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Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

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Product Update - Valve
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Update Released
Rev: 77919

General Fixes:
- Major update: Addition of a new visual hint arrow & focus highlighting system for players using Telekinesis with a gamepad
- Minor modification to initial English gamepad-telekinesis focus tooltip in level 3 (to improve clarity)
- Update to have mouse start at the center of the screen when playing in full-screen mode
- Fix for rare/hard-to-reproduce crash-on-death issue

Level-specific Updates:
- Visual adjustment of misplaced Telekinesis-control point in level 7
- Minor level-design adjustments to levels 4 & 6 to improve gamepad controls for a few Telekinesis-enabled objects in those levels
- Minor tweak to point placement near the beginning of level 2

Product Update - Valve
Rev: 76128

- Updates to Telekinesis gamepad controls: Allow cycling through Telekinesis-enabled objects using shoulder buttons
- Updates to in-game gamepad control screen page & gamepad tooltips, to properly communicate latest control settings
- Updates to in-game control screen page ordering: Show gamepad controls page 1st, keyboard-and-mouse page 2nd
- Updates to customkeys.ini file to provide players with ability to override controls for new Telekinesis focus-cycling commands
- Minor level updates to improve flow when playing with a gamepad (e.g. minor modifications to end-puzzle in level 15)
- Updates to pdf manual gamepad control page

Product Update - Valve
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Update Released

Rev: 66648
- Full controller support added! "Telekinesis"-enabled objects can now be controlled with the right stick of the gamepad. Keyboard & mouse play is still supported, but mouse usage is no longer required when using a gamepad.
- In-game tooltips & controls screen updated to communicate new Telekinesis gamepad controls.
- Misc. minor level updates to support updated Telekinesis controls.
- Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 tested & added to list of officially supported controllers.
- Manual, readme & store page updated with latest information.
Product Update - Valve
Rev: 58381
Level Flow:
- Level 3: Push strength increased slightly on underground upward-facing vent
- Level 4: Horizontal-moving Telekinesis platform above BBQ replaced with pair of static platforms
- Level 8: Mid-level booster-arrow puzzle adjusted
- Level 13: First spinning-Telekinesis obstacle puzzle replaced with pathing fireballs
- Level 15: Opening C-shaped elevator sequence replaced with Magnetic pipe repel point
- Level 16: Opening double-elevator sequence replaced with booster arrow array & magnetic ball
- Level 19: Mid-level double-elevator sequence & TK-platforms in following collection room replaced with booster arrow arrays & Magnetic ball

- Level 1: Jump & Slam tooltips updated to mention alternate mouse-based control options in addition to primary controls
- Level 3: Extra tooltip added to encourage player to use mouse-based Jump & Slam control alternates in areas where Telekinesis usage is needed
- Level 3: Rocket Mode tooltips updated to mention alternate mouse-based control options in addition to primary controls
- Level 5: Magnetic Repel tooltips updated to mention alternate left-mouse repel option in addition to primary repel controls

Controls Screen:
- Updated "Keyboard Controls" screen to show Rocket Boost left-mouse alternate control option
- Updated "Gamepad Controls" screen to show all mouse-based control options (Slam, Rocket, Rocket Boost alt options now listed)

- PDF manual in game's root folder updated to include "dedicated mouse recommended" note, more complete control listings, and "Advanced Control Tips" page


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