CS2D recently surpassed the 500,000 Steam installs (first time downloads with recorded playtime) mark. It's actually 515,441 already right now! This means that more than half a million different people installed and played CS2D via Steam in less than 2 months!

Thank you for these amazing numbers! ːsteamhappyː
Dec 15, 2017
CS2D has been released on Steam exactly one month ago and quite a lot of amazing stuff happened in that month.

We released 3 patches and 1 full version update. CS2D received over 2.7k reviews with 91% being positive and the game has been installed and played by over 400,000 individuals!

Top 10 CS2D countries (by downloads) are
1. China (17.4%)
2. Russian Federation (14.0%)
3. Brazil (8.5%)
4. United States (7.8%)
5. Poland (7.1%)
6. Turkey (4.1%)
7. Germany (3.0%)
8. Ukraine (2.9%)
9. Taiwan (2.1%)
10. Thailand (2.0%)

CS2D already comes with translations for all these countries except for the Ukraine. An Ukrainian localization however will be added with the next update (thanks to Maxor, U.S.G.N. #125571)!

Dec 3, 2017
CS2D version is now online.

ATTENTION: Due to a bug the game offers you to auto update the client! Do NOT use the auto update feature with Steam! The game will be updated via Steam instead. Restart Steam if it doesn't update automatically.

Non-Steam users can get the update the usual way at www.CS2D.com/download

The new version contains tons of bugfixes, improvements, some new scripting features like HTTP requests and 3 new achievements!

[FIXED] Steam achievement progress did not save properly [FIXED] Crash when hovering UI text field and starting loading the map at the same time [FIXED] Better stability for servers with longer uptime [FIXED] Lack of lag compensation precision since introduction of 60 fps [FIXED] TileFX for 64px tilesets [FIXED] 3D graphics mode with 4:3 gameplay ratio for 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions [FIXED] Autobuy did not allow to buy AK-47 when autobuy list contained a M4A1 before the AK-47 [FIXED] Main menu language flag sometimes opened the options while scrolling the serverlist [FIXED] Offline serverlist cache did sometimes not work properly under certain circumstances [FIXED] Spawn projectiles appeared out of sync between client and server [FIXED] When using "Free Look" it was impossible to select player to spectate from scoreboard [FIXED] Wrong flag was displayed for Czech localization [FIXED] Env_Light size was limited to 128 instead of 256 [FIXED] Some rendering issues in DirectX mode with high resolutions on maps with Env_TileFX entities [FIXED] Shotguns now fire correctly when mouse1 is held down with an empty clip [CHANGED] User name is now updated in ranked data list [CHANGED] Blood spray and ground snow particles fade out quicker if there are many (performance optimization) [CHANGED] Default lag compensation divisor is now 16 [CHANGED] Rank command now shows user type (U.S.G.N. / Steam) [CHANGED] Improved hudtxt font sharpness when using mp_hudscale (1 or 2) [CHANGED] Serverlist: Only the real player count is now used for sorting by player count, bots are ignored [CHANGED] Linux: Default color depth is now 24 bit instead of 32 bit for better compatibility [CHANGED] Fancy round end messages (cp_roundend) are now enabled by default [ADDED] Korean translation, thanks to Zeisen (U.S.G.N. #53832) [ADDED] UTF-8 support for hudtxt and sv_msg commands [ADDED] Lua UTF-8 support for print, msg, msg2 and parse commands ("hello" = "UTF-8:\x68\x65\x6C\x6C\x6F") [ADDED] 1440x900 resolution support [ADDED] 1360x768 resolution support [ADDED] Lua image flag when using path "<flag:iso>" [ADDED] Lua command reqhttp(url, path) to request http connection [ADDED] Lua command player(id,"mousedist") now returns mouse distance from player with in-game measurement [ADDED] Lua command "addbind" (adds a key bind which the server can listen to with the "key" Lua hook) [ADDED] Lua hook "httpdata" (when http data is received afer sending a request with reqhttp) [ADDED] Lua hook "assist" (when a player receives a kill assist) [ADDED] Lua hook "key" (when key bound via "addbind" is pressed) [ADDED] Command/setting "steam_login_timeout" to control how much time to use for login request [ADDED] Additional ammo parameters for spawnitem command [ADDED] "hudtxt" command additional vertical align and font size parameters [ADDED] Entity property to ignore fog of war for Env_Breakable [ADDED] Selected player in the scoreboard blinks in the radar [ADDED] Spectator icon in the scoreboard for the player that you are currently spectating [ADDED] Assist argument in "kill" hook [ADDED] Small X button in main menu for quitting (top right corner in main menu) [ADDED] Small arrow for window/fullscreen switching (top right corner in main menu) [ADDED] 3 new Steam achievements ("FIRST BLOOD!", "So bright!", "I can see you!") [REMOVED] IRC Chat (wasn't used properly by anyone)
CS2D has been released on Steam 15 days ago. Over 335,000 free licenses have been distributed via Steam and we have over 275,000 first time installs with recorded playtime!

