Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Happy Friday, adventurers! Let's start with the big news... Tangledeep will be coming to Nintendo Switch in Q2 2018! This is really exciting for me, as I grew up with Nintendo consoles and handhelds, and many Nintendo games have greatly influenced Tangledeep. But I also think it's going to be a great way to introduce an entirely new audience to the game!

If you're not a Switch owner, or you somehow DON'T want the awesome experience of playing Tangledeep on a handheld (or on your TV)... don't worry! 100% of my dev time is going toward the PC version. Jim, our second programmer, is handling the Switch port in addition to helping with various code cleanup, features, and engine optimizations.

In short - This port will be a really good thing for the game, but it won't get in the way of the PC version!

On to the patch notes!


Inspired by the roguelike Sil and epic stories like Beowulf and the Der Ring des Nibelungen, Tangledeep's latest playable job is a mighty warrior that charges into battle with the power of song. Edge Thanes thrive when fighting challenging enemies, preferring melee combat and two-handed weapons to run-and-kite tactics.

This job introduces a new mechanic, "Songs", powerful self-buffs that grow in duration and intensity as you fight. The longer and more challenging the battle, the more effects your song will have! You can then ADD to songs by using Verses, which all have their own unique effects as well.

We hope you'll enjoy the Edge Thane and all her awesome new skills!


Many effects in the game affect attributes like your overall damage/defense, or elemental damage output. However, they were not reflected anywhere on your sheet... until now! Put on a Shock Ring and you'll see the appropriate bonus to +Lightning damage (along with all other Lightning boosts). Many buffs/debuffs that seemed subtle will now be more visible with a quick glance at the character sheet.


All text in the game is now rendered with 'meshes', which provide greater clarity at all resolutions. Previously, lower resolutions would produce more blurry and low-contrast text.

Switching to this new technology also allows us to properly localize all elements of the UI and player HUD. We even did a test with Japanese characters, and they look awesome!

You will now find five ranks of two-handed swords throughout the world! The spritework/flavor text is not quite done, but the gameplay is all there. Two-handed swords have the highest damage of any weapon type to date, at the cost of not having an offhand item or weapon. On the other hand, two-handers can have up to EIGHT magic mods instead of just five...

Not the most exciting thing, but we've made some incredible progress here which will help keep the game as easy as possible to maintain and expand upon. Also, Jim has been working on some incredible optimizations to make data loading lightning-fast, something that is very important for Switch.

Ability orbs! A special Halloween patch! Get hype!

Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Today brings some huge under-the-hood changes for Tangledeep. As a result of these changes, your map/dungeon progress will be reset as of this patch. However, your character progress will be preserved - XP, JP, equipment, monster corral, bank.

Here's what we've done since last week!

One of our biggest goals recently has been optimizing the size of save data files, and generally optimizing read/write performance. This is not really an issue on PC, but it definitely impacts other platforms. We're not done with all this yet, but already we've been able to reduce save sizes by about ~50%.

Thanks to your feedback, we've now made it possible to pair the same offhand item with multiple weapons. For example, you can now pair Legendary Shield 1 with three of your weapons, but then Legendary Shield 2 with your fourth weapon. This is great for ease of switching your main/offhand setup in the dungeon.

This includes both recently-created bugs from new systems, as well as older bugs with things like line of sight, specific character abilities, certain magic mods not working 100% properly, etc etc.

Need I say more?!

You'll now get a little quest related to Rose Petals and monster romance once you have at least two critters in the corral, and you've made some progress in the dungeon.

Most of the last week was focused on engine work, which is not particularly exciting, but absolutely necessary for maintenance and growth. Moving forward we have some awesome new stuff in the pipeline including a NEW playable JOB! Stay tuned!
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Development is in high-gear and we've got lots of cool stuff to share from our work over the past week.

Tired of all your trees doing the same thing? Now there are four distinct species of tree, all with their own unique look and items! Depending on what kind of drops you need, you can plant the appropriate seeds and cultivate your very own custom grove. You can also find uncommon and even rare seeds that result in more magnificent and powerful trees.

If you haven't used the Dreamcaster yet, it's a device in Riverstone Grove that allows you to spend Orbs of Reverie - plus some gold - to delve into "Item Dreams" and power up your items. We've expanded this system further with the addition of "Lucid Orbs", which have specific modifiers already attached to them. For example, using a "Lucid Orb of Elemental Shielding" in the Dreamcaster and entering your favorite legendary shield will add Elemental Shielding to that shield! (As long as you spend enough gold, too.)

