Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We have released a patch to fix the issues that people have been having with the launcher.. We apologize for such a delay in this patch.

Things that have changed:

  • Removed Launcher Music Completely.. (It was massively not working as expected or planned)
  • Fix Java run-time issues which should fix the last of the issues with launching the game itself.
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
After patiently waiting for the Steam Partner site to go out of maintenance. We can finally say the update has been pushed out to the public!

We urge you to try it out if it didn't work before!

If you are running Mac or Linux, we currently do not natively support either platform at the moment, but expect a Mac & Linux port within the next couple days! You can use a program like WINE for now which will run it until then. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba

We are experiencing unforeseen errors in our update.. With this, I am forced to delay the update until tomorrow. We apologize for this.
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We plan on releasing our brand new home-made launching system which will replace the old launcher.. This should solve many issues with the running of the game. With that said, Linux and Mac versions are now being worked on and should be out within the next couple days as well. This update makes a new beginning for Bang! Howdy because we will be able to focus, release, and beta test new content with this new launcher!
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
The maintenance period is now over. Please make sure to update your games before attempting to play Bang! Howdy.
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We have been tirelessly working towards implementing the full update. Unfortunately we do not feel Boom Town nor the coin system is ready for release quite yet and have pushed a much smaller content patch instead.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and we are actively working on the full content update.
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We will be performing maintenance on the game at 1:30 PM. EST. The game will be completely inaccessible during the maintenance. We plan on releasing an update shortly after this update.

Planned Changes:

1) Release the Coin System
2) Change the way requests are processed to make things faster
3) Release a mandatory update relating to adding Coins & fixing some minor bugs.

During this maintenance, feel free to join our community Discord at:
Aug 9
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We just released a minor patch that fixes the issues with Linux clients. If you find any remaining issues let us know via our support email
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We have fixed the previously mentioned update flaw and the game will run now.. Thank you for your patience.
Aug 9
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We found a major error in our last update causing the game not to open. This is currently being fixed and is related to the version of Java we deploy. Our team is working on a solution and it should be back up and running shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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