Over 2,280 players reviewed the game and over 2,100 of these reviews are positive. We managed to stay at the amazing level of 92% positive reviews!

We released 3 patches in this time and we are working on further improvements and bug fixes which we will release ASAP! Also stay tuned for a fan made Korean translation! Special thanks to Zeisen (U.S.G.N. #53832)!
CS2D received over 1000 positive reviews within just 1 week after its Steam launch! Overall the rating is very positive. Incredible 92% of all reviews are positive!

Moreover CS2D was activated nearly 220k times and over 173k players installed and started CS2D! The current peak of concurrent players is 1440!

Thanks to everyone for making these great numbers possible!

By the way: If you like the game feel free to nominate it for the Steam awards! ;)
Nov 19, 2017
Whaaaaat!? Another patch? Already?! Hooray!
Because of the amazing launch we're giving you 10 new weapon achievements, easier language switching and some other stuff! Plus we even fixed a few things! Yay!

[FIXED] Steam login verification when user name was changed recently [FIXED] Client set wrong max health after picking up medikit [FIXED] Hit registration malfunction after implementing VSync [FIXED] Map change and leave screen fade out did not cover full screen [FIXED] Buy menu weapon scaling for larger skins [FIXED] "SABOTAGE!!!" achievement only worked in multiplayer matches (now vs bots as well) [CHANGED] Buy menu he, smoke, flash, kevlar skins [CHANGED] Team select menu player graphics are now scaling with resolution [CHANGED] Improved scoreboard sorting to prevent several issues [CHANGED] In-game chat message character limit is now 50 [ADDED] Japanese localization, thanks to Amaguya (U.S.G.N. #11768) [ADDED] 10 new weapon Steam achievements [ADDED] Player chat muting in scoreboard using context menu (right click) [ADDED] Left mouse click on scoreboard player to spectate [ADDED] Language flags in language selection combo box [ADDED] Language flag in bottom right corner of main menu for easy language switching

We also found out that DirectX mode sometimes seems to cause weird artifacts on the map in conjunction with the Steam overlay. Not sure what's going on but luckily OpenGL is default so most people won't face these problems.
Nov 18, 2017
Another small patch. We encountered a problem with server list caching which can have a negative impact on performance. We also added OpenGL VSync with this patch and hope that it doesn't break everything.

[FIXED] Action messages offset when radar is disabled [FIXED] Serverlist cache did not discard old servers, leading to growing server count [FIXED] Some high resolution menu item positions [FIXED] Main menu flickering when loading map [FIXED] "Barbed Battlefield" achievement did not work (as client) [CHANGED] sv_rconusers now also works with Steam IDs [ADDED] VSync option (OpenGL only, enabled by default) [ADDED] "!rank" support for Steam users [ADDED] Lua command stats parameters to return player "mvp" and "assists" [ADDED] Lua command steamstats [ADDED] Lua image avatar loading when using path "<avatar:id>"

Some minor fixes and additions are also included. Dedicated servers are also updated but the update is optional like for each patch release.
Nov 17, 2017
We just released a tiny client patch ( p1). It contains the following changes:

[FIXED] Flash/scope did not cover entire screen in some resolutions [FIXED] Kill assist achievements did not work [FIXED] Key assignment in controls menu did not work properly [FIXED] Lua player parameters mousex & mousey did not work (fix requires server update) [CHANGED] Line of fire (shot) particle optimization [CHANGED] Some avatar download optimizations [CHANGED] Servers appear quicker in the server list by using a cached list [ADDED] Introducing Steam client patches (visible in main menu version info with "pX")

This is a Steam exclusive patch right now but the changes will of course be included in the next full update for all versions.

