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Jun 27, 2014
Community Announcements - Plattinator
We recently updated Archon after years of not touching it, and some of you may be wondering what that was all about. The main thing was that we wanted to be able to track how people are playing the game, to see if they prefer Light or Dark, and which units kill what other units. We want to get this info to help us in designing other games and improving on Archon. We also added some maps and tweaked some graphics while we were in there.

Another update is in the works that will address some issues with the Conquest campaign and vertical sync.
Product Update - Valve
Update to fix several issues and known crashes.

Product Release - Valve
Archon Classic is now Available on Steam!

The epic battle between Light and Dark takes place on the chess board! Move your team across the chess board and engage in real-time battle to control it!

Enjoy 10% off until November 9th, 10am Pacific Time.


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