Nov 7, 2011
Product Update - Valve
Achron version
RELEASED 2011/11/6

Summary: This release includes a prehosting multiplayer chat, ability to change game and replay speed, a performance improvement for long games, and numerous bug fixes and balance improvements.

Achron changelog:
changed hierarchy attack-move to break formation if issued order is to a nearby destination
added toggle to pre-game lobby: subordinates can chronoport with commander using hierarchy
added toggle to pre-game lobby: morphing during rechronport delay
added toggle to main menu graphics settings: os-drawn mouse
added toggle to in-game settings and main menu gameplay settings: unit gages display values
increased range of chronofreeze area of effect from 13 to 17
reduced cost of all comm center/hub/mound buildings by one third
reduced cost of Sepi by 3LC and Pharo by 9LC
fixed bug: Octo would make RP on edited timeline if given cancel-progen-for-all order in original timeline
fixed bug: RPs approaching crates from the diagonal would not move 1 space closer to automatically start processing
fixed bug: subordinates continued to stutter-move after arriving at destination if ahead of commander during attack-move
fixed bug: chronobombing a research building mid-upgrade would leave the building stuck in upgrade mode
fixed bug: reaphs and foundations would attempt to repair TSSd units
fixed bug: HELP window keybindings did not update when user changed the key bindings
minor fixes to incorrect tooltips and keybindings
minor fixes to campaign levels
removed weapon damage multipliers for Shin Vir vs Zayin Pulser and Octo vs Zayin Pulser match-ups
added built-in community IRC chat for multiplayer
added game speed slider to replays and single player
added visible placement outline to the move command for mobile buildings
included additional maps and tile sets (courtesy of Shadowfury333)
Resequence Engine changelog:
fixed bug where sound effects would not be set to proper speed on reloading a save or reconnecting to a server
added DefaultGlobalTimeRate to configuration.ini, GlobalTimeRate to skin language, and PERFORM SET_GLOBAL_TIME_RATE and GET_GLOBAL_TIME_RATE to Rescript
file lists now sorted case insensitively across all platforms (also fixes unsorted issue on Linux)
fixed minor memory leak when reloading engine configuration settings
fixed bug where overriding the window opacity would not change the color of fonts to white
removed redundant command tracking history (no longer needed since replays were introduced) which saves 2-5% basis memory in the server for a typical 20-30 minute game, and accompanying minor performance improvement
improved accuracy of core timing code
added PERFORM GET_CHRONAL_FIELD and SET_CHRONAL_FIELD to Rescript for 4 global chronal fields (selected via target variable)
fixed Rescript compiler bug where chronoenergy retrieval performs were not properly specified as floats (were attempting to set integers instead)
Apostrophes in name in Steam are now changed to underscores in multiplayer for compatibility
added EngineReady indicator to skin language
double-click selection now includes all units that match type, rank, and highlight (instead of only exact class)

Oct 1, 2011
Product Update - Valve

Achron version

Released 2011/9/26

Summary: This release significantly improves pathfinding performance and improves a few balance and usability issues.

Achron changelog:

  • changed Octopod's weapon ranges: vs ground: 15->19, vs air: 18->17

  • increased Octoligo's anti-air weapon strength by a factor of 2.67

  • increased Octoligo's price by 16.7%

  • lowered cost of Reaph from 7LC to 2LC

  • changed chronobombs to ignore units during their rechronoport delay

  • changed Reaphs and Foundations to repair units of any species

  • added behavior: commanders will slow down when in front, until at least half of subordinates move ahead of them

  • changed behavior of grounded air units to auto-rise up when attacking an enemy

  • fixed bug: Octos would not attack foundation-based buildings unless manually moved closer

  • fixed bug: commjammed and frozen teleporters were not ignored when trying to teleport

  • fixed bug: damage multiplier between shin tercrher and sepiligo

  • fixed bug: Level Editor crash when switching between opening files of different types

  • fixed bug: 0-hp vecgir vehicles could jump into Depot to be repaired instead of blowing up

  • marines and SOPs now exit a tank and join in battle if the tank fires an attack

  • numerous campaign fixes and improvements

Resequence Engine changelog:

  • significant improvement in pathfinding efficiency

  • improvements to pathfinding heuristics

  • fixed bug where could sometimes see enemy units' objectives, etc.

  • increased number of achronal fields in Rescript to 4096

  • added unit->ClosestPosition to Rescript

  • improved random number source for rendering effects (eliminates patterns sometimes observable on large units' active camo)

  • improved double-click unit selection logic (only counts as double-click if on same unit, and less stringint criteria on selecting units outside of hierarchy)

  • changed cursor clipping code to attempt to reduce situations where cursor can move outside of window

  • mouseover now shows unit highlight

  • added ignore_collision_with_unit to Rescript

  • added WindowOpacity and WindowColoredByPlayer to skin language

  • removed dependency on ALUT for Windows and Linux platforms

  • improved edge of fog of war rendering for slopes


Product Update - Valve
  • added cinematic volume toggle to volume settings
  • added toggle to enable/disable autosaves for single player levels
  • disabled quick (radial) controls by default
  • changed guards to be a little looser (campaign 3)
  • improved scrimmage AI start game logic
  • fixed bug: Clone Challenge would not unlock Achievement when condition was met
  • fixed bug: in main menu, immediately changing profile post menu load would return to active profile the first time
  • fixed bug: Loading save games would play start-level cinematic
  • fixed bug: moving Slingshot did not stop properly
  • fixed bug: tooltip for weapon strengths for Incepter and Carrier
  • fixed bug: Incepter creation would not account for missing foundation Power amount
  • fixed bug: teleporting Vecgir RPs long distances would not work via Slipgates
  • fixed bug: exploding Vecgir air vehicles could get stuck in permanent explosion if pilot failed to eject out
  • fixed bug: performance degredation on some C3 levels when controlling a lot of units in proximity of main character
  • fixed bug: incorrect unit is created in a progen triad where one of the triad is low on energy
  • fixed bug: autohierarchy would create circular heirarchies
  • fixed bug: skip torpedo could get stuck perma-teleporting if it couldn't get to destination
  • fixed bug: grekim units would ignore initial arcticus dispatch after setting the arcticus as commander
  • fixed bug: Incepters would not attack air units directly above them
  • fixed bug: RPs wouldn't auto-process large QP crates when approaching from certain directions
  • fixed bug: Incorrect logic to set speed key bindings for Steam install
  • numerous campaign improvements
Resequence Engine changelog:
  • major performance and behavioral increase on pathfinding
  • added AdditionalParameters 3 & 4 to Rescript
  • stop action step now clears target's current action
  • fixed bug where private game servers would frequently say that files are mismatched
  • added goal_distance to Rescript for BESTMOVE queries
  • BESTMOVE query now sets perf_ret to goal position as packed position
  • improved bloom filter

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