Community Announcements - motorsep
Working on the lite transport vehicle:

Youtube video:
Community Announcements - motorsep
Community Announcements - motorsep
We beat Goofle to it and put autonomous vehicle in mass production! :P

It can drive itself, player can ride it as a gunner, or can hijack it and drive it him(her)self.

Full video is here:

Follow development on:
Official blog:
Community Announcements - motorsep
Community Announcements - TheBombOCat
It's been a loooooong time since the last video. One of the biggest reasons is that we have been ironing out engine's bugs, enhancing rendering and porting over almost all existing tools (Material Editor doesn't help making materials quicker, so it was left broken, DoomScript Debugger was disabled in vanilla Doom 3, so it's in queue for resurrection).

This video is rather long'ish, so we suspect only diehard fans of the game engines, iD Software and their legacy, and of course Phaeton game fans, will watch it all :)

Changelog 06/07/2014:

+ HDR 64-bit rendering
+ Fixed AMD crash with security cameras
+ Image based bloom (glow)
+ Ported evnShot cmd (render cubemaps)
+ Implemented RoQ video playback with support for high resolution RoQ video files
+ Partially fixed transparent surfaces sorting
+ Fixed majority of r_show* cvars
+ Updated all shaders to be compliant with modern standards
+ Added support for RGBA textures (material key defines whether image will be kept RGBA or will be compressed; useful for GUI elements, view weapon elements, etc.)
+ Added "mask" to exclude surfaces from motion blur
+ Replaced stock YCoCg encoder with threaded one, with much higher quality output
+ Skybox and RGB images now compressed as YCoCg "scaled" DXT5 to achieve highest quality possible

+ Ambient lighting
+ Blurry real-time reflections
+ Dither post-process for HDR rendering [1]
+ Fogging for transparent surfaces
+ Feathered particles

+ Ported dmap/aas tools from idTech 4 to Storm Engine 2
+ Ported at full capacity and fixed Level/GUI/Particles/Lights/Sounds/AF/Decls/PDA Editors from idTech 4 to Storm Engine 2
+ Progress bar for images compression

+ Created fully functional Flash GUI system
+ Removed SDL1
+ Overhauled input events handling on Linux
+ Implemented full support for gamepad on Linux via SDL2
+ SLD2 can be embedded on compile
+ Implemented video and cinematics skip on keyboard/gamepad/mouse press
+ Fixed decal projections when using FX system
+ Implemented savegame preview images
+ Implemented map loading progress bar
+ Modified .resources vfs to handle/package mods and eliminate assets duplication

+ Re-implemented vehicles, with save/load game support
+ Implemented melee combat system (wip)
+ Implemented compass (wip)
+ Implemented grappling hook (wip)

1. Banding artifacts are gone now (levels have been enhanced to make it obvious to see; image compression artifacts are present due to TGA > PNG > JPG conversion

Feel free to ask questions and follow us on Twitter @motorsep
Community Announcements - motorsep
!! 2014 !!

Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for choosing Steel Storm series and thank you for being supportive, and engaging with us using Steam, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!
Community Announcements - motorsep
For those who missed it last night, here it comes!

Oct 23, 2013
Community Announcements - motorsep
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (John Walker)

Do you remember Steel Storm: Burning Retribution? I barely do, and yet I loved it back in May 2011. A top-down shooter that mixes action and puzzles, sneaking up to the edge of bullet-hell. Bizarrely, two and a half years later, a small piece of DLC has appeared – Forgotten Prison. Still, it’s a darned good one, and it’s a reminder that people should pick up the entire (really very cheap) core game.


Community Announcements - motorsep
<a href=""><img src="" width="400px"><img></a>

Forgotten Prison DLC for Steel Storm is finally released:

Visit DLC's storefront

'nuff said, please come and check it out - you won't be disappointed!

NOTE: When you launch Steel Storm, please pay attention to the launcher menu. I got complaints from people who bought DLC but couldn't play it simply because they didn't choose to play DLC from the menu:

<center><img src=""></img></center>

After the game launches, Forgotten Prison campaign is located right under Burning Retribution campaign.

Also, if you already own DLC1, you don't have to buy DLC1 again. Just click on DLC2 on the game's page, it will carry you over to DLC2 page where you can purchase it separately. It's a standard feature of Steam.

<center><b><font color="red">Thank you for your support!</font></b></center>

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