Sylvio 2 - niklasswanberg
These are the fixes for this update. Please mail any and all bugs and thoughts to

Thank you!

- Achievement after the ending didn't trigger. You will need to restart the end sequence to get this achievement.
- Invert Y setting didn't stick
- VSync setting didn't stick after restart.
- Movement was possible during end sequence
- Small miscellaneous fixes and adjustments
Sylvio - (Adam Smith)


Sylvio is one of my favourite recent horror games. I described it as an “anti-screamer” because it’ll unnerve you with a whisper rather than startling you with a jumpscare. Most of the creepiness comes from listening to recordings of ghosts, playing tracks at various speeds and/or reversing them to hear the voices in the static. It also had bits where you shot giant shadowy figures and blobs. The sequel [official site], which came out yesterday, ditches the shooting and adds video recordings alongside the audio tapes. I’ve had a quick look and listen.



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