Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! In this build we're introducing something big to the game - a way of customizing your experience to make it easier or harder in various ways. We've been carefully listening to player feedback since launch (and well-before) and while we think the game is more balanced than ever, Game Modifiers will let you customize your gameplay experience further should you choose.

This patch also contains a major change under the hood; all text strings are now read from language files, paving the way for full localization. This was an enormous undertaking as the game has over 55,000 words and 6,000 unique strings, but it will be worth it as we roll out the game in new languages later this year!


Our vision for Tangledeep is a challenging but fair experience that can be conquered on Heroic or even Hardcore mode with practice and skill. You don’t need a ton of luck to win, nor do you need to be a roguelike expert. We create content and adjust balance with this vision in mind.

However, we understand that all players are different, and if you want to change the core Tangledeep experience to make it easier or harder, we’re introducing a new feature allowing you to do just that: GAME MODIFIERS. You can toggle any number of Game Modifiers during character creation. Some make the game harder, others easier, or more random.

All modifiers are strictly optional and we do encourage new players to experience the game without any of them. You can use as many or as few as you want - even all of them at once! With all that said, here are the modifiers we are introducing:

  • Player Health regeneration (1% of max per turn out-of-combat)
  • Player Energy and Stamina regeneration (1.5% of max per turn out-of-combat)
  • Half Fullness time
  • No gold drops from monsters
  • Triple Pandora’s Boxes per floor
  • Non-food consumables have a 3 turn shared cooldown
  • Corral pets cannot die and are returned to the corral with lower Happiness instead
  • JP gain halved
  • All monsters have one champion power
  • Enemy monsters regenerate Health per turn
  • Cannot use abilities that are not on your hotbars; cannot swap abilities in the dungeon

Please note that we will not be balancing the game around any of these modifiers. They are not the intended experience; they are a way for you to customize YOUR experience!

  • The health bonus of Floramancer’s tier 2 and 3 innate bonuses has been reduced
  • If your Floraconda dies, the cooldown to resummon it is now reset to max. To compensate, the cooldown has been reduced from 12 to 6 turns.
  • Champion monsters should no longer spawn near staircases (within ~5 tiles in any direction). This means you should no longer arrive at a new floor only to be greeted by a powerful critter!
  • Modified AI behavior to be a bit more forgiving when it comes to multiple champions aggroing the hero at once. (Does not apply to NG+).
  • Likewise modified regular monster behavior to avoid huge pile-ups in early levels just due to unlucky monster placement. (Does not apply to NG+).
  • Bosses now have a 75% chance to resist Paralyze, Stun, and Seal effects each turn

  • Fixed a variety of Emblem and Trial related bugs such as trials not completing, stats not increasing, and not being prompted to get a new tier ability
  • The cursor should no longer flicker while the Riverstone intro text is showing upon character creation
  • Added extra checks to ensure any rumors in side areas automatically enable those side areas if they are not discovered
  • Fixed bug where Athyes’ headband’s “Igniting” effect did not stack with a weapon using the same mod
  • Fixed bug where released pets would sometimes hang around on the map
  • Fixed issue with buggy stair connections before the 3rd boss (i.e. if you left the area with the NPC and returned)
  • Craggans’ mud-summoning power no longer affects tiles with existing terrain
  • Fixed sprite layering issue with the portal in town
  • Fixed bug with finishing tier 2 & 3 trials
  • Fixed bug with Knight’s Glove effect stacking
  • Fixed rare game error on game load in a file with multiple pets/summons
  • Fixed bug where Flask count was not visually refreshed after exiting a job trial sometimes
  • Fixed inconsistencies with individual and stacked item sale price, particularly for stuff like Skill Orbs / Lucid Orbs. Also fixed inconsistencies with Deposit price for individual/stacked items.
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from using a Skill Orb on an item with 5 mods
  • Fixed bug where Shadowstep would not trigger Brigand’s tier 3 innate ability.
  • Sword Dancer’s Emblem ability that counter-attacks when being pulled should no longer trigger unless you started (or ended) the movement next to the monster
  • The chance to pass days from Item Dreams now takes into account affinities, so easier dreams due to affinities will be less likely to pass time, and vice versa
  • Fixed bug that cut the powerup drop rate in half on load (was only meant to apply to NG+!)

  • Game Modifiers! See above section.

  • Numerical text for abilities, items, statuses, and magic mods is now stored in a location-agnostic way. Wow this was a lot of work.
  • Converted all internal XML to localization-friendly master file format.

  • It is now possible to dismiss any summoned pet. Click on their portrait in the “Pet Party” window (or, on controller/keyboard, use Examine mode and select them), then select “Dismiss Pet”. This does NOT trigger on-death effects; the pet simply vanishes immediately.

  • If you have the Sword Dancer emblem ability that attacks enemies when pushed/pulled, and your attack misses, this will now print to the log no matter what
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Greetings adventurers! Today we reveal the first major post-launch content patch for Tangledeep! We've added a BIG new feature that expands and deepens the job system. You can read all about it below and check it out right now in-game.

