Jul 18, 2011
Product Update - Valve
Update Includes:
  • Balancing: Lowered Hacker terminal disarm rate to 0.6 (from 0.9)
  • Spectator mode: Added new HUD displaying objective information
  • Server Browser: Added dedicated/listen server type filter
  • Added server information to map loading screens in multiplayer. Server admins can customise this via the following cvars:
    • si_website
    • si_adminName
    • si_email
    • si_irc
    • si_motd_1
    • si_motd_2
    • si_motd_3
    • si_motd_4
  • Spectator mode: Added faction colors to player names
  • Spectator mode: Health bars now visible when looking directly at players
  • Stopwatch mode: Added 10 seconds to each defending team's spawn time
  • Stopwatch mode: Added support for custom defence respawn timer adjustments via g_stopWatchDefenceRespawnTimerAdjust
  • Stopwatch mode: Added objective timing information to Stopwatch review screen
  • Added support for listing players steam id's via the listSteamIds cvar
  • UI: Added automatic scrolling when typing in chat boxes
  • UI: Stop context menus receiving focus when they are disabled and inactive
  • UI: Game now forces a refresh of the notifications screen each time it is activated
  • UI: Set focus to default (first) list item each time the notifications screen is activated
  • UI: Updated two text strings for German and Italian, as "Game mode" and "Play mode" incorrectly used the same word
  • Fixed player nametags disappearing despite not being affected by Flashbang
  • Fixed boat shaking for clients in CCity and Shipyard opening cinematics
  • Fixed Aquarium only ever logging one objective being completed
  • Fixed having your weapon stuck in iron-sights for the entire refire duration when needing to perform an auto-reload
  • Fixed issue with caltrop models not always being updated properly
Jun 7, 2011
Product Update - Valve
• Fixed font corruption issue
• Removed look-at code when throwing items to team mates
• Fixed players getting stuck if they attempted to deploy mid-mantle
• Fixed multiple clicks being played when player jumps in multiplayer
• Mines are now visible to spectators
• Added support for minimizing the game when running in windowed mode
• net_clientMaxRate can now be set on a client to tweak its own bandwidth requirements
• Cheat-protected several potentially exploitable cvars
• Removed some old, unused cvars
• Added unsupported auto-save backup system for advanced users
- Can read backup saves by setting "save_readFile" to the desired save
- Setting “save_enableBackups” to 0 will disable the auto-save backups

User Interface
• Revamped the server browser
• Server browser filters are now remembered between sessions
• Server browser now auto-refreshes the currently selected server
• Ping is now displayed numerically on the scoreboard
• Map loading screen now displays server name and IP
• Tweaked UI flow when joining a match via Steam
• Fixed exploit that allowed players to use locked customization items
• Fixed issue when listening to one audio log but highlighting another
• Fixed connecting to servers with ‘–‘ in their names

• Tweaked objective times on several maps
• Increased the time it takes Engineers to remove a Hackbox
• Increased XP given for completing Primary Objectives
• Reduced the duration of Adrenaline buff

Dedicated Servers
• Fixed several dedicated server crashes
• Improved messaging for unexpected server shutdowns
• Reduced warning spam in dedicated server console
• Increased default net_serverSnapshotDelay to 3 (from 1)
- Lowers bandwidth & CPU usage by sending fewer snapshots each seconds; can be changed by server admins
May 27, 2011
Product Update - Valve
Fix for “OpenGL driver has lost connection with the display driver” errors
Increased dedicated server timeout period to 30 seconds – prevents the shutdowns that have been reported
May 23, 2011
Product Update - Valve
• Fixed sound dropping out when playing networked games
• Improved graphical performance, especially when using Ambient Occlusion
• Fixed voice packs being reset to default when you delete another character
• Removed ability to use certain cheat protected commands in challenges
• Fixed memory leak/crash when alt-tabbed out

User Interface:
• Full servers are no longer filtered out of the browser
• Added support for entering a range of numbers (i.e. 10-12) in server filters
• Reduced font size in the server browser
• Exiting Head customization returns to the correct menu
• Fixed being unable to bind KP_Enter in the UI
• Increased font size of in-game text chat
• ‘Enter’ now closes text chat prompt if empty
• Fixed challenge in menu flashing even after completion

Dedicated Servers:
• Improved dedicated server CPU performance
• Fixed NPC not spawning for escort objectives online on servers using unsupported cvars
May 13, 2011
Product Update - Valve
Fixed issues with custom ui_fov settings when playing as a client
Added support for 2560x1440
Slightly improved start up times
Fixed crash when clicking in blank area on Training Videos menu
Fixed memory leaks on shutdown
Fixed Be More Objective leaderboards being incorrectly named

Fixed “texture gridding” issues on certain graphics cards
Fixed settings being incorrectly applied on the advanced video options screen
Improved performance when using Ambient Occlusion
Fixed halos not rendering correctly

AI Bots:
Removed bot intelligence inhibitors for Freeplay games
Adjusted bot behaviour in Campaign games to make teams more evenly matched
Changed bots’ objective priorities across all game modes
Fixed issue with bot difficulty continually dropping

User Interface:
Fixed poor server browser performance for users with a large number of items in their history
Made server browser refreshes much more responsive
Changed server browser to no longer group player counts by max players
Added new pop-up text for server browser filters
Fixed not being able to sort by favourites column
Server browser now retrieves favourites correctly from Steam
Fixed arrow keys not working when exiting out of a chat submenu
Made it easier to select a default secondary weapon
Disabled chat options in solo mode

Dedicated Servers:
Can now use net_ip command to assign IPs to server instances
Dedicated server binary can now be run as a service, which won't have a CSIDL_PERSONAL virtual folder
May 11, 2011
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes:
• Improved Steam crash reporting
• Fixed saves being lost when you quit during intro video


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