Lucid Orbs will allow players to more precisely customize the perfect gear set for their character, and encourage new builds! Stay tuned, as this system is going to get expanded even further next week...

More jobs now have idle/run sprites in all four cardinal directions. We're looking more polished every day.

From instant switching of ranged weapons to better equipment bonus readouts, page up/down shortcuts, a better pet UI display, better error message feedback, smarter cursor auto-targeting and over a dozen more features, we've been fulfilling lots of player-requested improvements.

Our philosophy is that the challenge of Tangledeep should come from the gameplay, not issues with controls, UI, or information displays. That all should be butter smooth and a pleasure to interact with!

In our ongoing mission to maximize the number of fun and effective builds and characters you can use, we've made changes such as allowing 2-handed weapons to have up to 8 magic mods, making Daggers use both Guile and Strength to compliment the stats of common dagger-using jobs, adjusting how summons work, and much more.

We've also punched up the difficulty of New Game+ mode a bit further, and adjusted the second boss fight to be more in line with the escalating difficulty of the 1st and 3rd. Lastly, the XP curve has been tweaked so the early game doesn't soar by quite so quickly, while at the same time monsters take longer to become "Worthless".

We've continued to do lots of under-the-hood work, reducing the size of save files, reducing level generation time, and adding a spiffier, more-accurate way to see if the game is loading data (rather than sitting at a black screen with static text.)

p.s. Have you been enjoying Tangledeep? If so, consider writing a review! It really helps the visibility of game <3
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Let's go over all the awesome stuff that has been added, changed, and improved over the last 3 weeks.

One of the major goals of our Kickstarter was raising funds to do directional animations for all player characters. We've made some great progress on that, with the Brigand being the first job to enjoy a full set of animations in all directions!

Who doesn't love extra flavor in their drink? At levels 5, 10, and 15, you will now get a choice of Infusions to add to your flask which produce all sorts of positive effects!

Previously, reaching floor 20 would take you to the final boss battle. Now, there is a final 'hub area' with four connected, hand-crafted zones with all-new monsters and minibosses to fight. Completing these very difficult areas doesn't just yield great loot, XP, and JP, but they will weaken the final boss as well.

It's what you've always wanted: the ability to not just capture dungeon monsters, but take them into the dungeon as permanent pets! The new monster corral builds on the previous patches, allowing you up to 12 monster slots (up from 3). Captured monsters, once further tamed, can be brought back into the dungeon and will fight by your side forever... or until they die. But unlike other pets, monster pets get half of your healing, so it's easier to keep 'em alive!

Not only that, but it is now possible to create ALL-NEW monsters by cooking Romantic meals and serving them to two monsters with good relationships. Did I mention all monsters now maintain relationships with all other monsters in the corral?! Hybrid monsters inherit stats and powers from their parents, allowing you to potentially create the ultimate pet with lots of awesome stats and abilities.

From performance optimizations to save data handling and much more, we've written huge swaths of engine code to make it more performant and easier to edit and maintain.

Dozens of fixes and QOL improvements have been made, such as showing more detailed and accurate Spellshape information, a new pet "party" UI on the main HUD, better menu behavior and much more.

Tangledeep is getting a console port! Which console? You'll find out soon enough! With master devmans Jim Shepard now on the team full-time, we've actually created a working build on (insert console name here). Exciting times!
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Dungeonmans is a truly top-tier roguelike developed by Adventurepro Games (Jim Shepard), released in late 2014. I had the opportunity to write the soundtrack for the game and even contribute a few kibbles worth of content. If there's a single game that has been a big inspiration for Tangledeep, it would have to be Dungeonmans.

Jim has also been a game programming and design mentor to me from the start, before Tangledeep was even a twinkle in my eye. Without his extensive experience and valuable advice, this game simply would not have been possible.

So, it's with great excitement that can announce Jim is joining the Tangledeep team as a full-time programmer! This is a huge deal since I've been the only one writing code so far, and there are so many things I want to do. He'll be squashing bugs, collaborating on awesome new features, optimizing the engine, and doing prep work for ports to other platforms yet to-be-announced.

Exciting times!

If you're a fan of Dungeonmans, you'll want to read his update announcement here about how this will affect future Dungeonmans dev. (Spoiler: It will slow down, especially compared to the 2+ years of support the game has already received, but Dungeonmans is NOT dying and there is more to come!)
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello again adventurers! I hope you're having a good weekend. We've made some big changes over the last week, along with a sizable amount of under-the-hood engine work to make further development (and possibly, player-made content) easier. Let's check out the highlights:

All damaging abilities can now critically hit. The crit chance is the same as your normal crit chance, whereas before it was a flat 5%. Ability crits also get bonus damage from your critical damage modifier!