We've also been carefully listening to your feedback about game difficulty from the very beginning all the way to New Game+, and we've made a number of changes to address what we've heard. There are also lots of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements based on your feedback and reports, so let's jump right in and see what's new!

Job Emblems are a way to specialize further into any of the game's 12 jobs. Every job has its own Emblem that can be upgraded twice. For each level of the emblem (1, 2, and 3) you'll be able to choose a unique upgrade that suits the skills and playstyle of your job. With 2 options per tier, 3 tiers, and 12 jobs, that's a total of 72 new bonuses in total!

To kick off the Job Emblem quest, you must master a job, beat the first boss, and talk to Jorito. You'll discover that Job Trials are unlike other challenges in the game: they require limiting yourself to a minimal number of consumable uses, flask charges, and abilities from *only* your current job. Each trial is harder than the last, and to even attempt them will cost a hefty amount of JP. But should you be victorious, your Emblem will be upgraded with a new tier of power.

There are a few other things to know about this new system:

  • By mastering multiple jobs, you can potentially earn an Emblem for every single one.
  • You can bring an Emblem from one job to another. However, you can only upgrade a job's specific Emblem by being that job.
  • Wearing an Emblem reduces your JP gain - an important consideration.
  • Emblems cannot be sold or banked, meaning they cannot be given to future characters.
  • Emblems cannot be upgraded in the Dreamcaster. Their bonuses are unique, and must be unlocked through the Trials!

Though Tangledeep veterans are able to amass large amounts of gold by the time their perfect gear set is fine-tuned in the very late game, for most players we realize that gold is hard to come by and easily spent on things like consumables, Item Dreams, and healing. We’ve done a pass to adjust some gold costs (and gold sources) to make certain features more appealing and accessible, particularly earlier on in the game.

  • Percy’s healing cost has been reduced overall, and substantially for lower level character (5 and below).

  • The cost to deposit items at the bank has been reduced by between 50% to 70% depending on item rank and rarity

  • Average gold earned per monster defeated has been increased by 5. This extra value is subject to bonuses like mods on gear, the Entrepreneur feat, or Champion/Boss reward bonuses.

  • Treasure sparkles now give 10 more gold (if they contain gold at all)

  • Rumors that have a gold reward now give about 60 more gold, guaranteed

  • Reduced the cost of certain early game consumable items, namely food (some of the previously-increased cost was the result of a bug!)

  • Decreased the base cost to guarantee a magic mod on all equipment (except for gear at teh very highest rank). Increased the scaling cost per existing mod (or if the item is legendary/gear set). It should now be easier to start using the Dreamcaster sooner.

  • Increased gold reward from Pandora’s Chests

  • Added SFX cues for things like depositing, withdrawing, selling, and dropping stacks of items

  • Shops are now guaranteed to restock after a certain amount of time if they do not restock by chance (time threshold is about ~3 days)
  • Many skills involving physical weapon attacks (such as Cloak & Dagger, Wild Horse, weapon masteries, etc.) now use your main hand weapon’s element instead of always using Physical. This gives you more tactical possibilities when considering weapon elements/mods and damage bonuses, plus enemy strengths and weaknesses.
  • In New Game+, the base powerup drop rate is halved (this does not affect bonuses to drop rate from stats or gear)
  • Increased Orb of Reverie drop chance in New Game+ by ~10%
  • Changed Floraconda’s Bed of Thorns damage to be based on its Weapon Power (scaling) instead of Spirit Power (not scaling)
  • Shara’s energy field now reduces the duration of summons that stand in it. (She’ll announce this if it happens.)

  • Fixed bug where all player damage was being treated as if you had opened 15 Pandora’s Chests (really) - in other words, all damage was being reduced by about 15%
  • Fixed bug where you could not click on your pet in Examine mode (using keyboard / controller) to issue commands
  • Friendly monsters in Item Dreams can no longer pick up your upgraded item after beating a Memory King
  • Added extra checks to prevent monsters/hero from stacking after certain push/pull effects
  • Added extra checks to make sure a Gold Key is always available in the Buried Loot map
  • Inventory screen now correctly shows and recalls the previous inventory sort state
  • Fixed bug where various game options were not being saved/loaded correctly
  • Floraconda now only uses its Bed of Thorns skill when an enemy is adjacent
  • The interaction with a certain.. Person… in the Bandit Library can now end happily
  • Fixed bug where one dungeon music track never played
  • Fixed text bug if you clicked “COMMUNITY” on the title screen and then went back
  • Possible fix for bug where player pets were sometimes being lost on save & load
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes affected spirit power calculations when wearing multiple pieces of gear that modified spirit power
  • Fixed some inaccuracies in rumor location hints
  • Fixed bug where final boss phase 2 energy shield would disappear on save/load
  • Fixed bug where final boss phase 2 could disrupt its own energy shield by getting near map edges
  • Fixed Monsterpediologist achievement

  • A new equipment slot has been added. To accommodate, the Gear Bonuses / Current Gear areas on the Equipment screen are now tabbed so you can see more stuff at once.

  • After unlocking the Dreamcaster, you can now reset your level-up stat bonuses by speaking to Percy and paying a one-orb fee!

