Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - (Alice O'Connor)

The relaxing fix ’em up Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 has added options to fancy-up cars with custom cosmetic doodads as well as fancier mechanoparts, coming in the free ‘Tuning’ DLC on Tuesday. I’ve not played a load of Car Mechanic Sim but in all my time playing Viscera Cleanup Detail, which has that similar ‘follow a physical process until something ruined becomes good’ vibe, it had never occurred to me that I might want to actually improve things too. A new career awaits as a mechanic helpfully adding undercar lighting, turbochargers, wheel spikes, and harpoons.*> (more…)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games
Hello CMS18 community!
We are proud to present you TUNING DLC, which will unlock few new cool features of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018!
Body Tuning Shop
you can now install custom bumpers, light, hood, fenders etc

Mechanical Tuning Shop
install performance parts into your engine and give your engine better engine performance

Dyno in which you can check your car current power
Engine power condition is calculated from its condition, tuning parts and quality parts

And all this for free - like we did promised you!

Keep in mind that Tuning DLC will be updated with game. We are planning to add more mechanical parts and also body parts into it.

With 1.4.5 we also introduced cases so make sure to complete some orders to get them!

What is what
Body Tuning : replace bumpers, mirrors, fenders etc
Mechanical Tuning : replace mechanical parts on those which add more Torque to engine
Dyno : check what is exact power and torque of your car (those data are calculated from engine condition, tuning parts and quality items (new to cms))

Cases could be received for completing orders. You have 40% chance to receive case after finishing completed order.
Case will contain 3 quality parts which can be installed into your car.

Quality Parts
Quality part will raise car value and if its tuning part, add more Torque to the engine.
So you can make your car special by installing a lot of quality parts in it.

Also remember - if you like what we are doing, please leave a game review. It will show us, that we heading in a good direction :) Thanks!

Next goal : Steam Workshop and adding more items into Tuning DLC

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games

Jeep DLC is finally here for all of you. 4 brand new Jeep cars, with 3 new engines and bonus offroad track is what you will get from it.

Also as always there are some changes / fixes / improvements with patch 1.4.2

- Jeep DLC
- new offroad track (Jeep DLC)
- new look of aluminium material
- fixed misaligned push rod in v8
- creating profile improved ui
- you can go back from showroom without selecting any car
- quitting shop bug fixed
- shock absorbers will now unblock knucles on some type of suspensions
- driveshaft will now block i4 4x4 gearbox
- adjusted some texture resolution size
- mazda rx7 rim fixed to have chrome logo

Have fun!
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - (Alec Meer)


Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 [official site], the curiously zen-like, genre-defying game of hypnotic vehicular repair, is very much back on the road these days, but it was not ever thus. CMS18 launched in a rather troubled state, rife with bugs and interface peculiarities, but to the credit of both developers and players, it was rapidly and repeatedly patched, backlash was restrained and the result is an excellent game that’s rarely far from the upper reaches of the Steam best-sellers chart.

But what, exactly happened – and are the developers now confident that CMS is ship-shape? Also: what is it about this superficially car-nerds-only game that makes it so compelling to almost anyone willing to pick up a virtual wrench? (more…)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games

Hello there! Here comes the patch 1.3.7 with a lot of new liveries for cars and of course some fixes and changes we are making for you.

Changelog :
- 35 new liveries for : Bolt Hellcat,Bolt Atlanta,Bolt Reptilia,Elenti Callope,FMW Panther,Mayen M3, Delray Imperator, Castor Avalanche, Bolthorn Grand Mojave, Castor Earthquake, Castor Earthquake Rex, Olsen Grand Club, Smith1 500, Royale Crown, Mayen M6, Mayen M8, Emden Lotz, Sakura GT20
- repair bench parts are now always centered/rotated properly in preview window
- condition calculation fixes
- repair cost bug fix
- barn parts cost price fix
- interior detailing toolkit clipping into wall fix
- quitting from auctions rare bug fixed
- save protection improvements
- showroom bug when you can seat in not loaded car fixed
- Grand Olsen Club bench appears in front fixed

Of course we want to keep you updated, so if you did not saw it in Steam discussions here are 3 sections that we would like you to see

Coming this month
- Jeep DLC
- free CASE collecting by completing orders (no microtransactions!)
- cases will contain special objects (with quality parameter +1 .. +5) and can be open without any special tools
- quality objects will raise car value (when installed in car), also some parts will affect car power

Coming 5.10.2017
- free TUNING DLC for all of you

On Hold
- disabled travel payments (considering making toggle in game menu)

We are really excited about Cases, in which you can even find maps to new barns (hello to folks at 55 lvl!). That will be awesome, hopefully opening cases will be fun for you.