It is now possible to block any PHYSICAL enemy abilities, reducing their damage. Shields now display their block damage reduction in the tooltip, too!

Previously, magical weapons and armor received better baseline power, defense, or dodge, scaling up with the # of magical properties. However, other kinds of equipment did not get any special bonuses, despite their rarity. This has been changed!

* Magical shields now get extra block damage reduction
* Magical accessories now boost ALL core stats
* Spellbooks now increase all elemental damage
* Quivers now boost ranged attack damage

Many legendary items have also been buffed - though this may not affect your existing drops (sorry!)

You can now use the Dreamcaster to REMOVE a magical property from an item! This is useful if you want to continue entering the item to find the perfect magic mod. Removing a mod costs one Orb of Reverie plus some gold.

Wandering merchants will now come and go while you are in Item Dreams. Also, merchants in side areas will now restock their goods periodically.

You can now instantly travel to most any "safe" side area such as merchant zones or the casino by entering the cave in Riverstone Camp!

A much-requested feature... You can now 'pair' an offhand item with a specific mainhand weapon. This is a great way to customize your weapon loadout even further! Examples:

* Pair a shield with your favorite sword
* Pair a different shield with a strong axe
* Pair a spellbook with a powerful magic staff
* Pair an offhand dagger with your mainhand dagger for dual wielding

Switching weapons will automatically equip the paired offhand. Useful!

It might not be glamorous, but we significantly overhauled how handmade dungeon rooms and floors are stored and loaded. It is now possible to lay out these areas entirely in a text editor or external utility with no code required. We've also continued the monumental task of making every element of the game (UI, combat log, dialogs) localization-ready.
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! This is a double-week whammy of update news, so let's get right to the highlights since our last roundup!

Tangledeep's 10th job is now playable! The Soulkeeper is an aggressive summoner that uses "Echoes" collected from monsters to power her abilities. Debuff enemies and wear them down with your crossbow while reviving fallen monsters to fight by your side (not to mention all manner of elemental spirits!)

The Monster Corral system has been revamped! Once captured and placed in the corral, monsters now have a variety of stats like Happiness, Weight, Rarity, and Beauty. Monsters can be Fed or Groomed to improve Happiness, Beauty, or both. Captured monsters also have certain foods they love or hate, so finding the right food will help them become happier even sooner. Happy monsters may produce certain items for you, even when you're away from the corral, so be sure to check back regularly!

Three new staves, 8 new magic mods (equipment properties), 6 new legendaries, and a number of new non-legendary consumable items can now be found.

Many shopkeepers now stock higher-level goods as YOU gain levels.

The Paladin job now benefits from "Wrath", a resource generated by blocking or using Smite Evil. Wrath will power up your Divine Fury skill (which replaces Divine Bolt), OR give you extra defense after using Shield Slam.

Adventure Mode death penalty has been reduced, many types of food are now better or have shorter Full time, ranged weapons have been tweaked, pet scaling improved, many abilities adjusted... the list goes on and on!

Several new tilesets have been added, along with dozens of new hit animations for the full cast of monsters.

Enjoy the new theme to the Casino by the composer for such classic games as GoldenEye, Banjo Kazooie, and many others!

The first and second boss fights have been further fleshed out and improved, with lead-in areas for both!

Completing a side area now gives you one (or more) special reward chests with a bonus chance for legendary/set item drops!

Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Let's take a look at some of the notable changes, additions, and improvements to Tangledeep over the last week.

We continued to fine-tune various class abilities, items, feats, and stats to create more viable options and builds. Several kinds of monster AI were tweaked, usually to be a little less 'indecisive' with their movement and targeting. Pet scaling has been improved, too.

We've been rapidly addressing bugs as we receive them and I'm happy to report that we've now fixed the most major bugs related to crashing at Erin the rumor giver, and issues with save files not loading properly. That stuff seems to be all cleaned up now, and we're going down the list and fixing everything reported in order of priority.

Fist and Staff masteries are now in the game, along with new Champion types and legendary items, among other things!

Have you beaten the game yet? If so, try your hand at New Game+ by selecting "New Game" and going to an existing save slot with a high level character. This will re-create the world while retaining all of your meta progress, items, experience and skills. Monsters in NG+ are much harder, smarter, and more aggressive, but also drop much better loot on average (and legendary/set drop chance is doubled!)

