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Farming Simulator 2011

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Craig Pearson)

PokeI’m writing this in one tab as a tractor is idling away in another, and it’s not even a webgame: right now I have Farming Simulator 2011 running on Facebook, via Gaikai. That’s kind of neat. The cloud-streaming service is hosting seven demos of PC games, with five available in Europe and (Magicka, Sniper – Ghost Warrior, The Witcher 2 – Assassins of Kings, Orcs Must Die!, Farming Simulator 2011) the US, and two (Saints Row – The Third, Dead Rising 2 – Off the Record) only playable to US Facebookers. You get 30 minutes of gametime to test out potential buys, before you need to return to update your status as “Farmboy”. (more…)

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed switching cutter fruit type switching if with combine grain tank
capacity of zero
- Fixed rare issue with loading of milk production/price scale values from
- Fixed rare issue with NAT Punch-through with identical local IPs
- Fixed very rare crash bug with physics contact reports in missions
- Fixed rare issue with screen shot feature

- Added support for selling mods in multiplayer as client
- Supplemented multiviewport script interface
- Added support for buying mods in multiplayer as client
- Increased the maximal number of help messages shown
- Added support for many grain unloading stations

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Farming Simulator 2011 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Farming Simulator 2011
  • Allow multiplayer to connect to servers on non-Steam games
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Farming Simulator 2011 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Fixed sync issues with baler in multiplayer (2.0)
  • Fixed issues with non-ascii characters in nickname (2.0)
  • Fixed issues with weather warnings (2.0)
  • Fixed issues with number of visible cows in multiplayer (2.0)

  • Improved driving and AI helper behavior of all vehicles and tools (2.0)
  • Improved AI helper sounds and lights (2.0)
  • Improved sowing machines (2.0)
  • Improved barn straw elevator (2.0)
  • Improved ground collision for brewery and grain mill (2.0)
  • General multiplayer improvements and optimisations (2.0)
  • Added NAT Punch-through support for multiplayer (STUN) (2.0)
  • Reduced time to create multiplayer game (2.0)
  • Added button mapping to analog axis (2.0)
  • Shovel level is shown in the fill level bar as well (2.0)
  • Increased foliage growth time in Hard mode(3x) (2.0)
  • Disabled environment maps in low hardware profile (2.0)
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (John Walker)

Coo, it's quite pretty.

After the excitement of last night’s Antiques Roadshow demo, I’ve got the adrenaline buzz. I need another fix. Something, anything! Oooh, Farming Simulator 2011. Can it be only a year since Farming Simulator 2009 wowed us all? (FS 2010 is mysteriously absent.) A nation was taken with farm machinery fever, as fields were ploughed, straw was baled, and memberships to UKIP were renewed. So it’s time to dust off your work boots, grab your tractor keys, and madly insist on endangering children with Daylight Saving Time, via the demo of this latest version.


Product Release - Valve
Farming Simulator 2011 is now available on Steam and on sale until November 5th.

In this sequel to the best-selling hit Farming Simulator assume the role of a farmer experiencing the challenge of 18 hour days running a new farm in the middle of beautiful rolling countryside.


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