Tuning DLC is coming to you at 5.10.2017, but you need to wait a little more for more details. Yes there will be performance parts and visual tuning. Hope we will not create too many bugs adding so much new content into game! ;)

As always remember to leave game review if you like our work.
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games

1.3.2 is out now so you can enjoy CMS18 on weekend! :)

What is new :
- Inventory UI optimalizations (faster opening and closing)
- Car Status UI optimalizations (faster opening and closing)
- added new information about car frame and interior condition
- fixed car value calculation small bug
- changing camera description in paintshop
- fixed paintshop car positioning and fx positioning
- audio global volume now working properly
- updated some language files
- suspension stiffness reworked and added into car configs
- sorting options now visible in warehouse
- inventory in barns and junkyard have now sorting working
- max steering angle changed from 50 to 40 degree

Here are the plans for this month (besides of patching and smaller changes) :

1) controls rebind
2) custom video settings
3) steam workshop
4) photomode
5) cases with quality parts inside
6) steam stats in game menu

We (with publisher) also have some surprise for all of you - we will annouce it next week or so.

Have fun and remember to leave review of game if you like it!
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games
Introducing new track to play on. We will be adding some stuff into it, from time to time.

Full 1.2.8 changelog
- New bonus track
- V6 30 need to be mounted on engine crain without gearbox and pipes
- fixed locked lifter at up position
- fixed some Achievements
- Bolt Cape dials fixed
- When trying to install engine when engine bay is not empty - it will show what need to be unmounted
- brake pads are now examined by path test
- fixed sell all button
- fixed some problems with car paiting
- buying parking ui fixed

Have fun!
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games
We unlocked Achievements!
So better stop reading this, and fire up the a game :)

Important notice : Game will start collecting achivement stats from patch 1.2.7 so you do not need to start game from scratch.

Also if you into Canadian licence plates, check out this modded canadian licence plate pack :

There are more and more modded cars, so make sure to check out Modding Forum from time to time.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games

Changelog :
- Modding addon (modders can now add mod car parts into shop (parts.txt))
- left wheels bolts now unmounting in proper direction
- updated mazda rx-7 model
- repair bench parts sorting
- fixed invent mouse
- added customizable banner in garage (place your logo there!)
- save small bug
- mission 6 fixed
- fixed problem when changing cap rims into non cap rims
- fixed selling in warehouse bug
- broken rims after loading game looked like new bug fixed
- small fixes in test track
- wheel bolts are now properly positioned with custom et
- updated Smith 1500 model

If you want to personalize your garage just a little bit, you can browse to folder as shown in picture and replace png file with you own with your garage logo or something different :)

More to come this month :
- Achivements
- Fun track

Have fun!
Aug 23
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games
Update 1.2.2 is here!
We are more than happy that modding community is creating various cars for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. Check out one of them :

you can find more in Modding section of Steam Discussions. Of course we are working on Steam workshop so all mods will be easy to download and upload.

What is new?

Changelog :
- fixed 3 missions
- fixed parts key browsing when installing group of parts
- fixed missing scroll bars in junkyard and sheds
- fixed bug when game hangs when you have almost full parking and you want to buy more than 1 car in auctions
- cars are now closed after bought in auctions
- you cannot move car with different wheels on each side into parking now
- fixed some steering wheel errors when mouting
- v8 mag & 6p & i6 could be mounted on engine stand with gearbox fixed
- fixed mouse cursor under dropdown list bug
- tire grip settings adjustments
- car physics adjustments
- bolt chapman back to orders, shed, auction and junkyard (this time for real)

What else to come?
This month we want to add Achivements, one moew Bonus Track and make Modding cars to have shop available parts

Hope you will like it! Thanks for supporting!


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