  • Added a new mini quest to Flooded Temple. (Will appear on new save files)

  • New Champion mod - Banisher. Knocks away (and sometimes roots) nearby enemies, and reduces the duration of your summons!

  • New legendary bow

  • New legendary claw

  • Massively improved the performance of inventory sorting

  • You can now target friendly charmed monsters (other than your own pets) to mark them as Hostile. To do this, enter examine mode (“X” on keyboard by default) and select that monster, OR if using mouse, right-click on a monster.
  • When using the Town Portal in town, you will now have the option to Fast Travel. No need to walk to the cave entrance every time!
  • When targeting an ability, hovering over a monster will now display their information. Moving the target square to an empty tile will go back to showing ability info.
  • When opening the Snack Bag, your last inventory sort type (A-Z, rank, rarity, etc) will be saved so that when you return to your Inventory, it maintains the sort it had before.
  • You can now filter Equipment by Favorites only
  • Newly picked up items now show [NEW!] in your inventory/equipment list
  • The corral pet UI now shows exact Beauty values for your monsters
  • When selling, withdrawing, or depositing stacks of items, the shop/bank UI will no longer close
  • If a Dagger critical (+60 CT) puts you above the ‘free turn’ threshold for your CURRENT turn, you will see a log message and popups above nearby monsters that indicates they *missed their turn*.
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! This week's patch is chock full of fixes, balance tweaks, highly-requested QOL improvements, and some new features. Maxed-out corral pets are being toned down while summoned pets are getting a little tougher; Item Dreams are getting more monster variety. Several new visual options have been added, along with new keybindings. The Fast Travel dialog is better than ever.

All of the above, and more! Full notes are below. But we also want to announce that we're putting the finishing touches on the internal tech needed to support localization of the game to virtually any language. This was a big project but it will be absolutely worth it, as about 99.9% of the game's text is now sourced from a single file. We're in talks now to begin the actual localization work and hopefully release in other languages beginning sometime in Q2.

On to the notes!

We’ve observed that the maximum potential for corral pets is extremely high. A maxed-out pet is nigh-unstoppable, dealing thousands of damage per hit and taking almost none. We think your pet should not be massively stronger than the hero, but at the same time, we don’t want to make lower-level, non-bred pets useless. The following changes are meant to tone down the upper limit of pet power, but also make it a bit easier to get to that limit.

  • Monster stats are now capped at 150 (down from 255). This is a major contributing factor to physical & elemental resistances.

  • Maximum weapon power is now 1500 (down from 2550)

  • Slightly increased weapon power scaling via breeding (+1% per generation)

  • Increased the JP cost for maxing out growth of upper-rarity monsters

  • Reduced the influence of *player* level on pet insurance cost, thus reducing overall pet insurance cost

  • Paladin’s Radiant Aura now costs 12 Energy per block (up from 9), Skill Orb version costs 14 Energy (up from 10)

  • Seraph’s Tear’s heal on block effect now only triggers if you are under 50% Health

  • Sword Dancer’s Qi Mastery now restores 3-5 Energy on crit (down from 3-6).

  • Reduced the Token cost of Casino items by about 50%. They should be much more accessible now.

  • Many monster abilities that dealt fixed damage regardless of level now scale with monster level. This should help if, for example, you get a Salamander or Alchemist and breed it with stronger monsters.

  • The “Familiars” magic mod now grants summoned pets +10% Health and +5% defense (instead of +15% Health)

  • All summoned pets now gain an extra 1% defense per player level

  • Deadly Riposte (3rd sword mastery) now grants +50% counter damage, down from +100%.

  • Abilities like Hail of Arrows and Relentless Current with a ‘windup’ now use the power of the weapon equipped when first casting the power. Previously, they used the power of the weapon equipped when the power finally executed.

  • Slightly reduced JP scaling from monsters higher than you in level

  • Reduced award JP scaling of higher level rumors

  • Reworked the Floraconda’s “Bed of Thorns” skill (from Floramancer tier2 passive). This is now a fixed-position ability that the Floraconda uses if there are enemies in melee range. It does not follow the Floraconda around. The damage is also lower now, but it does stack with YOUR Bed of Thorns, and it can be recast more often.

  • Modified spawn tables in Fungal Caves. Floracondas will now start appearing on 8F (instead of 7F), and River Spirits on 10F (instead of 9F).