We are aware that there many people are unhappy with the Linux and MacOS versions but we were not able to solve these issues yet. Sorry! We're working on it!

Info For Server Owners
Dedicated servers have been updated as well but the update is fully optional. The only thing fixed are the mousex & mousey parameters for the Lua player command. You do not need to update if you are not using these.

Also we highly recommend to keep the max player count (sv_maxplayers) on servers low to improve the gameplay experience. Most maps are designed for LESS than 32 players. Good max player amounts are 12 or 16 and in most cases it doesn't make much sense to go beyond 24. But of course you're free to also stay at 32 if you prefer crazy carnage... ;)
We just hit the mark of 1,000 users playing CS2D concurrently via Steam! Less than 20 hours after the release!

The Steam release was a great success so far. We also managed to identify some technical issues in the game client which we will try to address and fix ASAP in order to improve the quality and stability of the game.

Thanks to everyone for making this Steam launch an awesome experience!
With CS2D version we now have the first CS2D version LIVE ON STEAM! We hope you like the release!

By the way: Everyone who does not have Steam can still get full access to the game via the normal standalone client.

Servers are shared between Steam and Non-Steam version. This means everybody can play on every server.

We highly recommend to use the Steam version though as it comes with additional features and OVER 50 amazing Steam achievements!

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support!
Enjoy playing! ːsteamhappyː

CS2D Changelog
[INFO] First release with Steam support (Win client only) [FIXED] Various voice chat issues and stability problems [FIXED] Various visual lighting engine issues [FIXED] Various minor visual HUD / tooltip issues [FIXED] Laser mines rotation [FIXED] mp_hudscale not behaving correctly in all scenarios [FIXED] Vertical black boarder (1-4px width) appeared for larger 16:9 resolutions [FIXED] Graphical glitches when using command line parameters [FIXED] Large avatars were sometimes not downloaded properly [FIXED] Client money limit when pickup up gold or coins [FIXED] Lag animation not looking right under certain network conditions [FIXED] Committing suicide did not work anymore since [FIXED] Bad projectile timing with increased FPS in [FIXED] Problems with building rotations since [FIXED] Sometimes unable to join servers when they were running Lua tweens [FIXED] Scoreboard hide HUD option did not hide scripted Lua HUD elements [FIXED] Possible crash when failing to write advanced radar/minimap cache [CHANGED] Improved stability when server is being dDoSed [CHANGED] Crosshair of spectated player is now semitransparent [CHANGED] When being flashed the radar now also becomes invisible [CHANGED] Max. 2 U.S.G.N./Steam avatars are downloaded concurrently to minimize FPS drops [CHANGED] Lua Command player(id,"mousex") now returns -1 if mouse data is not available [CHANGED] "conkey" (console key) works as intended for more keyboard layouts [CHANGED] Increased fire rate for all weapons (2.5%) [CHANGED] Console now uses scaled text [CHANGED] Scoreboard sorting now takes in account mvp and assists [CHANGED] The scoreboard now shows building count of teammates only [CHANGED] Default windows graphics driver is now OpenGL (for Steam overlay support) [CHANGED] Flash bang effect now hides radar [CHANGED] Fiveseven damage decreased from 19 to 18 [ADDED] Over 50 Steam achievements (Windows only) [ADDED] Command mp_connectionlimit for max. accepted connections [ADDED] Command cp_roundend for more additional round information message [ADDED] Command sb_autosize (automatic scoreboard size) [ADDED] Command sb_kpd (scoreboard kills / deaths ratio) [ADDED] Lua Command tween_frame (image frame animation) [ADDED] "mousemapx" & "mousemapy" parameters for Lua player command (mouse position on map) [ADDED] Server ticks are displayed in scoreboard and in-game menu (updates per second) [ADDED] Clients are able to see which operating system server is running [ADDED] Server lag compensation information in menu

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