leaderboad lap times for time trials
  • Joypad and key controls properly stored
  • New improved blue GUI

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