  • Blood Frenzy (Airacudas passive) no longer lasts forever once triggered

  • Fixed Casino text referencing winning gold instead of tokens.
  • Fixed bug where Spellshaper’s Kinetic Magic would not activate until you dropped below 50% Stamina - it should activate *at* 50% Stamina
  • Fixed Sneak Attack triggering bug
  • Using Shield Slam multiple times should correctly stack the effect AND refresh duration
  • Fixed bug where summoned pets were not getting the +25% Health bonus in New Game+ as intended
  • Shadowstep should now cause bleeding to targets around the tile YOU land on, not the tile you *clicked* on
  • When extracting a mod from an equipped or hotbarred item, the item should now be completely unequipped and removed from your hotbar
  • Fixed bug with spawn rates on floors with Fungal Columns. Previously, killing columns would increase the overall spawn rate permanently.
  • Fixed sprite clipping bug when moving from the southeast and southwest
  • Item Dream monster healing crystals no longer affect friendly monsters
  • Fixed bug where Overdrawing quiver mod was not working correctly when firing ranged weapons with the mouse
  • Fixed bug where Ramirel’s Dismantler was not using a lower proc rate vs. hostile enemies
  • Fixed bug with Wild Child’s “Foraging” passive where Health herbs never spawned (health herbs restore about 8% max health, modified by Spirit)
  • It should no longer be possible to push or pull the final boss (phase 1)
  • Fixed bug where ace-high Straight was not recognized by Gambler’s Wild Cards (yes, I know this bug is ridiculously obscure)
  • Fixed bug with water, mud, and electric visuals that could occur sometimes on load
  • Fixed bug with pull effects where the player could sometimes end up on top of friendly pets (or vice versa)
  • Friendly Airacudas will now reliably use Fish Rush
  • Fixed bug with Watery Heal and several other monster powers
  • Fixed bug with Radiant Aura that was causing it to heal 2x as much as intended
  • Fixed bug (again) where items with 5 mods could not handle a free additional Skill orb as intended
  • Fixed bug where pressing anything on the keyboard would hide comparison info in shops the after using the mouse
  • Spinebro / Quillkin corral pets should no longer become immobile on game load
  • The Skill Orb version of Verse of the Elements will no longer hit allied creatures

  • Items inserted into the Dreamcaster may now have affinities related to specific monster families, such as Frogs, Magic, Insects, Jellies, etc. These Item Dreams have (as you might guess) more of these monsters than other types. Monsters of this type will be level-scaled to match the rest of the monsters in the dream. For example, a high-level item may have a Moss Jelly scaled up, while a low-level item could have a Mottled Sandjaw scaled down. More variety and fun!

  • Added a simple new option for players who want an even bigger challenge in New Game+. When starting your NG+ playthrough and you opened any Pandora’s Chests in your previous playthrough, you will be asked whether you want to maintain the current “Opened Chest” count. This does nothing but make your NG+ playthrough even harder, and give you bragging rights if you can beat it anyway!

  • Added new “Tenacious” mod for NG+ champions

  • The combat log top/bottom padding have been reduced slightly, allowing for more visible text
  • A new “Smaller Combat Log Text” option has been added. This allows for yet more text to be shown at once in the log, and may be desirable depending on your monitor, viewing distance, and resolution
  • A new “Battle Text Size” option has been added. This controls the size of popup text during combat, such as damage/healing numbers, “STUNNED!”, “ROOTED!”, etc
  • Captured Thunder Spirits (and their progeny) should no longer use Static Charge constantly
  • Thorns summoned by your Floraconda are now dimmer, to reduce map clutter
  • When entering items with affinities using the Dreamcaster (i.e. Challenge/Rewards greater or less than 0), the affinities will now contribute to the difficulty text (i.e. “Easy”, “Tricky”, “Impossible”). In other words, the difficulty text should be a little more accurate now.
  • The info bar at the top of the screen will now show ability costs for whatever ability you are using
  • The fast travel dialog at the cave to Tangledeep now shows the closest main floor / path to each side area
  • The fast travel dialog now also shows if a side area has a shopkeeper with new goods
  • Rumors to side areas now show the nearest main path floor as well
  • Added assignable keybindings to use Knight’s Shovels and Monster Mallets from your inventory with just a single key (or button) press. These will be default bound to V (for shoVel) or T (for malleT)
  • The “Compare Alternate” keybind can be used while in shops to compare any listed accessory to your Accessory slot 2
  • Any kind of fast travel back to town (such as from a side area’s portal menu) will now take you to the cave entrance to Tangledeep, instead of the south part of town

  • Added flavor text for the Emerald set
  • Slingshots renamed to Slings, to match the art
  • Onigiri renamed to Nigiri, also to match the art
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! After a minor patch for 1.02, we spent over a week compiling bug fixes, balance changes and general improvements for 1.03. Before I get into that, I invite you to drop by and watch us work on Tangledeep live on Twitch!

Development streams have been happening since Early Access, and it's a great way to see what goes into a game like this. We engage with the chat and happily answer any questions you might have! Jim streams several days a week over at his channel:


The official Impact Gameworks channel is where I streamed during Early Access, although I took a hiatus to focus on intense development leading up to launch. I'm getting back into it though!


And now... on to the notes!

This patch addresses a number of issues related to pet behavior and pathing. The biggest complaint about pet behavior was having to watch them act confusedly a few tiles away when there were enemies to fight nearby. We have corrected some issues with the AI as well as added a new feature for you to have greater control over your pet’s placement.
  • Pets can now jump over you if they see that as the best way to approach the enemy. They will do this automatically if they are near you and have no other path to the goal.

  • Pets that are grabbed or have grabbed others (specifically Crab pets) will no longer forget that they love you when the grab is complete.

  • Pets now consider the target distance from Mirai, rather than themselves, when deciding if a target is out of range. This keeps them more focused on the threats around you.

