Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games
Hello fans!
Garage Customization DLC is here! Free for all of you! Jump in and make this garage look like you want to. Dont forget to share your shots later on :)

Another great feature we added in 1.5.11 patch is Benchmark - you can run it via Video Options. Just launch it and read your score at the end of 60 seconds test.

OK ... we are going back to work - a lot of great things to come more!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games

Photo Mode is here! There are also some important fixes and improvements
Check them out :

- added PHOTO MODE
- you can now change CAR VERSION in showroom
- tools now have sounds
- few improvements in car physics
- fixed xray bugs
- fixed Bentley GT engine when installing on crain
- pie menu / exit menu now protected to not run in the same time
- fixed some gui elements
- licence plate preview fixed
- Tuning parts have now proper names in car info menu
- measured car power is now saved proper way
- fixed bug with workshop cars loading
- trunk and hood not closing properly bug fixed
- added sfx to info window
- driveshaft have now collider calculated for easy selecting
- oil drain error fixed
- crash bug when selling car near engine crain fixed
- radio save fixed
- tuning parts will not have rustmask for now
- tire thread tester bug fixed
- Smith 1500 XL bugs fixed
- fixed bug when fast changing mode mount / unmount
- added new part type : front_clamshell, rear_clamshell
- materials optimization

We are also preparing Garage Look Customization for you. More information soon!
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - (Alec Meer)


I’ve been playing the newly released Fishing: Barents Sea in the hope that it was water-bound cousin to American/Euro Truck Simulator, those bastions of road-tripping relaxation. What I found was something very different. Something remarkable in its own way.

Chilly Norwegian seas, the lonely put-put of a solo fishing boat engine, the methodical laying and collecting of lines – and a sublimely-synthy, ever-so-Vangelis soundtrack as I coolly slice open fish bellies. (more…)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games
Hello Car Mechanic Simulator fans!

We delivered you remastered Bentley DLC this time. There are some fixes and improvements over CMS15 dlc as well. Check them out!

As for future plans and question you guys are asking, here are few informations that you are interested in :

What about Sandbox mode?
Yes we added it into TODO list, so it will be implemented for sure.

When we will add more tuning parts (mechanical)
We plan to add another group of parts in this month. This will include parts for dlc engines as well (like for Bentley W12 etc)

What you are working on right now?
Right now we are developing Photomode, Garage Look changing feature and custom Gearboxes shop. Of course we are still looking for bugs and fixing them, as well as optimizing game and making gameplay more fluid.

Mac version?
Yes - mac version is almost ready - need some testing. Mac version will require powerful Mac to run it in higher details.

Can we add shortcuts on keyboard for some of the main game modes
Yes but this will be added after we will implement photomode, garage look and gearboxes - we cannot develop all your request in the same time.

We want to create engines on engine crain
We know that, and that is why we also added this into TODO list. When? Same answer like with shortcuts. ASAP

Just keep with us and we will get you informed as frequently as we can :)

Thank you all for supporting and many thanks to our modders, who bring a lot of great cars into Steam Workshop section! Great work guys!
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games

Plymouth DLC is released with special addon Speed Track. Like in Jeep DLC, we want to give you something more than just a cars and engines in DLC. This time is a speed track, on which you can test maximum speed of cars, as well as some acceleration times.
Why Plymouth and Speed Track you will ask? Why not? Back in a days there was a crazy Road Runner version named Superbird, developed for Nascar Racing, and it was a fast car!

Changelog (with hotfix which fixed some nasty bugs) :
1.5.1 hotfix 1
- fixed problems with parts mounting, shop searching etc
- fixed problems with engine crain
- fixed some problems with new hemi engines

- Plymouth DLC
- new Speed Track (*Plymouth DLC)
- added drag coefficient into car physics
- workshop car parts moved into new workshop car body shop
- better gear changing with high power cars (1000hp +)
- fixed #benchFront localization
- slowdown when mounting license plates fixed
- ui improvements in part/group select
- proper naming of additional tuning parts
- uploader will not upload sample into workshop
- braking instead of handbraking in drive pause menu
- reptilia r2 added air filter box

Plans for near future :
- Garage Look changing tools (walls, floor etc)
- gearboxes shop + new gearboxes (with longer gears etc) (*free Tuning DLC)

Gearboxes shop will let you buy shorter or longer gearboxes, which will help you achive better top speeds or acceleration on some heavy tuned cars. We thing it will be sweet addon into game (of course added via free update)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games

A day we waited for a long time. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Steam Workshop is now live and working with newest version of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018!

