Community Announcements - Spiral HQ

Community Announcements - Spiral HQ

Apr 22
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ


TO: All Knights

FROM: Spiral HQ

SUBJECT: Seeing Stars


Spiral HQ's continuing research into surviving the Clockworks has produced a stunning new set of helms, armors and accessories which may confuse, and perhaps daze, enemies you encounter. With the right combination of accessories and weapons, your enemies will be seeing stars! Literally! The Dazed Prize Box is available through May 5, 2015, and contains such items as:

- Dazed helms and armors
- Dazed accessories
- Dazed Seeing Stars Halo
- Dazed Stunning Shades
- Dazed Stagger Star
- Prismatic Seeing Stars Halo
- Prismatic Stunning Shades
- Prismatic Stagger Star
- Dazed Aura

SUMMARY: Knock yourselves out with Dazed armor, helms, and accessories! Get all the details right here.

P.S. May induce extended periods of hebetation. Alleviate symptoms by spinning in place in Haven.
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ

Greetings, knights!

Instill in your heart the frenzy of ancient gods! Inspired by items from the Stormy Prize Box, items in the Frenzy Prize Box include the following:
- Wings of Frenzy
- Sealed Pauldrons (multiple colors)
- Frenzy costume items
- Crest of Frenzy
- Frenzy Caller confetti

For all the details, march on over here.

Frenzy Prize Boxes will be available through April 21, 2015!.
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ

Spiral Knights is four years old! Can you believe it?

Join Spiral HQ and the Strangers as they celebrate Spiral Knights' birthday! We have several things going on, so let's get to it!

Today through April 7, 2015: Spiral HQ has assembled prize boxes from the past year together into a Surprise Box. When you open a Surprise Box, you will randomly receive a past prize box and confetti. There is also a chance to find a Stately Cap costume helm! For details on this box and its contents, visit the wiki here.

April 1-7, 2015: Help Biscotti, the Skylark's Head Chef, avoid disaster in two special missions - Total Caketastrophe and A Gremlin in Knead. Fight Creep Cakes and Batterbots to earn Cake Slice tokens, then visit Maskwell in Haven Town Square to exchange your tokens for:

- Cake helms
- Anniversary Prize Boxes
- other party accessories

New this year in the Anniversary Prize Boxes: the Prismatic Grand Topper, the Prismatic Field Cap, and the Prismatic Plumed Cap.

NOTE: Although this event does start on April 1, it's not a trick. Pinky swear. That's why we're announcing it now and not on that day!

April 3-5, 2015: The Birdsong Trading Company is holding a three-day giveaway for the Spiral Knights Anniversary celebration! HOW DO YOU GET STUFF?! Just be logged into the game for your chance to win party hats, confetti and other fun prizes.

Go forth and have fun! Thank you all for playing Spiral Knights. <3
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ

Greetings, knights!

How do we properly throw a celebration of the Equinox? We planet.* For the Equinox, we're offering Equinox Prize Boxes for those who care to partake, full of gleaming goods such as:

- Celestial Saber
- Solar Plasma Wings
- Cosmic Plasma Wings
- Celestial Shield
- Orbit Aura
- Celestial Nav Helm
- Celestial Nav Suit
- Galactic Guardian Helm
- Galactic Guardian Vest
- Celestial Cat Tail
- Celestial Wolver Tail
- Celestial Plume
- Celestial Mech'tenna
- Celestial Spike Mohawk
- Celestial Bolted Vee

Now, don't go into orbit, but in each of these boxes, you may also find variant tickets, and you will definitely find at least one Equinox Confetti!

For full details, rocket over to this page. These brilliant boxes will be around through March 24, 2015. Have a stellar celebration!

*Yes, we were pretty fond of that one, too.
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ


The Tortodrones are on their Long Migration again, and fiendish activity has skyrocketed in their path. Take up arms to investigate and defend against this horrible mischief! Explore the Clockworks to gather intel and fiendish glyphs.

As you proceed, make sure to collect Ancient Shell materials from the Ancient Grove to craft 3*, 4* and 5* Tortodrone handguns and shields at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine!

Spiral HQ intel predicts the Tortodrone migration will continue through March 23, 2015, so get in there while you can!
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ


The icy chill of winter is leaving us, and that means Spring is here! Bask in the sunshine once again as the snow thaws and flowers bloom in its place. Take a deep breath of fresh air and embrace the season with a Budding Prize Box, in which you may find:

- Verdant accessories
- Verdant Dust Bunny Tail
- Verdant Bent Vertical Vents
- Verdant Whiskers
- Bloom Halo
- Blossom Aura
- Yellow Wandering Snipe (for your guild hall!)

This box is available through March 17, 2015. Get all the nitty gritty details right here.

P.S. When the snow thawed, we found a boot. Just a single, solitary boot. Who loses a boot in the snow and just leaves it there? If it's yours, contact Spiral HQ. The Quartermaster has some questions for you.
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ


Don't be sheepish; join the festivities, for the Year of the Spiralhorn is nigh! Get into the spirit of things with the Spiralhorn Prize Box, in which you may find:

- Spiralhorn accessories in a wide variety of hues
- Spiralhorn maskeraith pod

Spiralhorn Prize Boxes come free with select energy purchases through March 3, 2015. They also include fireworks! One bonus Small Fireworks, and has a 50% chance of including one bonus Medium Fireworks, and a 5% chance of including one bonus Large Fireworks. All fireworks come in packs of five and are colored red, yellow, or green.

Well, that's enough of our bleating for now. For details on the Spiralhorn Prize Box, be a lamb and look here. We hope ewe have a great Lunar New Year!
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ
We fixed some stuff in our new rank missions!

10-1 Breaking in the Recruits:

Operation Greenhorn
- Fixed stranger target names.

The Underworks
- Relocated clay pot respawners to prevent players from getting stuck behind the one way force fields.

10-1 Crimson Chaos:

Complex 357
- Yellow gunblocks will no longer trigger cooldown from player damage.
- Tweaked East room to prevent retrode from blocking crystal block.

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