  • The “Come to me at once!” pet command now causes the pet to immediately jump to you on its next action. This command is on a short cooldown, and the happier your pet is the shorter the cooldown will be.
Some of these AI adjustments will change the way your pet plays around you, and we encourage you to give us feedback about the new behaviors.

  • Changed how the Casino reward system works. You no longer win gold, although if you TIE, you will get your bet back. Instead, you ONLY get tokens, and the conversion rate is now 1 token received per 100g won. Items in the shop now cost 10x more, since tokens were previously earned per 1000g.

  • Adjusted how Champion damage/stats scale. Mods past the 1st no longer add as much raw damage, defense, and stats to the champion. Previously, each extra mod added 1% defense, 4% damage, and about 10% all stats. These values have been halved.

  • Adjusted player Health curves (both with and without Toughness) to bump up Health a bit more around levels 5-7. Levels 8+ are unaffected.

  • Final boss phase 1 Health buffed

  • Final boss phase 2 Health significantly buffed, base damage increased, shield damage significantly increased (from base 10% of max Health per turn to 20%), summoned drone health/damage increased slightly

  • Increased the base damage of Valkyrie. Now deals 190% (up from 175%) Weapon damage to nearby enemies, and 230% (up from 210%) to further enemies. Root duration also extended by 1 turn.

  • Decreased the per-attack damage of Godspeed Strike to 80% of weapon damage, down from 100%

  • The first and second bosses no longer drop guaranteed legendaries (well, the first one never did, but it was supposed to. Now it isn’t supposed to, and it doesn’t. Makes perfect sense.)

  • Shadow Stalk now looks at tiles up to 2 squares away to spawn illusions if all adjacent spaces to you are full

  • Spears can now proc Sneak Attack

  • The acid bursts from the “Acidified” champion mod are now somewhat less brutally damaging

  • Failed rumors are now removed from the quest log immediately, rather than waiting for next round.
  • Fixed various bugs that could occur with dialog boxes, related to ‘conversation’ (portrait) code.
  • Fixed visual bug with when the “Extra Turn” log notification happened, so it actually occurs ON your free turn not after.
  • If you have more than 3 Lucid Orb Shards in your inventory with the same modifier, multiple orbs will be produced as necessary, with unused Shards left over.
  • Fixed discrepancies with the displayed vs. gameplay values of various healing items and food.
  • Fixed various LOS bugs related to targeting tiles revealed by pets and Eagle Eye (this also affects monsters being able to see *you* in these situations).
  • Fixed rare edge case LOS bug where you could see a monster and hit it with a ranged attack by clicking, but NOT hit it with targeted abilities
  • Fixed bug that occurred if you used a Knight’s Shovel and reloaded the level. More tiles than intended were cleared.
  • Fixed the JP cost display for Mace and Claw masteries to display the correct cost of 1000 JP.
  • Weapon mods like “Wasting” which add extra elemental damage now work with Spears when attacking at range=2.
  • The illusions summoned during the second boss fight no longer drop loot, so the fight is no longer a veritable fountain of treasure
  • Fixed some bad bugs that could happen when breeding certain pets.
  • Monsters now move around in the Corral again, hooray!
  • The modified version of Cloak and Dagger now requires two unique targets, as intended, rather than allowing you to hit the same target twice.
  • Fixed bug where the ranged attack icon was showing up when you were *out* of range, not *in* range
  • The “Overdrawing” weapon mod should now work correctly if you are clicking to fire at enemies with the mouse
  • Dusk Reaver’s proc now drains Stamina/Energy as intended
  • Aquamarine no longer has a buy value of 0g
  • Attempted fixes for issues relating to the Monsterpediologist, Distant Dream Dungeon, and Monster Whisperer achievements

  • Upon beating the second boss, you are now rewarded with a one-time use baller healing item.

  • HuSyn’s Photon Cannon now targets two unique areas based on line of effect from Mirai and the Runic Crystal. This means that targets no longer need to be in your line of sight to be hit by the Crystal’s beam.
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! We've released a big new patch addressing quite a few bugs, implementing some quality of life (QOL) features, and, based on player feedback since launch, adjusting the game difficulty in a few ways. There are 9 new achievements to hunt for as well!

Before we get into the actual change list, I wanted to go over our general plans for Tangledeep's development. People often ask if we will continue to support the game and the short answer is "yes"!

Maintenance and Polishing
We will continue to release regular updates to the game addressing bugs, quality of life, balance tweaks, and general polish. Some of these patches may also include 'minor' content such as new items, NPCs, and shops.

Free Content Updates
Tangledeep is already a game rich with content, but we have so many more ideas. We want to give you more things to do with your pet monsters, more post-game challenges and secrets, and new ways to progress and advance your character. Features like these will come less often than maintenance patches, but you can expect more than a couple throughout 2018. They may coincide with seasonal events as well.

Downloadable Content
We also have plans for DLC in the form of an 'expansion' to the game. Our vision for an expansion would be a significant amount of new stuff, for example several new jobs, plus lots of new areas, items, and possibly mechanics as well. There's no exact ETA on this, but we'd ideally like to have something by the end of 2018.


