Tametsi - Tudwell

Now you can draw on top of your puzzles.

Drawing is enabled by default, but you can turn it off in the options section of the launcher. To begin drawing, click the big pencil symbol toward the lower right. While drawing mode is active, you can't interact with the puzzle in any way. To leave drawing mode, click the pencil icon again or press the back button.

To see the canvas outside of drawing mode, hold shift (by default). If you have already bound something else to shift, you will need to set a key for this feature in the launcher.

Your drawing will only last until you leave the puzzle you're currently on, so this probably isn't the right tool for your next masterpiece.

Drawing mode controls

Drawing mode has some new controls. From top to bottom:
  • Two boxes, showing the colors bound to the left and right mouse buttons respectively.
  • A palette for changing the drawing color. Clicking here works with either mouse button, and so does clicking and dragging. The checkerboard pattern is an "erase" color.
  • A size control (hover over it, and click when the circle is the size you want).
  • The pencil icon -- clicking this leaves drawing mode, and so does pressing the back button.
  • A giant eraser where reset and the sound toggle used to be. This button erases the entire drawing; to erase pieces by hand, choose the checkerboard color in the palette.

Minor update notes:
  • The default drawing colors are "revealed tile" color on the left, and a "flagged tile" color on the right. If you've changed your controls to swap the mouse button behavior, these colors will also be swapped by default.
  • There is a small zone to the left of the smallest pen radius that will also select the smallest possible radius, because it's very hard to click on the smallest part of the size control.
  • Your drawing will persist if you click a mine, but winning a puzzle, resetting it, or leaving it will all erase the drawing.
  • Fixed a bug: the reset button was not changing its appearance on hover in the extra levels.
  • Changed the default color of the reset "X" to be darker, to increase the contrast between the button's default state and its hover color.

Version 1.401 changes (14 February 2018):

Fixed a minor text alignment bug for triangular tiles, and added three new puzzles.

Version 1.402 changes (15 February 2018):
  • Changed Combination Lock levels to all unlock at once, instead of in sequence.
  • Flagging and revealing tiles with keys is now correctly disabled in drawing mode.
  • Binding LMB to "show canvas" works properly.
  • The drawing size control allows clicking and dragging now.

Version 1.403 changes (18 February 2018):
  • Added a key to toggle drawing mode (defaults to D).
  • The mousewheel will adjust pen size in drawing mode.
  • Made the palette larger; most of the extra size went into a wider grayscale area, and a larger area dedicated to the "erase" color.
Tametsi - Tudwell

This update adds support for new levels outside of the main 100-level progression.
  • New levels will be visible on the right in the level select screen, and can have a variety of unlock conditions (for example, completing a specific puzzle or finishing a certain number of puzzles).
  • All new levels are totally optional; the only effect they can have is to possibly unlock other bonus puzzles.

Version 1.3 also fixes a couple of small bugs.

Update: Version 1.302 (23 January 2018)

Version 1.302 fixes a very significant bug related to sound. For those players who experienced sound cutting out or related crashes, these issues may be fixed.

For anyone still experiencing problems in the new version, please send an email or post in the discussion board!
Tametsi - Tudwell

This update adds a new group of options based on player feedback:
  • Darken finished tiles: Numbers on revealed tiles will go dark when all of their neighbors have been flagged or revealed (if the number of flags matches the indicated number of mines).
  • Revealed tiles count down: Numbers on revealed tiles will count down as neighboring tiles are flagged.
  • Column hints count down: Columns with mine counts will count down as tiles are flagged.
  • Treat grey like other colors: This removes the total mine count, replacing it with a count for just the grey tiles in a puzzle (if there are any). This also changes the visual style of flagged grey tiles to match other colored tiles.
  • Alternative flag style: A new style for flagged colored tiles is available, with a white border.

These options are all turned off by default, and can be enabled in the "options" tab in the launcher.

Version 1.201
Fixed an oversight: when "darken finished tiles" was turned on, completed "?" tiles were being darkened along with numbered tiles.

Version 1.202
Fixed another oversight: when "treat grey like other colors" was turned on, puzzles with no active grey tiles still had a grey count of 0. This has been removed.

Version 1.21 (25 December 2017)
Added a new "night mode" option that replaces the bright "level completed" color by a very dark blue.

Changed the behavior of "?" tiles when "darken finished tiles" is on; "?" now go dark whenever all of the neighboring tiles are either revealed or flagged. This is slightly different from the numbered tiles' behavior.

Version 1.211 (29 December 2017)
The state of the sound toggle is now saved between sessions.

Made colorblind text white when it is on top of a black tile (only affects a couple of levels).
Tametsi - Tudwell
Tametsi is a logic game for people who enjoy a challenge, and it's available now. It takes a simple premise -- find and flag the mines -- and carries it into new territory, with many different tilings and tricky situations.

Tametsi - Tudwell

This update adds several new features that should improve usability.

Version 1.1

The most important change with version 1.1 is support for rebinding input keys. A mouse is still required to play, but it is possible to change the inputs associated with revealing and flagging tiles.

Other notable changes:
  • Puzzle titles are in blue until a mistake has been made. This is helpful when returning to a level after a long break.
  • Closing the game or using the back button while a puzzle is in the "undo" state now results in an undo instead of a reset.
  • Column highlighting has been changed significantly.
There have also been a few cosmetic updates along with these changes. Thanks to all of the testers for their feedback!

Version 1.101

UI text (puzzle title, tutorial text, and mine counts) now scales according to window height. This should help to make the mine counts more prominent on higher resolutions.
Tametsi - Tudwell

There are no changes to gameplay in this patch, but computers below the minimum recommended specs should see a dramatic performance improvement.

Version 1.09

The drawing code was overhauled to include a persistent board layer that is updated only on state changes.

Versions 1.091 and 1.092

These updates are minor cosmetic bug fixes:
  • the "current tile" halo was being drawn below the column highlight layer
  • tile updates in the board layer were leaving a faint 1px wide ghost due to antialiasing.
These issues have both been addressed.

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