Community Announcements - Tautroll
Thanks for helping out with testing the servers yesterday!
We had more people than we expected and it’s great to see such dedication! Feels like we’re not trying to keep the servers alive for nothing! <3

We’ve done some changes to the forum here on steam. We’ve added a community announcement forum, where you will see news about further tests, community activities et cetera. We’ve also added a test forum, where we’d like to get reports on bugs and how the servers behave while you play during the tests. And there’s now also a support forum for technical issues or problems you have with the game. Last but not least, we’ve also split up the discussion forums into general and bloodline discussion.
So make sure to swing by and make your voice heard!

Upcoming test session
Next test session will not be as long as this one, because we felt both you guys and we got pretty tired at the end.

Next test is scheduled for Friday, January 16th at 16:00 UTC to 19:00 UTC
We’d be really happy if you had a chance to show up and help out again!

All connections have been reset and since some people decided to spend more time on trying to ninja other peoples accounts rather than test, for this session we will require both email and account name to connect an account.
Please focus people, we’re testing a game here! :D

We got a lot of information on how the servers perform, especially the shop and we will do some tweaks before next test to get the best possible results.

I lost a lot of rating in the test server! Are you going to fix it!?

Nothing on the test servers are saved and will not affect your account on live. So you lost no rating, you get none of the new items you bought with your free gold and you did not get that name change. Everything on live is just as before you started testing.

I can’t play, how do I get back on live?!

If you try and enter now, this is done automatically since we’ve removed the beta. But when it’s available and you want to play on live you need to do this:
To play on live, you need to Opt out of the beta in the beta drop down list in your Bloodline Champions properties on Steam. It should look like this:

What will happen with Titan accounts?

Titan accounts will keep all their perks after the transfer, except for the 10% Funcom Points discount on prices in the shop. This is because Funcom Points has been removed and due to technical reasons with the new shop. Titan users will however get a gold coins compensation for this. Hope that’s ok. :)
Community Announcements - khct
So what’s going on?

The plan is that Stunlock will take over the servers late January, and that’s when you’ll get your keys sent to your e-mail, enabling you to connect your current account. We will keep you updated. If you are unsure about which e-mail you have registered with Funcom, make sure to check the bottom of this post!

Help us out!

To get us ready to take over the servers, we need some help with some testing.

On 13th of January (BLC’s 4th birthday!) we will have our first public test of our beta servers, and we’d love some help to test things out!

You can reach the test servers via the "Betas" tab in Bloodline Champions -> Properties, in your game list.

Edit: Will be available during test sessions.

The servers will be available from 15:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC on January 13th.
If things go well.

To connect your account, click the connect button on the start up page. The connection key on the beta is your current Bloodline Champions account name (Which you log in with).

Any progress, unlocks et cetera achieved on the test servers will not carry over to the Live servers. The test servers may also be reset, or otherwise manipulated or changed at any time.

Gold or Bloodcoins you spend on the beta will not be spent from your live account. When the new servers go live, you will have to re-connect your account again with the key from Funcom.

We chose to have shorter test sessions to concentrate the amount of players, instead of having them open for a longer period of time with less activity. (At least for our initial tests.)

The prices in the shop on the beta servers do not represent the planned prices for live, they are only set for test purposes.

Here are some of the planned changes for the game when the servers are transferred:
  • Teams Matchmaking has been removed.
    This is to ensure that the playerbase is less spread out on multiple queues
  • Teams are still used for Tournaments
  • Teams Matches statistics now includes Tournament matches win/loss tracking.

  • Scenario Queues have been removed due to very long queue times. But are still available in Custom games.

    Custom Games
  • Custom Game Bloodcoin Gain increased from 25% to 90%

    Standard Matchmaking
  • Parties matchmaking balance has been modified to make it less exploitable for high rated users to play with low rated players.

  • Fixed a bug where Thorn would gain energy by using Tree Bash projectiles.

    Funcom points will of course be replaced and we’ll instead use Gold coins.

    Bloodlines will be divided into 3 different price groups, no prices will be increased so don’t worry about that.

    We will however remove Bloodcoin costs from cosmetic items such as bloodline and weapon skins, emotes, avatars and titles. So these items will only be available for Gold, as rewards and tournament prizes.

Some of the changes will already be done on the beta servers, some may not.


Where will you put the servers?

For our initial tests we will have game servers in Central Europe (Frankfurt) and US East (N. Virginia). The exact locations of these servers are not set in stone, they may be changed depending on the results from the tests. The initial test is mostly to test the infrastructure that has been ported to our systems.

