Community Announcements - iLL.| Tonez
Congrats for winning the 1on1 tourney! if any one is interested in watching the VoD you can find it here
Community Announcements - iLL.| Tonez
Congrats to D4rkBl4de!

For being the winner of the first bracket in the tourney. check out the VoD here.

Dont forget its not to late to participate in the tourney sign ups here:
Dec 4, 2012
Community Announcements - iLL.| Tonez
Hey guys head on over to the ESL we have a string of tourneys that you can participate in!
Community Announcements - Kedhrin

4-Pack of Nexuiz
4 Duel DLC Codes
75% off you say? That's awesome you say? you can get 4 copies of Nexuiz and 4 DLCs for $12.50 you say?

Thats a pretty sweet deal bro.
Community Announcements - Kedhrin
We will be performing some server tweaks to help eliviate the 'Nexuiz Service currently not availalbe' error message.

this is caused by our Database being beaten down. From the Free weekend, we had a massive surge of Data hit our database that we never had test data for. This has been causing overwhelming stress on the servers. We'll be doing some tweaks that should hopefully greatly help how your client talks to the Database... making this error hopefully go away.

if you are recieving this error, just keep trying to get in the playonline menu. if the option should grey out, just wait a minute, when you see it come back, you can probably connect.

thanks and we appreciate your patience.

Community Announcements - Kedhrin

Make sure you sign up! If you have friends that may want to play, we are giving away FREE tournament passes that gives your friends full access to the game throughout the Tournament. Theres tons of prizes and a chance to fly out to Machinima's HQ for the finals!

US Residents Only

Don't Fear European players! We have something we hope to do soon for that area.

Community Announcements - Kedhrin
Patch notes:
- Fixed a round cycle client crash when building Post Match information.
- Tweaked quick match to be biased more towards lower ping than player count.
- Fixed dedicated server player counts being reported to Steam wrong if people continued to connect after the server had gotten full.
- Fixed an odd crash with loading the startup video settings and SSAA/PostMSAA.
- Fixed a crash when flushing the render thread command buffer when the render thread isn’t initialized yet. Only happened if the renderer was told to shut down during startup due to a failure/error while starting up.
- Fixed a crash when a connection establishment packet is received from a server after you're no longer trying to connect to the server.
- Shorting out the Quick Match searcher when a more than adequate score is calculated for a potential server. This makes Quick Match a LOT faster when there's a low ping server with people on it available.
Announcement - Valve
This weekend only, play Nexuiz for FREE until Sunday at 1pm Pacific Time. Plus, save 75% off during the Weekend Deal*!

Plus, the Nexuiz Steam Workshop is now available! Create custom levels and share them with the Community. Or just browse, download, and rate awesome maps that others have created. Maps with a high enough rating even have a chance of becoming official!

Nexuiz reinvents Arena FPS gameplay and pits warriors against each other in 9 arenas with over 100 game-changing power-ups.

*Discount ends Monday at 10am Pacific Time.

Community Announcements - Tiggs
Community Announcements - Tiggs
We now have a series of videos availble on YouTube for the Nexuiz Workshop. You can find these video's listed under Nexuizshooter

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