So now you know! And with that, let's dive into our most recent changes for build 1.01a.

  • Added some visuals to the Food Cart. When it produces money, coins will actually spring forth from the cart itself.

  • Generally softened the difficulty of monsters in Fungal Caves and Old Amber Station. These monsters now have slightly lower damage, charge time, and accuracy: Plunderer, Mad Chemist, Treasure Hunter, Rock Viper, Mottled Sandjaw, Ember Spirit, River Spirit, Floraconda, Bog Frog

  • Increased max possible cost of items in the Casino, particularly legendary items
  • Changed the two bosses in the 2nd boss fight so that only one of them drops loot
  • Reduced legendary drop rate by about 25%
  • Increased drop rate of bows and crossbows by about 50%
  • It no longer costs a turn to switch gear earlier on in the dungeon. This only begins happening when you are deeper, around 9F. (The tutorial popup text has been changed to reflect this.)

  • Reduced the number of foods “Food Loving” monsters are interested in, limiting to generally easier-to-acquire (or make) foods / meals

  • Assassin Gloves now gives a bonus to Swords, Spears, Axes, Claws, 2H Swords and Daggers (instead of just Spears + Daggers)

  • Toned down damage of tornados spawned by champions
  • You no longer get JP for discovering Secret Areas
  • Somewhat reduced the JP reward for clearing combat Side Areas
  • Herbs created by Foraging now last 1 extra turn
  • Reduced Fullness times for almost all non-Health restorative foods; some by 50% or more
  • Monster corral pets will now have 99 Charge Time gain by default (many early monsters have much lower charge time, which could lead to your pets falling behind frequently)

  • Fixed bug with hovering over Soulkeeper on character screen
  • Fixed bug with “Cost to Master: 0” text appearing under some abilities (was not intended to appear anywhere)
  • Removed often buggy gold cost in the “Expand Storage” dialog option (just read the banker’s text to see the cost)
  • Fixed bug where a corrupt save could sometimes cause you to spawn in the middle of the waterfall in Riverstone Camp
  • “Frogmaster” champion mod should no longer spawn with “Conjurer”
  • If your “Friendship Forest” quest state is screwed up (i.e. found Rose Petals without actually completing the quest, for whatever reason), restarting the game will now automatically unlock Wild Child
  • Rose Petals should no longer appear in shops until you finish the Friendship Forest quest
  • Path to Tangledeep and Casino 2F should no longer show up as rumor destinations, or Talrose locations
  • Fixed bug where selling stacks of items would sell for (stack quantity) x (full stack price) instead of (stack quantity) x (individual item price)
  • Fixed bug where Barrier / Turtling champions were reducing damage from all directions, not just the directions of the shields
  • Fixed bug with the Unlock Job/Feat dialogues where the wrong text string was sometimes used
  • Fixed bug where withdrawing lucid orb shards from the bank would sometimes cause them to not combine in your inventory
  • Fixed visual bug where using a Knight’s Shovel on some map objects would cause them to remain in place
  • Most likely fixed some bugs where your game’s ‘mode’ setting (Heroic, Adventure, Hardcore) could sometimes be corrupted and change, for example when starting New Game+.
  • Fixed bug with Cat Ear Headband charming 100% of the time (far more than intended)
  • Judo Sash no longer interferes with unarmed powers of Budoka - simply does not do anything if equipped as that job
  • Fixed bug where teleporting with a Crab attached to you would sometimes create a ghost crab in town
  • It should no longer be possible to interact with the main HUD during dialog sequences (which can cause various game state problems)
  • Fixed bug with skill hotbars where you could manage to get a skill from one character (or even one save slot) to another based on the cursor state
  • It should no longer be possible to move the Target Dummy under any circumstances
  • Fixed bug where the state of chopped trees could get messed up and leave unchoppable ghost trees on the map
  • Fixes for some camera jank issues related to pull effects
  • Fixed bug where Quick Step targeting was not always accurate and would allow you to cast on an impassable square
  • Fixed bug related to depositing and withdrawing multiples of the same Lucid Orb from the bank
  • Fixed bug where Running Boots and some other passive non-combat effects were messing with the “out of combat” turn counter (and, in turn, Sneak Attack)
  • Fixed bug with the log text related to attacking non-Wraith monsters while cursed by a Wraith
  • Fixed bug where the Red Orb Shard callout / quest would not start
  • Fixed bug where Furious Crescendo was not getting a damage bonus from song level as intended
  • Delayed Teleport should no longer fire if you switch maps
  • Brigand’s “Stealth Bomber” should now work with the modified Cloak & Dagger orb
  • Fixed bug where certain statuses like Heavy Guard and Radiant Aura would continue to produce certain effects even if you were below the Stamina/Energy requirement
  • Fixed bug where Casino game buttons would sometimes disappear

  • Added a feature where, if your saved maps or meta progress is corrupted due to power outage or PC shutdown, you should still be able to keep playing your character in a new world.