It take some time, and some work with save games and cloud system. But it is here, and hopefully you will love it as we do. Just dive in and browse all those cars and items.

Changelog :

- redone save system to work better with Steam Cloud
- save game automatic backup system
- Steam Workshop integration
- test path will work better with smaller cars now
- updated salem flamo tuning headlights
- better handling modded cars (checking for errors etc)
- handbrake for some cars will work proper way
- achievement "game over" now functioning like it should
- added option to enable "Unrealistic wheel sizes"
- added option to disable "Travel costs"
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - (Alice O'Connor)

The relaxing fix ’em up Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 has added options to fancy-up cars with custom cosmetic doodads as well as fancier mechanoparts, coming in the free ‘Tuning’ DLC on Tuesday. I’ve not played a load of Car Mechanic Sim but in all my time playing Viscera Cleanup Detail, which has that similar ‘follow a physical process until something ruined becomes good’ vibe, it had never occurred to me that I might want to actually improve things too. A new career awaits as a mechanic helpfully adding undercar lighting, turbochargers, wheel spikes, and harpoons.*> (more…)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games
Hello CMS18 community!
We are proud to present you TUNING DLC, which will unlock few new cool features of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018!
Body Tuning Shop
you can now install custom bumpers, light, hood, fenders etc

Mechanical Tuning Shop
install performance parts into your engine and give your engine better engine performance

Dyno in which you can check your car current power
Engine power condition is calculated from its condition, tuning parts and quality parts

And all this for free - like we did promised you!

Keep in mind that Tuning DLC will be updated with game. We are planning to add more mechanical parts and also body parts into it.

With 1.4.5 we also introduced cases so make sure to complete some orders to get them!

What is what
Body Tuning : replace bumpers, mirrors, fenders etc
Mechanical Tuning : replace mechanical parts on those which add more Torque to engine
Dyno : check what is exact power and torque of your car (those data are calculated from engine condition, tuning parts and quality items (new to cms))

Cases could be received for completing orders. You have 40% chance to receive case after finishing completed order.
Case will contain 3 quality parts which can be installed into your car.

Quality Parts
Quality part will raise car value and if its tuning part, add more Torque to the engine.
So you can make your car special by installing a lot of quality parts in it.

Also remember - if you like what we are doing, please leave a game review. It will show us, that we heading in a good direction :) Thanks!

Next goal : Steam Workshop and adding more items into Tuning DLC

Oct 20, 2017
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Red Dot Games

Jeep DLC is finally here for all of you. 4 brand new Jeep cars, with 3 new engines and bonus offroad track is what you will get from it.

Also as always there are some changes / fixes / improvements with patch 1.4.2

- Jeep DLC
- new offroad track (Jeep DLC)
- new look of aluminium material
- fixed misaligned push rod in v8
- creating profile improved ui
- you can go back from showroom without selecting any car
- quitting shop bug fixed
- shock absorbers will now unblock knucles on some type of suspensions
- driveshaft will now block i4 4x4 gearbox
- adjusted some texture resolution size
- mazda rx7 rim fixed to have chrome logo

Have fun!
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - (Alec Meer)


Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 [official site], the curiously zen-like, genre-defying game of hypnotic vehicular repair, is very much back on the road these days, but it was not ever thus. CMS18 launched in a rather troubled state, rife with bugs and interface peculiarities, but to the credit of both developers and players, it was rapidly and repeatedly patched, backlash was restrained and the result is an excellent game that’s rarely far from the upper reaches of the Steam best-sellers chart.

But what, exactly happened – and are the developers now confident that CMS is ship-shape? Also: what is it about this superficially car-nerds-only game that makes it so compelling to almost anyone willing to pick up a virtual wrench? (more…)


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