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Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Find out if there's going to be a new Map Contest in this week's Digest.

Digest: http://bit.ly/13ZEn1Y
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
If you win, you'll get to choose between a Steam code for the game or for any piece of DLC to date! Enter the giveaway in this week's Digest!

Digest: http://bit.ly/135qxyT
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
The new Valentine's Day DLC is out now. This new content was added to last year's Etherian Festival of Love DLC. To learn more about the DLC, click here.
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
We go one-on-one with Level Designer Steven Collins about our new free DLC in this week's Digest!

Digest: http://bit.ly/UgH536
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Senior Gameplay Designer Skott Chatten talks about the new Valentine's Day DLC in this week's Digest. Check it out.

Digest: http://bit.ly/WzwKOa
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Laura risked life and limb to give you a brief sneak peek into the future. Check it out in this week's Digest!

Digest link: bit.ly/VtrYSg
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Learn about this weekend's mind-warping community event in this week's Digest!

Digest: http://bit.ly/WNpPjl
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Read all about this new custom Steam map in this week's Digest!

Digest link: http://bit.ly/XfBAxS
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
You can only get these items in this event! Read all about it in this week's Digest! And then head to this thread to sign up.

Digest: http://bit.ly/WUJ1ue
Sign-up Thread: http://bit.ly/10jRcI6
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Follow the link to enter! http://bit.ly/W3HGAo

While you're there, learn a little more about our plans for 2013. It's going to be a big year for Trendy fans.

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