  • Added recovery features to salvage save files with corrupt Item Dream data

  • Added “Switch Places” dialog option to Jorito in the Elemental Lair and Langdon’s dialogs in the Jelly Grotto

  • Pressing the “Cancel” key (ESCAPE by default on keyboard) now functions as “Confirm” if you are going through unskippable dialogs

  • The XP bar now resets to the far left when you level up, rather than filling up to the right more and more

  • Armor Masteries learned from quest should now auto-equip once learned

  • Powerups should now prioritize landing in any open tile, as opposed to tiles with literally nothing in them

  • Auto targeting from using a ranged weapon will no longer auto-lock on to Pandora’s Boxes (you must manually target them)

  • Added 9 new achievements!

  • The separate breed of Mottled Sandjaw in some lava areas is now called “Heated Sandjaw” for clarity in rumors etc.
Tangledeep - [APro] MadjackMcMad
Hello Friends! Thanks for making Tangledeep's launch so exciting -- forests are being explored, monsters vanquished, loots looted, and cheese consumed. We really appreciate your energy and passion both here and in the community Discord.

Here some fixes for issues that bit us at launch. There's more on the way, but this patch should fix some of the most rare-but-crucial show stoppers that had snuck in.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please let us know in the comments.

A number of quests, such as the Armor Master, or unlocking the Wild Child job, were stalling out and unable to be completed. These quests should be completable now. If your current character was stalled on one of these and still can’t finish them, please let us know in the Discord or game forums.

Some dialogs were causing the game to get stuck. This happened during some of the in-game conversations, as well as occasionally with the New Game+ dialog. These issues have been corrected.

  • Fixed various bugs with the Food Cart
  • Fixed bugs when pressing the “View Help” button
  • Fixed bug that occurred when pressing the reset keybindings buttons on the Options menu
  • Fixed bug where elemental auras on champions would sometimes get very big
  • Probably fixed bugged “Dream Destroyer” achievement
  • Fixed dialog about the Dreamcaster that appeared in the Branching Meadow and was difficult to close
  • Fixed bugs with certain side areas not marking as “Cleared” and not continuing quests (such as Friendship Forest). If you were having problems with these areas, try returning and they should correctly mark as cleared.
  • Fixed music bug when talking to Erin in Riverstone about a certain character
  • Dialogs in Central Processing will no longer pop up as often
  • Fixed rare error that could occur with wandering monster spawns
  • Fixed bug that could cause newly-bred monsters to have -infinity weapon power (oops)
  • Fixed bug that could happen with pre b100 save files making portals never appear
  • Fixed bug that occasionally made passive abilities like Soulkeeper’s “Echo Collector” not work, even when they appeared to be equipped
  • Fixed bug that could sometimes prevent games from loading (!)
  • Fixed bug that could occur when immediately trying to Buddy Up with the tutorial frog
  • Fixed bug with trying to use Reverberate Monster on plain Monster Echoes
  • Staves no longer count as melee weapons for Shield Mastery
  • Attempted to fix bug where the ‘wandering shopkeeper’ message would appear sometimes and overwrite the Game Over box
  • Kahandran’s Robe proc should show in the log properly again
  • Fixed bug/exploit where you could reap the rewards for finding an area via rumor multiple times
  • Attempted fix for bug that would occasionally produce 2 rumors for the same target item

  • Rumors with requirements will no longer appear until you are at least level 4

  • Legendary items drop much less often at the early levels.
  • Food drops slightly less often at later difficulty levels.
  • Blackjack hands with multiple Aces are now calculated in the player’s best interest.

  • Hovering over / examining terrain (mud, lava, electric, water) will now give a brief description of its primary effect

  • Pressing and holding both brackets [ and ], then pressing the ‘r’ key will now forcibly delete your ‘player preferences’ file. You can then restart the game and all your binding info will be reset to defaults. This is useful if for some reason you completely jacked your keybindings.

  • Deadly Void damage now appears in the combat log
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Greetings adventurers! We're so proud to announce that Tangledeep is officially OUT of Early Access and build b100 is now available! After two years of development we could not be more proud of the game. Thanks to all the wonderful Early Access feedback we've fixed tons of bugs, added features, tuned the difficulty, and greatly polished the game overall.

The soundtrack is now complete, including the wonderful compositions by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana), Grant Kirkhope (Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie) and Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid 3) and the original 'realistic' versions.

Since last week's post, we've also added a couple fun new features such as the gold-generating Food Cart in Riverstone Grove (once you have at least one mature tree), and a new *hidden boss* from another dimension. The game's story is finished as well (just sliiightly important!)

Thank you so much to everyone who has played the game and supported it so far, and we can't wait to show you what's in store for the rest of 2018!
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! We are just 7 days away from Tangledeep's v1.0 launch out of Early Access and we couldn't be more excited. Besides fixing bugs and polishing the game more, we're also implementing the rest of the story all the way up through the final boss battle and a bunch of other cool stuff too.

We've got a suite of badges, profile backgrounds, trading cards and emoticons submitted to Valve that should be ready any day now, and the digital soundtrack is available as an add-on (or bundle with the main game) also!

Here's a quick recap of what we've done over the last two weeks besides bug fixes:

Your Journal now has a tab for the Monsterpedia, your #1 in-game source of monster information. As you defeat monsters, you'll accumulate more information such as their stats, weapon power, and abilities. This info carries over to other characters too!