Account transfer
How can I change the email linked to my Bloodline Champions account?

You can change your email at Funcoms Account page.
Step 1: Login here:
Step 2: Click on Update My Details on the left side of the page.
Step 3: Change your email in the input fields
Step 4: Update your details.
Please note: This is only available before the actual server transfer. If you have been unable to receive your activation key after this, please contact Funcom Support.

Community Announcements - Tautroll
Funcom will be closing down the servers for Bloodline Champions by the end of January 2015. We know there are a lot of players out there who enjoy the game, so we will make sure they can keep enjoying it! This is no promise that development of the game will be increased, but there will be more energy aimed towards the game from our end.

To start we need to get the game running properly on our end with new servers and tools, since the game will need to be disconnected from the Funcom backend systems such as account, shop and billing. The plan is to have our servers up and running before Funcom close theirs so there will be minimal downtime during the switch to Stunlock Servers.

What does this mean? What will change?

The plan is that nothing will actually change. You keep everything you own on your account, like Bloodlines, Weapons, Outfits, all your Currency and so on.

The only thing that will change regarding accounts is that we will be using Steam for account authentication.

Everyone who already has an account at the time of the hosting switch will be sent a key to their email address used on their Funcom account connected to Bloodline Champions. This key can be used to connect the existing Bloodline Champions account to a Steam account. You’ll need to do this even if you play via steam today.

When we take over you will see some changes to the pricing models of the game and also some new packages available on Steam. The plan for this is still under construction, so there’s not much more to say about it at this point.

We are currently in the process of finding the best solution for hosting the servers for the game, so at the moment there is no information about exact locations and so on. We are researching different hosts and we will do our very best to get an optimal solution for the game. Some things are hard to test without actually running the game with real servers so the evaluation of the server solution will be continued even after we go live with the new servers.

When it comes to forums and the community we will work with as an official partner, these are very driven and ambitious guys who will handle the administration and moderation of the forum which will be the place to go for announcements, discussion and so on.

Since everyone will have to use Steam to play Bloodline Champions from now on, you will also see a bit more energy focused to the Steam Community Hub for Bloodline Champions.

We hope to see you there!

The Stunlock Team
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Nathan Grayson)

Yep, that sure looks like a Dead Island MOBA

My fingers still feel a deep sense of slithering, shivering wrong> in the pits of their tiny finger souls when they type out the words “Dead Island MOBA,” but here we are. Dead Island Epidemic is happening because Deep Silver’s so obsessed with zombies on islands that I think it wants to create an actual, factual epidemic of Dead Island (and Dead-Island-like) games. If that is indeed the case, it’s well on its way, and Epidemic is without a doubt furthest off the previously established map. On the upside, it’s being developed by Stunlock Studios, the talented team behind the Quinns-approved Bloodline Champions. Also, there’s crafting and you capture points all over the map instead of dragging your weary bones through countless base-busting wars of attrition. Other highly unexpected >features include zombies, zombies, and also zombies.


Product Release - Valve
Two new Starter packs for Bloodline Champions are now available on Steam!

Each pack offers you additional Bloodlines, team slots, Blood Coins, and timed Boosts to enhance your gameplay experience!


The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan WahlbäckSwedish artist Johan Wahlbäck works for SouthEnd Interactive, the guys behind last year's delightful ilomilo. But you won't find any art for that cute little game here.

What you will find are a stack of awesome pictures of men with swords, men with bigger swords and other images associated with bludgeoning and stabbing, some of them from PC game Bloodline Champions, others...not.

Some of these are for upcoming projects, others undisclosed projects. They're all pretty great, though, and to see more you should definitely check out Wahlbäck's site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists. If you're in the business and have some concept, environment or character art you'd like to share, drop us a line!

The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck
The Razor-Sharp Art of Johan Wahlbäck

Product Release - Valve
Bloodline Champions is now Free to Play on Steam! Play now through November 4th and receive one of four exclusive "Steam" weapons and double XP.

Engage in the most intense and fast paced player vs player action as you take control over one of several different bloodlines, each with their own unique weapons and abilities.
Free to play and critically acclaimed, Bloodline Champions is a next generation online multiplayer arena game where skill and team play is the most important factor to win. Every ability requires aiming and can be avoided by enemy players. Join the fight today and experience the unique combination of a top down shooter and a fast paced fighting game together with a healthy amount of RPG elements.


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