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TY the Tasmanian Tiger released in to Early Access

Krome Studios is pleased to announce that TY the Tasmanian Tiger is now available for Early Access on Steam.

  • For the first week of Early Access, there is a 17% discount, making the game $9.99USD
  • After that, the Early Access price will be $11.99.
  • After Early Acccess, the price will rise.

As a special thank you, anybody who owns TY4 or Blade Kitten will receive an additional 5% discount (so 10% if you own both games), when you purchase in the first week of Early Access.

If there are any problems with the discounts etc, please let us know on the Steam forums, and we'll get in contact with Valve immediately to rectify it.
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Hey guys!
Last shameless cross-promo for TY4!
It's out on Steam today!
Aug 13, 2015
Community Announcements - Linds
Hey all,

Just dropping a line to the Blade Kitten community here on Steam that another of our games, TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4, is coming to Steam on the 18th of September.

Follow TY the Tasmanian Tiger on Facebook to keep up to date with all things TY4 at; or join the TY community on Steam here!
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Hey everybody,

Episode 1's price has been permanently dropped down - it's now just $2.99USD (and there are equivalent price drops in other territories)!

The Hollow Wish pack (Ep1 and Ep2) has been dropped to $6.99USD as well, to ensure it's still value for money compared to buying the two separately (so that's about a 12% saving).

Episode 2's price remained unchanged at $4.99USD at this point in time (just to make sure that's clear).

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Hi all!

Quite a few people have been asking about the availability of the Blade Kitten comics as well as the soundtrack, so we're happy to report that these are now available for purchase in the Steam store!

There are two DLC packs available:
Blade Kitten: Comic Pack - Dirty Angels
  • 133 pages of comic goodness
  • 111 pages of unused art and comic ideas in the bonus book (this is the art that is in the "Ultomato" compilation available at online comic stores)
  • PDF format
Blade Kitten: Soundtrack + Remixes
  • Soundtracks for Episode 1 and 2 consisting of 29 tracks
  • 12 remixes in celebration of the Episode 2 release
  • MP3 format, compatible with the Steam Music Player

There is also a Blade Kitten: Soundtrack and Other Comics package that combines both of these DLC available, at a discount.

We're compiling a list of issues that people have been reporting and are working through those, in the hope of getting some fixes out to you all in the next couple of weeks.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

The second episode of a mostly-forgotten episodic game being released over four years after it was nearly finished, and after its makers mostly closed, is the sort of weird game news that makes me trill “Ooh! Weird!” So: Blade Kitten [official site] Episode 2 came out yesterday. Ooh! Weird!

“Episode 2 was nearly completed 9 months ago then was put on indefinite hold because Atari didn’t want to publish it,” developers Krome Studios explained way back in July 2011. “We are looking at other avenues to release Episode 2.” It took them a while.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Linds
It's with great pleasure that we announce that Episode 2 is finally available for purchase!
You can find it on the Steam store at:

Alternatively, you can use the "Purchase Episode 2" option in-game on the main menu (which will open the Steam overlay and add the purchase) - just note that you will have to quit the game to allow the content to install.

Once it is installed, if you have finished the level "Dreadnaught", when you hit "Continue" on the main meny the story will just keep going...

(The Hollow Wish Package is also now available).

We hope you have a great time playing Episode 2. It's been a labor of love to get it out there to you - hopefully that shows in the game.

Community Announcements - Linds
Hey all,

A new build of Blade Kitten has been pushed out to the main branch, in preparation for tomorrow's Episode 2 release!

The changes to content in this build are:
  • Changes to the resolution selection screen code to fix crashes as well as not being able to select a variety of different resolutions, depending on your hardware.
  • Fixes to allow the game to be played when in Offline mode.
  • Fix for out-of-world collision issue in Chasing Justice.
  • Remix'd Main Menu theme music is now in place.
  • Miscellaneous fixes for various UI screens (URL locations, copyright, etc)

Also... while you wait for tomorrow's Episode 2 release... the Hollow Wish comic is now available and can be read!
It will be in your Blade Kitten Steam install folder, as Blade Kitten Hollow Wish Edition.pdf

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Hey all!

We're so close now that we can taste it! Either that or Skiffy has been on the loose again...

As a last hurrah before release, we have a quick poll below for what people would like us to offer as a thank-you update that all owners (even just people who have Episode 1 only) will receive:

  • Option 1: The Blade Kitten: Hollow Wish comic collection; with all the issues of the comic bundled into a PDF and in your Steam install directory.

  • Option 2: The Blade Kitten: Hollow Wish comic collection; with all the issues of the comic bundled into a PDF and in your Steam install directory.

  • Option 3: The Blade Kitten: Hollow Wish comic collection; with all the issues of the comic bundled into a PDF and in your Steam install directory.

Let us know in the comments which you'd prefer and whichever option receives the most votes, we'll do!

Community Announcements - Linds
Hey all!

In preparation for the launch of Episode 2 IN JUST A WEEK'S TIME!!!! we're running a few competitions for giving away some Episode 2 Steam Keys.

To participate, you can follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @bladekitten!


Note that you must be allowed to have Facebook and Twitter accounts by their terms and conditions to participate.

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