Conjuntalia - subxanima

Today we launched build the new Conjuntalia update, full of surprises and improvements, thank you all for supporting this project.

We are preparing everything, to avoid problems and once this list will be published.
Conjuntalia - subxanima

Conjuntalia is already available for linux in experimental version.

The current performance of the game is low, but it works, but if you play in other Linux games, you could help us check the game performance, and look for the correct settings to improve performance.

it is possible that the achievements in this version can not be achieved, but we are working on it.

we thank you for your patience and hope to create a better version with Linux. ːsonrisaː

Conjuntalia - subxanima
Why have not they released updates this week?
It is more important to offer better content, so we are taking a while to publish the next update.

That brings the new update?
  • Support for linux.
  • Corrections in the graphic options menu.
  • Bug fixes gamepad xbox 360 and xbox one.
  • Corrections level 1 errors.
  • New coliseum area, quay, market and desert.
  • Correction of the dialogue between ego and the Witcher.
  • Dynamic clouds in the sky.
  • Graphic improvement of lava and water.
  • Error getting +50 crystals and getting the achievement.
  • Change alert for info in the Early access message.
  • New enemies of the forest and desert.
  • New decorative achievements for the profile.
  • More surprises.

Why a version for linux?
From the beginning we planned to launch a version for linux, and soon you could play in this operating system.

What do they mean by coliseum?

Is an area where you can fight to get more crystals to buy better weapons and cosmetics in the merchant.

What are cosmetics?
With crystals you can buy masks, and costume designs for egos and weapons, as well as for the spectrum.

What are profile cosmetics?
Are groups of achievements that can be used in the profile of steam with different themes, can be obtained randomly by winning each round in the coliseum.

What is the surprise?
If I told you, it would not be a surprise ːqpasapapuː

There are errors that have still been corrected.
They are errors that do not affect the gameplay, we are working on them and will be corrected in future updates.

Will the game be available in other languages?
If soon, but languages are not yet defined.

This will be free?
Yes, all content will be free, once purchased the base game.

when the update arrives?
Could be launched at any time, we are correcting possible errors before being published.
Conjuntalia - subxanima

The following build brings the following improvements:

  1. Wrong language in: level 1, load menu, main menu.
  2. Look at <b *> code in the game dialogs.
  3. Corrupted crystal affects movement in level 1.
  4. Ego rises to fight against enemies, impossible to attack.
  5. You could see through the character.
  6. Is added message "survives 1 minute" and others when entering a zone.
  7. Defense of the shields is improved.
  8. You change the word Sobrevivencia by Supervivencia in the main menu in the Spanish language.
  9. In some points the character gets stuck
  10. Other minor errors.

Thanks for reporting the errors. ːBesoː
Conjuntalia - subxanima

The following build brings the following improvements:

  1. Wear a shield.
  2. Review of damage from enemies.
  3. Error in dying is lost all the crystals, "Does not apply in the tutorial"
  4. Minor performance errors.
  5. Load screen, do not load.
  6. Error in obtaining the achievement "A new friend".

Thanks for reporting the errors. ːsonrisaː
Conjuntalia - subxanima

We have received several messages about the possibility of transmitting Conjuntalia gameplay, we are proud that more people want to share our game with their subscribers, but some things must be solved before it can be streamed.

  • The duration of the game in build is not long enough to make a transmission of more than 40 minutes.
  • To make a streaming at this moment would be opportune since only have been published 11 levels of more than 40 that are thought to publish.
  • The combat system must be improved and the enemies are very unbalanced compared to the main character.
  • Improvements must also be made to translations and errors that cause a line of text not to exit in the language predefined by the player.
  • Some techniques, enemies, places and history can change during the development of the game.

In this way it is not advisable to perform streaming, but once we consider it appropriate, we will give permission for content creators to stream Conjuntalia, at the moment we recommend making pre-recorded short videos.

Finally, it is important to say that we will not interpose any legal action, with intentions to erase your videos or charge a commission for them and can freely monetize those videos, which in turn, can be done in the way they want as long as the criticisms are made In an impartial and constructive manner.
Conjuntalia - subxanima

The following errors reported by the community were resolved:

  1. Time of the early access alert.
  2. The group name was hidden behind the logo in the intro.
  3. You could not read clearly the dialogs in resolutions greater than 1080p
  4. The message to find a weapon does not appear on level 1
  5. The enemies did not move unless you attack them.
  6. In level 6 of zone 1 when killing saros nothing happened.

Thanks for reporting the errors.

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