Your recipe book now allows you to cook recipes instantly. Make dozens of sandwiches in mere seconds!

We've overhauled and improved many animations throughout the game, including unique status FX overlays, new icons, and other things to clarify the many effects and conditions in the game. We'll keep doing this right up to (and after) launch!

For those who have defeated the main game, you'll find yet more challenge awaiting for you in New Game+. There are now champion mods exclusive to this game mode, and monsters there are even harder than before.

Whether you're level 1 or level 15, you'll find all sorts of new legendary items throughout the game world! (And there are more coming, too.)

You'll notice the capsule and header art for the game has changed, featuring new illustrations by artist Grace Liu. You'll see more of this in the Steam cards/backgrounds as well.

I've had my eye on Tangledeep for a while: it's a roguelike dungeon crawler where you start underground and your goal is to reach the surface, which is a decent twist on an age-old formula. It entered Early Access in July and developer Impact Gameworks has just announced that its full release will be shooting out on February 1.

You'll be fighting strange creatures in turn-based battles throughout the game's labyrinth of underground villages and dungeons, which mix handcrafted locations with procedurally-generated bits. I know some people have grown tired of pixel art, but I think the game looks gorgeous, especially those underground villages. I mean, just look at 0:16 in the new trailer, above. The dungeons are a little more dull, but the combat looks frantic enough to at least hold your interest. 

The music is good, too, from veteran composers Andrew Aversa, Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana), Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye 007) and Norihiko Hibino (Bayonetta).

Death is permanent, but you can bank some of your progress between characters and there's an adventure mode that lets you respawn when you die. In the combat system, you can move tiles one after the other without a pause, and when you move your opponents move too. You can choose between 12 jobs that affect your stats (there are more than 100 skills), and modify your character with loot.

If you're interested, it'll cost £10.99/$14.99 on Steam, and a tad more on GOG.

Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Happy new year, adventurers! It's the most exciting month for us yet as we near the completion of Tangledeep 1.0, exiting Early Access and sharing the game with the whole world.

Something you'll see sooner than February 1st is a new trailer, which will feature the voice of one of our favorite actresses. She's someone who embodies the character of Tangledeep's heroine perfectly. There's also more badass new digital art in the works which will launch with the game as part of Steam trading cards and profile backgrounds.

As always, there's lots more to share, so let's dive right in!

In addition to my own ongoing work on the soundtrack, I'm pleased to welcome the work of esteemed composer Norihiko Hibino to the world of Tangledeep! Hibino-san has worked extensively on such series as Metal Gear Solid, Yakuza, and Bayonetta, among many others. He's penned the theme to a very important Tangledeep character that has not yet been revealed... stay tuned for more!

Our big focus has been making the game look, feel, and sound as awesome as possible. Loot and coins now 'pop' up out of enemies instead of just appearing on the ground, the screen shakes with mighty critical hits, many SFX have been added where there was only silence before, a number of abilities have new visual effects... We want the game to be a real joy not just to play, but also to watch.

We've decided to make some small adjustments that should make the game a bit easier, especially for those not accustomed to roguelikes. For example, the resource costs of using abilities has been reduced across almost all skills, Campfire floors now show up more consistently, and you will find a Fountain near each campfire as well. Rumors are now more rewarding and offer a chance of legendary items, and certain overwhelming floors have been toned down.

Another balance issue we've been looking at is how melee combat is often far riskier and less rewarding than ranged combat, particularly early on in the game. As you accumulate skills and equipment this gap diminishes, but it was still a problem as playing a class like Edge Thane or Paladin was substantially harder than Hunter or Floramancer.

The ideal tactics in Tangledeep should involve multiple types of combat, not just ranged, and so we've been making changes to help bridge this gap. For example, there are new "Whirlwind" champions that pose little threat to melee, but will give ranged fighters a harder time. Hitting monsters in melee may now generate a bonus powerup, and *ranged* monsters will deal less damage if you're standing right next to them.

One frustrating thing that can happen in Adventure Mode, particularly if it's your first time playing the game, is running out of all resources and being unable to continue because you have no way of healing yourself. In Normal or Hardcore modes, permadeath is expected, but Adventure mode is intended to be more forgiving. This "lame duck" situation is not a fun way to lose the game and we thought about how to address it.

Now, if you're between levels 3-9 in Adventure Mode and you return to town with an empty Flask and minimal healing items, Percy (the healer) will offer to restock you for free - in exchange for one experience level. Think of it as a "get out of jail free" card. You can do this twice (ever) but it should help those who might have made early mistakes to keep playing the game.

Naturally, this won't help you BEAT the game, but hopefully the lesson of resource management will be remembered!

Oops, I said we were going to lock down features and content but I guess I couldn't help myself! Since the last news posts, there have been new legendary items, new quests, and various new convenience features like cooking from your recipe book. Had to get a few last ideas in there...

Here's a limited edition plush of everyone's favorite loot-filled critter created by Deia "DragonAvenger" Vengen! Right now this is only one of two in the world, but hey, if you want one, let us know!


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