Sep 16, 2017
Geneticognito - FelixBlobDev
Hello everyone!

If you haven't bought the game yet, now can be a good time! Geneticognito is currently available in the newest LazyGuys bundle, so you can basically get the game alongside 8 other games. And for less than what Geneticognito usually costs, too!
If you are interested, here is the bundle:

Geneticognito - FelixBlobDev
Hey everyone!

Here's a new update for Geneticognito. Changelog below.

-Fixed bug where the volume settings where automatically set to 0 when first launching the game... Hopefully. Let me know if this bug persists.
-Made several enemy projectiles more noticable, particularily in a few of the boss fights.
-Made some SFX pitch difference more noticable in the final boss fight, since the player relies on it for some attacks.
-Reduced a few more lights. Might help performance a bit.
-Player projectiles now travel a bit further off-screen before disappearing.
-Made some of the secrets in the game a little bit more "suspicious".

Geneticognito - FelixBlobDev
Hey everyone!

Geneticognito released here on Steam today. Hope you enjoy the game, and don't hesitate to ask me questions by using the game's community hub!


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