We implemented lots of QOL improvements across the board, such as:
  • The addition of a second hotbar for skills/items - You can cycle hotbars via key/button bind easily!
  • Expanded and improved Journal with an extended combat log, plus cleaned up Rumors page and the ability to abandon rumors
  • Stacking status effect icons in the upper left
  • Cleaned up equipment display of stat/combat bonuses
  • Instantly portal back to dungeon/Item Dream by pressing P in town
  • New option for "Battle Text Speed" (damage numbers etc)

The next character job, the Soulkeeper, is coming along well - but I decided to put it on hold a bit while I focus on smashing bugs. However, some of the core mechanics are already done, such as converting powerups into "Monster Spirits" and reviving fallen monsters, abilities and all!
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello all! I hope you've enjoyed the first one and a half weeks of Tangledeep early access! Friday seems like a good day to share all game development news over the past week, so if you haven't been following each and every patch, here are the highlights:

Thanks to your bug reports and feature requests, we implemented about ~100 bug fixes, as well as dozens of quality-of-life changes ranging from text improvements to UI additions, controller enhancements and more!

Compared to even our original Early Access build, Item Dreams have been dramatically improved. There are more layouts, more events, more crystal auras, and more ways to improve your equipment than ever before.

Jorito the Weapon Master is a new NPC at Riverstone Camp that will teach you advanced and unique weapon skills, from jumping bow shots to axe cleaves and passive bonuses. Many more masteries to come!

We added about 7 new food recipes, plus a Recipes tab in your journal where you can view previously cooked or discovered recipes for convenience.

Through a combination of intentional rebalancing and bug fixes, the difficulty curve of the game's second half has generally gone up and should provide a good challenge for even roguelike veterans without being overwhelming.

Don't like meta progress? No problem, play hardcore mode. There isn't any. One death, that's it!

Budoka and HuSyn shipped as head-and-shoulders above the other playable jobs. Through our ~7 patches since last week, they have been made a bit more reasonable, while other jobs have generally been buffed, making for a variety of viable builds and combinations.

Monsters are more aggressive and cunning than before; less easily kited or blocked by pets, they will lash out against anything in their way. Watch out!


We're always working on general polish - bug fixes, UI, control improvements - but we have a number of exciting things in the works for the next week. Here's a sneak peek:

  • A new playable class is coming soon - tentatively called the Aethyrmancer - offering an aggressive summon-focused playstyle
  • We're planning a New Game+ mode for those who have beaten the game - start from the bottom on the same character, but be prepared for much tougher monsters!
  • More flavor and dialog improvements and additions, including more of a proper lead-in to the first and second boss fights
  • More weapon masteries types will be added, starting with Staff and Fist masteries
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
NOTE: This build (and all future builds) now includes a 64bit application for Linux.

  • New grass tileset variation for the early dungeon! (Lushhhh)

  • Cooldown and energy cost of HuSyn's Runic Crystal increased
  • HuSyn's passive Recharge now restores up to a baseline of 25 Energy, instead of 25% of max energy
  • Gambler's Double Down is now a free action
  • Gambler's High Card damage increased further, if you have more than 1 card in your hand
  • Monsters now take less damage from lava, and champions even less
  • Buff duration is now influenced by Discipline instead of Spirit

  • Fixed bug that broke ability targeting!
  • Hunter's Ice Missile no longer hits your pets (may have fixed abilities with similar issues)
  • Probably fixed issue where jumping away from a monster's telegraphed attack would cause you to get hit anyway
  • Fixed bug with "Auto Use Planks" UI option not responding properly
  • Deadly Void in Item Dreams should no longer ALSO be stamina-draining water
  • Fixed loud menu SFX on load
  • You can no longer enter a new Item Dream when one is already open
  • Fixed bug where "Fire Ranged Weapon" was double mapped by default to "A" button on 360 gamepads
  • Fixed minor display error with certain healing items like Campfire Roasted Fruit
  • Fixed UI anomalies with the new gold tribute slider area (it just won't show up until you've SELECTED an item now)
  • Fixed erroneous Gambler hand displays (several hands had the wrong effect listed)
  • Gambler's Hot Streak now leaves flames behind again
  • Fixed bug where playing as Gambler with all abilities then switching jobs would retain your (rigged!) deck
  • Spirit now shows % increase to powerup healing on the character sheet
  • The 'grid' option when enabled should no longer spin... as much... with your character

  • Changed (fixed) the way "grass" layers are generated

  • In WASD mapping, 'wait turn' is now mapped to Spacebar by default
  • The Skill page now shows if an ability is on cooldown or not
  • Dreamcaster interface now shows your current gold
  • The minimap should now return to its previous state if you open and close any dialog or menu

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